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Chapter 330 Intricate and Continual Accidents

Qionghua and Yujie both hurried out.

Qin Wanru asked several inferior old maids at the door to move Shui Ruolan to an empty yard beside them.

After being moved to the bed, Shui Ruolan was still awake, grasping Qin Wanrus wrist firmly with a pale face.

“Mother, you have me and the unborn little brother!” Qin Wanru lowered her head, stared firmly at her and whispered in her ear.

“My belly… hurts…” With her pale forehead dripping with sweat, Shui Ruolan laboriously said in a hoarse voice.

“Mother, relax.

Youll be fine.

Nothing will happen.

Ive studied medical skills with Mingqiu Nun.” Qin Wanru appeased her softly with a smile, “Close your eyes for a while, and then youll be fine.

Nothing will happen!”

As she said, she reached out to rub the acupuncture points on Shui Ruolans forehead, while asking, “Mother, do you feel better now Do you feel less pain”

She said that in a soft voice and a gentle tone, showing no panic and even a light smile, which influenced Shui Ruolans emotions.

Although she still felt a dull pain in her belly, it seemed to be less painful.

She involuntarily felt relieved.

“Mother, do as I ask.

Take a deep breath and calm down!” Seeing Shui Ruolan look relaxed, Qin Wanru let out a sigh of relief, reached out to pinch the acupoint on Shui Ruolans thumb and said with a smile.

Her slightly cold eyes became completely frosty at an angle where no one noticed.

Shui Ruolan was so close to losing her baby, extremely close.

In this life, she had been protecting Shui Ruolans unborn baby with concentrated attention.

She had thought about almost all the disadvantageous factors, but did not expect this accident.

Shui Ruolan had been in particularly poor condition, but she did not dare to show the slightest emotion on her face for fear of scaring Shui Ruolan.

At this moment, Shui Ruolan finally calmed down.

The doctor came quickly, and soon reached the yard.

After diagnosing and treating Shui Ruolan, he left the medicine for preventing miscarriage he brought intentionally.

Shui Ruolan was in stable condition at this time.

Qin Wanru asked Qionghua to bring an empty couch here for taking Shui Ruolan back to her yard later.

Regarding the medicine left by the doctor, she asked Qionghua to take it back and boil it.

After Yujie brought the set of needles here, Qin Wanru carefully treated Shui Ruolan again with acupuncture.

After she finished the treatment, Shui Ruolan fell asleep peacefully.

Qionghua led some servants to carry Shui Ruolan back, and Qin Wanru followed them all the way to Liufeng Pavilion.

After waking up Shui Ruolan, she asked her to drink a bowl of medicine and then have a rest.

After finishing these, Qin Wanru stood at the corridor, only to feel her back was covered with sweat.

Shui Ruolan was so close to losing her baby.

She looked towards a certain point in the air with increasing coldness in her watery eyes.

Did mother notice anything Could Qin Yuru arouse her irritability and discourage her so much

“Second Miss, should I notify Madam Dowager and general” Qionghua also stepped back, closed the door carefully and asked in a low voice.

Up to now her face was still pale.

If Qin Wanru wasnt here, Qionghua would probably be extremely flustered and have no idea how to handle it!

Fortunately, the Second Miss was here!

Qionghua looked at Qin Wanru with more gratitude in her eyes.

If something terrible really happened to Shui Ruolan, as an intimate maid, she would definitely be punished!

“Mother has recovered now, so you dont need to bother father and grandma now!” Qin Wanru still looked towards the study.

When Shui Ruolan was sent here, grandma and father were still discussing the matter in the study.

Duke Xings Mansion Ruian Great Elder Princess Mansion

Madam Di and Qin Yuru had considered these as their background, and even threatened father with these!

“Ill leave now.

Mother is fine at this moment.

After waking up, she should take a bowl of medicine and then take a rest every day.

She should not worry during these days.

If something happens and I am not here, just come to report it to me.

I will come to treat mother with acupuncture during these days! “Qin Wanru told her.

“Yes, Second Miss!” Qionghua nodded repeatedly.

What had happened before had made her willing to act upon whatever Qin Wanru said.

After arranging everything, Qin Wanru went back with Yujie.

Qin Wanru remained silent all the time along the way.

The current situation had been broken by her, the pair of blood jade bracelets which was a token had been broken, and Qin Yuru had been temporarily grounded.

However, Duke Xings Mansion wouldnt stop.

Madam Di and her daughter would probably continue making trouble.

“Miss, is the First Miss really able to get the support of Duke Xings Mansion and Ruian Great Elder Princess But Ruian Great Elder Princess showed her dislike of the First Miss, didnt she” Yujie walked behind Qin Wanru in frustration and asked in puzzlement.

“Likely!” Qin Wanru nodded implicitly.

If the truth was not revealed, Qin Yuru was very likely to be identified as her.

If so, Ruian Great Elder Princess would definitely think that Qin Yuru was the only daughter of her daughter Infanta Qinghua and naturally stand by Qin Yurus side.

With the support of Duke Xings Mansion and Ruian Great Elder Princess, Qin Yuru and Madam Di might be able to have a bright future as they did in the last life.

Nevertheless, there was something that she didnt understand.

