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“Are you the two Misses from Qins Mansion” The servant girl came over and asked Qin Wanru in a low voice.

“Whats the matter” Qin Wanrus eyes fell on this unknown servant girl.

“I am a servant girl that serves Miss Qi.

Our Miss invites the two Misses to go over and says that there is something to discuss!” the servant girl whispered.

“First Miss Qi” Qin Wanru raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, its our Miss!” The servant girl nodded, stretched out her hand and pointed outside.

“Our Miss is waiting for you now!”

“At this time” Qin Wanru looked at Madam of Duke Xing in seats and saw that those Madams were talking heatedly and did not notice them.

“Yes, at this time.

After a while, our Miss will come out to meet the guests and then she will have no spare time!” The servant girl explained.

“Big sister, shall we go out together” Qin Wanru whispered to Qin Yuru who was the only one that noticed her.

“Second sister, since I am not feeling well, I will not go,” Qin Yuru said tiredly, and stretched out her hands to rub between her eyebrows again, with a struggling look.

She indeed looked in low spirit.

“Okay, Ill go to have a look!” Qin Wanru said.

“Okay, Second Miss.

Please follow me!” The servant girl smiled and led the way in the front.

“Second sister, go ahead.

I will talk to grandmother!” Qin Yuru said as she saw Qin Wanru looking at Madam Dowager who was talking to the others.

“Then I have to trouble you, Big Sister!” Qin Wanru nodded, and then took Yujie to follow the servant girl to go out.

Walking out of the door of the flower hall, the servant girl led Qin Wanru to a diagonal path.

Yujie took two steps forward, and gently pulled Qin Wanrus sleeves.

Qin Wanru blinked at her calmly, and then Yujie immediately got the point.

A lot of guests came here today and from time to time some Misses and young Madams could be seen along the road who were sitting or standing together to chat with each other, but now this road led to a much remoter place.

Looking at the road in front of which she could not see anyone, Qin Wanru stopped.

“Where are we going”

“To the yard for our Miss.

Our Miss is living a little bit remote now.” The servant girl seemed to have known what Qin Wanru would ask and answered with a smile.

“Miss Qi lives in such a remote place Isnt she the person who love bustling places most How does she live so remotely” Yujie asked in puzzle.

“This is Madams arrangement.

She wants to let Miss live a quiet place and teach our Miss some rules in the capital city.

She says that Miss has not learnt well in Jiangzhou.

A remoter place can be quieter, which can distract Miss less!” The servant girl explained.

This meant that Madam of Duke Xing also needed to teach Qi Rongzhi rules.

Not until all the rules had been well learned could she visit more people.

“Is this location close to the outer yard” Qin Wanru stood still and looked at the layers of pavilions in the distance.

“Second Miss must look mistakenly.

How could it be close to the outer yard” The servant girl didnt expect that Qin Wanru had such a good sense of direction, so she hurriedly answered to disguise something.

“Isnt it a pavilion of the outer yard” Qin Wanru pointed at a pavilion with her finger.

Actually She didnt have any sense of direction.

She just felt that the building in that place was bigger, so she tricked the servant girl into telling the truth.

“Second Miss Qin, you must look mistakenly.

This is a yard in the inner courtyard of our mansion.

Because Old Madam likes enjoying the scenery, she has particularly built this place!”

The servant girl said.

Qin Wanru touched her head with her hands, and Yujie hurried to stretch out her hands to hold her, “Im tired.

Let me take a rest and then go on!”

“Second Miss Qin, can you rest at the front It is not far from here.

Our Miss is still waiting for you.” The servant girl did not expect that Qin Wanru would not want to walk at this time, so she got anxious.

“Our Miss is originally not feeling well today, so she is too tired to walk any further.” Yujie held Qin Wanru and looked around, as if she wanted to find somewhere to rest.

“Yes, yes, Second Miss Qin.

There is no place to rest here.

Could you please walk a few more steps The yard where our Miss lives is not far away, and you can rest there!” Seeing that Qin Wanru did not look well, the servant girl dared not to urge her and could only say with a smile.

“Miss, shall we go back to have a rest” Yujie ignored this servant girl and advised Qin Wanru in a low voice.

The servant girl felt anxious and looked around.

“Well! I am not feeling well now.

Please go back and tell your Miss that I will go to visit her again next time if given a chance!” Qin Wanru reached out to touch her forehead and said softly.

After saying this, she held Yujies hands and was about to leave.

The servant girl was so anxious that she stretched out her hands to pull Qin Wanru.

“Second Miss Qin, you cant leave!”

“Why I cant leave Could it be the rules in your Duke Xings Mansion that you can hinder guests like this” Qin Wanru said with a sneer.

She didnt believe that Qi Rongzhi would come to find her.

When she had been in Qins Mansion, she had already given Qi Rongzhi a few words.

Qi Rongzhi would not find her at this time with great necessity.

“Second Miss Qin, I am not trying to stop you.

I am afraid that our Miss is always waiting for you and is anxious.

There are only a few steps ahead.

Second Miss Qin, just a few steps away.

If you go back, it is not a short distance.

I am afraid that you cannot rest in a short time!”

