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Chapter 308 Who Could Prove this Handkerchief Was from Qiyu Pavilion

There was a lake in Duke Xings Mansion.

In the summer, lotus flowers were planted.

It was a good time to enjoy the bloomy lotus leaves.

So there were some pavilions on the lake for viewing.

Today was not the time to enjoy the lotus flowers.

But there were still many people in the pavilion.

People who came to the Duke Xings Mansion today were all Misses and Childes from aristocratic family.

This place was close to the outer courtyard.

Several Childes were wandering by the lake.

When they met their sisters and familiar Misses from aristocratic family, a large group of them went to the pavilion.

Inside the pavilion was very warm.

Since there were no elders, and most of them knew each other, it was easy and natural to talk and laugh.

It was unknown that who first discovered Qin Wanru on the opposite and uttered a whisper, which attracted everyone to see her.

Coincidentally, Wang Shengxue came out at this time.

They were far away, so others didnt know what they were talking about.

But when they looked at them, they felt that there was something between the two.

Some uttered a sound and immediately many people surrounded the window, watching the interesting scene across the lake.

This kind of thing should happen under their eyes.

Everyone would feel funny.

A secret meeting of man and woman was caught by people, which was only heard by people.

None of the Misses from aristocratic family had seen it, so there were more and more people coming to see it.

Some people were watching and guessing who they were.

It was very far, so at that time they didnt recognize who they were.

When they were guessing, someone suddenly exclaimed, “Yes, this is the Second Miss of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion!”

“Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion, who is that” Someone asked with surprise.

They didnt know which was the Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion.

“It was the Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion which was very popular between people and this mansion also was the relatives by marriage of Duke Yongs Mansion!” Someone implicitly pointed at Di Fenglan who was talking to other people.

After his explanation, everyone knew who it was immediately.

Recently, the two Misses of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion, who were talked by others heatedly, were truly not very good.

When attending a banquet, one of them was dating with a man.

“Miss Di, please come and see.

Do you know who is the Miss there” Someone called Di Fenglan to the window with a smile.

Di Fenglan stepped over slowly when she heard someone calling her.

She glanced at the other side, and couldnt help but whisper in surprise.

“How is it Do you know who they are” Some Misses found something strange and came to ask.

“Its Qin Wanru!” Di Fenglan said affirmatively, with a little disdain in her eyes.

“What is she doing here I dont know that man.

When did Qin Wanru know that man”

The latter words were a bit light, which was almost a kind of self-talk.

But even so, the crowd still heard them clearly.

After glancing at each other, another Miss asked with a little inquiry, “Miss Di means that this Second Miss Qin is also not so good”

“I didnt say that!” Di Fenglan denied certainly, looking a little bit disdainfully across the lake.

“Who is that man Why does he have a private meeting with Qin Wanru in the courtyard”

Her words sounded like denial, but the subsequent questioning was to characterize Qin Wanrus affairs.

The so-called private meeting was, of course, a loss of reputation.

With so many Misses and Childes to prove it, if Qin Wanru didnt marry this man, she would only be alone all her life.

“This seems to be Wang Shengxue, the nephew of Duke Xing!” A young Childe who was familiar with Wang Shengxue wasnt afraid to make things bigger.

After Di Fenglan asking such a question, he immediately took the conversation.

“Wang Shengxue Is he Wang Yishus brother What Wang Yishu said in the palace was true The Second Miss of Qins Mansion really had some relationships with Wang Yishus brother” Some Misses were surprised and linked things together.


If it is true, Miss Wang is really wronged!” This was the thing that most people secretly discussed these days.

For Wang Yishus inexplicable assault at Qin Wanru when they met at the first time, no one could understand.

Was this something a normal person would do

But after this incident, Wang Yishu couldnt get out of bed because of illness.

It was said that it was difficult for her to speak now, so no one knew the truth until now!

But if Qin Wanru was really familiar with Wang Shengxue, then Wang Yishu was likely to be wronged.

“No wonder Wang Shengxue was sneaking just now.

It turned out that he was dating with a beauty!” Some Childes sneered at him.

“Yes, right.

I also saw him pick up a piece of handkerchief from a servant girl and then left in a hurry!” Another Childe echoed.

This was really true after saying this.

Although nobody heard it in person, they all thought it was credible!

“From this you could see that they must have some relations!” Di Fenglan sneered and glanced at the outside of the window.

She laughed coldly and said certainly.

Everyone burst into laughter, looking out of the window and continuing to look at the scene excitedly.

Everyone suddenly saw that the scene across the lake had changed.

Qin Wanru seemed to be leaving.

Wang Shengxue was going to stop her but was blocked by the servant girl.

Then Qin Wanru turned and ran.

Wang Shengxue wanted to chase her but fell down because of the push of the tough servant girl.

Later things made everyone astounded.

The thin and weak Second Miss Qin also kicked Wang Shengxue fiercely, and then ran away with the servant girl.

And before running a few steps, the servant girl yelled.

There were a lot of servant girls and old maids who passed by them.

