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“She is really quite small!” The Empress Dowager nodded her head and fell her eyes on the delicate and dignified small face of Qin Wanru.

Then she turned back and looked at the Chu Liuchen lying on the bed.

Until now, he was still lying still.

She could not help but sigh in her heart.

“You go back first.

This thing is not in a hurry!”

“Yes, mother, then Ill go back first!” the emperor said.

Then he turned his feet and took his people out of the house.

“You go too!” Empress Dowager said.

Qin Wanru knew that this time she was talking to her.

She answered with a low voice and then went out with Yujie respectfully.

It was until she went out of the door that she sighed with a relief.

“Second Miss Qin, please come with me!” A palace maid smiled and came to her with a salute.

Qin Wanru nodded her head and followed the palace maid to one side.

When she entered into a wing, she found the set of clothes she had prepared before on the table.

“Second Miss Qin, please change your clothes here.

If you want something, please call me!” the palace maid said.

“Where did you… take the clothes” Qin Wanru said.

“It was taken from the carriage of your mansion,” the palace maid said.

Therefore, at that time, her own carriage was brought into the palace together, and the carriage had already been checked!

Qin Wanru nodded her head and asked the palace maid to go back.

Yujie closed the door and swiped the cold sweat on her head.

“Miss, who is so vicious to want to kill you”

This thing, except Qin Wanru, only Yujie knew.

This thing was not to attack Chu Liuchen but to assault Qin Wanru.

Or had it not been Chu Liuchen, although Qin Wanru would not have died at that time, her bones would have been hit to break.

So everything had been planned.

Including the traffic jam in front of her and that old beggar, as well as the running horse that had been counted on the time and angle, these things only had one goal: kill Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanrus eyes flashed a chilly darkness and a cruelty rose from her eyes which was hard to be hidden.

She knew clearly that without the help of Chu Liuchen, today she must have died on the spot.

In order to protect their own life, it was painstaking for them to plan so many things.

And they even dared to do this outside the palace door and involved Prince Zhou in.

“Duke Xings Mansion!” Qin Wanru said affirmatively.

She smiled coldly with the faint light in her ink-colored eyes, giving her more cruelty which could not be seen clearly in the past.

“Miss, why should Madam of Duke Xing do this Just because she wanted to accept Miss as her foster daughter but you didnt agree, so she wanted to ruin you Maybe you have made a mistake Could it be Duke Yongs Mansion” Yujie said with shock and couldnt believe her eyes.

Duke Xings Mansion, Duke Yongs Mansion There was a fascinating smile in her lip, with a little bit of bloodthirsty.

These two mansions both had responsibility for this thing and neither of them can escape!

Yujie might not understand the reasons in it but Qin Wanru believed her assumption in a more affirmative way.

If it was not true, Madam of Duke Xing would not stare at her like a mad dog.

In her last life, Madam of Duke Xing and Madam Di stepped her into the filth together, and this life was also the same.

It was just in the last life that Qin Wanru was too weak to strike back because of the early assault of Madam Di.

This life she was born from the fire and was not the Qin Wanru anymore who was cowardly and let anyone torment her.

Under the cruel penalty was the blood and tears of people.

Actually, there was not only the hatred of her, but also that of her family.

Tears slipped from the corners of her eyes slowly and cruelty was contained in her tears.

It turned out that not only her identity was a secret but also she had deep hatred with others.

“Miss, what happened to you” Yujie had never seen Qin Wanru being so weak and she said with surprise.

“Change clothes first.

Later I will talk it to you after we go home!” Since Qin Wanru understood the whole thing, she didnt need to ponder more temporarily.

Qin Wanru waved and went to the table to pick up the set of clothes Nanny Dong prepared for her.

This set was different from the clothes she wore today.

The eight pieces of her skirt were like lotus leaves.

The delicate lotus flowers came out from the lotus leaves, because of which every step of her would be followed by lotus flowers.

The skirt color was gradual green, covered with a layer of light yarn, which made the gradient more and more permeated with fairy air.

The skirt yarn was slightly raised, and the skirt angle was falling.

The lotus leaves were frondent and the lotus flowers were near the burst.

Her beautiful and slim waist could only be held by a grip.

The light pink coat above was very suitable for the age of Qin Wanru.

The light pink coat, beside its main color, had more white, which made this piece of clothes not only have fairy air but also possess more elegance.

This time she changed her clothes and cleaned up herself with not so much time.

She stood in front of the door again and Yujie opened the door, seeing palace maids waiting outside.

“Second Miss Qin, Empress Dowager asked me to take you to the feast and you no longer need to farewell to Your Highness Prince Chen.

He is in bad health so he needs to rest quietly!”

The palace maid showed a glimmer of being amazed in her eyes, but she quickly lowered her head and said these words.

What kind of beauty had not been seen in the palace, but the Second Miss Qin in front of her eyes let the palace maid feel that the three thousand beautiful ones she had seen were no better than this one.

But she was a bit small!

“Chener, what do you think of this girl of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion” Empress Dowager smiled and said to Chu Liuchen who had opened his eyes on the bed.

“Grandma!” Chu Liuchen blinked his eyes twice, feeling a bit shy, and said that “Not bad, at least I didnt dislike her when I saw her.”

His words reminded Empress Dowager of the last banquet.

When the Misses who attended the last banquet saw other princes, they were all very shy.

