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“Yes, and she has taken a lot.

First Misss behavior is really strange!” Qingyue said in surprise.

“What kind of cakes and pastries did she take” Qin Wanru asked, with the color of her eyes deeper.

“What she took were all the common ones.

Those kinds made in the big kitchen were all taken some pieces.

The old maid said that First Miss needed to write, and would get hungry quickly, so she asked the people in the big kitchen to take some from every kind!” After a thought, Qingyue answered.

“She wants every kind” Qin Wanru frowned, because it didnt seem to a simple thing.

“Yes, she asked for every kind and for a lot.

There were some kinds of dessert that werent made a lot, so the supervisor in the big kitchen also explained a few words to the old maid.” Qingyue entered the big kitchen afterwards and said that she came to stew birds nest porridge for Qin Wanru.

Because the birds nest porridge hadnt finished cooking, she stayed in the kitchen for a while.

So, she heard everything in an aboveboard way.

“What do you mean that some kinds werent made a lot” After thinking for a while quietly, Qin Wanru caught the vague meaning in Qingyues words.

“Actually, not having a lot was not accurate.

There were just not too many being left.

Some of cakes and pastries were First Miss Qis favorite.

Servants in the kitchen had already sent them to First Miss Qi, so there were not many being left.

Even if First Miss wanted more, nothing was left for her.

This was what the supervisor old maid in the kitchen explained to the old maid around First Miss!”

“The dessert that Qi Rongzhi had eaten” Qin Wanru suddenly felt a beat in her heart.

“What happened then”

“Since nothing was left, and First Miss also said that she wanted to eat, servants in the big kitchen said that they would make some for First Miss soon!” Qingyue answered.

Although Qin Yuru didnt have a good reputation outside, she was still the First Miss in this mansion.

In addition, the rumors outside had it that Second Miss was not Generals own daughter, so his own daughter was merely First Miss.

Servants in this mansion still dared not to badly offend Qin Yuru!

“What they made were all those kinds that Qi Rongzhi likes”

“Yes, just those kinds.

Since those kinds werent left enough, a little bit more were added specially!” Qingyue said.

Qin Wanru nodded and picked up the birds nest porridge that Qingyue just gave to her.

She took a few nibbles, and then put down the spoon in her hand.

“Is there another portion of birds nest porridge for me in the afternoon”

Shui Ruolan was worried that it would be over-nutritional for Qin Wanru to eat the birds nest solely, since she was still at a young age.

So she asked the kitchen to stew some birds nest porridge for Qin Wanru from time to time.

“Yes!” Qingyue nodded.

“Then you also fetch me a portion of newly-made pastries.

No need to take many.

One or two will be fine!” She would like to see what Qin Yuru was planning.

Qin Yuru was surely up to no good, but considering Qin Yurus disposition, her favorite was to find a scapegoat.

When asked whom in this mansion she most wanted to shift the blame on, there was no doubt that Qin Wanru would rank at the forefront.

“Yes, Miss, I understand!” Qingyue understood tacitly and nodded.

When the two were talking, Yujie lifted the curtain and came in angrily.

The moment she saw her face, Qin Wanru couldnt help laughing.

“What happened”

Yujie just went out for her to see how well Nanny Dongs shop had been prepared.

It was obvious that she came back after being mistreated.

“Miss, they are talking about things in our mansion!” Yujie said angrily.

“So what Is this matter not allowed to discuss” Qin Wanru said with a smile and didnt take it seriously at all.

“But, but what they are talking about is you, Miss!” Yujie said with an unconvinced look.

Since coming down from the mountain, she had followed Qin Wanru by her side.

She was loyal and devoted to Qin Wanru and could least let herself hear Qin Wanrus malicious remarks.

“What are you afraid of The more they say, the better it will be!” Qin Wanru stood up, walked to the window, and opened the slightly-closed window.

Suddenly a cold wind rushed in, which blew Qingyue so heavily that she could not help shivering.

Qin Wanru also felt very cold and was so cold as to shiver.

However cold she was, she would not become the same as her previous life, during which she was closed in the corner of the yard, almost isolated from the outside world, and she could neither hear outsides voices nor feel the air outside!

Talking about her Very good, she was still worried that the momentum was not enough! It seemed that someone had intervened in this affair.

Nothing in this capital city was a trivial matter.

Even if it was a matter between men and women, it could also evolve into a game between several forces.

Then what she wanted was the result brought by that game.

“Miss, in this weather, youd better not open the window.

You may catch a cold!” Qingyue came to complain, and stretched out her hands to close the window for Qin Wanru.

“More and more people are talking” Suddenly blown by the cold wind, the head was a little bit dizzy but also wide awake.

Qin Wanru touched the chignon that the cold wind had ruffled up and turned back to ask with a smile.

“Yes, and it seems more than before!” Yujie said with a pout.

All her way through, she had heard more and more discussion about this.

“Miss, since normally Madam of Duke Xing has decided to accept Miss Qi as an adopted daughter, is there anyone else who wants to stir things up”

This question made Qin Wanru speechless.

She could only shake her head, because she really didnt know.

Even if she vaguely knew some important things about the previous life, she didnt know how many of them had been involved.

This kind of thing was far from being known to a girl in boudoir.

“Dont worry.

Since these words have already been widely spread, just let it go!” Qin Wanru sat down in front of the dressing table.