The servant girl pointed angrily at Wang Shengxue who stood up just now and said something.

The turbulence was getting bigger, and more and more people were watching around.

“Whats happening, whats happening” Some Childes who was curious about what had happened couldnt help but say and run downstairs with servants.

Several Misses looked at each other and followed them downstairs.

Considering the fact that Qin Wanru just came over, Wang Shengxue suddenly ran out, and their following behaviors, it seemed that there was no personal relationship between the two.

Could it be that the two had a new resentment because of Wang Yishu so they argued

The crowd guessed much and went downstairs one by one.

Di Fenglan looked at the crowd across the lake, and the Childes and Misses who left one by one, she stomped angrily and hatefully for a while for letting Qin Wanru escape such a disaster!

This cheap girl really had a good fate!

Across the lake, Qin Wanru stood behind Yujie, watching Yujie testify that Wang Shengxue didnt have a good intention.

Wang Shengxue stood up and looked at more and more people around.

He became a bit panicked, but he was a man.

After listening to the words of Yujie, he asked Qin Wanru in surprise, “Second Miss Qin, why did your servant girl turn this around on me Wasnt it you that asked someone to call me here”

As soon as he said this, everyone present looked suspiciously at Qin Wanru.

If only Wang Shengxue said this, nobody would really believe it much.

But with the inexplicable entanglement between Wang Yishu and Qin Wanru in the palace, Wang Shengxues saying might seem to explain the reason why Wang Yishu had hostility to Qin Wanru.

“Childe Wang, you are like your younger sister, who likes to say something plausible when we first meet.” Although Qin Wanru was standing behind Yujie, she was very calm even though she was thin and small.

She looked at Wang Shengxue calmly.

It seemed that she was looking at a beaming clown, with a cold smile on her lips.

After looking at Wang Shengxue a few times with her watery eyes, she said, “Childe Wang, you have fooled me to this place and said that you would tell the truth that your younger sister had framed me.

But the truth is that you want to frame up me.

I dont know where I aggravate you and your younger sister, so that you wont let me go again and again Do you want me to lose all my reputation”

“Second Miss Qin, how can you say like this If it wasnt your appointment, would I come in at this time If you dont believe me, you can let someone ask, and there were not a few people who saw me receiving a handkerchief at that time!” Wang Shengxue took out a handkerchief from his arms and raised it in his hands angrily.

Qin Wanrus gaze fell on that handkerchief.

The white handkerchief was indeed beautiful, but it was not the one in Qin Wanrus hands before.

It turned out that they already had follow-up means on this matter, and the planners could be described as putting much effort into it!

“How does Childe Wang make sure that this handkerchief is mine” Qin Wanru said calmly and her watery eyes were squinted slightly.

“The servant girl who gave this handkerchief to me said that this was yours.

Thats why I came here.

If it belonged to someone else, I wouldnt come here!” Wang Shengxue deliberately led people to guess and misunderstand.

His words made people feel more that there were some problems between the two people.

“You would trust a subordinates words.

Childe Wang was really easy to be cheated!” Qin Wanrus face was gloomed and she said coldly, “How could Childe Wang prove that this handkerchief is mine”

“How can Second Miss Qin prove that this handkerchief is not yours” Wang Shengxue also seemed to be anxious.

He retorted, lifted up the handkerchief in his hands and looked at Qin Wanru.

“If Second Miss Qin is not guilty, let everyone also see the handkerchief in your hands.

Does it have the same material as the one in my hands

“As long as it has the same material, is it mine” Qin Wanru sneered coldly.

“Can you let me see what kind of handkerchief it is” An old maid from Duke Xings Mansion suddenly came out of the crowd and saluted to Wang Shengxue respectfully.

Wang Shengxue nodded, and threw the handkerchief to her in his hands.

The old maid received and took a careful look.

She whispered to herself unconfidently, “Is this the handkerchief from Qiyu Pavilion”

Her voice was not high, but it was enough for the Misses who were watching around to hear it clearly.

Some Misses took the handkerchief from the old maids hands naturally, touched it and observed the patterns on the handkerchief and said certainly, “This is indeed a handkerchief from Qiyu Pavilion!”

“Since its the handkerchief from Qiyu Pavilion, I heard that there are signs on it!” the old maid immediately said.

“Yes, every handkerchief sold is marked, and the sign is different every time.

If you want to check, you can still find out the truth clearly.” The Miss who held the handkerchief nodded, and passed the handkerchief to other people naturally.

All the Misses who saw it nodded.

The handkerchief from Qiyu Pavilion was very famous.

The material used was different from other materials.

And although there was basically no pattern on it, it was very soft and there were special hidden signs.

It was greatly appreciated by the Misses from aristocratic families in the capital city.

But the price of it was extremely expensive, so ordinary people couldnt afford it.

A small handkerchief was even as worthy as a piece of clothing!

“Second Miss Qin, please take out your handkerchief and see if it is the same as this one.

So well know the truth, right” Someone suggested.

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