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In the room, with a pair of scissors inserted in her throat, Huangrui was lying in a pool of blood.

At this moment, she had not breathed her last, rolling her eyes and looking steadily at Di Yan with strange sounds.

Her weird and horrifying expression frightened Di Yan so much that he instantly fell to the ground and sat there.

As a good-for-nothing young man from a wealthy family raised in a tender world, he had never seen such a scene where someone died in front of him.

Qin Huaiyong turned around and walked up to Huangrui.

After examining the wound in her throat, he knew that she had stabbed herself so hard with the scissors that she couldnt be saved.

“Go to ask Duke Yong to come over!” Qin Huaiyong instructed the servant.

The servant quivered, immediately came to his senses, turned around hurriedly and ran out in panic.

Qin Wanru stopped in the corridor, looked inside the room, and finally walked over after thinking for a while.

At the door, she saw Huangrui lying on the ground in the room with ripples in her eyes, but wasnt as terribly frightened as Di Yan whose legs had gone weak.

“Wanru, you shall leave now.

Dont tell your mother and grandma about what happened here.

I will handle it!” Qin Huaiyong looked calm at this moment.

He stared at Qin Wanru and told her in a low voice.

“Yes, father!” Qin Wanru nodded, and left after bowing.

At the door, Qin Wanru looked up inside the room again.

Madam Di was still unconscious in the room.

Nanny Zhou didnt dare to call loudly, and cautiously patted her on the back.

Seeing the corners of her mouth twitching, Qin Wanru could tell that she should have woken up.

Such a thing happened exactly here.

Duke Yong would get here in a while.

At that time, she couldnt pretend to be unconscious even if she wanted to.

Thinking of Di Yan, Qin Wanru glanced over Di Yan, whose face was pale, with a hint of sarcasm in the bottom of her eyes.

She got out of the yard with Yujie and walked out casually in the direction of the outer courtyard with a thoughtful face!

“Miss, why not tell Madam Shui and Madam Dowager about this” Seeing Qin Wanru walking outside instead of walking inside, Yujie knew that she was not going to tell Madam Shui and Madam Dowager.

“Father will certainly handle it.

It will only make mother and grandma worry if I tell them about it!” Qin Wanru shook her head and said.

She felt the same as Qin Huaiyong did.

She didnt want to tell Shui Ruolan about this sordid thing.

Huangrui died in the mansion, which was an extremely unlucky thing.

Shui Ruolan, who was pregnant, should stay out of this kind of thing as much as possible.

What was more, she couldnt intervene in it even if she wanted to.

Duke Yongs Mansion was involved in this matter, which made it even more inappropriate for Shui Ruolan to handle it, so it was better to keep her ignorant of it.

Considering that grandma was too old, Qin Wanru didnt want her to worry too much, and this matter was beyond the bounds of grandma.

Qin Wanru keenly sensed that it was not just a matter of the backyard.

As soon as what happened today was exposed, Huangrui would definitely bear the biggest responsibility, and Di Yan would inevitably shift all blame onto her.

Grievous punishment was inevitable, but she might not necessarily be killed.

However, she did not hesitate to choose to end her life.

Of course it was not because she was staunch, but because she had no other choice.

Why did she have to end her life Qin Wanru thought of her temperament of a girl from a good family, and then thought of that Di Yan seemed to have never met her before.

She didnt work in Duke Yongs Mansion, but was cultivated by Duke Yongs Mansion.

She seemed to have been cultivated for not a few years, even showing the determination that she must end her life if she failed.

She was under such control which was too severe for a general girl cultivated in a brothel.

Qin Wanru could understand just a little after thinking deeply about the truth behind it.

She felt like something was being revealed, and only a part of it was startling enough!

“In this case… are we going to keep it a secret from Madam Shui and Madam Dowager forever” Yujie considered it impossible to keep it a secret from Madam Shui and Madam Dowager.

They couldnt keep it for long even if they managed to keep it for some time.

“Father will personally explain it to mother and grandma!” Qin Wanru didnt feel doubtful about this.

Qin Huaiyong just said that for the sake of expediency.

After all, Shui Ruolan was in charge of the backyard of the Qins Mansion, and would inevitably inquire something about it.

When walking out of the yard, she saw two inferior old maids guarding the door of the yard tremble with pale faces.

They seemed to have heard the screams from inside and figured out something had happened inside.

A servant guarding the door hurriedly rushed in and was dumbfounded for a moment after seeing Qin Wanru.

He suddenly wiped his sweat, bowed and said, “Second Miss!”

“Whats the matter” Qin Wanru looked at the road.

They were standing behind the Chuihua Gate.

The servants guarding the door were not allowed to get in if unnecessary.

“Im looking for general,” the servant said.

“For what” Qin Wanru asked calmly.

“Duke Xings Mansion has sent someone here.

She said that she needs to discuss something with general, and its very important and urgent!” The servant reported.

He came to the inner court to look for the general.

Hearing that the general had entered the inner court and might have gone to Madam Shuis yard, he intended to go there along the main road of the backyard.

“Where is she” Qin Wanru asked calmly.

“Shes in the parlor outside!” The servant was dumbfounded for a moment, but immediately reacted and hurriedly answered.

He did not expect that the Second Miss asked where the person from Duke Xings Mansion was instead of telling him where the general had gone.

“Father is not available at the moment.

Lead me there!” Qin Wanru said lightly.

“Yes, Second Miss, please come with me!” Hearing Qin Wanrus response, the servant didnt dare to go against her and hurriedly led the way for her.

They went all the way out to a parlor of the outer courtyard.

After they arrived at the entrance of the parlor, Qin Wanru waved her hand, and the servant stepped back and stood at the door.

Qin Wanru stepped into the parlor with Yujie slowly.