Thinking of it, Empress Dowager felt quite depressed.

She wanted to pick one to be the daughter-in-law for her beloved grandson so that the girl could take care of Chener.

But these girls did not fall in love with Chu Liuchen.

How could she be happy

That banquet not only didnt help the Empress Dowager find one who she liked, but also made her grandson feel wronged.

The Empress Dowager also felt quite dissatisfied with those aristocratic families Miss and thought that they were a group of blind people who could not see the goodness of her grandson.

This time when she heard Chu Liuchen saying this, Empress Dowager sighed softly, “But she… is so small.

How can she take care of you!”

“Imperial Grandmother, I dont need her to take care of me.

I just think that I can have something to talk with her.” Chu Liuchen smiled slightly.

His pale face floated with a touch of vitality and the color of his face became softer.

As soon as he reached out and wanted to sit up, the Empress Dowager took a cushion for him quickly and put it behind him.

Chu Liuchen coughed with a low voice.

A nanny brought a glass of water for Chu Liuchen and he accepted and drank a little.

The hot air made his pale face become brighter and have more vitality.

“You asked me to go to Shengguang Temple before.

Was it for her” Seeing him put down the teacup, the Empress Dowager asked him with a low voice.

“Imperial Grandmother, Abbess of Jingxin Monastery and Mingqiu Nun took care of me a lot in Jiangzhou.

Second Miss Qin also helped me pound the medicine.

So we were acquaintances.

Since she came to the capital city, I had to see her.

From my childhood, no one had ever gone along well with me.” Chu Liuchen lowered his head.

His long eyelashes fell on his pale face with irregular shadows.

There was decadence from his bones.

The heart of Empress Dowager was hurt greatly and her eyes went red.

She turned to one side quickly and reached out to wipe away the tears in her eyes.

“Well, since you feel good, then she!”

How simple was the request of her grandson.

What he wanted was not a woman who could accompany him but only a woman he could talk with.

Empress Dowager thought that she didnt need to make him unhappy.

From his childhood to now, this child suffered a lot because of his body.

She wanted him to be as happy as possible.

But this child now wanted to find a playmate.

If he felt that she was not suitable later after being together for a while, and he really found the other woman whom he wanted to marry with, that would be a troublesome thing.

Moreover, the identity of Qin Wanru was too low.

If other princes wanted to get married, they could get married with this girl from a third-level mansion, because the thought of the emperor and the Empress Dowager was that they didnt want these princes to marry wives whose family were of great power.

But Chu Liuchen was different, Empress Dowager and the emperor both wanted him to find a wife with a powerful family so that she could protect him to be safe all his life after the emperor passed away.

Although imperial physicians all said that the disease of Chu Liuchen came from the day when he was born, and no one knew that when would he pass away, in the heart of Empress Dowager, she felt that Chu Liuchen would live for a long time.

So she would certainly consider more for his future.

If she passed away in the future, she wanted Chu Liuchen not to be bullied by others.

Therefore, the power of his wifes family was very crucial!

“Chener, is the daughter of Qins mansion too small” Empress Dowager said gently after a thought.

“About eleven or twelve years old!” Chu Liuchen thought and said softly.

“What about firstly setting her as your side imperial concubine And when everything is all right, we can decide whether she can be your wife” Empress Dowager said tentatively.

This so-called “everything is all right” could not be determined by one or two words.

In the heart of Empress Dowager, she was not satisfied with Qin Wanru.

“Imperial Grandmother, what doeseverything is all right mean Can the original wife become a side imperial concubine” Chu Liuchen raised his eyes, looking at Empress Dowager with his beautiful eyes and said.

Although he was expressing his dissatisfaction, his manners were still elegant and gentle.

He was not only very handsome but also well-educated.

The Empress Dowager was upset again.

After a long while, she came out from her thought and said her worries in a low voice.

She knew that her grandson was very intelligent.

If she delayed, he would understand.

“Her identity is low.

Youd better get married with a daughter of lineal decent from a noble family, preferably a first daughter of lineal decent!”

The most distinguished first daughter of lineal decent in an aristocratic family tended to be brought up with great efforts.

Such kind of woman was the favorite of the Empress Dowager.

“Imperial Grandmother, so what if the woman is a first daughter of lineal decent” If I think she is not good, she wont be good!” His long eyelashes were pulled down again, and the color of his eyes became deeper, and his voice was lowered.

The Empress Dowager couldnt say anything at that moment.

She knew what did Chu Liuchen mean.

She felt a big blow to her heart.

So what if she was a first daughter of lineal decent Was that woman a noble first daughter of lineal decent But what she did had never been connected with the noble and elegant first daughter of lineal decent!

The Empress Dowager thought angrily that the so-called manner of her was even not comparable to that of a daughter of a concubine in a small family.

“Imperial Grandmother, this thing is not in a hurry.

I just want a good playmate and I dont want to hold up others.

Second Miss Qin is very young, so she can talk with me.

I just hope that Imperial Grandmother and my uncle dont refuse me!” Chu Liuchen raised up his head again with a gentle smile on his face.

The attitude of him was gentle and soft.

He was like a weak young boy in the ink picture of mountains and rivers.

Although he was sick and always stayed in bed, no one could be more handsome than him.

“I, I will agree with you!” Her handsome grandson was just like a picture in front of her, and the tears of the Empress Dowager were going to fall down…

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