The servant girl was anxious and lowered her hands, begging and explaining.

“Originally, I wanted to meet Miss Qi, but suddenly I didnt want when I saw the rules in your mansion!” Qin Wanru said in a cold voice, leaning on the body of Yujie and turning away.

This wayward way of doing things changed the face of the servant girl greatly.

She was not the girl who had never seen suspicious Misses, but however suspicious they were, they would perform to be friendly from their appearance.

And what was more, the status of Qi Rongzhi was much higher than that of Qin Wanru.

Even if they were not in harmony before, the friendship on the surface had to be maintained.

This only had benefits rather than harm to Qins Mansion.

She didnt think that Qin Wanru was going to leave.

The reason used was incredible, and the previous behavior was more likely to tease them.

The face of the servant girl was blue and white for a while.

She looked back a few times anxiously.

Suddenly when she saw a man coming over, she was relieved, and her eyes were all smiling.

“Finally he came! ”

“Second Miss Qin, please stop!” The mans voice came from the back of her.

Qin Wanru froze for a moment, and then turned back slowly.

Her eyes fell on the face of Wang Shengxue who came here in a hurry and a slight smile appeared on the corner of her lips, which was extremely cold!

Sure enough, he was waiting for her here!

Yujie stepped forward in two steps, blocking Wang Shengxue in front of Qin Wanru and watching Wang Shengxue alertly.

Seeing the alert faces of them, Wang Shengxue stood still politely.

“Second Miss Qin, I am the brother of Wang Yishu.

Id like to talk to you about my sister!”

After finishing his words, he raised his eyes, and his eyes fell on Qin Wanrus body.

Immediately, he was astonished by the beauty of Qin Wanru.

He did not expect that Qin Wanru was so outstanding.

The delicate little face was as fine as a carved jade.

Her black and watery eyes and red lips made people feel that the flowers were blooming in the cold winter day.

“What else happens with your sister” Qin Wanru raised her eyes and looked at Wang Shengxue calmly with cold and deep eyes.

“Childe Wang, Childe Wang!” Seeing Wang Shengxue staring at Qin Wanru stupidly without saying a word, the servant girl called him in a high voice for a few times hurriedly.

“Ah, oh!” Wang Shengxues mind finally came back.

Originally, he was unwilling to come here.

But after seeing the appearance of Qin Wanru, he was willing to do so in his heart.

And even there was a warm feeling in his heart that such a little beauty, even if she hadnt grown up yet, she had been one of the top beauties.

What kind of top beauty should she be after that.

“Second Miss Qin, can you come here and sit down for a while.

I would tell you what happened in the palace at that day.

Although this was done by my sister, there was another reason.

If not for this reason, how could my sister assault Second Miss Qin” Wang Shengxue showed a gentle manner, and he extended his hands forward politely.

Passing this road, there was a garden.

That was to say that he was in this garden just now.

In other words, this was the destination that the servant girl had said before!

“Childe Wang, please say your words here!” Qin Wanru said in a light tone, and her watery eyes turned to the opposite side.

It happened that there was a lake here, and it seemed to be colder alongside the lake in the winter day.

Without seeing any people, the place became colder and colder.

What Wang Shengxue seemed to say was the truth of what happened in the palace.

Now only Wang Yishu knew the truth.

Anyone who had confronted such a thing wanted to know the answer.

The words of Wang Shengxue caught the mind of everyone.

With his words, everyone would want to know what happened.

But Qin Wanru was not included in these people.

She knew it clearly why did Wang Yishu hurt her and she didnt need to prove anything!

“Just here Its too windy and too cold.

Its not the place to talk!” Wang Shengxue turned to the side, said helplessly, and pointed at a fake stone in front of the garden.

“Second Miss Qin, shall we go there to talk There is weaker wind and it is a place to talk!”

He said it with extreme politeness and his behavior also accorded to the rules.

“No need.

I have nothing to talk to Childe Wang!” Qin Wanru refused indifferently and stepped back instead of stepping forward.

Yujie looked at Wang Shengxue and became more and more alert.

“Doesnt Second Miss Qin want to know the truth in it” Wang Shengxue frowned, and asked unbelievingly.

Shouldnt it be right to ask the situation in the palace at that time Why was the Qin Wanru in front of him different from what he imagined!

“I dont want to know!” Qin Wanru turned around decisively.

“Second Miss Qin, please wait!” Seeing that she really wanted to leave, Wang Shengxue came over hurriedly and tried to stop her.

But he was blocked by Yujie.

Qin Wanru staggered for a few steps and seemed to fall down.

But she leaned on the trees on the side and stood still.

“Miss, be careful!” Yujie screamed, and looked at Wang Shengxue.

She immediately turned around to help Qin Wanru.

The two took a few steps back and were going to leave.

Wang Shengxue took a few steps forward to chase them hurriedly, but Yujie stopped him.

Qin Wanru took a few steps back, turned around and hurriedly ran out with a corner of her skirt picked up by her.

Wang Shengxue still wanted to chase, but unexpectedly Yujie not only stopped him, but also stepped forward and pushed him hard.

Wang Shengxue was pushed back and fell to the ground disgruntledly.

Everyone who saw it suddenly widened their eyes…

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