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Now the words of Chu Liuchen removed the worries in Empress Dowagers heart.

That Qin Wanru who seemed to be very young wasnt adept at scheming.

But when she got along with her grandson, she was just like a playmate.

Playmates could be attached importance, but it was not necessary to pay so much attention to her that it seemed that he only wanted her.

Being in the palace, even if it was the simplest thing, the Empress Dowager would also think about whether someone was trying to plot something behind it.

“Is it better to let her be dressed as a boy and go to the palace to accompany you” The Empress Dowager tried to ask him.

“Its okay.

I only have Xiao Xuanzi, which is so boring!” Chu Liuchen said carelessly.

That was to say, in the heart of her grandson, this girl only had the same status as Xiao Xuanzi, who was only a little eunuch.

Thinking about this, the Empress Dowager became happier.

The person that Empress Dowager appreciated was not Qin Wanru.

But if Chu Liuchen was determined to have Qin Wanru, she would not reject him.

This child seldom asked for things, so if she could make him happy, Empress Dowager would not say anything.

But the legal wife of Chu Liuchen she chose should support Chu Liuchen.

But if he really disappointed her or the family behind her, it would not be a good thing.

That an imperial concubine threatened the status of the legal wife tended to make the family in chaos.

Of course, these all had prerequisites.

The girl must be appreciated and agreed by Chu Liuchen.

Her grandson didnt ask for much.

If he strongly wanted something and Empress Dowager also had it, she would never be reluctant to give him!

At present, Chu Liuchens attitude was the best.

Maybe years later the relationship between the two people would not be so good.

After all, the girl was very young and didnt know many things.

But it didnt mean that she wouldnt understand this thing in the future.

Maybe she would fall in love with her other grandsons.

If she asked by herself, it would neither hurt the relationship between her grandson and her nor hinder the relationship between her grandson and his legal wife.

That was the best!

As for whether Qin Wanru would fall in love with her other grandsons or not, Empress Dowager thought that it was not a big issue.

The reason why she could play well with her grandson was that she didnt know many things.

When she became to know things, she would definitely dislike her grandsons illness and weakness.

Even if she didnt have such an idea herself, her parents would give her such an idea.

And then if her other grandsons were asked to treat her in a better way, things would be much simpler!

As for now, of course, she would not disobey her grandsons will.

She was just a childhood playmate, which was not a big deal.

“In two days, I will ask her to come into the palace to see you!” The Empress Dowager tended to agree with him easily and also show her attitude clearly.

She didnt evade by giving some excuses.

“Thanks, my grandmother!” Chu Liuchen said with a lazy smile on the corner of his lips, which contained a naughty feeling of young people.

“Imperial Grandmother, I hear that today Madam of Duke Xing will admit her foster daughter.

I also want to go there and see!”

“Where can you go with such a body!” Empress Dowagers face was gloomed.

“Whats wrong with my body Im fine now, and my imperial physician also asks me to walk more, so as not to be bored here all the time!” Chu Liuchen said aggrievedly.

“Well, dont say anything.

I will not allow you to do so.” Empress Dowager directly rejected Chu Liuchens words.

“Imperial Grandmother…” Chu Liuchen looked at Empress Dowager, raising his beautiful eyes.

His eyes became clearer, making peoples hearts soft.

Empress Dowager felt that she couldnt stay any longer, and her heart would be soft if she still stayed there.

So she stood up straightly and looked out the window.

She said, “It is late and I need to go.

Later your uncle would have something to discuss with me.

I would come to see you tomorrow!”

“Imperial Grandmother, then you remember to come tomorrow!” Chu Liuchen looked helpless.

“Okay, you rest first.

I will remember to call that girl into the palace!” Seeing that Chu Liuchen didnt insist, Empress Dowagers face turned better and said with smile.

“Thank you Imperial Grandmother! Goodbye Imperial Grandmother!” There was also a smile on Chu Liuchens face.

The Empress Dowager nodded with satisfaction, turned around and went out with her Nanny.

Xiao Xuanzi had been waiting by the door curtain for a long time.

He raised the curtain to a high level and when Empress Dowager left, Xiao Xuanzi put down the curtain again.

“Master, I dont understand what you mean!”

Xiao Xuanzi really didnt understand.

Did his master care about Second Miss Qin or not Was she really just a playmate

Chu Liuchen glanced at him obliquely, and a smile of evil charm was raised on the corner of his lips.

He was totally different from the one in front of Empress Dowager just now.

Fortunately, Xiao Xuanzi knew that his master was the best at changing his face.

“Lets go and see what happened in Duke Xings Mansion!”

“What, master, what, what are you doing Empress Dowager meant that you were not allowed to go out just now.

If you really go out, I will die!”

Xiao Xuanzi shouted with depressed face because of fear.

“I cant go” Chu Liuchen raised his eyebrows.

“You cant go, really cant go.

I will die, and then I will not be able to serve you, master!” Xiao Xuanzis heart was going to jump out of his mouth because of fear.

If his master insists on doing so, only he would be punished.

“Then you go!” Chu Liuchen smiled.

“I go” Xiao Xuanzi froze for a moment, but didnt understand.

“You go to find Qin Wanru.

I will write a letter to her, and she will know how to do!” Chu Liuchen straightened his body from the bed, no longer joking with Xuanzi.

