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“Old Madam, what can we do The Second Miss of Qins Mansion is unwilling to take this.

How poor … First Miss is! I am afraid that… She is the only daughter of elder brother in law!” Upon entering Old Madams room, Madam of Duke Xing had red eyes and chocked voice.

When she took out a piece of handkerchief to cover her mouth, she almost cried.

Old Madams eyes were also red and she said with her hands trembling, “What, what can we do The Second Miss of Qins Mansion has once saved my life!”

Knowing that this Second Miss of Qins Mansion had saved her life, Old Madam suddenly did not know how to deal with it.

She had been discussing with Nanny Yu and now she only felt sad after hearing what Madam of Duke Xing had said.

Though she did not like her elder daughter-in-law, her elder son likes her.

Especially when this son had passed away, Old Madam only felt sad and grieved!

“Old Madam, just now Prince Chen let someone to send gifts to Ruer.

Does he… take a fancy to Ruer When she entered the palace today, it was obvious that he was more interested in the Second Miss of Qins Mansion.

Did this Second Miss of Qins Mansion say anything to him What suffering it is! Is this Second Miss of Qins Mansion not compatible with some people in our mansion”

Madam of Duke Xing sat next to Old Madam, and she was more aggrieved.

“What Ruer” Old Madam suddenly woke up and immediately glared at her and asked.

This granddaughter was the apple of Old Madams eyes.

No one in their mansion was optimistic about Prince Chen.

This would be a marriage for their mansion to climb up the ladder of power in the future.

How could it be casually destroyed by others!

“Yes, when Jieer entered the palace before, it was said that Empress Dowager asked her to give medicine to Prince Chen, together with Second Miss Qin and Miss of Marquises Mansion of Fengyang.

But upon arriving the Prince Chens mansion, she was driven away by Prince Chen.

Only Second Miss Qin stayed there.

After that, Jieer was also rebuked by Empress Dowager, but somehow, after Second Miss Qin left Prince Chens mansion, Prince Chen came to our mansion!”

Madam of Duke Xing anxiously wiped tears at the corner of her eyes.

Among several Princes mansions, Prince Chens Mansion was the last choice for Duke Xings Mansion.

Even though it had been ordered by Empress Dowager, they had only sent a daughter of non-lineal descent.

As for the eldest daughter of lineal descent, they had early made an excuse to avoid.

The aim was to first let Prince Chen choose a concubine and get settled.

Empress Dowager had revealed this intention at an early time that she would like to choose concubines for Prince Chen first.

The reason for her action had already been known to all that Prince Chens condition was critical and Empress Dowager wanted him to produce offspring.

No one dared to jump forward at this time.

Only when the matter of selecting concubines for Prince Chen was settled would they come back to participate in selections for other princes principal concubines.

Duke Xings Mansion had decided in this way at that time.

It had happened to have an opportunity, thus First Miss Shao Yanru had gone to Yuhui Nunnery to learn painting so as to make an excuse to leave.

“She… could it be that she hates us because of that pair of bracelets But I really do not know that she has saved me.” Old Madam said angrily.

Compared to Qin Yuru, an adopted granddaughter, her closest granddaughter Shao Yanru was obviously more important.

Even though Qin Wanru had saved her life, Old Madam also felt that she could not let this matter pass.

“Old Madam, what can we do now Did the Second Miss of Qins Mansion say something to Prince Chen She deliberately made Prince Chen create such a big matter, so that Empress Dowager would feel that Prince Chen likes Ruer.

What can we do Empress Dowager has always been partial to Prince Chen.

If, if…”

Madam of Duke Xing was really anxious.

She picked up the teacup at hand and took a few sips and then she calmed down slightly.

“Old Madam, we cannot wait any longer! Let me adopt First Miss Qin and let her enter our mansion.

Second Miss Qin also has saved your life, so she can come together to grow up in our mansion.

This can be seen as our gratitude to her for saving your life! ”

“Adopt her as daughter.

Then what about Ruian Great Elder Princess” Old Madam hesitated, but it was not because of Qin Wanrus identity as her savior.

“It does not matter whether Ruian Great Elder Princess will admit this.

Anyway, we do not say that she is the daughter of elder brother in law.

Too many things at that time were involved.

If all the things are involved, Old Madam may be attacked by others words.

Just let all these things pass.

It was also because of elder brother in laws blessings that we can find First Miss Qin.

We just treat her as the daughter of lineal descent in our mansion and anything else is not important!”

Madam of Duke Xing softly said.

These words were entirely said to satisfy Old Madam.

Speaking of the matter at that year, Old Madam disliked it very much.

It was a knot in Old Madams heart.

She felt that it was Infanta Qinghua who had caused her sons death.

She did not want to mention Infanta Qinghua at all.

Had it not been for Infanta Qinghuas identity, she would have not let her return to the mansion and give birth to Haoer.

The matter at that year was the last thing that Old Madam would like to talk about.

Madam of Duke Xing also seized this point of Old Madams mind, because she had been raised by Old Madam in Duke Xings Mansion since she was a child.

She knew Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion very well and she knew that Old Madam would definitely agree with such words.

As she had expected, Old Madam decided just after thinking for a moment.

“Okay, then you adopt her as a daughter, and treat her kindly in daily life.

Everyone in our mansion will treat her as Miss of lineal descent and a generous dowry will be prepared for her when she will marry to Duke Yongs Mansion later!”

Old Madam arranged like this.

It seemed that she really liked Qin Yuru, her granddaughter, and she considered everything for her.

