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“Nanny Yu, where did Old Madam go that day Her poor health seemingly makes it unsuitable for her to go on an excessively tiring trip.” Qin Wanru looked towards Nanny Yu with her bright eyes and smiled suddenly.

With her heart suddenly pounding, Nanny Yu immediately recalled that Old Madam went out to do something that day indeed and made quite a scene after returning.

Later, in order to find Qin Wanru, Old Madam called Madam of Duke Xing over and asked her to send someone to seek Qin Wanru.

Numerous people in their mansion knew that a Miss Qin saved their Old Madam.

At that time, in order to find Qin Wanru, Nanny Yu clearly described Qin Wanrus characteristics.

At a young age, she looked sedate with an exquisite face and medical skills.

When she grew up, she must be an exceedingly gorgeous lady.

She was surnamed Qin and little-known in the capital.

Nanny Yu was really grateful at that time and described her very detailedly.

Now thinking of it, Nanny Yu almost confirmed that Qin Wanru was the one that had saved Old Madam.

In this case, if Old Madam insisted intimidating Qin Wanru, Old Madam would be considered ungrateful.

Nanny Yu didnt dare to make Old Madam bear this reputation.

“Thank you for your concern, Second Miss.

I express gratitude for my master.

Second Miss, now I should return to handle something.

Ill come over next time to express gratitude again.”

Encountering Qin Wanru greatly exceeded her expectation.

Nanny Yu thought it necessary to go back and discuss it with Old Madam.

At this moment, she couldnt act rashly, so she stood up instantly and said with a greasy smile.

If Old Madam bore the reputation of ingratitude, it would affect the reputation of the entire Duke Xings Mansion and she would take a great responsibility for it.

“Nanny Yu, didnt you say that Old Madam asked you to pass on a message to my second sister” Seeing that Nanny Yu was about to leave, Qin Yuru got anxious.

“Ive passed on the message just now.

Since the truth turns out to be different from what Old Madam thought, you should communicate more with each other.

Only if you two get on well with each other, others will consider that the Qins Mansion has good manners and tends to be prosperous.

So I hope that both of you could take a step back!”

Nanny Yu said with a smile.

She seemed to mediate between them and indicate that they shouldnt fight with each other for the sake of the reputation of the Qins Mansion.

However, she didnt say anything about Duke Xings Mansion and seemingly stayed out of the affair.

Qin Yuru was so angry that she opened her eyes wide.

The old servant didnt say that a moment ago.

Qin Wanru calmly glanced at Nanny Yu without saying anything.

When first meeting Nanny Yu in Duke Xings Mansion, she had realized that Old Madam would never show ingratitude no matter Old Madam accepted her kindness or not.

Since Old Madam had such a serious accident, as an old maid, she would certainly have described Qin Wanrus characteristics in an extremely detailed way.

Actually it was not difficult for Qin Wanru to prove that she was the one Old Madam met that day.

The coachman of the Qins Mansion had seen Old Madams coachman and guards.

Besides, Qin Wanru could even tell what Old Madam and Nanny Yu dressed that day!

When Qin Yuru was complacent, Qin Wanru originally intended not to be seen by Nanny Yu.

So that day she stood behind Madam Dowager in order to dodge Nanny Yus eyes!

Afterwards, it depended on how Old Madam of Duke Xing handled it.

Of course, the most important thing was to lure Madam of Duke Xing into it…

“How dare you…” Seeing Nanny Yu say nothing substantive, Qin Yuru was angry with her face turning pale, and yelled at Nanny Yu in a sharp voice.

“Yuru, sit down.

Nanny Yu is right.

The harmonious relationship between sisters is the way to prosperity.

You should get on better with your second sister from now on.” Qin Huaiyong interrupted her and said with a cold face.

“Father, I…” Qin Yuru still wanted to explain.

Unfortunately, seeing all these, Qin Huaiyong no longer wanted to listen to her explanation, waved his hand and said, “Go back now.

Copy Woman Precepts and Daughters warns, and learn more about etiquette from Nanny Huang!”

“Nanny Yu!” Qin Yuru had come over full of expectations so she naturally was unwilling to be sent back with nothing changing.

She turned to Nanny Yu and said loudly.

At this time, she really panicked.

Why was it different from what her mother said As she thought, she glanced over the pastry plate aside.

Her mother said that as long as the person from Duke Xings Mansion saw these pastries, the person would definitely take her side and Qin Wanru would be doomed!

“First Miss, you should spend more time learning etiquette.

Im leaving now!”

Nanny Yu was baffled.

The current situation had gone beyond her imagination.

She bowed to Qin Huaiyong and turned to leave in a hurry with several maids and old maids.

She should report it to Old Madam and leave it to Old Madam for settlement.

Old Madams granddaughter should be the First Miss.

Nevertheless, Duke Xings Mansion couldnt force the Second Miss, who had saved Old Madam, to do anything.

Nanny Yu had intended to force the Second Miss to take all the blame.

As an unmarried Miss from a small place, Qin Wanru would probably be timid.

On one hand, Nanny Yu intended to force her to take the blame.

On the other hand, Nanny Yu could promise her certain benefits and promise to seek a good match for her.

With both soft and tough tactics, Nanny Yu didnt believe that the second lady wouldnt yield.

However, she did not expect that the Second Miss Qin had saved Old Madam…

Nanny Yu left in a hurry, and Qin Yuru left in tears.

After that, Qin Huaiyong and Qin Wanru were left in the study.

Qin Huaiyong frowned and looked very tired.