Qingyue skillfully opened her chignon that had been ruffled, and combed it again for her.

The girl in the mirror had a face like a hibiscus flower, exquisite and beautiful.

Her delicate and charming lip color was matched with her pure eye color, which gave her unusual charm.

At that time, Qing Yue, who was accustomed to the face of Qin Wanru, was also amazed by her beauty.

The face of Miss grew up and became more and more charming and amazing.

When they were in Jiangzhou, although they knew that their Miss was beautiful and exquisite, compared with their First Miss and First Miss Qi, their own Miss was just a child who had not grown up and was not so attracting.

But now when they arrived at the capital city, the appearance of their First Miss and First Miss Qi was not a patch on their own Miss.

“Miss, if this… was heard by the general, what would happen” Yujie said and followed Qin Wanru worriedly.

“If my father takes it seriously… Just let him do that!” Qin Wanru said with uncertainty in her eyes.

She wanted to know her own identity.

She quite wanted to know.

Now, there happened to be such a rumor, and so many people helped spread it behind.

She hoped that it would be better to be spread more widely.

She wanted to know the truth!

Without external force, this truth could hardly be gained.

At this moment, the issue of Qi Rongzhi would be a good reason.

Qi Tianyus participation would make the thing as big as possible so that next it would be less difficult for her to discover the secret before!

“Miss, you… Are you..” Yujies face went red and she said difficultly.

This should not be a question asked by her, a servant girl.

“Whether or not…I dont know…” Qin Wanru sighed slightly.

Her voice was like a light smoke, “Just wait and see!”

Things were spread like this, so no matter how her father and grandmother would give her an explanation.

And she was waiting for this explanation now to see whether this explanation would prove her assumption…

“How about those people” Since these things were just assumptions, Qin Wanru had not proved whether they were true or not.

So temporarily she didnt want to talk about these things.

She changed the topic and asked.

“Those people who were taken back by the general and closed in that yard” Yujie was astonished for a while and understood immediately.

She reported with a severe face.

“Yes, no one goes to see them” Qin Wanru asked again.

“No one.

Nanny Yu just said that no one went there before.” Yujie shook her head.

Although this issue was stared at by people from Nanny Yu, things would be reported to Qin Wanru by Yujie from time to time.

“Go, lets go to see!” Having looked at her combed hair in the mirror, Qin Wanru turned her head and said.

“Miss, you cant go.

The guards who watch the door this time are appointed by the general and he doesnt allow anyone to visit there!” Yujie stopped her rapidly.

This yard was seriously watched and it was impossible for Yujie to close it.

“So serious” Qin Wanru raised her beautifully arched eyebrows.

“Yes, very serious!” Yujie nodded.

“Is there any way to get in”

“I have no way!” Yujie shook her head helplessly.

She had gone to see it before several times but it was really impossible for her to take any action.

“Has my mother ever gone to see it” Qin Wanru thought and asked.

“Madam Shui went to see it once.

When she went back, her face went pale because of anger.

So she had never gone there later!” Yujie used to stare at the people of Madam Di but she didnt count in the people who were watched by Madam Shui at the same time.

“Since my mother has seen them, then of course I can go to see them too!” Qin Wanru smiled slightly and stood up.

“Lets go and see my mother first!”

Having seen that she had decided, the two servant girls did not persuade her.

Qingyue stayed to clean up the house and Yujie accompanied Qin Wanru to the yard of Shui Ruolan.

Shui Ruolan was resting in the room and when she heard that Qin Wanru had come over, she quickly asked someone to invite her.

After Qin Wanru had saluted to Shui Ruolan in the room, Qin Wanru asked straightly, “Mother, my father has brought those people here.

Are they from the family you used to live in”

Shui Ruolan was stunned for a while, and her face looked not so good.

She hesitated and asked, “How do you know that”

“I heard it from two old maids in the mansion.

They seemed to be the people of my Big Sister!” Qin Wanru said.

Madam Di and people around her were all closed but the punishment to Qin Yuru was not so serious as that to Madam Di.

Even if she couldnt come out by herself, people around her could go in and out.

After hearing that, Shui Ruolans face went red and she was a bit annoyed, “Did they say anything bad on me again”

“They didnt say that.

They only said that these people were related to mother.

Mother, can I go and see them” Qin Wanru said bluntly.

“What do you do there” Shui Ruolan frowned.

“As a child, you should not care about those things.

Mother and father will handle them.”

“Mother, I am not young.

I will help you solve problems.

Do you really think that these people who came from so far areas would really only do one thing Mother, dont you think that these people are too simple to be checked” Qin Wanru reminded Shui Ruolan and pulled and shook her hands.

“Mother, you cant ask for something, but I can.”

Shui Ruolan was a person involved in this thing, added that she was remarried, if the family of her ex-husband found her, she couldnt ask anything.

But she couldnt set her mind if she didnt ask them, afraid that Qin Huaiyong would ask more things.

But recently Qin Huaiyong was too busy to deal with these people.

On the other hand, he thought that these people had come into the Qins Mansion, they couldnt escape, so he was not in a hurry.

“But you are still young…” Although she knew that Qin Wanru was suitable, Shui Ruolan was still very hesitant.

“Mother, I can really help you!” Qin Wanru looked at Shui Ruolan sincerely and said.

Her voice was as soft as feathers, “And mother you can also help me!”

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