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Chapter 265 The Storm Was Around the Corner But Who Led This

Walking out the room, Qin Wanru saw the two servant girls still standing in the yard.

Although they had been standing for a very long time, they still stood straight and still.

Qin Wanru walked towards them.

Yujie looked around and quickly followed her lady.

“Are you the two servant girls sent by Duke Yongs Mansion” Qin Wanru looked them up and down and then she set her eyes on the last servant girls face.

They both looked pretty but one of them not only was prettier but also looked kinder and nicer.

Those ladies from normal families also looked like this.

Her skin was white but not pale.

Her eyes were crystal-like and charming.

With a slender waist, she was so attractive and charming even though she was just standing there.

“What are your names”

“I am Hongye.”

“I am Huangrui!” Hearing her question, they quickly responded reverently.

They looked quite soft and tender, which would make people like them.

“Why are you still standing here” Qin Wanru suddenly looked dark.

They looked at each other and then Huangrui stepped forwards and answered, “Second Lady Qin, we are afraid that the general may want to ask us about something.

Thus, we are here.”

“He has no question for you.

Then just leave!” Qin Wanru waved her hand and said.

“Lady, nanny just asked us to wait here…” Huangrui shot a glance at Qin Wanru timidly.

She looked quite pitiful.

If somebody who didnt know what happened here would definitely think that the person who stood in front of this servant girl was bullying her, however, it was Qin Wanru who stood in front of her.

Qin Wanrus eyes were also crystal-like and looked pure and clear.

Her smile was also very charming and her skin was also white.

People would think that this lady was graceful and elegant while seeing her smile.

Qin Wanru didnt look like those who would bully others!

“Why do you act in such an aggrieved way Or do you want others to think that my lady is bullying you My lady just asks you some questions out of concern.

Whats wrong with you” Yujie felt a little bit annoyed and sneered.

“No, no, I dont.” Huangrui was so flustered that she almost cried.

Her eyes looked red and she looked much more pitiful.

If there was a man here, he would have pity for this servant girl.

Qin Wanru shot a glance at this servant girl with an impassive face while a hint of disgust flickering in her eyes.

This Huangrui was good at pretending.

The question was very normal and simple but she just acted like that Qin Wanru bullied her.

She seemed to be very mild but actually she was an evildoer.

In her last life, Huangrui had always acted like this in front of her father.

Qin Wanru once almost died because of her but she just looked very weak and afraid.

She even rushed into Qin Huaiyongs arms and pretended to faint.

“No Then leave.

He doesnt want to see you!” said Qin Wanru coldly.

“Second Lady, I fear that the general will ask something about Duke Yongs Mansion…” Huangrui still refused to leave in that before she came here, she had been told for a thousand times that she must see Qin Huaiyong and let him fall in love with her! Thus, how could she just leave!

“Slap her in the face!” Seeing she still refuse to leave, Qin Wanru looked cold.

Hearing her order, Yujie stepped forwards and slapped her in the face, which made Huangruis face swollen immediately.

“Second Lady, why…” Huangrui cried with tears falling down.

She suddenly kneeled down and burst into tears.

“You now are a servant girl in Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion and dont use Duke Yongs Mansion as your shield.

You are going to serve Madam Di and you have nothing to do with my father.

He doesnt want to know how you serve Madam Di.

What you should do is to serve Madam Di well and there is no need for you to see my father!”

Qin Wanru smiled brightly but coldly.

Hongye cried.

“Second Lady!” Hongye who stood beside Huangrui got nervous.

She quickly followed Huangrui and kneeled down.

“You are now in Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion and you should be clear that your master is Ningyuan Army General.

You should leave everything in the past and just dont think about something unimportant.

If someone gives you some kind of order, you dont need to care about it.

When you are here, you have only one master.

It is not going to be a good result while you still listen to another master!”

Qin Wanru said slowly with her sharp eyes.

Her crystal-like eyes seemed to be able to reflect ones heart.

“Yes, Second Lady.

We are leaving now!” Hongye was timid and she hurriedly answered.

Then she pulled Huangrui who still didnt want to leave and left in a hurry.

“Lady, what do they want” Pointing at the two figures leaving hurriedly, Yujie asked confusedly.

“I am not sure if Duke Yongs Mansion is planning something.

Otherwise, why do they keep letting these two servant girls wait to see father!” Qin Wanru frowned a little and muttered confusedly.

“Lady, I get it.

Are they thepresent sent by Duke Yongs Mansion to the general” A thought suddenly jumped into Yujies mind and she asked in a low voice.

However, the servant, the gossip boy, happened to be able to hear what they were talking about.

