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“Madam, this Old Madams gift to First Miss Qi!” Nanny Yu came over, bowed to Madam of Duke Xing, took out a gift box from a servant girl behind her, opened it, and handed it over.

The nearby ladies watched here and saw a pair of beautiful crystal-clear jade bracelets, and they could find it must be fine work.

But such fine work was nothing for the Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion and did not look exceptionally precious.

The crowd couldnt help turning their eyes to the other gift box in another servant girls hands.

“Thank Old Madam now!” Madam of Duke Xing said with a smile, asking a servant girl to take the gift box and pass it to Chunyi who followed Qi Rongzhi.

Chunyi took it gingerly and backed to the side.

“Thank Old Madam for the gift!” Qi Rongzhi bowed gently and said happily, but she didnt expect such good luck.

Madam of Duke Xing appreciated her, Old Madam had also sent a gift, and so many guests had seen it.

This was a great honor.

“There is another gift.

Old Madam means to give it to First Miss of Qins Mansion and says she has a special predestined relationship with her!” Nanny Yu received the bow for her master and continued to talk to Madam of Duke Xing.

These words were so unexpected.

First Miss of Qins Mansion Everyones eyes couldnt help looking at the back of Old Madam Qin.

Through the previous farce, everyone had known Qin Yuru and Qin Wanru.

“Old Madam wants to bestow First Miss Qin a gift” Madam of Duke Xing asked curiously, “When did Old Madam see First Miss Qin”

“Old Madam met Miss Qin just now.

She felt First Miss was kind, asked her to chat for a while, felt she was congenial to her, and then sent me to bring First Miss Qin a gift when I brought a gift to Miss Qi and ask Miss Qin to visit Duke Xings Mansion often to chat with her!”

Nanny Yu smiled and spoke about the details of this matter.

Instantly, many Misses of aristocratic families felt regret silently.

How couldnt they have such good luck to come across Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion If they had come across Old Madam, they would also have made Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion feel they were kind and congenial to her.

Several Misses shot an envious look at Qin Yuru.

How could she have such good luck to make Old Madam like her and ask her to visit Duke Xings Mansion often

“Since this is Old Madams idea, send it over.

First Miss Qin is just behind Old Madam Qin!” Madam of Duke Xing nodded with a smile and pointed simply.

Nanny Yu turned with a smile and walked to Old Madam Qin with another servant girl.

Qi Rongzhis smile was a little stiff.

Today was her auspicious day, but now she had become another persons foil.

Dazed, she saw everyone turn their eyes to Qin Yuru as Nanny Yu went over, and she nearly broke her handkerchief by twisting it.

Qin Yuru did envy her becoming the adopted daughter of Madam of Duke Xing, but she never thought Qin Yuru acted so fast and drew the attention of Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion so quickly!

Nanny Yu went over and bowed to Old Madam Qin, who rose hurriedly and turned sideways.

Although she was only a servant, how could an ordinary person belittle the confidant of Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion!

“Old Madam Qin, this is our Old Madams gift to First Miss Qin!” Nanny Yu smiled and opened the gift box in the hands of another servant girl behind her.

In the box, there was also a pair of bracelets.

Everyone looked strange as they saw the pair of bracelets.

Although the pair that was given to Qi Rongzhi just now was fine work, it was much less valuable and incomparable compared to this pair of blood jade bracelets.

Some people turned their eyes from Qin Yuru to Qi Rongzhi, and a few other quick-minded madams felt that their good sons should build ties with Qins Mansion, but they didnt know if this First Miss Qin was engaged or not.

Qin Yuru raised the corner of her dress and bowed gracefully, looking extremely dignified and modest.

“Thank you, Old Madam!”

“First Miss Qin, you are too courteous.

Old Madam asks you to chat with her when you are free and says she especially likes talking with you!” Nanny Yu passed the gift box in her hand to Mei Xue and showed a politer and more intimate attitude.

“OK!” Qin Yuru was more tamed.

After taking a satisfied look at Qin Yuru, Nanny Yu went back to Madam of Duke Xing, spoke a few words to her, and then left with two servant girls.

In the meantime, she didnt look at other people around Qin Yuru.

Qin Wanru helped Madam Dowager sit down again and glanced over the face of the nanny, who was said to be the close nanny of the Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion, but Qin Wanrus look was cold and she never thought it was her.

That was surprising!

She was short and had no relation to the matter that happened just now, Old Madam Qin also stood before her, and the nanny only concentrated on Qin Yuru, and so she didnt notice her.

Then, her watery eyes fell on Nanny Yus back that was disappearing into the distance, and her look was thoughtful…

“Second Sister, Second Sister!” Qin Yurus voice suddenly came to her ear, and she withdrew her look slowly and turned it to Qin Yuru.

“Second Sister, what are you looking at Are you looking at the nanny of Old Madam” Qin Yuru said with a proud smile.

