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Looking at the slightly closed door and window, Qin Wanru got gooseflesh.

She remembered that the window was closed before

She walked to the window and reached out to close the door and window completely.

After looking at the window and out the window and finding nothing, she returned to her bed.

With her gaze falling on the letter in front of her, she picked up the letter after thinking for a while, opened the envelope and dragged the stationery out with tears.

Only after reading a few lines, she looked shocked.

At this moment, she, who had just glanced over it, involuntarily read it again from the beginning to the end.

This time she breathed rapidly.

Qu Les father really came to the capital!

That day she didnt get the wrong person, and the person was Qu Les father.

She had thought that if she wanted to find Qu Les father, she had to send someone to Jiangzhou.

As just a girl living in the inner court, Qin Wanru was definitely incapable of sending someone to Jiangzhou which was thousands of miles away.

Unexpectedly Chu Liuchen sent someone to bring him to the capital and offered a yard in the capital for his residence now.

When leaving Jiangzhou, she just sighed that Qu Les father was quite a loyal servant.

In order to find his former master, he even sold his several daughters to different mansions where they worked as servants with the intention of seeking some clues of his former master.

After she moved to the capital, as some past events were raked up, she realized that it had something to do with her.

Qu Les father was obviously the person she was looking for.

However, she didnt have manpower and material resources to seek him in Jiangzhou.

She had planned to ask Qu Le to write a letter and think of a way to send it to Qi Baiyu.

In this way, she could ask him to think of a way to send someone to deliver the letter to Jiangzhou and seek Qu Les father.

Compared to her, Qi Baiyu knew the situation in Jiangzhou better and left some old servants in Jiangzhou.

Unexpectedly, Chu Liuchen had brought Qu Les father to the capital.

She took a hard breath with a trace of deepness across her eyes.

With Qu Les father, she could figure out something rather than speculate it!

In order to destroy the plot of Madam of Duke Xing and Madam Di, she must restore her identity.

However, the biggest problem was that no one could confirm her identity.

Now the first witness had shown up…

Qin Wanru got up late the next day, because she didnt sleep well last night.

Various nightmares were intertwined.

She saw the steps stained by her blood in the last life.

She saw she was slapped hard by Qin Yuru and forced to kowtow to Qin Yuru heavily by a maid.

She saw Madam Dowager kowtow to Madam of Duke Xing for pleading…

She didnt know when she fell asleep.

Waking up in the morning, she felt a dull pain in her head, touched her head and sat up.

Yujie hurriedly came it from outside and lifted the gauze curtain for her.

Qin Wanru squinted at the sunlight outside the window and asked, “Is it so late”

“Its okay to get up late in winter.

Madam Dowager sent Nanny Duan to tell you that today you dont have to go there and pay respects to her.

Thinking that you must be tired, I did not wake you up deliberately!” Yujie said with a smile.

“Grandma has got something to do” Qin Wanru was shocked and asked.


The First Young Master of the Qi Family came to pay respects to Madam Dowager!” Yujie curled her lip and said, “Im wondering why he came here.

I have never seen him come here when Miss Qi lived here.

Now why he came here!”

It was really unexpected.

The reason for Qi Tianyus visit at this time was really inexplicable.

After getting up and washing and dressing herself, Qin Wanru had a little breakfast and still felt a severe headache.

Yujie considered that she was ill based on her symptoms, so Yujie suggested that she should lie down and rest for a while.

However, Qin Wanru didnt feel sleepy at this moment and thought it better to go to see Shui Ruolan.

So she went to the courtyard of Shui Ruolan with Yujie.

After walking out and being blown by the cold wind, she felt her headache eased.

Shui Ruolans room was warm, and she sniffed the faint scent of plum blossoms from the warmth in her face as soon as she entered the room.

There were a few plum blossoms arranged on the desk by the window, which brought stronger fragrance to the room.

Shui Ruolan looked good.

She didnt wear a lot of clothes in the room, leant against the couch and talked to two concubines, Concubine Xu and Concubine Dong.

Both concubines seemed to have good manners.

They sat on the little stools in front of the couch and answered Shui Ruolan, while listening to Shui Ruolans orders.

Seeing Qin Wanru come in, the two concubines hurriedly bowed to her and then stepped aside!

Wanru, come here and have a seat!” Shui Ruolan greeted her with a smile.

Perhaps because of the warmth in the room, her face was reddish.

“Mother, do you feel well today” After coming over and bowing, Qin Wanru sat down beside the couch.

“Im fine, I guess!” Shui Ruolan laughed softly.

“Mother, even if you are fine, dont worry too much!” Qin Wanru looked at the two concubines and said reproachfully.

“I know, its no big deal.

You told the two concubines yesterday to deal with trifling affairs by themselves and not to report them to me.” Shui Ruolan said with a smile, while holding Qin Wanrus hand and patted it.

She seemed to be in a pretty good mood.

This made Qin Wanru rest assured.

“Aunts, if there is something that you cant handle, you can report it to me in future.

My mother is not in good health now and needs to spend most of the time resting,” Qin Wanru said to Concubine Xu and Concubine Dong with a smile.

In the last life, she had actually been in charge of the domestic affairs of Deputy Prime Ministers Chambers.

