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Chapter 272 Grab! Lets See Who Is Abler

Just as Qin Wanru and Yujie walked out, they suddenly heard an angry voice coming from behind, “Please stop, the Miss in front!”

Looking around, Qin Wanru found the ladies passing by were entering the shop, but only she was walking out.

Blinking her watery eyes, she turned, looking at the person chasing after her.

At a glance, she was surprised to find she knew the person!

It was Di Fenglan of Duke Yongs Mansion! Seeing her angry face, Qian Wanru knew that she would not be a nice person.

So she looked at her calmly but didnt speak anything.

Qin Wanru was wearing the curtain hat that blocked her face so that Di Fenglan didnt recognize her at once.

But when her eyes turned to Yujie, she suddenly opened her eyes wide and changed her expression.

“Qin Wanru”

“Miss Di, why did you ask me to stop so hurriedly” Qin Wanru smiled and said.

“I was wondering who bought the set of cats eyes I ordered and took them away so hurriedly.

Oh, it is you!” Di Fenglan sneered.

“Miss Di, if you have nothing to say, then Im leaving, my grandma is still waiting for me in our mansion!” Qin Wanru didnt respond to her accusation and said extremely peacefully.

“Qin Wanru, the set of ornaments you bought just now is the one I have ordered for a long time!” Di Fenglan turned pale out of anger, glaring at Qin Wanru coldly.

She knew this was the work of the master who was the hardest to invite, and she would never miss this chance.

The set of ornaments was common, but with this fame, it would make her prominent among the Misses of aristocratic families.

“You have ordered it for a long time Why didnt the shop-boy behind the counter say it just now And he also repeated that no one wanted to buy this set, so I bought it.

Now, are you going to grab it Is it that whatever you like is what youve ordered” Qin Wanru said.

She looked at Di Fenglan through the veil.

She didnt have the idea of retreating at all, and she was also fearless!

Wearing a too low profile would only be despised by others, especially after she had paid.

If she returned the set of ornaments obediently, others would only laugh at her cowardice.

In the future, it would be cited as a joke by others.

No need to endure when you shouldnt.

“Second Miss Qin, you are presumptuous.

Who do you think you are talking to” One of Di Fenglans servant girls behind her stepped forward, raised her head to look at Qin Wanru, and scolded.

Qin Wanru took a glimpse of her lightly, but didnt say anything.

Yujie looked at the servant girl up and down and replied, “Who do you think you are When our Miss speaks, how can a minion like you dare to shout Is this the rule of Duke Yongs Mansion When a master speaks, servant girls can interrupt at will.”

The servant girl of Di Fenglan had always been arrogant.

When she was scolded by Yujie before everyone, she flushed instantly, glaring and shrieking, “Servant girl, who are you How come you are so rude..”

“No matter how rude I am, I am better than you!” Yujie was surprised, looked at the servant girl up and down several times, and interrupted her curtly.

“Do you think it is polite to stop the person who has paid for what she bought Our Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion cant understand this rule!”

“A servant girl with a sharp tongue!” Di Fenglans turned dark.

“No, no, she is no sharper than your servant girl!” Qin Wanru smiled and said.

The carefree attitude made Di Fenglan angrier, her beautiful face losing its usual color.

“Qin Wanru, this is the set I ordered indeed.

If you dont believe me, I can ask the shopkeeper out.” Taking a deep breath, Di Fenglan told herself that she could not be angry.

Now, she was not in Duke Yongs Mansion…

“Go, ask the shopkeeper to come!” Di Fenglan said to one of the servant girls, who answered and rushed to the shop.

“Miss Di, even if you have ordered it, Ive bought it.

Is it that paying the money is less valid than ordering it” Qin Wanru said as her eyes turned cold.

Initially, Qin Wanru didnt care about the set of cats eye ornaments so much.

It was exquisite and beautiful, but it couldnt be counted as something indispensable for her.

But since Di Fenglan had provoked her, she would never give it up.

Although the shopkeeper might have said something, the fact was the fact.

She had paid the money and taken it out of the shop.

Could he force her to return it

“Qin Wanru, I ordered it earlier than you!” Di Fenglan felt that she was going to explode.

“I have paid!” Qin Wanru said coldly.

After saying it, she didnt want to quarrel with Di Fenglan anymore.

When they argued, people began to gather at the gate.

Although she wore a curtain hat, she felt uncomfortable when others looked at her.

“Qin Wanru, are you unconfident” When she found Qin Wanru was about to leave, Di Fenglan yelled anxiously.

“Wait, the shopkeeper comes!” The crowd parted to both sides.

A gentle-looking man came after the servant girl of Duke Yongs Mansion, looking at Qin Wanru awkwardly and then Di Fenglan.

In fact, he didnt want to offend anyone.

