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“I dont know what Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion thinks, either!” The old maid heaved a slow sigh, squatted down, and wiped Shao Yuanhaos tears with her handkerchief!

“Does my grandma dislike my father” Shao Yuanhao blinked his big, beady eyes and suddenly asked sensibly.

“I even have no clue about it!” Although the old maid was taken by Ruian Great Elder Princess from the Empress Dowager to serve Shao Yuanhao, she could not make irresponsible remarks on some topics, either.

“No doubt, my grandma dislikes my father.

Previously, she said she liked my father, but its not true!” Shao Yuanhao did not need the old maids answer.

After he asked the question, he answered it himself.

His big eyes were full of tears.

As his long eyelashes fluttered, his tears seemed about to flow out.

He looked pitiful and sad.

In his view, his grandmother always loved his father deeply, and also loved him a lot.

Now when he drew such a conclusion, his young heart was also hurt, but he stubbornly believed in his conclusion.

“It must be so, or my grandma would not have insisted so strongly on erasing the characters on the screen wall.”

The old maid heaved a sigh helplessly, and also thought it was a bit strange.

“The screen wall has been here for so many years, but why did Old Madam suddenly want to cover it now But this is the legacy of the former Heir of Duke Xing, left for those who miss him.”

“Haoer, you want to let the screen wall stay” Qin Wanru could not help pushing open the room door and walked out, as she saw the cute but poor Shao Yuanhao.

Seeing Qin Wanru, Shao Yuanhao rushed over after he yelled, “Sister!”

When she hugged him and touched his head with her hand, Qin Wanru felt her heart beating rapidly and all her sadness flooded into her chest suddenly.

The sadness she had suppressed with much difficulty reappeared, and nearly made her hold Shao Yuanhao and wail.

But she knew this was not the best time.

Before she could prove that she was Haoers sister with evidence, she could not do anything.

“Haoer, be good, dont be sad!” Qin Wanru touched his hair gently and comforted him softly.

“Sister, my grandma and second auntie want to erase my fathers writing… I dont want that!” Haoer burst into tears, pointed at the screen wall on the side, and complained to Qin Wanru subconsciously, feeling very aggrieved.

“Haoer, you want the screen wall to stay” Qin Wanru crouched down and asked.

“Yes, I want it to stay.

This is what my father left for me!” Although Shao Yuanhao was spoiled, he still knew it was what his father left for him, and no one should touch it or cover it up.

“But this screen wall is in Duke Xings Mansion, and Haoer cant change Old Madam and Madam of Duke Xings idea.

Now when you are here, they wont cover it, but what if you return to the Ruian Great Elder Princesss Man” Qin Wanru frowned and said.

“If Haoer were a little older, Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion would have to ask Haoer directly, even if she wanted to cover it.”

Shao Yuanhao froze for a moment and did not seem to have thought of this “horrible” fact, and he became so anxious that his little face turned pale.

Holding Qin Wanrus hand, he asked, “Sister, what should I do If I stay here, will it not be covered Then, I wont go back to my grandmas home, and I will stay here to guard it! ”

“Wont go back and stay here You cant.” Qin Wanru would not let Shao Yuanhao stay here.

Duke Xings Mansion was too dangerous, and it was so easy to deal with an immature child.

In the past, perhaps they tried to raise him in an abusive manner, and made efforts to hurt him under Princess Ryans nose.

Now they even wanted to cover the screen wall.

This meant some things had changed.

In this case, it was extremely dangerous for Haoer to still stay here!

“Haoer, you dont have to stay here.

If you stay here, Ruian Great Elder Princess will worry about you!” Qin Wanru coaxed him.

The old maid standing at the side, calmed down.

Just now she thought Qin Wanru wanted to coax Shao Yuanhao to stay, and Ruian Great Elder Princess would not agree.

“But…but what about my fathers screen wall” Haoer pointed at the screen wall very sadly.

On it, the characters appeared bold and stood out, showing the strong spirit of that man.

Qin Wanru bit her lips, suppressed the pain in her heart, and smiled, “In fact, we still have another method.”

Shao Yuanhaos eyes brightened.

“Sister, what method”

“Haoer, your father was the Heir of the former Duke Xings Mansion, but now he is nothing; if you become the Heir of Duke Xings Mansion, everything in the mansion will be yours, including everything in the courtyard, and no one can move them.”

Qin Wanru coaxed him.

Duke Xings position was her fathers.

The current Duke Xing took his fathers position through conspiracy and also wanted to kill her brother and her.

In her previous life, they succeeded.

In this life, she would send all of them to hell.

All this should belong to Haoer, and so let everything return to the right path.

The position of the Heir of Duke Xing was still pending, and she needed to help Haoer get everything back.

She did not believe that Duke Xing did not know anything about what Madam of Duke Xing did, for even Shao Yanru knew what her mother did.

Since Duke Xing was still alive, he must have known let alone Madam of Duke Xing could not do some things, even if she was exceptionally adept in trickery.

Duke Xing dealt with outside affairs, and his wife dealt with domestic affairs.

In his previous life, his career as an official went very smoothly, and so he was not such a simple person! Wang Yishus case was an example.

Someone meddled in the affair that happened in the palace, but it was not like something Madam of Duke Xing could do!

