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The yard which closed people was the coldest place in Qins Mansion near the back door.

There were not many masters in Qins Mansion, and some of the yards were empty.

The two guards who watched the gate saw Shui Ruolan coming here with Qin Wanru.

They went forward quickly to salute to them respectfully.

The general had instructions that besides him, only Madam Shui could see people in it.

“Nothing happened with them” Shui Ruolan asked.

“Nothing big happened.

But sometimes they would refuse to eat, sometimes they would abuse others.

Now we have made them quiet!” A guardian reported.

“Can I go in and take a look” Shui Ruolan asked politely.

“Madam Shui can go in, but Second Miss…” The guard looked awkwardly at Qin Wanru, who followed Shui Ruolan tightly, and was very hesitating.

“Did the general say that I could not go in with Second Miss” Shui Ruolan said gently.

The guard shook his head.

“If I go into alone, Im afraid that they would do something bad on me.

With Second Miss accompanying me, I would be protected!” Shui Ruolan reached out and touched her pregnant belly.

She glanced at Qin Wanru beside her and said with a gentle smile.

“Then Madam and Second Miss please go back soon!” The two guards looked at each other and the belly of Shui Ruolan, hesitated for a while and gave way to them.

“Well, I will be as soon as possible!” Shui Ruolan nodded her head with a smile and stepped forward first.

Qin Wanru walked in front of her quickly and waved her hands to Shui Ruolan.

Then she entered the yard with one step.

Yujie tightly followed Qin Wanru, and they left Shui Ruolan and Qionghua behind.

As soon as Qin Wanru entered into the yard, she saw several people in it.

There were two women and a man in the yard.

Several people were standing in the gallery and when they saw Qin Wanru coming in, they did not recognize her for a while.

But after Shui Ruolan came into the door, the first woman immediately screamed, “Shui Ruolan, do you still have face to come here”

The face of Shui Ruolan went pale and she stopped, no longer going forward.

She didnt go forward but that woman did not want to let her go.

She rushed down from the porch, and pointed at Shui Ruolan, bursting into a storm of abuse.

“Shui Ruolan you are such a b*tch! How long have you been back Then you could not tolerate loneliness and have seduced General Qin.

And you have even persuaded General Qin to marry you.

Look at your own identity! How can you have the face to be the wife of General Qin”

The womans words were not finished when she was slapped on her face.

An atrocious expression showed on her face.

She turned angrily to Yujie who slapped on her face.

And just when she was going to abuse Yujie, Yujie kicked her on her ankle.

She immediately could not stand stably and kneeled down with a sound of “plop”.

“Where did the little b*tch come from…” This woman was not the kind of person who was willing to suffer losses.

After being beaten by Yujie, she was getting more and more troublesome.

She looked angrily at Qin Wanru, who standing next to Yujie, and swore like a trooper.

“Slap on her mouth!” Qin Wanru said emotionlessly.

Yujie reached out and slapped on her mouth twice cruelly.

“Little b*tch, you…” This woman was still unwilling to stop.

“Slap again!”

Yujie slapped four times on her mouth from two sides.

These four slaps were of such a great force that the corner of the womans mouth overflew marks of blood.

But the cruelty of that woman was not reduced and she opened her mouth, wanting to abuse them.

But when she saw the chilling eyes of Qin Wanru, she trembled and looked scared.

“You… Who are you” the woman said and stared at Qin Wanru with panic.

“This is our Second Miss in Generals Mansion!” Yujie stepped forward, separating the womans gaze, and said coldly.

“Second Miss, Second Miss, we were caught here by Shui Ruolan.

She was afraid that we would expose her true face.

So she imprisoned us here.

Please save us, Second Miss.” Another woman seemed to be a clever one.

After hearing the words of Yujie, she rushed to Qin Wanru and also kneeled down in front of her with a sound of “plop”.

Qin Wanrus eyes fell on the two women in front of her.

The one before who was about thirty years old was not beautiful.

But the one here was only about twenty years old and she was quite pretty.

But her behavior contained certain obsequiousness, which made her seem not to be girl from good family.

“Who are you” Qin Wanru frowned and said.

“I am her sister-in-law.

When we were in our own family, I took much care of her.

But I havent thought that she would treat me like this when she has got promoted!” the ordinary-looking woman said loudly and looked at Shui Ruolan maliciously, which had nothing to do with her so-called goodness.

“Who are you” Qin Wanrus eyes naturally fell on the woman in front of her.

“I, I am…” Being glanced by Qin Wanrus cold eyes, the beautiful woman was a bit nervous and looked at the woman before.

“She is the concubine of Shui Ruolans ex-husband.

She had come to our mansion before Shui Ruolan entered into our mansion,” the ordinary-looking woman said first loudly.

“Slap on her mouth!” Qin Wanru said coldly.

Yujie reached out and gave the woman two slaps.

“Mother, who are they” Qin Wanru stepped back and looked at Shui Ruolan.

Shui Ruolan kept silent for a while and said, “Mrs.

Liu and Concubine Liu!”

“Sister” Qin Wanru was surprised but she didnt show it on her face.

“They are cousins!” Shui Ruolan nodded with her eyes moving.

“Why could you beat me” Mrs.

Liu was beaten again and again, and she was so angry that she wanted to rush to Qin Wanru, but she was blocked by Yujie.

So she could only protest loudly and angrily.

“Where is it” Qin Wanru said coldly.

“So what if we are in Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion We still need to obey the laws.