But if Qin Yuru was really her granddaughter, it would be wrong to not recognize her ancestor.

A granddaughter of blood relation became a foster one.

The gap was not a little bit!

“Okay, then just as what Old Madam said, we can ask the Second Miss of Qins Mansion to follow her sister to live in our mansion.

On the one hand, it could reflect that First Miss Qin is a kind person who attaches great importance to the relation between her sister and her.

On the other hand, we can talk to Second Miss Qin so that she doesnt have to be hostile to our mansion.”

The goal of Madam of Duke Xing had been achieved.

She emotionlessly put everything onto Old Madam.

She nodded and agreed as if all the things just now were proposed by Old Madam and she agreed with them because she listened to the meaning of Old Madam.

Nanny Yu, who was standing aside, glanced at her secretly, and lowered her head emotionlessly.

“Its okay.

Just let the Second Miss of Qins Mansion come along.

Since she saved me, I would not treat her badly.

I will add a heavy dowry to her at that time,” Old Madam said and took it for granted, raising her eyes proudly as if Qin Wanru saved her before only for her dowry.

“Old Madam, then Ill go to arrange it.

This thing should be discussed with Madam Di, who is the adoptive mother of First Miss Qin.

But it is said that she got ill and couldnt get up from bed…”Madam of Duke Xing frowned, feeling it hard to deal with.

“If we wait for her illness to get better, we dont know how long we need to wait.

The longer we wait, the worse it would be!”

“Send the doctor in our mansion out to see the illness of this Madam Di.

If she gets better slightly, we would discuss this thing with her.

We need to finish all these things before fifteen of the first month of lunar year.

As for gifts after that, you also dont forget to send one to Second Miss in their mansion so that people will know that our Duke Xings Mansion is not ungrateful!”

Old Madam gave a favorable glance at Madam of Duke Xing and said.

It was impossible to finish all these things before the Spring Festival.

Tomorrow was Chinese New Years Eve.

Next if there was something which was needed to be discussed, they would need to wait for the day after fifteen of the first month of lunar year.

“Yes, Old Madam.

Ill arrange it now and try to finish arranging this as early as possible!” Madam of Duke Xing got the meaning of Old Madam and stood up.

She turned around and went out.

Old Madams voice came from behind.

“Do the Buddha statues you sent last time arrive here”

Madam of Duke Xing stopped and said with a smile, “Old Madam, dont worry.

It will arrive here soon.

The small Buddha Hall is also properly arranged.

When the Buddha statue enters our mansion, Old Madam could pay homage to the Buddha directly in the small Buddha Hall and do not need to go out.

You are not a young people and it is better for you to stay in the mansion.”

The words were very convincing, and Old Madam was very satisfied.

She turned the beads in her hands and closed her eyes with a somber face.

“You can go now.

I will read a scripture for a while to pray for your elder brother in law.”

“Then I wont bother you!” Madam of Duke Xing stepped out of the door.

When she was out of the door, a flash of viciousness appeared in her eyes.

She grunted coldly and turned around and left…

The gifts from Chu Liuchen placed all over the table.

Looking at the pair of blood jade bracelets in so many presents, Qin Wanru reluctantly opened it and wore one on her hand.

It was a bit big, and not really suitable for her.

Recently, she seemed to have a relationship with the blood jade bracelets.

It seemed that everyone was sending her blood jade bracelets.

Needless to say, Chu Liuchen must have known the things about the blood jade bracelets.

“Xiao Xuanzi, did Prince say anything” Qin Wanru asked.

“Our master said that this blood jade bracelet was very beautiful and Miss could wear it frequently,” Xiao Xuanzi said with a smile in a good mood.

He just came here after sending gifts to Duke Xings Mansion.

But he didnt stay for a long time in Duke Xings Mansion.

After putting down the gifts, he asked a few more things about First Miss Shao, and even mentioned Prince Yue, and then he went away.

Moreover, he asked the question at the door in front of the crowd of servants and the people who were watching outside.

After seeing Duke Xing, he put down the gifts and hurriedly left away.

“What if I fall it down” Qin Wanru moved her wrist.

Her jade-like wrist wore a blood-colored bracelet, which was actually very beautiful.

There were three beautiful golden plum blossoms on the outside of the bracelet.

It was really very special and beautiful with gems as stamens and gold as petals.

“Our master said that its okay.

If you fall it down, our master will send other things to you.

There are many things like this in our masters private storeroom,” Xiao Xuanzi said ostentatiously as if he was talking about the most ordinary ornaments.

“Please express my gratitude to your Prince.

But you dont have to send these things later.

They are so showy!” Qin Wanru turned the bracelet and said euphemistically.

“Second Miss, dont worry.

The way to send gifts to Duke Xings Mansion was more high-sounding, and the way to send gifts to you was the most ordinary!” Xiao Xuanzi smiled very proudly.

His standing at the door and saying publicly to give gifts was the showiest.

“Whats the matter Is there anything more high-sounding Xiao Xuanzi, you talk about it.” Yujie heard what he meant and immediately became interested in this.

She walked two steps forward and asked.

Xiao Xuanzi said proudly about the things just now.

This time Qin Wanru even smiled.

Her pink lips hooked and her eyes were thoughtful.

There was a kind of gloomy in her eyes.

The action of Chu Liuchen helped her.

Madam of Duke Xing must be very anxious

The fire itself had actually been burned.

Chu Liuchen added another fire at this time.

But they needed to see how much the fire had burned…

“Miss, an old maid in the kitchen said that she was looking for you!”

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