“Nonsense! Lets go!” Qin Wanru tutted and said.

“I apologize for my nonsense!” Yujie quickly answered.

They walked towards the gate, talking and laughing while the guarding servant behind them looked around and then walked into the room to report to Qin Huaiyong.

When Qin Wanru was at the corner of the gate and was about to turn, she glanced at the place where the guarding servant stood and found out that he was not there.

Suddenly, a hint of darkness flickered in her eyes.

Her father seemed to be very defensive.

When Qin Wanru came to his room, he didnt mention any news about her background.

It seemed as if he didnt care about those rumors of her background.

He acted like a real natural father!

However, Qin Wanru knew clear that he wasnt! Taking a deep breath, Qin Wanru had a mixed feeling and couldnt tell clearly.

“Lady, though the servant girl, Huangrui doesnt see the general, what should we do next time” Yujie lowered her voice and asked.

She slapped Huangrui quite heavily so that Huangrui would not go outside with this swollen face even if she wanted to implement her plan.

However, what about next time

It was hard to tell if she would deliberately go to see the general!

“When does Master Di come” Qin Wanru didnt respond to Yujies question.

As her eyes flickered, she asked meaningfully.

Recently, there had been too many things that happened in Qins Mansion while some of them even affected Duke Yongs Mansion.

Di Yan once came back to Duke Yongs Mansion for Duke Yongs Mansion wanted to cancel the engagement.

However, since Duke Yong once came to Qins Mansion, Di Yan now lived in Qins Mansion from time to time.

Even though Qin Yuru was grounded, he would visit her.

They seemed to get along well with each other.

As long as Di Yan was in Qins Mansion, he would visit Qin Yuru, from which it could not tell that they were intimate but it couldnt say that they were not!

“I will ask about him!” Once she mentioned Di Yan, Yujie quickly understood and nodded in agreement.

Master Di was forced to marry First Lady Qin and he looked quite reluctant.

The First Lady Qin had to be responsible for the consequence that his reputation had been partly damaged.

He should be unwilling to visit Qin Yuru!

However, this masters biggest weakness was that he was very kind and he couldnt bear to see a woman who looked helpless cry…

In Qin Huaiyongs study room.

The servant just told Qin Huaiyong the whole story he knew—what the old maid from Duke Yongs Mansion said and what Qin Wanru and Yujie did and said before they left.

Qin Huaiyong put the painting down and looked grim.

He squinted and finally said after thinking for a while, “Dont let these two servant girls get into my room.

Once you see them and just kick them out!”

Whatever Duke Yongs Mansion was planning, he didnt want to be interrupted because of a servant girl.

Qin Huaiyong had experienced a lot.

From the conversation between Qin Wanru and the two servant girls, he could tell that these two girls had a conspiracy.

He didnt believe the servants from Duke Yongs Mansion.

“General, should I lock them up” The servant suggested.

In his view, it was quite reasonable for them to ground these two new servants as people in Madam Dis court were forbidden to walk out.

“No, just wait and see what they are going to do!” Qin Huaiyong sneered.

He now quite hated Duke Yongs Mansion.

If Qin Yuru could marry nobody but Di Yan, he also wanted to cancel the engagement.

“Yes, general, then what about the Second Lady…” When he was about to leave, he stopped.

“She is still young and just be careful!” Looking down, Qin Huaiyong focused on the painting on his desk again and said meaningfully.

“Yes, general!” When the servant walked outside, the room became silent.

Qin Huaiyong suddenly pushed the painting aside and set his eyes in the air, frowning, seeming that there was a difficult thing waiting for him to deal with…

Qin Wanru didnt expect that she would receive a bag of seeds of Tang Qianyan as her Tang Qianyan had poor growth.

It was said that these seeds would grow up in very beautiful Tang Qianyan.

With the bag of seeds which was said to be Tang Qianyan in her hand, Qin Wanru asked Nanny Yu in surprise.

“Lady, it is said that every lady who lives in the mansion of the fourth grade in the capital city and who doesnt marry would have a bag of seeds.” Nanny Yu asked about this outside just now and she told Qin Wanru after knowing something.

“So I must let them grow up” Looking at the bag of seeds in her hand, she didnt know what to do.

She had no idea whether she could manage it.

Although the flowers grew up, it couldnt be said that it grew up well.


It is said that a party of appreciating flowers will be held to see whose flowers look better.

And the one who makes it would be rewarded!” answered Nanny Yu.

“So are those ladies from aristocratic families planting flowers” said Qin Wanru who felt a little bit frustrated.

She even could not figure out the purpose of the royal palace.

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