At that time, she had just married into Deputy Prime Ministers Chambers.

In order to baffle her, Gu Xishu, the wife of the second young master, spoke ill of her in front of Madam of Prime Minister and left some messy affairs to her.

If she did well in managing them, she got no credit.

But if she didnt do well, it was all her fault.

Ignorant of everything at that time, she did that with confusion and did everything wrong.

But fortunately, with Wen Xichis help, she gradually managed everything in a proper way.

However, Gu Xishu played some tricks later to take the management back.

“Okay, Second Miss! I dare not bother Madam too much!” The two concubines hurriedly promised.

“Concubine Xu, the old maid who cooks was changed yesterday” Qin Wanru looked at Concubine Xu with a smile.

These two concubines of Qin Huaiyong didnt find favor with Qin Huaiyong.

In the last life, they had lived in the shadow of Madam Di and had always been respectful to Madam Di.

Now Madam Di had been locked up.

They were also respectful to Shui Ruolan and acted in an extremely submissive and polite way.

“Second Miss, the old maid stole a bracelet from another old maid living with her.

When it was found, she still secretly worn the bracelet on her wrist.

Ive intended to report this to Madam and leave it to Madam for disposal.

But general said that I could deal with this trivial matter by myself.

I thought it inappropriate to keep her here, so I directly expelled her and recruited another old maid temporarily.

I heard that shes pretty good at cooking.

If you dont like it, Ill fire her and pick someone else!”

“Its not necessary.

I just dont get used to the flavor for a while!” Qin Wanru smiled slightly.

“If you cant get used to the flavor, just eat the dishes made by my small kitchen.

Ill ask them to make more dishes and send the dishes to your place!” Shui Ruolan coughed in a low voice and said softly.

“Mother, you dont have to.

The flavor is not bad.

The old maid just didnt adjust the flavor to my taste, because she just began to cook here!” Qin Wanru explained casually, seeming to mention it thoughtlessly.

Concubine Xu stole a glance at Qin Wanrus expression and was relieved.

It seemed that the Second Miss just said that thoughtlessly.

She decided to tell the new old maid to be more careful to cook when she went to the kitchen later.

The Second Miss had got used to the light flavor.

Concubine Xu, who was in charge of the kitchen, naturally knew that.

Seeing Qin Wanru and Shui Ruolan seem to want to have a conversation, the two concubines sensibly asked to leave and went out together.

After getting out of the courtyard, Concubine Dong asked in a low voice, “Is there anything wrong with the old maid working in the kitchen”

As Qin Huaiyongs maids, who served him at night, they grew up together and didnt find favor with Qin Huaiyong.

They usually had a good relationship and were familiar with each other.

So they sometimes shared their thoughts in private.

“It should be that the Second Miss noticed the different flavor of the dishes!” Concubine Xu frowned and said as she walked.

“Ur… should we hire someone else” Concubine Dong asked.

“Ill go to the kitchen to have a look.

If she really doesnt do well, we should hire someone else.

Anyway we should satisfy the Second Miss!” Concubine Xu thought for a while and said.

She separated from Concubine Dong at the next intersection and hurried to the kitchen.

Everyone in the mansion knew that Madam Shui and the Second Miss were now in charge of the mansion, and Madam Shui trusted the Second Miss a lot.

So they shouldnt offend the Second Miss!

Watching the two concubines leaving, Shui Ruolan waved at other maids in the room, and they walk out.

Even Qionghua dragged Yujies hand to motion for her to leave with her.

Yujie looked at Qin Wanru, and Qin Wanru nodded silently.

So Yujie left with Qionghua and closed the door for them when reaching the door.

She and Qionghua stood on each side of the door.

The room became quiet.

Shui Ruolan sat upright, reached out to hold Qin Wanrus hand, looked at her delicate little face, intended to speak but said nothing.

“Mother, say whatever you want!” Qin Wanru said with a smile.

Her little face was snowy white and tender, looking very pleasing to the eye.

Thinking that both the parents of such a pretty child had been dead, Shui Ruolan sighed.

She now understood Madam Dowagers mood well.

Since they failed to find her parents, they wouldnt tell her about her family background.

At least they could make her know that she had parents and was beloved by other family members and protect her from the pain of losing her parents at a young age.

But now Madam Di and her daughter seemingly intended to plot with Qin Wanrus family background, so she had to tell Qin Wanru about it!

“Wanru, have you ever thought of finding your biological mother” Shui Ruolan said tactfully.

“Mother, have you got some news Do you know my family background” Qin Wanru asked excitedly with her long eyelashes fluttering.

“Yesterday… your grandma told me something about your family background…” With no idea whether she was right or wrong, Shui Ruolan seemed to be increasingly hesitant.

“Mother, tell me who my biological parents are and why they left me in the Qins Mansion Why are they so cruel… that, that they left me alone…” Qin Wanru unconsciously said in a trembling voice, and her voice even cracked, although these were all planned by her and pushed forward by her step by step.

Nevertheless, now she could personally hear of what had happened at that time.

How could she not be excited She involuntarily grasped Shui Ruolans hand with a touch of deep red in her eyes.

Were the secrets of two lives about to be revealed…

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