In the last life, Ruian Great Elder Princess seemed to have not acknowledged Qin Yurus identity.

This was the reason why Qin Yuru finally moved to Duke Xings Mansion in the name of being favored by Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion without being “formally” acknowledged as one of their family members.

Was there anything else she didnt know

Ruian Great Elder Princess had lost her only daughter.

Why would she not acknowledge the identity of her only granddaughter Unless Ruian Great Elder Princess disagreed to do that.

But what made Ruian Great Elder Princess disagree Under the circumstances that Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion had acknowledged Qin Yurus identity, why did Ruian Great Elder Princess disagree to do that

An idea inexplicably came to her mind.

Could it be possible that Ruian Great Elder Princess had got some news

“Miss, what should we do” Yujie said with lingering fear, “If Madame Di and the First Miss are in power, both you and Madam Shui will suffer.

Look at the fierce expression of the First Miss today, she probably wants to eat you!”

Qin Yuru really went crazy today so that she acted so abnormally.

But it could also be seen that this thought had always been rooted in her mind, and it was implanted by Madam Di in the past.

“Make her grounded for a few more days.

Father said that she should learn etiquette well before going out.

Nanny Zheng should know what kind of etiquette is the most important!” Qin Wanru suddenly smiled and raised her red lips, looking as gorgeous as peaches and plums.

After thinking for a moment, Yujie clapped her hands with her eyes lighting up.

“Thats right.

We can ask Nanny Zheng to tell Nanny Huang about it.

In fact, Nanny Huang is also responsible for it.

As the etiquette instructor of the First Miss, how could she make such a rude lady of the First Miss!”

Qin Wanru smiled, speechless.

Today Qin Yuru was considered uneducated with strange behavior and no decency of a Miss from an aristocratic family.

So she was asked to learn the rules.

In fact, she could make it significant.

It didnt sound like something serious, and Qin Yuru just needed to be instructed.

However, if the etiquette instructor considered that she didnt learn etiquette well, she would be grounded for a period.

Qin Wanru didnt expect that Qin Yuru would be grounded all the time.

She was now Qin Huaiyongs only daughter and Di Yans fiancee, plus what she said before, it was destined that she wouldnt be grounded under supervision all the time.

But at least Qin Wanru could prolong the period to make them think Qin Yuru would be grounded forever, and they would inevitably do something desperate.

Qin Huaiyong did not say how long Qin Yuru would be grounded.

Of course the key was not how long she would be grounded, but sometimes it could be comprehended as being grounded forever.

If they didnt panic, Qin Wanru could fluster them.

If she could do something to intensify the chaos, it would be even more chaotic.

Her family background should be revealed slowly…

Her fingers unconsciously lingered on a letter in her cuff.

The letter Chu Liuchen deliberately asked Xiao Xuanzi to send here must not be a simple letter…

“Mother, what do you think of it” Seeing others leave, Qin Huaiyong reached out to rub his eyebrows and said, “The bracelets are given by Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion.

Now they have been broken.

Its the fault of our mansion anyway.

If Duke Xings Mansion complains about it, Im afraid that Yuru will be rebuked and her reputation will be affected!”

Qin Huaiyong was so distressed at the moment that he ignored that Shui Ruolan staggered slightly when walking out.

Madam Dowager picked up the tea cup at her hand and took a sip.

She raised her head with gloomy eyes and showed a trace of sullen on her face.

“Yonger, do you insist defending Yuru at this moment”

“Mother, why do you say that Yuru has done wrong indeed, and has been misguided by Madam Di indeed.

But even if she has done wrong, shes my only child.

What do you… want me to do! Besides, with Duke Yongs Mansion and even Duke Xings Mansion, I cant lock her up without allowing her to get married all her life, right ”

Qin Huaiyong sighed helplessly with a frown.

He stood up, left the desk, came up to Madam Dowager and bowed to her deeply.

“Mother, I apologize to you for what Yuru said.

I will never forget how you raised me up and how you took me away after my father died and brought me up!”

He said that in an extremely sad tone.

He was such a resolute person, but his eyes involuntarily turned red.

In those days they depended on each other for survival.

For fear of getting involved in what had happened before, Madam Dowager basically did not go out and only hired a teacher to teach Qin Huaiyong at home.

Speaking of this, both of them felt sad.

“Yonger, you shouldnt be blamed for it!” With her eyes also turning red, Madam Dowager reached out to pat Qin Huaiyongs hand and said with sobs.

“Mother, I know its all Madam Dis fault.

I shouldnt have married her.

Nevertheless, Yuru is my daughter anyway, and shes going to marry into Duke Yongs Mansion.

I… cant just lock her up forever!” Qin Huaiyong looked at Madam Dowager and said sincerely.

“I see.

Just do as you say.

Instruct her well.

Ill see how to deal with her… after shes instructed well!” Madam Dowager nodded.

Although she raised Qin Huaiyong up, at this moment she couldnt make the decision to deal with Qin Yuru.

Seeing Madam Dowager stop talking about it, Qin Huaiyong sat down in the chair next to Madam Dowager, looked at the fragments of the broken jade and said with his face darkening again, “Mother, what should we do about this”

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