“Master, you mean to let me sneak into the Duke Xings Mansion But Empress Dowager would know that!” Xiao Xuanzi said.

“So what if she knows that As long as I dont go out, Imperial Grandmother would not care about it!” Chu Liuchen said with a hint.

His attention was concentrated.

He knew clearly what the taboo in his Imperial Grandmothers heart was! Now that this taboo was gone, something was not considered as exceeding what was proper.

“I will send her a person who she needs most now!”

When Qin Wanru received the letter, she almost couldnt believe that Xiao Xuanzi, who dressed up like a servant, stood in front of her.

She was right, right Was this the general manager of eunuch in Prince Chens Mansion, Xiao Xuanzi

So when Xiao Xuanzi presented the letter, Qin Wanru looked around nervously from the left to the right subconsciously.

“Second Miss, our master doesnt come here!” Xiao Xuanzi whispered.

Qin Wanrus heart fell back heavily, holding the corner of the letter and carefully putting the letter into her cuff.

This was Duke Xings Mansion and there were many people coming and going.

If she opened the envelope here and was seen by others, then it couldnt be explained clearly.

“Is it urgent” Qin Wanru asked in a low voice.

“Its not urgent, but its important to Second Miss!” Xiao Xuanzi said with a smile.

“Its what your master meant” Qin Wanru blinked her watery eyes and asked.

“Its what our master meant.

Our master also said that Empress Dowager would call Second Miss into the palace a few days later., Xiao Xuanzi said with a smile.

“Whats the matter” Qin Wanrus heart beat and her face was slightly changed.


Thats just the meaning of our master!” Xiao Xuanzi said with a smile and meant something.

“Our master doesnt want to stay in the palace and he wants to go back to the mansion!”

His words had some profound meanings.

But Qin Wanru understood it.

Her watery eyes smiled and nodded.

“Okay, I know!”

“Well, where does the servant come from He can even come into the backyard without following the rules.

Isnt he sent by another childe” A sharp voice came out from the back of the rockery.

Qin Wanru turned back with Xiao Xuanzi, and saw Di Fenglan coming here slowly with proud face with some Misses of aristocratic family.

They all looked at Qin Wanru ridiculously.

Servant was rarely used in the inner court, except for messaging.

Although Xiao Xuanzi seemed to be young with red lips and white teeth, after all he was a servant.

“Miss Di, I have no grievances with you before and now, right” Qin Wanru said calmly.

“What do you mean” Di Fenglan said with a cold smile.

“I mean nothing.

I just want to ask Miss Di how to be so timely.

As soon as I talk to this servant, then you come out!” Qin Wanru looked at Di Fenglan decently and said with a smile.

“What are you talking about!” Di Fenglan exclaimed angrily.

She hadnt thought that Qin Wanru would make a countercharge in front of so many Misses.

“Miss Di knows best whether I drivel or not.

Our Qins Mansion would have a marriage relationship with your Duke Yongs Mansion.

Why does Miss Di always dislike me When I was in trouble before, Miss Di seemed to be talking in the crowd.

Wouldnt you say something good about me then”

Qin Wanru fluttered her long eyelashes and her watery eyes narrowed.

“Qin Wanru, it is your fault!” Di Fenglans face flushed.

She said many bad things about Qin Wanru at that time.

The Misses around her all heard that.

“Do I” “Before I had proved that Childe Wang wanted to frame up me and he would lose his achievements and reputation.

Could it be that Miss Di knew this Childe Wang, so you wanted to say for this Childe Wang” Qin Wanru looked puzzled, and her bright watery eyes became deeper and deeper.

“If Miss Di wants to excuse for Childe Wang, just go to the Yamen by yourself.

There is no use to talk to me!”

The meaning of these words was that there was something between Di Fenglan and Wang Shengxue, so she would counter her again and again.

The Misses around Di Fenglan all stepped back, and looked at her with a bit of suspicion.

If Di Fenglan was really such a person, their good relationship with her would certainly make people doubt their reputation.

Seeing the synchronous movements of those Misses, Di Fenglans lung was going to explode because of anger.

She reached out her finger and pointed at Qin Wanru.

“Qin Wanru, dont refer to the deer as a horse, and dont pester me endlessly.

I just ask you who is this servant and why he talks to you secretly on one side.

If you dont know him, why doesnt he talk to others but you!”

“How does Miss Di know that he wont talk to anyone else” Qin Wanru said lightly.

“So many people have seen it.

Would it be false!” Di Fenglan reached out and pulled all the Misses in her side.

Although she was furious, she did not lose her mind.

The result of her countering Qin Wanru alone was that she was trapped in the affairs with Wang Shengxue and she couldnt explain it clearly.

She didnt believe that Qin Wanru could deny the fact that was seen by so many people.

But seeing Qin Wanru deliberately avoiding this topic, she knew that something must have happened in it.

Before Qin Wanru had finally escaped the thing with Wang Shengxue.

But this time how could she explain.

Di Fenglan could not help showing a little pride in her eyes, but the next moment, the pride was stiff on her face.

“Miss Di, I am looking for you! I have something to talk to you!” Xiao Xuanzi answered with a smile, as if he didnt find that if he wanted to talk to Di Fenglan, he was just like beating her face…

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