Why could Ningyuan Army General and Shui Ruolan seduce each other and get married Since Shui Ruolan has entered into our mansion, we do not allow her to get married again!” Mrs.

Liu straightened her neck and said, which indicated that she used to be quite rude and unreasonable in her own house.

No wonder that Shui Ruolan finally had to come back.

It was impossible for anyone to stay longer if they met such a sister-in-law.

“Since you know this is Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion, you even dare to defile my father like this.

Dont you want to live” Qin Wanru raised up her eyebrows and said coldly.

Concubine Liu seemed to be sly but was a timid one.

After being scared by Qin Wanru like this, she immediately cowered back.

“The capital city is a place with laws.

Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion is not likely to cover the sky with one hand.

If you dare to kill us, there must be someone who executes vengeance for us!” Mrs.

Liu was also very nervous after being frightened by Qin Wanru but she still kept her words.

“There will be someone who executes vengeance for you The capital city is quite far from Jiangzhou.

If you dont have relatives here, who will execute vengeance for you Even if you die here, who knows” “There are many people who die in the capital city.

Do you see any mansion which has been accused” Qin Wanru smiled ghastly.

Qin Wanrus exquisite and beautiful eyes showed certain cruelty, which immediately made people feel scared.

Even Mrs.

Liu, who was a shrew, was frightened by her.

She felt that although this Second Miss in front of her was very young, she had some cold stateliness and imposing manner, so Mrs.

Lius legs became limp.

“Talk about it, who let you come here!” Qin Wanru said.

“Nobody lets us come here.

We come here by ourselves and happen to see Shui Ruolan.

She even dares to get married again.

We are going to build a chastity memorial arch for her in our area!” After Mrs.

Lius mind came back to reality, she condemned herself secretly for being scared by a little girl.

So she immediately raised her head, gazed at Qin Wanru in front of her and said loudly.

The face of Shui Ruolan changed a lot, and her body could not help but tremble.

If the arch was really erected, things would be big.

“You are talking nonsense.

Wh-what time is it” Shui Ruolan couldnt help but say angrily.

“What time Let me think about it.

Just when you left Jiangzhou.

How about it Shui Ruolan, you havent thought that we would establish a chastity memorial arch for you!” When she saw the flurried expression of Shui Ruolan, the lady surnamed Liu was very proud and of more spirits.

“I have not been there anymore.

Why should you build a memorial When I first returned home, we have agreed to marry freely! And you have also taken the money from Qins Mansion” Shui Ruolan was so angry and annoyed and her face went pale.

When she was taken home by the Madam Dowager, they did say this.

The reason why they let her go so quickly was that they had taken the money from Qin Huaiyong so that they agreed to let her leave.

“Who can prove it for you” the lady surnamed Liu said shamelessly.

The hands of Shui Ruolan were trembling due to her anger.

At that time, Nanny Duan appointed by Madam Dowager gave them the money and the money was directly given to the lady surnamed Liu.

How could they tell it to anyone else So naturally no one could prove it and there was even no contract.

It was finished when everyone had face and they agreed to let Shui Ruolan go.

She didnt think that they would make a false countercharge now.

Having seen that Shui Ruolan was too angry to say any words, the lady surnamed Liu became more and more proud and was of more spirits.

She thought that she had taken the vital part of Shui Ruolan.

“Shui Ruolan, now that you eat well and dress well and furthermore it seems that you are pregnant.

You dont think that you are a widow.

If you, a widow, want to remarry someone, you need to gain the agreement of us.

But we know nothing about your second marriage and we are going to establish a chastity memorial arch for you!”

“There are old maids in the backyard.

Call two of them here!” Having seen that Shui Ruolan was too angry to say any words, Qin Wanru said to Yujie and looked at her with her watery eyes leisurely.

“Miss, there are lots of old maids who do rough works in the backyard.

Why do you call two of them to go here” Yujie understood immediately and nodded, but she pretended to be puzzled.

“Beat these people to death directly so that Madam would not be worried.

The capital city is so big that no one would know that these people die in our backyard!” Qin Wanru took out a piece of handkerchief and wiped her hands slowly.

Her voice was very soft but the meaning in the words was quite cruel.

Even because these words were said by the small miss in front of them, they felt colder in their hearts.

Concubine Liu was so scared that she sat on the ground with knees and the whole person was trembling.

“You… How dare you…” The lady surnamed Liu was very anxious and regardless of Shui Ruolan, she looked at Qin Wanru quickly and said loudly to her.

“Why dont I dare to” Qin Wanru raised her eyebrows and said calmly.

“You are not afraid that somebody else of us will publish the things about Shui Ruolan.

Even if we die, we will ruin Shui Ruolan too!” the lady surnamed Liu said maliciously.

“This is the city of the emperor.

Even if hundreds of people like you die will not involve in my mother.

Such a deeply-constructed house could not be entered easily.

My father asks the guards to look at you because he wants to kill you.

Only I think that you are unwilling to die so I accompany my mother to come here.

But now it seems that you are seeking for death.

Thats it!”

Qin Wanru said more and more slowly and softly.

She glanced at these two women and the man in the gallery.

This man should be the big brother of Shui Ruolans ex-husband.

A couple, with a concubine of their dead younger brother, was very strange…

“Yujie, look for someone, beat them to death and report that they intend to murder my father.

Our mansion has killed a few assassins in this name before!” The color of her eyes became cold suddenly and she said cruelly.

After saying this she was about to turn around and leave.

This meant that the master really wanted to execute the sentence!

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