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Immediately, some men came forward to restrain the men hacking the sedan.

The eldest daughter of our family is unwilling to marry you, so she had forced her younger sister to take her place.

However, the younger sister is also unwilling to marry you.

There\'s no use for this sedan in that case, someone among the men who destroyed the sedan cried out.

That\'s right, our eldest miss will not marry you, and her sister won\'t take her place either! Please give up, Master Qi! another man cried out.

Destroy the sedan, so our eldest miss doesn\'t need to marry him! yet another man cried out even louder.

Outraged, Qi Tianyu dragged one of the men who was hacking the sedan and holding to a big broom and shouted furiously at him, saying, Even the younger sister does not want to marry me Is she treating this marriage as a joke and decides for herself if she wants to marry me

This man holding a broomstick was none other than Wang Feng, Nanny Yu\'s son.

He burst out laughing saying, Isn\'t it strange, Master Qi, that the elder sister was the one engaged to you.

Why are you putting the blame on the younger sister Are you sure you know who you are getting married to today

Wang Feng then pushed Qi Tianyu away.

He waved his hand as an indication for the group of men he led to retreat.

Instantly, the men dispersed into the surrounding crowd, leaving behind the mess from the broken sedan scattered all over the ground.

Qin Wanru...

what tricks are you trying to play... Qi Tianyu gnashed his teeth as he thought that Qin Wanru was behind all this.

He was no longer concerned about the broken sedan but stormed into the mansion of the Ninyuan\'s army commander.

He was all geared to confront the mastermind behind all this.

Not far from Ninyuan\'s army commander\'s mansion, there was a handsome young man clad in a purple robe, standing by the window on the second floor of a tall building.

His countenance and lips were a little pale, so much so he looked fragile and sickly.

Nevertheless, his features made him a very handsome looking young man, one who would make many girls blush with their hearts pounding.

At this moment, he was leaning on the window, looking diagonally at the boisterous street scene downstairs through his squinted, well-defined eyes.

He seemed to be in a good mood as his lips were turned up at the corners.

Master, shall we go home The wind is getting stronger, the guard standing behind him asked cautiously while peeping out of the window.

This little wind is not going to make me sick.

Stop being a scaredy-cat! said the man with a smile.

Although his voice sounded elegant and gentle, he was definitely not kind with his words.


Master, you must not catch a cold from the wind.

That will make you unwell... the guard said, sounding worried.

Forget it, there\'s nothing much to see anymore.

Let\'s go, said the handsome man, looking disappointed.

The pale-looking handsome young man then turned around as a mischievous smile appeared on his face.

This was the first time ever he had witnessed a bridal sedan being damaged on a wedding day.

It would seem that his trip to Jiangzhou was not as boring as he expected!

It was this boredom that spurred people to do something of a taboo to people...

After some moment of waiting, Qin Yue, panting hard, finally returned to Qin Wanru.

Is grandma on her way here Qin Wanru said calmly, pouting her cherry-red lips.

The old grandma is rushing to get here after hearing about the chaos you have created! Qing Yue said after taking a deep breath.

She had hurried over to bring to warn Qin Wanru beforehand.

Let\'s hurry up too! said Qin Wanru.

She glanced at the standby maid at the door through her dresser and smiled an evil smile.

As expected, Qin Yuru had also rushed over to check on her when she realized something had gone wrong.

Quick, tidy me up a bit, I want to meet grandma to tell her something urgent!


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