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Shui Ruolan knew the affair between them could even be the key to take control of the First Young Master Qian.

The First Young Master Qian wanted to attend the imperial exam and stand out among others, so his reputation couldnt be damaged even a little at this time, and concubine Liu was the most influential factor in his reputation.

With this secret known by her, the First Young Master Qian wouldnt dare to deal with her again, no matter he did that because of his secret agreement with someone or other reasons.

It was not appropriate to lock up someone with an official rank like him in the Generals Mansion.

If something really happened to him, Qin Huaiyong had to bear all the responsibilities.

All scholars around the country gathered in the capital to attend the imperial exam.

If something really happened, it was not just a matter about the First Young Master Qian!

After thinking over these key points, Shui Ruolan became increasingly reluctant to get Qin Wanru involved in the trouble caused by her.

After pulling Qin Wanru to walk out for a while, she said in earnest, “Wanru, today you came over because of me.

I brought you here to ask about the matter of the Qians Mansion.

This thing is discovered by me, and you dont know anything about it!”

Although Shui Ruolan knew that this child was smart, she still told her this.

It would damage Qin Wanrus reputation to get involved in this kind of thing.

Even if Qin Wanru was only present at that time, it was no good to Qin Wanru if the news got out.

Shu Ruolan tried to keep Qin Wanru out of this as much as she could.

“Yes, mother, Ill do it!” Since Qin Wanru had achieved what she wanted, she would definitely do as Shui Ruolan asked.

She knew Shui Ruolan sincerely wanted the best for her.

Shui Ruolan turned to look at the two maids behind them.

Both of the maids were her henchmen.

Being close to them, the maids had heard their conversation clearly.

Seeing Shui Ruolan turn her head, the two maids hurriedly bowed and said, “Madam, by your words!”

“You can go back now!” Seeing the two maids sensible enough to understand her intention, Shui Ruolan nodded with satisfaction, looked at the intersection ahead and said.

At the intersection ahead, there was a road to Qin Huaiyongs study outside, and the other to the inner court.

“Yes, mother!” With her gaze falling to the intersection, Qin Wanru answered softly.

She walked a few steps with Yujie after bowing to Shui Ruolan, but suddenly stopped again.

Looking back, she said seriously with her delicate little face turning slightly taut, “Mother, you are not alone now.

You have my unborn brother or sister and me!”

Moved by her words, Shu Ruolan felt a lump coming into her throat and almost burst into tears.

She bit her lip and nodded heavily, but could not say a word.

She knew Qin Wanru indicated she should be more careful and think about herself when necessary.

Even if she was originally soft, she should be tough as a mother, and some other things could be temporarily left aside.

Qin Wanru did not expect Shui Ruolans reply.

Seeing her unable to talk at the moment, she bowed sideways and turned to leave with Yujie.

There were some words she couldnt tell Shui Ruolan.

Nevertheless, being afraid Shui Ruolan would be depressed and greatly disappointed due to her high expectation, she alerted Shui Ruolan early.

Looking at Qin Wanrus slender figure, Shui Ruolan went to the study after thinking for a while with a calm face.

She should be tough as a mother.

She was now a mother, and couldnt shrink back anymore.

If she remained so weak, Qin Wanru needed to protect her with her weak shoulders.

How could she bear to be protected by such a weak girl…

Hearing that Shui Ruolan had come over, Qin Huaiyong was dumbfounded for a while and hurriedly asked a servant to invite her in.

Shui Ruolan had come to his study once or twice since they moved into the mansion.

After coming in and bowing to Qin Huaiyong, Shui Ruolan directly asked, “Cousin brother, how are you going to deal with those people in the backyard”

“Leave them aside for the moment!” Qin Huaiyong reached out to rub his eyebrows.

With so many things around recently, he should deal with the most urgent thing first.

“Why did these people come to the capital” In normal times, Shui Ruolan would stop talking at the sight of Qin Huaiyongs tired face.

But at the moment, she continued asking softly, as if she hadnt seen that.

“They should happen to come here for the imperial exam.

It is not a big deal! Qian Youcai will not dare to do anything else for attending the exam!” Qin Huaiyong had checked before.

Considering it not a big deal, he decided to lock them up for the moment.

With so many things recently, he could handle the things that were not important, later.

“What if his wife, the lady surnamed Liu, is going to make trouble” Shui Ruolan looked at Qin Huaiyong with a bitter smile and said, “Cousin brother, I got you into the trouble.

The lady surnamed Liu has been fierce and unreasonable in Jiangzhou.

As someone who has always refused to suffer any losses even if she has to make the trouble significant, she will probably not take overall interests into account!”

She could tell the lady surnamed Liu was clearly going to make trouble based on what had happened today.

The lady surnamed Liu and Madam Di had known each other in Jiangzhou.

It was best for Madam Di to make use of the lady surnamed Liu to deal with her.

Shui Ruolan was not ignorant of everything.

The lady surnamed Liu was just a woman, and the First Young Master Qian would not get involved in this even if the lady surnamed Liu really made the trouble significant.

He could stay out of this by calling his wife an ignorant woman.

It would not have a big impact on his imperial exam.

“Ruolan, rest assured.

I will not let this happen.

The lady surnamed Liu is Qian Youcais wife.

