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“Yes, Miss!” Yujie turned instantly and went outside without hesitation.

Not only the faces of the two women surnamed Liu changed dramatically, but also the men in the corridor hurriedly rushed to Qin Wanru and respectfully bowed to her with his face changing.

“Miss, please stay! We dont mean to do anything to hurt Madam Shui!”

“You dont mean that” Qin Wanru said, staring coldly at him.

Yujie stopped and stood behind her to guard her.

“We really dont mean that.

We just come to the capital for something, but didnt expect to attract the attention of Ningyuan Army General!” The man braced himself to explain, and then dared not look down on the Second Miss who still looked young.

Qin Wanru once again looked at the man.

At first glance, he looked like an educated and reasonable scholar, but she could tell he was actually very shrewd from what he had done.

Shui Ruolan had once married to the Second Young Master Qian, so he should be her ex-husbands big brother, the First Young Master of the Qians Mansion!

“Since you dont mean that, what do your wifes words mean You want to provoke our Generals Mansion” Qin Wanru said lightly.

“My wife is only a village woman who knows little etiquette.

She had never got along well with my second sister-in-law in our mansion, so she said something fatuous.

I hope Second Miss can forgive us!”

This First Young Master Qian looked like a scholar and talked gently, leaving a good impression and even making others consider him have a sense of propriety.

“My wife is ignorant and I will teach her later.

I hope that Second Miss could tell general that we will choose a day on which to return to our hometown after getting out of here and will not cause other trouble for my second sister-in-law.”

“You are going to return” Qin Wanru slightly raised her eyebrows.

“It is true.

We should return after staying in the capital for so long.

Anyway we cant always stay here!” The First Young Master Qian sighed.

“My mother is expecting us to return the hometown.

My second brother has passed away.

As the only son, I couldnt stay here all the time.

We will return after the exam ends.

At the thought that we might meet my second sister-in-law in the capital, Ive specially left a letter at home to my mother before we set out!”

His words were both gentle and harsh, suggesting that if the Qins Mansion kept them here, they had also left the evidence in Jiangzhou.

If both sons died, his parents in the hometown would definitely strive to find out the facts for them.

“You come to the capital… for the imperial exam” Qin Wanru suddenly said in an equivocal way.

The calm smile on the First Young Master Qians face became stiff.

He had just simply mentioned it, but it was keenly seized by Qin Wanru.

Not daring to look down upon Qin Wanru, he said with a serious face, “Yeah, for the imperial exam.”

“Since you come to the capital for the imperial exam, it is not the time yet, so you should stay in the capital for a period” Seized by a sudden inspiration, Qin Wanru said with an increasingly elegant smile.

A candidate, who was going to attend the imperial exam, definitely had his official rank, which made him greatly superior to common people.

If he had an accident in the Qins Mansion, the Qins Mansion would get involved in it and even Qin Huaiyong would be convicted!

“Ill find a secluded place and keep my mind on studying there and will not get involved in the affairs of the Qins Mansion!” The First Young Master Qian was obviously a smart person.

He immediately understood what Qin Wanru meant and promised.

“Find a secluded place and keep your mind on studying there.

Im afraid your wife may not think so.

She tries every shift available to mess with my mother and may refuse to stop to the very end.” Looking towards the lady surnamed Liu, who was still kneeling on the ground, Qin Wanru said coldly.

Hearing herself mentioned by Qin Wanru, the lady surnamed Liu opened her mouth and wanted to talk.

However, the First Young Master Qian gave her a hard look, and she immediately bowed her head.

Although she was resentful, she did not dare to talk.

Although the lady surnamed Liu had always been unreasonable in their mansion, she did not dare to act absurdly if the First Young Master Qian really got angry.

“My wife is immature.

I promise this thing wont happen again.

I wont allow my wife to go out at will or talk at will!”

The First Young Master Qian withdrew his gaze and said.

Qin Wanru squinted coldly at the lady surnamed Liu and then looked at concubine Liu, who looked more delicate at this moment, saying with a slight smile, “Since you come to the capital for the imperial exam, it is normal to bring your wife to take care of you.

Nevertheless, why do you also bring your brothers concubine”

Concubine Liu was also kneeling.

But different from the lady surnamed Liu who was rude, she looked pitiful and charming.

Although her bun was messed up due to what had happened before, she made others feel more tender and protective toward her.

A button at her neckline came undone at this moment, revealing her white skin.

Noticing Qin Wanrus gaze on her, she subconsciously clung to the First Young Master Qian.

“My wife feels lonely during the journey, so she deliberately brings her cousin sister who can talk with her,” the First Young Master Qian said.

With a calm face, he only slightly raised his eyes.

Qin Wanru calmly shifted her gaze from the First Young Master Qian to concubine Liu and then back to the First Young Master Qian, with a trace of deepness in her watery eyes.

The kind of deepness seemed to penetrate others minds.

It made concubine Liu, who was kneeling on the ground, increasingly nervous and slightly moved to get closer to the First Young Master Qian.

“I see.

If so, it is such a pity!” Qin Wanru seemed to indicate something.

“Im wondering what do you mean” the First Young Master Qian asked politely.

