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Chapter 268 Traffic Collisions in Quick Succession

Qin Wanru turned to look at who had grabbed the hairpin.

When she discovered who the person was, she couldnt help sighing in her heart, “Today is not a lucky day for me to go out.

Otherwise, how can I come across so many acquaintances”

“And this one is also not a person to be trifled with.”

The person was Chu Liuxin, also called Prince Xin, the fourth son of the emperor.

Qin Wanru left no good impression to him when they were in the Ruian Great Elder Princess.

Perhaps, it was because his thing triggered the thing about Shao Yuanhao.

It made him feel embarrassed, and then he put the blame on Qin Wanru.

“This is a nice hairpin.

I will take it!” Chu Liuxin instantly grabbed the hairpin and gave Qin Wanru a challenging look.

Just like Wen Xichi, he recognized Qin Wanru only when he saw Yujie.

When Wen Xichi went out, he came in.

Thus, he missed the whole thing.

But since he had recognized Qin Wanru, he did not plan to let her go easily.

Immediately, he snatched the broken hairpin.

“Your highness, do you want a broken hairpin” Qin Wanru lifted her long and thin eyebrows and asked.

Helplessly, she looked at Chu Liuxin, who was obviously here to look for trouble.

“I like it.

Is that okay with you” Chu Liuxin said arrogantly.

“If you like it, then take it!” Looking at the hairpin that was broken into two halves, Qin Wanru didnt want to say anything more.

After a long while, she finally managed to say that in a low voice.

“Someone comes here.

I will buy it!” Seeing that Qin Wanru didnt dare to argue with him, Chu Liuxin felt very proud and self-satisfied.

At this time, he liked Qin Wanru a little.

The little eunuch behind him hurriedly walked up to him and carefully took the hairpin over.

He couldnt understand why his master was so happy after taking someones broken hairpin.

But anyhow, he would do whatever his master liked to do because his masters opinion was the most important thing to him!

Reaching out, he took out several cheques from his sleeves and paid the bill immediately.

“The Miss will thank you for all you did.

It must have never occurred to her that you are even so fond of a broken hairpin that she smashed!” After Qin Wanru saw the little eunuch paid for it, Qin Wanru said with a profound smile.

In a flash, the proud look on Chu Liuxin vanished.

He looked at the hairpin in the little eunuchs hands and then looked at Qin Wanru, a little annoyed.

He thought that it was Qin Wanrus hairpin and so he grabbed it from her to humiliate her even if it was broken.

The hairpin could prove that Qin Wanru lost her dignity.

No decent Miss from an aristocratic family would conduct herself sedately and break a hairpin in public.

“Whose broken hairpin is this” Chu Liuxin asked angrily.

“I have no idea.

I dont know the Miss.” Qin Wanru saluted him sideways and said good-bye.

She didnt want to spend her time on this Prince Xin, who had ill intentions.

“Since you like this hairpin, it is great.

You just saved the loss of this shop.”

Chu Liuxin was now as cross as a bear.

Without taking a glance at him, she turned around and walked outside with Yujie.

Chu Liuxin couldnt block Qin Wanrus way in broad daylight, so he could only stare at her back with hatred.

He thought that this girl was more and more wicked.

“Your highness, do you still want to have a look at the jewelry here” the little eunuch asked with extreme caution.

Initially, they entered this shop to pick a beautiful birthday gift for Chu Liuxins mother.

“I am now in no mood to choose anything.

Lets go!” With rage, Chu Liuxin shouted.

The pair of good-looking eyes of him glared at Qin Wanrus back.

At this moment, he thought Qin Wanru had become increasingly annoying.

“What a nasty little girl! Sure enough, she got me into trouble the first time we met.

After that, everything turned sour for me.

I suppose that bad things are bound to happen once we meet.” He thought angrily.

Swinging his sleeves, he came out of the shop and saw Qin Wanru going to the little alley on the side where there was a Qins Mansions carriage.

Chu Liuxin recognized the mark on it.

“Go!” Rolling his eyes, Chu Liuxin seemed to come up with an idea.

He then went to his own carriage.

Looking at the carriage of Qins Mansion and their carriage, the little eunuch hurriedly kept up with his master, feeling that this thing was not over yet!

After Qin Wanru got on her carriage, she told the driver to go to the shop that Nanny Dong helped her to buy.

It was still early, and she could pick up a proper hairpin later.

Only after a turn, Qin Wanru, who was sitting in the carriage, felt that something had bumped against her carriage.

If Yujie didnt protect her in time, she would nearly hit her head.

“What happened” After Yujie helped Qin Wanru, who was still in a state of shock, sit still, she questioned the coachman outside in a loud voice.

“A carriage pushed ours aside!” Looking at the big and ornate carriage on his side, the coachman answered helplessly.

In fact, the road was wide enough for two carriages, but this sirs carriage came right at their carriage and kept pushing it aside.

Again and again, the other carriage cornered the carriage of Qins Mansion and even blocked its way ahead.

“Lets move aside and let the other carriages go first!” Qin Wanru ordered.

She thought that the other carriage wanted to cut in.

“Miss, but that carriage wont move!” The coachman looked at the carriage that stopped together with them and replied.

“Miss, I am going to see which mansions carriage is so rude!” Yujie became furious.

She lifted the curtain and was about to go outside.

She thought in her mind, “The other carriage didnt accidentally hit ours and stopped in front.

It stopped our carriage by force.

Who deliberately did this to mess with us”

“Yujie, dont!” Seeing that Yujie lifted the curtain and was about to go out, Qin Wanru stopped her.

Reaching out to raise the curtain, she wanted to see whose malicious carriage it was.

