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After Qin Wanru made sure that Chu Liuchen was feeling alright, she lifted her head to look around and realized that he had in fact brought her to the flower patch in her own garden.

He was pointing a the tiniest pot of flower in the flower patch.

However, there were neither any flower of bud growing on the plants, but only a few small, green shoots.

In fact, the shoots looked a little yellow and withered and it looked as if they were going to die soon.

Looking at these young shoots with no flowers or buds, Qin Wanru\'s face fell.

The finger pointing at the plant trembled a little and Qin Wanru looked to the right, then to the left, inadvertently.

Only when she realized that there were no other people, she stopped looking.

How was it that this pot of plant was here When did this pot of plant appear in the garden of the General\'s Mansion She had not discovered this pot of flower in her previous life, so why was she seeing this plant in this life This was that person\'s favorite flower, and wasn\'t that person supposed to be in the capital city now

In the previous life, Qin Wanru had not met him before she went to the capital city.

All of a sudden, she felt a pain in her nose and she bit her lips to suppress an intense sadness in her heart.

Although in her previous life, she only spent a short one month\'s period with that person, it was the only time she spent in the capital city she felt that heart-warming feeling.

He was the only one who showed her forgiveness and kindness.

However, that was not enough to change her destiny!

Could it be that many things changed due to Prince Chen\'s intervention

Is this Tangqianyan Qin Wanru asked after she recovered from her such surge of emotions.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Chu Liuchen smiled as he clapped, looking impressed.

That\'s correct! I didn\'t expect someone living as far as Jiangzhou is able to recognize this plant.

I\'ve underestimated you, little girl!

I don\'t think this pot of Tangqianyan belongs to our mansion, Qin Wanru said impassively.

If one were to consider the climate in Jiangzhou, it was not suitable for the growth of Tangqianyan, which was why this pot of Tangqianyan appeared to be withering.

In fact, Tangqianyan is an orchid species.

By right, it should be blooming in autumn but they were unable to even find any flower buds on this pot of Tangqianyan and it looked just like some weed.

If it had been trimmed properly at its stems, there would be flowers in the shape of a flying swallow blooming from its stems.

A different way of trimming would bring forth a different shape and the top grade Tangqianyan would bring forth the most beautiful and elegant flowers.

Of course it does not belong here.

I was the one who brought it here! Chu Liuchen said with pride.

Did Your Highness actually bring this pot of flower out of the capital city asked a surprised Qin Wanru, blinking her eyes.

It was no wonder that the plant was not looking healthy, after all it had travelled all the way to Jiangzhou and it was already lucky to have survived.

I didn\'t bring it all the way from the capital city.

I actually found it here in Jiangzhou.

From the look of it, I\'m sure it will be very beautiful once it blooms, perhaps even more beautiful than those in the capital city! said Chu Liuchen, as he put one arm across of his chest, and the other hand on his chin, looking like he was in a good mood.

That would depend on whether the plant could flower in the first place, Qin Wanru thought in her heart.

She doubted if it would ever flower if it did not even have any buds.

It was already lucky to have survived up until now.

Do you still owe me something asked Chu Liuchen cheekily, glancing at her sideways.

He was all smiles as he was really in a good mood.

All of a sudden, Qin Wanru felt an uneasiness in her and answered him, saying, Your Highness, not only am I a girl, but I\'m also a very young one.

Qin Wanru bowed slightly as a gesture of humility.

She had a wary look on her face, betraying the anxiety in her heart.

Her pale face was all tensed up and there was fear in her watery eyes as she stole a glance at his face.

Chu Liuchen was beginning to find her more and more adorable and at the same time, witty.

Judging from her appearance, no one would have imagined that she could be so violent to trash the bridal sedan.

With his mood further lifted, Chu Liuchen said, Of course I would need a little girl like you, rather than a man like me, to take care of a delicate plant.

Stunned, Qin Wanru bit her lips and said, Your Highness, I...

I\'ve never had green fingers.

Even those plants which are easy to take care died in my hands!

How is it possible to kill a plant under your care Chu Liuchen chuckled, again looking so charming with those smiling eyes and handsome features.

Really, I\'ll kill it.


I\'ve grown a few pots of plants and even the easiest plant to take care died under my care!

Qin Wanru thought it wise to just be honest, she was not lying.

She did not know why but she had never been able to grow any plants successfully.

They either die in her hands or become withered.

The lucky ones which survived never flowered.

They were fortunate that they even survived.

If Your Highness put this Tangqianyan under my care, I\'m afraid that you will never see it flower! said Qin Wanru, who thought it wise to turn down this troublesome task as quickly as possible.

Qin Wanru, do you mean to turn down my order to take care of this pot of plant said Chu Liuchen with a gentle voice and warm smile, while looking at Qin Wanru with those enchanting eyes, as if they belonged to the beautiful immortals.

His beauty was truly praiseworthy.


I\'m afraid the plant will die under my care! said Qin Wanru anxiously, as she hanged her head and tried to avert her eyes from his charming face.

If you\'re unable to keep it alive, you would have to repay me with your life.