“Big Sister, Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion and you are congenial to each other” Qin Wanru said peacefully.

“Of course, but Ive never thought Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion is such a gracious old lady.

Just now when I was talking with her, she was very gentle.” Qin Yuru showed off.

“Congenial to you indeed!” Qin Wanru said suddenly.

“Second Sister, if you had gone with me just now, you would have also been appreciated by Old Madam,” Qin Yuru said with a smile.

A trace of disgust flashed in Qin Wanrus eyes.

Truthfully, the two of them hated each other, but Qin Yuru still showed that they were close sisters in public, but in fact, she had a bellyful of ideas to kill Qin Wanru.

She was venomous indeed.

“Big Sister, dont say that, and others are staring at us!” Qin Wanru whispered.

These words made Qin Yurus face turn scarlet suddenly, and she felt quite ashamed and irritated.

When she said these words, she didnt think they were unsuitable, but some of the madams look at her became a little quiet.

Misses of aristocratic families should behave with manners, and the joyful expression even with somewhat proud showing-off was most hated.

Next, the banquet officially began when everyone went to another flower hall.

Today, almost everyone who came here was female, but there were still some males who came with the women of their mansions, and so Duke Xing entertained them outside.

Men and women were not the same sex, and so they didnt eat in the same place.

Qin Wanru sat at a table on the edge with Old Madam and Shui Ruolan, and Qin Yuru was asked by Madam of Duke Xing to sit together with Qi Rongzhi at a table in front.

Without Qin Yuru on her side, Old Madam Qin whispered to Qin Wanru, “What was wrong with your Big Sister just now Why does Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion suddenly feel she and your sister are congenial”

Madam Dowager was very clear about her eldest granddaughters personality and didnt think Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion would like her at first glance and even prefer her to Qi Rongzhi.

Todays banquet was mainly held for Qi Rongzhi, but what Old Madam did made Qi Rongzhi become Qin Yurus foil.

“Grandma, I saw many scars on my Big Sisters hands in the past.

It is said they were made by Madam Di, who especially hit my Big Sister, and so there are many scars on my Big Sister.

Last night, my Big Sister was also beaten.

On her hands, there are not only purple patches but also many scars.

They are scaring!”

Qin Wanru whispered.

“This…happened last night” Old Madam Qin was astonished.

Although she heard a few words just now, she didnt hear them clearly.

After that, she didnt have the opportunity to ask.

Now when she heard the details, she didnt even believe her ears.

“Madam Di hit Yuru so hard”

Madam Di was venomous, but she always agreed with Qin Yuru about everything.

When did she begin hitting Qin Yuru, so hard

“Is that true” Shui Ruolan also shook her head and didnt think that was possible, either.

“Grandma, others are saying that my Big Sister is not Madam Dis biological daughter and she was picked up from somewhere.

If Madam Di is her biological mother, how could she beat her daughter so hard Besides, after my Big Sister revealed her scars, she didnt give a malicious word against Madam Di.

Instead, she has been defending Madam Di, and many people think she has a noble character.”

Qin Wanru spoke again, and her quiet watery eyes turned peacefully.

Previously, she could not speak about a few things, but she could at this moment.

Now that she had such an opportunity, she needed to get more information.

Her mother might not be clear, but her grandma must know a few things.

The matter of Qin Yuru was slowly removing some “old veils”, and so she should permeate gradually…

“Picked up from somewhere Who said it” Old Madam Qin went furious as she heard these words.

“Grandma, please lower your voice.

Everyone is guessing so, and not just one person is saying that!” Qin Wanru pulled Old Madam Qins hand lightly and comforted her.

“Anyone but Yuru can be picked up from somewhere.

Madam Di even wishes to use the entire Qins Mansion as Yurus trousseau.

Even if the entire Qins Mansion is troubled by an accident, she will not allow Qin Yuru to be hurt!” Old Madam Qin said with a cold snort.

“Grandma, previously, my father said Duke Yongs Mansion would reduce two years from my Big Sisters age for the sake of her reputation, but now some people say my Big Sister was picked up from somewhere.

Are these things connected to each other” Qin Wanru knitted her thin and curved eyebrows and said with a confused face.

The two things sounded not connected.

If Qin Wanru didnt put them together, Madam Dowager would never think further even if she knew them, but now she couldnt help thinking with the idea Qin Wanru offered.

After that, she suddenly thought of something.

As her expression changed dramatically, she shook and nearly fell.

Qin Wanru supported Madam Dowager with her hands and whispered, “Grandma!”

Instantly, she felt the pulse of Madam Dowager.

After she learned that her grandma was only shocked and her heart palpitated, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Grandma, are you well”

“Im fine.

Lets eat!” Old Grandma suppressed her shock with great efforts and whispered.

No one but Qin Wanru found her hands were slightly trembling…

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