By this time, he also blamed himself for talking too much.

Miss Di came to ask the master to customize a set of jewelry, and he suggested that there was already a set of jewelry customized by the master, but the master was unwilling to say it was made by him.

Then, Di Fenglan said she wanted it.

But when he asked a shop-boy to fetch it, he was told it had been bought by someone.

Therefore, Duke Yongs Miss was unwilling to give it up and rushed out.

In theory, buying it, this Miss was justifiable.

But Di Fenglan was the Miss of Duke Yongs Mansion, so the shopkeeper wouldnt say so.

“Miss, in fact, this set of ornaments was customized by Miss Di a long time ago, but our shop-boy didnt know it, so he sold it to you.

Our shop is willing to pay for your loss and double its price to buy it back!” the shopkeeper summoned up his courage to stand before Qin Wanru and explained smilingly.

If it was sold as a common set, its price was quite normal.

But if it was sold to Di Fenglan who had known that it was made by the master, the price would be doubled.

The shopkeeper was a businessman, who had a very smart calculation.

With this method, on one hand, he would not offend this Miss; on the other hand, the Miss of Duke Yongs Mansion would be happy and he would not lose anything.

So, after evaluating the current situation, the shopkeeper instantly thought this was the best solution.

“The mistake was made by your shop.

Thats your shops matter, but this set is now mine.

Selling it or not, its my decision!” Qin Wanru took a look at the shopkeeper and said coldly.

“But Miss, we are willing to double the price to buy it back.

Besides, you are now still at our shops gate.

It only happened just now!” Di Fenglan glared at the shopkeeper, who continued persuading Qin Wanru.

“I heard this set was taken out today, right” Qin Wanru asked.

“Yes, right, but it was taken out by the shop-boy mistakenly!” The shopkeeper nodded repeatedly.

“Taken by the shop-boy mistakenly If it is a customized product, it should have an invoice, right “Shopkeeper, please show me the invoice.

If you have, we can discuss this matter, but if you dont…” Qin Wanrus tone turned cold as she said this.

“If you dont, it means your shop is cheating on me.

Is it that our Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion is easier to deal with than Duke Yongs Mansion So you and others cooperate to cheat on me”

Yujie took one step forward, reached out her hand, and said to the shopkeeper crisply, “Shopkeeper, show me the invoice.

Ordering or not, its not decided by what you say.

Who knows if you have taken profits from it and helps others to bully our Miss!”

The shopkeepers expression changed dramatically, with his hands shivering.

He didnt have the invoice, and he just said so.

Seeing the shopkeepers expression, Qin Wanru knew her guess was right and became even calmer.

“Shopkeeper, please take out the invoice.

When we see it, we will know everything.

If you dont have it, that is…”

She didnt finish the rest of her words, but what she meant made the shopkeeper quite worried.

It was a very cold day, but a cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

He never thought that the young Miss before him was so clear about this matter.

“Should the daughter of an aristocratic family not be raised in the back of the mansion, remain hidden, and know nothing Why does the Miss before me seem to be specialized in this matter”

Certainly, the shopkeeper didnt know that, in order to open her shop, Qin Wanru had learned about the matters on the counter and the account carefully.

As for product orders, she especially asked Madame Dong about their specifics.

“I will give it to you later, but you need to return the set of ornaments to the shop first.

I wont owe you an invoice!” Di Fenglan said impatiently as she found the shopkeepers momentum weakened.

“Yes, yes, Miss, please give me a favor.

If she… ordered indeed, but we didnt give it to Miss Di, our shop is small and cant bear this responsibility,” the shopkeeper sweated and said.

“This means whatever the price is, he wants it!”

The shopkeeper looked quite wretched as he spoke, as if she was troubling him on purpose if she didnt return it.

“Shopkeeper, your master always trusts you a lot, doesnt he” Qin Wanru suddenly smiled and said.

As the shopkeeper heard these words, his expression changed dramatically.

He looked at Qin Wanru shockingly, and his mouth trembled once, but no words came out of it.

“But no matter how your master trusts you, I suppose he still can control the shops affairs.

If he asks around carefully, he will learn the truth easily! If your master doesnt think…”

Qin Wanru spoke peacefully and gently, without Di Fenglans disgusting sharp arrogance, but others couldnt help feeling suppressed.

She talked reasonably, and she had evidence.

When the shopkeeper suddenly found that his master would know this matter, cold sweat appeared on his back.

Just now, he only tried to fawn on the Miss of Duke Yongs Mansion, but he forgot that if the trouble were made, it would draw his masters attention, and his master always paid special attention to the masters affairs.

“Miss Di, as for this matter…wed better end it now!” The shopkeeper compromised and looked at Di Fenglan, with pleading eyes!

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