He reached out to touch his forehead, deeply sighed and looked at Qin Wanru.

He seemingly wanted to say something, but swallowed back the words on the tip of his tongue.

Qin Wanru bowed her head, with her long eyelashes fluttering and her gaze falling on the hem of her dress.

The study was so quiet that even Yujie, who was standing behind Qin Wanru, felt uneasy.

She stole a glance at Qin Huaiyong who was sitting in the chair and leant cautiously to Qin Wanru, feeling that the atmosphere in the study was too dignified.

“Wanru, do you know Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion” After a long while, Qin Huaiyong asked gently.

Qin Wanru looked up and said, “I dont know her.

At that time I just thought that she was an ordinary old lady.

I didnt expect that shes Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion!”

“Its such a coincidence!” Qin Huaiyong said, “Since youve saved her, Duke Xings Mansion would probably not make you take the blame.

Ive worried about you… Now I finally rest assured.

But your Big Sister… In the past, I havent cared about domestic affairs.

I didnt expect her to be such a person!”

Qin Huaiyong looked very tired and said, “If Ive known it, I wouldnt have ignored your education.

I thought that Madam Di would manage domestic affairs well and educate both of you well.

Now Madam Di has been locked up.

Your grandma and I dont intend to release her.

But regarding your Big Sister… I just hope that both of you can get on well with each other!”

“Father, Nanny Huang is a good etiquette instructor, and Big Sister will be fine!” Qin Wanru said neatly.

“Okay, you can go back now!” Qin Huaiyong said with a smile, but it looked bitter.

With such an incident, how could he smile sincerely as a father

Qin Wanru stood up and made her farewells, but was stopped by Qin Huaiyong after taking only a few steps.

He pointed at the pastries on the table and said, “Wanru, I heard that you like these pastries.

You can ask the kitchen to make more when you feel like eating some.”

“Thank you, father!”

Qin Huaiyong shook his head, smiled bitterly and said in a gloomy voice, “Wanru, dont blame me for ignoring both of you too much!”

“Father, as a man, you are in charge of external affairs.

You shouldnt be blamed for it!” Qin Wanru said softly.

Qin Huaiyong looked slightly bitter and waved his hand to motion for her to leave.

After walking out of Qin Huaiyongs study, Qin Wanru slowed down her pace and looked back at the entrance of the courtyard, where the study was located, with slight gloom in her eyes.

He said that he had ignored both of them, rather than her…

“Miss, have you left something behind” Yujie also looked back, but found nothing.

Qin Wanru shook her head, slightly frowned and walked forward.

After taking a few steps, she suddenly changed the direction and took a path which didnt lead to Zhifang Pavilion.

“Miss, where are you going” Yujie asked in surprise.

On hearing her question, Qin Wanru turned back to the original direction with a calm face and told Yujie, “Ask the old maid, who just began to work in the kitchen, to make some pastries for me.

Just tell her that I like her pastries and ask her what other special pastries she can make.”

“Miss, have you found anything wrong” Yujie said cautiously.

Qin Wanru shook her head.

Up to now, she hadnt found anything wrong, but got an intuition that there was a secret behind the old maid.

Even her father had mentioned her pastries, seemingly feeling guilty for ignoring Qin Wanru before.

“Just ask her to make some pastries.

Let me have a look!”

Qin Wanru was sure in her heart that there should be a secret behind the pastries.

Based on Nanny Yus words and deeds, she could tell that Nanny Yu obviously intended to force her to take the blame.

After thinking, she changed direction again and took the path to Madam Dowagers Xinning Pavilion.

Hearing of Qin Wanrus arrival, Madam Dowager hurriedly sent someone to invite her in.

As soon as she entered the room, Madam Dowager asked with concern, “Zhuozhuo, why did your father call you over Why was your Big Sister released again What did the person from Duke Xings Mansion say”

Madam Dowager had heard about what happened in the outer court.

However, since Qin Huaiyong called Qin Wanru over, she couldnt say anything about it.

She had intended to call Qin Wanru over after Qin Wanru returned.

Seeing Madam Dowagers concerned face, Qin Wanru felt warm in her heart.

She came over, reached out to hold Madam Dowagers hand and said softly, “Grandma, rest assured.

Its okay now!”

“What happened” Madam Dowager dragged Qin Wanru to sit beside her and asked again with concern.

“Nanny Yu, the old maid serving Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion, came over to give me a pair of blood jade bracelets and ask me not to fight with Big Sister.

She also said that sisters should get on well with each other!” Qin Wanru vaguely told Madam Dowager about Nanny Yus intention.

Although Qin Wanru said that vaguely, Madam Dowager understood the meaning.

She instantly got angry with her face turning white.

“What does this Old Madam mean How can she do that Although she likes Yuru, she cant do that.

She intended to shift the blame onto you.

Go, Ill take you there to reject the bracelets!”

Madam Dowager stood up and said angrily.

She immediately had no opinion of Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion.

“Grandma, I rejected them.

Its all right now!” Qin Wanru smiled and pulled Madam Dowager back to her seat.

“After you rejected them, did Nanny Yu say anything else” Madam Dowager asked.

Since Nanny Yu came here and said something like that, it meant that Duke Xings Mansion intended to support Qin Yuru with their power.

“Grandma, Its really okay now.

Ill tell you more details later.

Now I want to ask you about the pastries!” Qin Wanru shook Madam Dowagers hand and said in a sweet voice, with her gaze falling on a plate of pastries on the table.

There were two pastries left, and Madam Dowager had eaten one of them…

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