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Since Qin Wanru said that, Yujie and the coachman had to pull the old beggar up and hurriedly took him to the hospital, trying to quickly finish this by losing money to buy safety.

However, when they were not halfway there, the throng of carts which should be still suddenly moved.

Someone shouted that the road was unblocked.

Yujies face changed and she suddenly pushed the old beggar to coachmans side and said, “I want to check if Lady is alright!”

Then she turned around and was about to leave.

Relatively speaking, Yujie reacted very promptly but a wildly running horse reacted more quickly.

Soon, it came up from the corner where they just stood and dashed to Qins Mansions cart!

“Lady!” Yujie screamed while running madly to their cart!

The coachman also pushed the old beggar away and ran quickly after Yujie.

Finding that something was wrong, the other cart drivers quickly turned their horses around and tried to pull themselves away from that running horse.

The street was in great chaos.

When Qin Wanru heard the noise, she immediately grasped the gauze curtain.

Although the curtain was very light, it was very strong and long.

As soon as Qin Wanru used the curtain to wrap her hand, she felt that something banged the cart heavily and then she was thrown through the window.

There were carts moving outside because they wanted to avoid the running horse.

If Qin Wanru was thrown through the window directly, she would definitely die when she fell down under any cart.

She almost blacked out and still grasped the gauze curtain tightly for she knew this was her only chance to survive.

As the agony kept her last stitch of sanity, gnashing her teeth, she held the curtain very tightly in case the curtain would slip from her hand.

At that moment, she finally figured out that it was a scam! A scam against her!

Someone wanted to murder her!

Her body was thrown outside but was pulled back because of the curtain.

She found that the cart was getting closer in front of her and then she closed her eyes, pulled her arms up difficultly and was ready for the great pain by hitting the cart heavily.

Screams echoed in the street, making her unable to hear clearly.

“I wont die because of this bang but will only get hurt severely.”

However, the expected agony didnt come.

Her body seemed to be pulled by something so heavily that the gauze curtain in her hand was broken.

Then her body was thrown sideways and, unlike being thrown directly, it seemed that she wouldnt get hurt severely this time.

Then she felt that she hit someone.

Then they fell down together.

Because the momentum of being thrown directly disappeared and, moreover, she hit someone, the impact was very small when she fell down.

Although she felt painful, it wasnt that kind of agony.

A strange silence suddenly fell.

Qin Wanru opened her eyes quickly and saw Chu Liuchens handsome but extremely pale face.

His lips were light red, making his face look more deadly pale.

He just lay under Qin Wanru, without any reaction, seeming that he didnt take a breath anymore.

“Master Master Master! How are you, master!” Xiao Xuanzi finally reacted.

Shaking, he knelt down by Chu Liuchens side and hurriedly pulled his body up.

“Lady Lady!” Yujie ran to her by forcing her way through the crowd.

Qin Wanru immediately reached out and took Chu Liuchens pulse, regardless of her face which was stained with dirt.

“Imperial physician! Imperial physician! Find an imperial physician!” Xiao Xuanzi shouted loudly and anxiously at people behind him with sweat oozing on his forehead.

An imperial physician quickly ran to them and he was too nervous to care about Qin Wanru who was taking Chu Liuchens pulse.

Then he hurriedly held Chu Liuchens the other hand and started to feel his pulse

“Soldier, take that horse!” Standing up and wiping the sweat off his face, Xiao Xuanzi gnashed his teeth and gave an order to that soldier.

“If something bad really happens to my master, I wont let go of the man who planned this!”

After hitting the cart, the running horse finally stopped so the soldier quickly caught it and dragged it here.

As a coachman who stood across the street saw this scene, his face changed severely.

When finding his horse was taken by the people of Prince Chens Mansion, he turned around, hid in the crowd and escaped.

“Things are getting terrible! How would the horse hit Prince Chen! What a big trouble!”

Qin Wanru and Yujie were invited to get on the huge cart of Prince Chens Mansion.

Actually, they were asked to get on the cart but out of courtesy, people from Prince Chens Mansion used the word “invite”.

Nobody dared to shoulder this responsibility and Xiao Xuanzi dared not to let Qin Wanru and Yujie go because it all started from Qin Wanru.

When the soldier used the whip to catch Qin Wanru, he didnt expect that she would hit Chu Liuchen who was quite weak.

“There are so many people there and why did she hit Chu Liuchen!” Xiao Xuanzi got flustered.

A soldier of Prince Chens Mansion shouted and then their cart headed for the gate of the royal palace.

All carts of those aristocrat families made way for them in that all of a sudden, everyone knew Prince Chen who was weak got hurt severely and they dared not to block the way.

Empress Dowager and the Emperor would vent their anger on them if there was any mistake.

Then people who witnessed this today would not be good.

After they arrived at the gate of palace, Xiao Xuanzi talked to a soldier who guarded the gate.

Then this soldier fearfully asked someone to inform the Empress Dowager of this news.

Nobody could undertake this.

People in the palace all knew the Empress Dowager liked Prince Chen very much and moreover, he was the only prince she liked, not to mention the Emperor who also appreciated Prince Chen!

Since they went through the gate, they hurriedly headed for Imperial Institute of Medicine.

When they arrived at the Imperial Institute of Medicine and got Chu Liuchen inside, there had been some skilled imperial physician waiting.

Even though they gave him cardio-tonic drugs, he didnt wake up and looked deadly pale, just lying there without any reaction.