Seeing that it was Nanny Sheng, the old maid serving Madam of Duke Xing, who was sitting inside, Qin Wanru slightly lifted the corners of her mouth and showed a faint smile.

As Qin Wanru expected, Madam of Duke Xing couldnt wait any longer.

Qin Wanru had expected that she must have sent someone here today.

Hearing the sound at the door, Nanny Sheng hurriedly looked up.

After finding that it wasnt Qin Huaiyong but Qin Wanru, she was involuntarily stunned.

She blinked and hesitantly asked, “The Second Miss Qin”

“Nanny Sheng, can I help you My father has something important to deal with at this moment.” Qin Wanru stepped forward and said with a smile.

Huangrui was dead, and the person sent by Duke Yongs Mansion would soon come to solve this problem.

Of course, it was much more important than Nanny Shengs business.

It made sense even if she had to explain to Qin Huaiyong.

“Second, Second Miss…” Nanny Sheng stuttered, looking a little embarrassed.

She had never expected that Qin Wanru came out instead of General Qin.

“Nanny Sheng, please sit down!” Qin Wanru sat down in the chair, and then reached out and said politely.

With a smile, Nanny Sheng no longer refused.

After sitting down in a chair, Nanny Sheng carefully looked at Qin Wanru, who looked leisurely with decent manners.

Her beautiful eyes were watery, but seemingly rippled with tears when she blinked.

Just her eyes were enough to shine peoples eyes.

Nanny Sheng pinched her sleeves with her fingers and then loosened them.

She had prepared words to discuss with Qin Huaiyong and didnt expect Qin Wanru to come.

For a moment, Nanny Sheng, who had always been smart, didnt know where to start.

It became strangely quiet in the room.

Qin Wanru broke the weird silence and said with a slight smile, “Nanny Sheng, do you have anything to say to my father Do you need me to take a message for you”

“It is not an important thing.

Nanny Yu came here last time and realized that youve saved the life of our Old Madam.

Our Madam intends to ask General Qin what he needs.

Our mansion wants to give you a lavish gift to thank you for saving our Old Madam!”

Nanny Sheng coughed twice, and said slowly.

What she said was half-truth.

After finishing her words, Nanny Sheng even convinced herself that it was a feasible reason.

So she said with a smile at the moment.

“Give me a lavish gift Its really unnecessary.

As someone with medical skills, its my duty to treat a patient.

Its no big deal!” Qin Wanru politely refused, with a trace of sarcasm arousing in her heart.

They intended to ask about her fathers demand before giving her a gift Actually no one would do that.

She was unacquainted with them, and Nanny Shengs words were extremely unconvincing.

It was just a decent reason, and no one would take it seriously.

“Its very kind of you to say so.

But our Old Madam is the noblest in our mansion.

Since youve saved her life, its a great kindness to our mansion.

Our Madam not only intends to give you a lavish gift, but also wants to invite you to our mansion and stay there for a few days, so that our Madam can express gratitude!”

Nanny Sheng said with a greasy smile, seemingly wiping out the surprise and embarrassment at the beginning of their meeting.

“Madam of Duke Xing wants to invite me to Duke Xings Mansion As soon as I get there, I will be surrounded by her servants.

At that time, I will be totally helpless.” Qin Wanru had foreseen Madam of Duke Xings plot and thought with an increasingly gentle smile.

“Its not necessary.

Something has happened in our mansion recently, so my father wont allow us to leave.”

“Something happened What is it Do you need the help of our Madam” Nanny Sheng said with concern.

“Ur… Its not necessary!” Qin Wanru shook her head.

“Second Miss, you not only saved Master Hao, but also saved our Old Madam.

You can tell me if you need any help.

Our Madam will do her best to help you as long as she can.

I hope that you wouldnt regard us as outsiders!” Nanny Sheng inquired.

“Ur… Im afraid my father is unwilling to accept others help.

Nanny Sheng, you may leave now!” Qin Wanru looked at the sky outside and said meaningfully.

“Second Miss, ur… our Madam and Old Madam just want to help you…” Nanny Sheng didnt expect that she came over with a sufficient reason but was driven away even without meeting Qin Huaiyong, so she said reluctantly.

“Lets talk about this later.

Please express my gratitude to your Madam and Old Madam.

There are many things in our mansion to handle recently, so its inconvenient for me to visit Duke Xings Mansion.” Qin Wanru said with an increasingly sincere smile.

However, Nanny Sheng became more anxious.

“Ur… when will you finish your business”

She didnt want to leave without accurate information.

Thus, seeing Qin Wanru motion for her to leave at this moment, she pretended that she didnt understand what Qin Wanru meant and cheeked it to continue asking.

“At least after the first month of the lunar year.

I must stay in our mansion during the Spring Festival!” Qin Wanru said implicitly.

It was a custom over years for people to stay in their own mansions during the first fifteen days of the first month of the lunar year.

Even if they had to visit and stay in other mansions, they should do that after the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar year.

Otherwise, today was the only choice, because today wasnt within the first fifteen days of the first month of the lunar year anyway.

“Okay, Ill come again after the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar year.

Second Miss, please take the message to General Qin for our Madam!” Nanny Sheng had to stand up and say.

“Okay!” Qin Wanru picked up the teacup at hand with a smile, and then showed it to Nanny Sheng after tossing off the cup.

She was obviously motioning for Nanny Sheng to leave.

Nanny Sheng could only leave.

Qin Wanru watched Nanny Sheng leave with a flicker of gloomy coldness in her eyes.

Since something happened in her mansion, Duke Xings Mansion wouldnt be able to invite her and Qin Yuru to their mansion with any excuse.

No matter what trick Madam of Duke Xing was going to play, it would be suspended.

In this case, Madam of Duke Xing would be very anxious, very angry…

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