If his wife talks nonsense, he will get involved in it.” Seeing Shui Ruolans bitter smile, Qin Huaiyong appeased her.

This was actually his real thought that the lady surnamed Liu and Qian Youcai couldnt really make a big trouble.

With the imperial exam ahead, Qian Youcai would naturally keep the lady surnamed Liu under his control.

“Cousin brother, what if Qian Youcai is even going to abandon his wife”

“What” Considering he did not understand what Shui Ruolan meant, Qin Huaiyong asked in amazement.

“I went to the courtyard and met the First Young Master Qian, the lady surnamed Liu and concubine Liu.

There is obviously a relationship between the First Young Master Qian and concubine Liu.

The lady surnamed Liu has been out of favor with the First Young Master Qian!” After slightly hesitating, Shui Ruolan told everything she had seen.

Of course, she didnt mention the most important witness Qin Wanru.

She said she was the one who had found out the affair between them.

“You mean… Qian Youcai intends to make trouble and then get a divorce” Qin Huaiyong said with astonishment in his eyes.

“The lady surnamed Liu is fierce and unreasonable.

Sometimes she just makes trouble shamelessly and dares to say anything and do anything.

Qian Youcai has been displeased with her for a long time.

They have quarreled with each other every few days in their mansion.

If Qian Youcai has a chance to get some benefits and get rid of the lady surnamed Liu, I believe he is happy to do that!”

Shui Ruolan calmly analyzed.

She had thought over these words on her way here.

She had seen through something.

The reason why she hadnt exposed it was that it was not necessary yet, but not that she was not smart.

At this moment, being afraid of getting Qin Wanru involved in this matter and being trapped by others, she had to say everything she had thought of!

“You mean that Qian Youcai will indulge the lady surnamed Liu to make trouble and expose your experience.

After that, he will repudiate the lady surnamed Liu with the reason that she was rude and unreasonable so that he can marry a young lady from a wealthy family”

Qin Huaiyong understood, and his face darkened.

If this was true, he had probably looked down on Qian Youcai.

This practice was very beneficial to Qian Youcai.

On the one hand, he could get rid of the lady surnamed Liu.

On the other hand, he could win some reputation.

If he passed the imperial exam, it was perfectly justifiable for him to marry someone else.

Besides, he should be able to get great secret interests.

Qin Huaiyong wouldnt believe there was no transaction between him and Madam Di.

Based on Madam Dis disposition, he could tell she must have spent a large sum of money on it.

The names of these people were written in the letter seized at that time.

At first Qin Huaiyong did not figure out who they were.

Later, Qin Wanrus “inadvertent words” reminded him that Shui Ruolan had married a man surnamed Qian.

Madam Di actually wrote the First Young Master Qian, the lady surnamed Liu and concubine Liu in the letter instead of Qian Youcai, which made him unable to figure it out in a while.

Reminded by Qin Wanru, he immediately realized it referred to Qian Youcai and then sent someone to secretly “invite” them to the Qins Mansion.

At that time, he just considered Madam Di intended to work with Qian Youcai to plot against Shui Ruolan, but they had not begun yet.

Unexpectedly, they had reached an agreement.

Madam Di probably intended to ask Madam of Duke Xing to pass a message to ask these people to make the trouble significant and damage Shui Ruolans reputation.

He thought Qian Youcai wouldnt really do that for his imperial exam, but unexpectedly Qian Youcai had planned to get a divorce reasonably with this matter.

Since Qian Youcai didnt get along well with the lady surnamed Liu, he wouldnt have brought the lady surnamed Liu to the capital this time.

So they should have reached an agreement before Qian Youcai came to the capital.

At the thought that Madam Di had plotted against him long ago, Qin Huaiyong struck the table hard with his face suddenly darkening, which made the cup on the table jump up.

Madam Di was really hateful!

“I know.

I will deal with it later.

You can go back now!” Qin Huaiyong suppressed the rage in his heart and said coldly.

Shui Ruolan grew up with Qin Huaiyong since her childhood, so she naturally knew he was extremely furious at the moment.

She stood up, nodded and said softly, “Cousin brother, Im going back now!”

“Go back and take a good rest.

I will handle it and wont allow them to damage your reputation!” Qin Huaiyong looked at her bulky body with some guilt.

This matter was caused by his inconsiderateness.

He didnt expect Qian Youcai would have such a plan.

He thought it impossible for him to really do that because she was his wife after all.

Unexpectedly he had planned to marry someone else before coming to the capital.

He was so detestable!

“Okay, cousin brother, I will be careful.

It seems that… there is some… between concubine Liu and Qian Youcai.” Shui Ruolan reminded him after hesitating.

“I know!” Qin Huaiyong immediately understood that Qian Youcai intended to divorce the lady surnamed Liu.

Concubine Liu looked more youthful and beautiful.

He intended to make her his concubine after divorce.

But now with the lady surnamed Liu around, he didnt dare to do that brazenly.

Nevertheless, there must be an affair between them in private.

Qin Huaiyong didnt think about it before, so he failed to figure it out at that time.

After thinking carefully, he realized Qian Youcai had this plan long ago.

After Shui Ruolan left, Qin Huaiyong took the servant to the yard where Qian Youcai was locked up…

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