“Your brother has passed away, and his legal wife has remarried.

But it is not so easy for a concubine to remarry.

Nevertheless, some people consider a concubine can be given to someone else.

You come to the capital for the imperial exam, but you dont know many people here.

Since youve brought this concubine to the capital, I think you may have other plans.” Qin Wanru looked at concubine Liu more often.

Her gaze made concubine Liu panic-stricken and turn pale with fright.

She turned her head to look at the First Young Master Qian, With a pale face, she shivered all over, stared at the First Young Master Qian with sorrow and grief and cried softly, “First Young Master!”

A man considered her voice extremely gentle and enchanting, but a woman considered it unnatural.

The lady surnamed Liu kneeling beside her looked towards her in puzzlement, with her attention concentrating on concubine Liu.

“Second Miss Qin, you think too much.

She is my second brothers concubine.

How, how can I do that!” The First Young Master Qian only felt his hair stood on end.

This Second Miss Qin was actually not famous in Jiangzhou.

Nevertheless, being related to the Qins family, he slightly knew the Second Miss Qin was just a naive girl who knew little about worldly affairs.

But was the Second Miss Qin in front of him really an ignorant girl from an aristocratic family Why did she make him greatly stressed out

These words stabbed him in the heart, making it difficult for him to respond at the moment.

He had thought about how to answer General Qin, but had never thought he would be baffled by a delicate Miss from an aristocratic family.

He felt like the secret in his heart was revealed little by little, with cold sweat on his back.

“It is actually no big deal in the capital!” Being keenly aware of the numbness of the First Young Master Qian, Qin Wanru said with a meaningful smile.

Her smile made concubine Liu increasingly confirm this was true.

With her red eyes and supplication on her delicate face, she pitifully looked at the First Young Master Qian.

She moved her hands, seeming to want to hold the leg of the First Young Master Qian, but immediately realized something and hurriedly put down her hands.

But even so, one of her hands had already touched the robe of the First Young Master Qian.

It made the lady surnamed Liu straighten her eyebrows and raise her eyes.

After looking at the expression of the First Young Master Qian and then looking at concubine Liu, with her face suddenly turning furious, she turned her head and reached out to slap concubine Liu heavily.

She slapped so heavily that concubine Liu inclined and happened to run into the leg of the First Young Master Qian.

At this moment, she desperately held the leg of the First Young Master Qian, crying sadly.

“What are you doing”

The First Young Master Qian looked at the lady surnamed Liu with dissatisfaction.

“What have I done I should ask what you have done.

Well, Qian Youcai, you turn out to be such a person.

You, you…” With her gaze shifting between the First Young Master Qian and concubine Liu, the lady surnamed Liu reached out to point at them and couldnt even say anything in anger.

“Enough, shut up.

We are in Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion.

Shut up if you dont want to be killed!” The First Young Master Qian shouted sharply with a gloomy face.

“Since you have something to deal with, lets talk about it next time!” Qin Wanru smiled slightly and turned lightly.

Shui Ruolan looked at these people and turned around with Qin Wanru.

They got out of the house, and the guards closed the door after asking them to step aside.

At this moment, the yard seemed to be in a mess.

They seemed to hear the slap followed by a womans coquettish cry which was obviously not from the lady surnamed Liu who was furious.

It was then followed by a mans shout…

“Wanru, this…” Shui Ruolan looked into the courtyard and frowned.

“Mother, father will handle it.

Tell father about what happened today.

I believe father will handle it better!”

Qin Wanru smiled slightly.

“Wanru, you should not intervene in this matter!” Shui Ruolan said with disapproval.

“Mother, I just guessed that.

I just intended to check out what kind of people they are and why they deal with you.

Grandma said that the Qian family has agreed you can remarry freely when you left.

Given all this, why they come up with all these words.

I didnt expect to see this kind of thing!”

Qin Wanru said with a pleasant smile.

“Well, dont mention it again.

As a miss from an aristocratic family, you cant see this kind of thing!” With her face darkening, Shui Ruolan rebuked Qin Wanru.

She didnt like to expose Qin Wanru to this kind of thing.

It was a scandal for the big brother to have an affair with the concubine of his dead younger brother.

“Okay, mother, I wont!” Qin Wanru nodded obediently.

Seeing Qin Wanru so obedient, Shui Ruolan said with red eyes, “Its all my fault to let you handle it for me.

Im so sorry… for exposing you to such a sordid thing!”

Shui Ruolan had seen what had happened before.

At the thought that a young girl like Qin Wanru was exposed to such a sordid thing because of her, she was ashamed and felt sorry for Qin Wanru at the moment.

She originally wanted to protect her, but now was protected by her instead.

How could she not feel sad!

“Mother, I will not intervene in this matter again.

You can tell father about it!” Qin Wanru pulled Shui Ruolans hand and appeased her with a smile.

Her bright watery eyes with tears, coupled with her exquisite facial features, made others feel increasingly tender and protective toward her.

Shui Ruolan secretly determined she must not involve this child in this and just said she accidentally saw it through.

Shui Ruolan was not a stupid person, knowing that this was greatly beneficial to her!

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