At the same time she lifted the curtain, the people in the other carriage on their side also lifted his and showed his proudly smiling face.

It was Chu Liuxin.

He was stunned when he saw Qin Wanrus watery eyes.

It had been some time since he met Qin Wanru in Ruian Great Elder Princess.

This time, Qin Wanrus face was shining with the charm of an innocent and lovable Young Madam.

The pair of watery eyes landed on Chu Liuxins face, and he instantly flushed a little.

Somehow he felt that he had gone a little too far this time.

As a gentle prince, he should never make a fuss about the trifles with a lady!

The two carriages were very close, and they lifted their curtains almost at the same time.

Therefore, when they looked at each other, Chu Liuxin felt that they were so close that he could even see Qin Wanrus skin, which was as delicate and white as the jade.

The eyelashes above her watery eyes were like butterflies wings.

Suddenly, they fluttered twice, and the two shadows flashed on her pink face.

“What do you want, Prince Xin” Qin Wanru did not expect that the person in the opposite carriage was Chu Liuxin, nor did she expect that he would also open the window.

However, she responded fast and cooled down very quickly.

After glancing at him silently, she asked.

“Well, I…” Watching her exquisite and beautiful little face, Chu Liuxin suddenly felt that his brain was totally blank.

At this time, he muttered and didnt know what he was going to say.

The little eunuch sitting next to him hurriedly pulled the bottom of his clothes.

“I, I, I have something to ask you!” Chu Liuxins reaction was not slow.

At this time, he also understood what happened.

With a low cough, he asked with a poker face.

“What is your emergency that you have to push my carriage aside to make us stop, Your Highness Prince Xin” Qin Wanru looked ahead sideways.

There was a turn before them.

And the wide carriage from Prince Xins mansion had occupied the road.

If her carriage continued to go forward, it would crash into the shop on one side.

“It is a very important thing… The hairpin that I bought, I dont want it!” Chu Liuxin hesitated a little and said.

At this time, he came to his senses too.

“Then, what do you mean, Your Highness Prince Xin” Qin Wanru still did not understand what his purpose was, her arch eyebrows wrinkling a little.

“He grabbed the hairpin just now, but then he told me that he didnt want it anymore!”

“I mean…” Looking at Qin Wanrus clear watery eyes, Chu Liuxin felt that his heart beat a little faster.

Feeling especially uncomfortable, he sat upright and searched for an appropriate reason in his mind.

Even worse, he began to regret his action just now.

“How could I behave so impulsively and asked my driver to corner the carriage of Qins Mansion”

“Now that I cant even find a suitable reason.”

“Bang!” A loud crashing sound came to Qin Wanrus ears.

In shock, Qin Wanru saw Prince Xins carriage shaking a few times and was knocked into the shop before them.

It was a rice-noodle shop.

The carriage of Prince Xin hit the supporting pillar in front of it.

The pillar shook a little and almost broke.

The carriage of Prince Xin turned over in the face of Qin Wanru.

Fortunately, it leaned against the pillar and didnt turn upside down.

Now, it was hanging askew there.

In a panic, the guards jumped off the carriage immediately and pulled the dizzy Chu Liuxin out of it.

After checking their Prince up and down, they were sure that he was fine.

Finally, his guards were relieved.

“Who hit me Crush the carriage!” Chu Liuxin reached out and covered his face.

He felt a dull pain because his handsome face had hit somewhere.

He cast his glance at Qin Wanru and happened to look right into her shocking eyes.

Under her long eyelashes, her eyes were full of surprises, but then she smiled very faintly.

After that smile, she dropped the curtain in her carriage.

Chu Liuxin became increasingly heated over the whole thing, and his entire face went red.

Furiously, he glared at the carriage that drove his into the shop.

When he spotted that his guards flinched and dared not to go there, he felt even more annoyed.

At this moment, he only thought that he was bitterly humiliated by them today.

No matter who was in the opposite carriage, he would never spare him.

“Fourth Brother, do you want to smash my carriage” A gloomy voice came out from the carriage behind.

A guard went to roll up the carriages curtain and showed the person who was sitting inside.

It was Chu Liuchen.

When Chu Liuxin saw Chu Liuchen leaning on the back of the carriages seat, he was choked, and his whole face was twisted because now he could neither give vent to his anger nor calm himself down.

“How could it be Chu Liuchen Why would I encounter him at this time”

“Your carriage stopped here.

I thought that you wanted to go inside.

So I lent you a hand!” Chu Liuchen looked up.

Wearing an unpleasant smile, he stared at Chu Liuxin.

Under his gaze, Chu Liuxin felt that all his anger was frozen and gradually faded out.

“It was a misunderstanding, Third Brother.

I happened to go by this place and accidentally bumped into the other carriage! I was about to back out just now!” Chu Liuxin said.

At last, he realized hed have to lump it.

This time, if it were any other person, he would never cease the fire so easily, even if the person were Chu Liuyue or Chu Liuzhou.

But he was so unlucky to meet Chu Liuchen.

He had to take the beating.

“Oh, you were not going to the shop.

Well, I misunderstood.

Then I will go back and let you go out first!” Chu Liuchen smiled gently this time and waved his hand.

His carriage went backward and made a large place for Chu Liuxins carriage to retreat.

The guards of Prince Xin straightened the carriage and slowly, they drove the carriage out.

Chu Liuxin looked at the carriage of Qins Mansion at one side and then the carriage of Prince Chens Mansion that still stopped there at the other side.

Resentfully, he stamped his feet and limped on his carriage.

His coachman instantly knew what Chu Liuxin meant when he patted the carriages wall with anger and shame.

Without delay, he swerved the carriage and hurried away.

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