Now let\'s see if this plant can be kept alive! said Chu Liuchen with a teasing tone.

Although he was still wearing a warm smile, his words were obviously malicious so much so that a chill went up Qin Wanru\'s spin and beads of perspiration began to form.

She did think Prince Chen was joking about what he said.

Chu Liuchen had always been cruel.

He had never been known for being kind to ladies.

Having witnessed the bloodshed he created in the previous life, Qin Wanru\'s heart began to feel unsettled.

This man may appear to be gentle at times, he was actually a temperamental, unpredictable calamity.

His handsome appearance was deceiving.

Although he looked frail and sickly, his mannerisms were deadly.

Your Highness, I really am no good of taking care of plants, please let me off! pleaded Qin Wanru.

Tangqianyan was one of the most difficult plants to upkeep.

It was even a challenge to grow it in the capital where the climate was suitable for its growth, what more she had never had green fingers, how was she going to nurture this plant to the point that it blossomed

When Qin Wanru entered the capital in the previous life, Tangqianyan was the most popular plant that every mansion was growing.

They were even brought out for competition with each other.

There were even families that threw feasts to invite guests to their mansions for a Tangqianyan appreciation session.

One could imagine the kind of celebration the people in the capital were holding for the sake of this flower.

Let you off Who would take care of this pot of Tangqianyan for me the young man raised his eyebrows and he exclaimed with a cold voice.

At this moment, his beautiful countenance had turned into one of malice and cruelty.

In a threatening tone, he continued, Qin Wanru, I\'m giving you the seal which you requested right now.

You will take care of my pot of Tangqianyan.

If anything happens to it...

you know the consequences!

Thereafter, he took out the seal with the bluegrass pattern, grabbed Qin Wanru\'s small hand, which was perspiring, pried open it and put the seal into her palm, then closed her finger on it gently.

I\'m returning this seal to you, and I am leaving this pot of plant here so you can take care of it.

I\'m tired and am going back to rest, said Chu Liuchen, raising his eyebrows and began to smile once again.

He was back to his casual and relax mood as he loosen his grip on Qin Wanru\'s hand and turned to leave.

Prince... Qin Wanru opened her mouth to speak but stopped halfway.

Yes, do you still have something to say Chu Liuchen stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at her questioningly as a mysterious light flashed across.


but I can only promise to keep it alive! said Qin Wanru, as she swallowed hard and eventually submitted.

Alright, it\'s good enough to keep it alive, I\'m not a fussy person! said Chu Liuchen, satisfied with Qin Wanru\'s wit and the cold look in his eyes faded as he turned to leave, laughing.

This this little girl was rather impressive in that she was able to act cleverly according to the situation.

She even knew how to use her age to her advantage.

When necessary, she did not shy away from being assertive and decisive.

She was indeed an interesting character.

What was he to do He wished he could have this cunning little girl to under his control...

Eventually, Qin Wanru instructed Qing Yue to carry the pot of flower back into her yard.

If she had left the pot at the family\'s flower patch, the gardener would probably give it the same amount of care as the other plants and it would likely die.

Since Chu Liuchen had most likely picked up this pot of plant by chance and brought it to her family\'s flower patch, Qin Wanru supposed he would not have given anyone special instructions on the characteristics of the plant and how to take care of it.

The gardener tending to the flower patch naturally would not know that this was a pot of precious Tangqianyan and would tend in the same manner as he would other common plants in Jiangzhou.

If that happened, this plant would most surely not survive long.

In fact, this plant did not need much water so it did not need watering every day.

It only requires watering every three to five days.

On the other hand, it needed more sunlight, but not excessively.

It would do the plant well to place under some morning sun and to bring it into the shade in at noon, then exposed to more sunlight in the afternoon.

Although the frequency for watering was not high, it was important to make sure the soil was soaked for every watering, however, one should make sure not to water the leaves.

It was precisely because of all the tedious care routine that made taking care of the plant so challenging.

Sometimes the sun could be scorching hot even it was not noon time.

Such knowledge was actually taught to her by that person but the time she could afford to take care of plants and relax her mind was merely that one short month.

Although it was only a short one month period, Qin Wanru had memorized everything regarding the characteristics of Tangqianyan and how to take care of it as taught by him.

After she returned to her yard, Qin Wanru instructed Qing Yue to place the pot of plant at the south-facing window.

Summer had passed and the weather was no longer hot, so it was the best time to sun the pot of Tangqianyan.

Qin Wanru could not guarantee that this Tangqianyan plant would flower, however, it would not be too difficult to just keep it alive.

After clarifying her thought, Qin Wanru\'s heart had finally calmed down.

After positioning the pot to her satisfaction, she headed to Old Grandma\'s room.

Although Old Grandma had not gotten out of bed, she was still coughing.

The doctor had already come to see her and said that the cough was an old illness and he advised Old Grandma to take as much as rest and not worry over other things as much as possible.

After visiting Old Grandma, when Qin Wanru was about to turn around and return to her room, she was blocked by someone at the entrance of the yard.


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