Nobody cared about Qin Wanru who stood aside.

After a mess, imperial physicians gave a prescription and let servants decoct them.

Then Xiao Xuanzi asked everyone to leave the room, except Qin Wanru and Yujie, which seemed like that he didnt notice them when he asked others to leave.

When everyone left, Qin Wanru stepped forward and worriedly took Chu Liuchens pulse again.

She was scared and her mind went blank when taking his pulse just now.

Her hand was still shaking.

She clenched her fists and then relaxed them.

As reaching out and putting her hand on Chu Liuchens wrist, Qin Wanru closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

It was so scary and she still had limp legs!

When she raised her head again, she looked calm and serious.

She would revenge since she survived from this disaster!

There were footsteps outside the room and there followed Xiao Xuanzis voice.

“The Empress Dowager comes!”

Qin Wanru paused.

Then she closed her eyes and continued to feel Chu Liuchens pulse, seeming that she didnt hear the noise outside.

Seeing Qin Wanru continue to take the Prince Chens pulse, Yujie also got stunned and quickly got her meaning.

She then also stood behind Qin Wanru and lowered her head.

Someone opened the door heavily.

The Empress Dowager quickly walked in with a pale face.

She only let two nannies follow her and left others to wait outside.

When seeing Qin Wanru sitting beside the bed and taking Chu Liuchens pulse, the Empress Dowager frowned tightly and looked serious.

“Madam, Second Lady Qin is good at medical knowledge and she has studied medicine in Jingxin Monastery in Jiangzhou Prefecture.” Xiao Xuanzi came in, bowed deeply and explained to the Empress Dowager in a low voice.

Mingqiu Nun from Jingxin Monastery was on her way to the capital city.

Chu Liuchen had once told the Empress Dowager that it was Mingqiu Nun and the Abbess of Jingxin Monastery who saved him when his disease flared up in Jiangzhou.

“A student of Mingqiu Nun” Hearing this, Empress Dowager looked softer.

She stood straight and asked.

“Yes, she should be a registered student from a common aristocrat family.

I only know that she learns medical knowledge from Mingqiu Nun.

As for the details, I dont know clearly but I am sure that she has studied in Jingxin Monastery!” answered Xiao Xuanzi.

She nodded and came forward.

She now didnt want to ask more about Qin Wanru but looked at Chu Liuchen hurriedly.

As soon as she watched him, she got worried and asked, “Any word from imperial physician”

“The imperial physician said that master fainted because of the hit.

If, if he wakes up, then he will recover!” As sweat oozing on his forehead, Xiao Xuanzi suddenly knelt down in front of the Empress Dowager and cried, “It is my fault! If I had taken good care of my master, he wouldnt have got fainted.

He just asked someone to save Second Lady Qin but we didnt expect that she would hit him!”

Yujie who stood behind Qin Wanru also knelt down.

“What on earth happened” Taking a deep breath, the Empress Dowager asked seriously.

“Your highness, Prince Chen was in a good mood today so when we almost arrived at the gate, he said that he wanted to have a walk.

Then we and those soldiers got off the cart and began to walk.

However, when we havent walked for a long time, we found a horse suddenly turned up at the corner across the street and was dashing on the street.

Then it directly hit her cart and she was thrown through the window.

All of a sudden, master ordered the soldier to catch her back by using the whip.

But we didnt expect that she would hit him when she was caught back! Then, then my master…”

Xiao Xuanzi burst out crying and he was shaking heavily.

If Chu Liuchen didnt wake up, nobody could survive!

“Go and find out who owns this horse! It is impossible to have a horse running wildly on the street because today we are about to hold the banquet! Find out who is the owner and I will punish them heavily! If, if Chener doesnt wake up, I wont let go of him or her whoever it is!” Looking gloomy, the Empress Dowager shouted angrily.

Putting down Chu Liuchens hand, Qin Wanru opened her eyes and knelt down.

“Your highness, Prince Chen will wake up soon!”

“Really When” Hearing this, the Empress Dowager looked excited even though her face was dark just now.

She stared at Qin Wanru happily.

Xiao Xuanzi just told her that imperial physician said that if Chu Liuchen woke up, then he would be alright.

But actually, it also meant that if he didnt wake up, he would be in trouble.

Now Qin Wanrus words eased her mind.

“It is hard to tell but he will wake up today!” Qin Wanru lowered her head and answered softly.

“Great! Great!” Empress Dowager was only too happy to repeat the same word.

She finally felt at ease.

She suddenly stumbled and almost fell down.

A nanny who stood behind her quickly brought a chair and held her to let her have a seat beside the bed.

“Xiao Xuanzi, the first thing is to find out who owns this horse and who let the horse run wildly near our palace! We cant just let go of him or her!” Thinking for a while, she looked livid and gave an order to Xiao Xuanzi.

In Empress Dowagers view, Chu Liuchen was the target! Second Lady Qin was only an innocent girl who was involved in this trouble.

“There must be someone who dislikes Chener!” When thinking this, Empress Dowager looked angry and gnashed her teeth tightly!

“How dare those people plot against my grandson! I will find them out even if I have to turn over the city!”

Knowing that his master was fine, Xiao Xuanzi wiped his sweat off his forehead and gradually calmed down.

However, he still knelt on the ground and said.

“Empress Dowager, I, I cant tell!”

“Who Who is it” The Empress Dowager shouted angrily.

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