“If I become the Heir of Duke Xings Mansion, I can let the screen wall stay” Shao Yuanhaos eyes brightened.

“Yes, of course!” Qin Wanru nodded.

“Fine, let me be the Heir of Duke Xings Mansion.

I will not give it to my elder brother, and let him go elsewhere.

Duke Xings Mansion is mine!” Shao Yuanhao clapped his hands, became happy, and said naively.

“Who is your elder brother” Qin Wanru was surprised and asked.

“My elder brother is my elder brother, the elder brother of my second uncles family!” Shao Yuanhao bent his head, blinked with confusion, looking a little naive and ignorant!

When she saw this look, Qin Wanru felt more distressed and touched his hair again.

“Haoer, when you go back, you should tell your grandma you want to be the Heir of Duke Xings Mansion and protect the screen wall.”

“Ruian Great Elder Princess must have her good judgment.

If she makes trouble, this matter will be put off, and Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion will not cover the screen wall directly.

“This is what Haoers father and also my father left.”

“Well, sister, dont worry.

I will tell her now, and I will keep my promise!” Shao Yuanhao nodded.

“Right, Haoer, you are a man, and you will keep your promise!” Qin Wanru nodded too, but her eyes looked sorrowful.

If her father were still alive, she would not need to make so many plans in order to get back what Haoer deserved!

“Sister, Im leaving now.

Please come to play with me next time!” Shao Yuanhao patted his small chest smugly, very satisfied with Qin Wanrus praise.

As he finished, he turned around and left.

After looking Qin Wanru up and down several times, his old maid bowed respectfully to her, and went after Shao Yuanhao hurriedly.

The servants of Ruian Great Elder Princess also went with her, leaving the thin Qin Wanru and Yu Jie, in front of the tall screen wall.

As Qin Wanru raised her head to look at the characters on the screen wall, her eyes had tears.

With an almost pious attitude, she remained silent.

“Why did you do that” Footsteps came from behind her, and then she heard Wen Xichis voice.

Just now, he followed Qin Wanru into the courtyard and then saw the absent-minded Qin Wanru from the door.

At that time, Qin Wanru was immersed in her sad emotions, and so she did not notice Wen Xichi with his deep eyes, at the door.

After hearing some voices, Wen Xichi hid behind the house with his servant and had seen what happened just now.

Now, when he found the others had left, he walked out slowly and stood a few steps away from Qin Wanru, looking her up and down gloomily, as if he were seeing her only for the first time today.

“Is it strange” Qin Wanru turned and looked at Wen Xichi coldly and asked, as if she was not surprised by Wen Xichis appearance.

“Very surprising.

Does this have anything to do with you Why do you want to mess up Duke Xings Mansion” Wen Xichis gaze was a bit aggressive.

Wen Xichi heard what Qin Wanru said to Shao Yuanhao clearly.

“Should this not be Haoers” Qin Wanru turned and continued to look at the tall screen wall and said in an angry tone.

“But the former Heir of Duke Xing has died, and the current Duke Xing has his sons.

First Young Master is a man of talent, not a playboy.

Is he not good enough to be the Heir of Duke Xing

Wen Xichi analyzed slowly.

“So what” Qin Wanru raised her head with a little pride, and said.

“Why do you want to mess up Duke Xings Mansion” Wen Xichi asked with a serious look.

“Third Young Master Wen, does this have anything to do with you” Qin Wanru was a little angry, without reason.

She did not turn back, and her voice was cold.

“You know its useless to tell me that.

It is not so easy for Shao Yuanhao to be the heir of the duke! So, why ask him to make trouble”

Wen Xichi Chi answered her with a different meaning.

The current Duke Xings Mansion was different from its past, and its First Young Master was the righteous heir, one whom everyone approved of.

Compared with him, Shao Yuanhao had no chance to win, for he was young and did not have a good reputation, not to mention that the former heir of the duke was only an heir and did not even become a Duke Xing.

So, there was no reason for Shao Yuanhao to fight for the position, and it was only a farce.

“So what Haoers grandmother is Ruian Great Elder Princess, and he is her only grandson!” Qin Wanru pursed her red lips and said coldly.

She wanted to fight with Duke Xings Mansion, by using the strong power of Ruian Great Elder Princess.

In fact, everyone knew that, due to the interference of the princess, First Young Master of Duke Xings Mansion had not inherited the position of the Heir of Duke Xing since so many years ago.

This was also an important reason why Duke Xings Mansion and Ruian Great Elder Princesss Mansion were superficially friendly, but were actually not!

Wen Xichi detested the way of bullying with sheer power.

When he encountered such things in the past, he also interfered, but now, he felt speechless.

Looking at the high-raised back of her head and her thin back, he shook his head helplessly and resumed the previous topic.

“What does this matter have to do with you No matter how fierce the fight between Ruian Great Elder Princess and Duke Xings Mansion is, it has nothing to do with you, right You are just a small, third-class officials daughter.”

This remark reminded Qin Wanru that the endless fight between Duke Xings Mansion and Ruian Great Elder Princess had nothing to do with her, and she might even become the fighting victim of the two behemoths!

“So what Im not afraid!” Qin Wanru turned and looked at Wen Xichi with her bright, watery eyes, which were cold and distant!

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