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Chapter 247 Sophistry, the Master and the Servant Put on a Show

There was only a high wall here with no other people around.

Nanny Sheng was really not afraid to be heard by others.

“Where did you get the map Why is there such a detailed map of our mansion What did you do in Madam Dis yard Does your Madam of Duke Xing intend to do something, that cant be known by others, with Madam Di” Nanny Zheng raised her brows and looked at Nanny Sheng aggressively.

Although Nanny Sheng was Madam of Duke Xings intimate Nanny and had experienced a lot, she was a little inferior to Nanny Zheng.

Nanny Zheng had stayed in the palace for so many years during which she was promoted to a henchman from an ordinary palace maid.

Her experience was incomparable to that of a Nanny of a Madam from an aristocratic family.

“Are you seeking death eagerly How dare you talk nonsense like this.

Lets see whether your master can protect you or my master can kill you!” Nanny Sheng said ferociously.

“Your master Madam of Duke Xing came to our mansion today with another intention” On hearing the majestic sneer from a man, Nanny Sheng suddenly turned around with her face changing dramatically, only to see a door closed inside the high wall was opened and Qin Huaiyong stood at the door with his hands clasped behind his back and a gloomy face.

Nanny Sheng actually did not know Qin Huaiyong, but she had experienced a lot.

Knowing there was only one person dressed like this with this kind of vigor in the Qins Mansion, she instantly panicked so much that her face changed.

“General!” Nanny Zheng stepped forward to bow to him.

“Nanny Zheng, have you found anything” Qin Huaiyong could definitely not regard Nanny Zheng as a general servant, so he asked her with a gentler expression.

“Ningyuan Army General, this servant in your mansion framed me up.

She deliberately said something plausible and brought me here in an attempt to trap my master and put me in unrighteousness.” At the sight of that, Nanny Sheng was anxious.

She immediately defended herself in a loud voice, while ferociously staring at Nanny Zheng.

She did not believe that an old maid of Generals Mansion was more convincing than what she said!

“Search her and find out what she has brought with her!” Qin Huaiyong said coldly.

The two servants behind him came over and caught Nanny Sheng on both sides.

Nanny Zheng came over and searched her.

She immediately took an envelope from her bosom and then presented it to Qin Huaiyong with respect.

At the sight of this, Nanny Sheng only felt dizzy and involuntarily trembled all over.

Nevertheless, she wasnt an ordinary person.

She bit her teeth hard without saying a word and decided to remain silent before her master came over.

Anyway there was no other information in the letter, so it couldnt be considered a piece of important evidence.

Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion wouldnt dare to offend her master because of a servants words.

This matter was more bark than bite, and they could only reduce the trouble into a minor one!

Qin Huaiyong took the letter and turned to the yard, followed by two servants seizing Nanny Sheng.

Nanny Zheng also followed them and closed the side door here.

When Madam of Duke Xing was invited to come over, Nanny Sheng was forced to kneel down in the porch.

Seeing Madam of Duke Xing come in, Nanny Sheng hurriedly cried, “Madam!”

“What is going on” With her face darkening, Madam of Duke Xing was about to walk over to ask the two servants to let go of Nanny Sheng.

“Madam, please come in.

My father is waiting inside!” Qin Wanru said with a slight smile.

When Qin Huaiyong sent someone to invite Madam of Duke Xing to come over, Qin Wanru happened to return to Madam Dowagers Xinning Pavilion.

So she volunteered to accompany Madam of Duke Xing to come over.

It was out of line to let go of the servant before meeting the master.

“Lets go!” Madam of Duke Xing realized it at this moment, said slowly with a smile reappearing on her face and stared at Qin Wanru with her deep eyes.

In the study, seeing Madam of Duke Xing come over, Qin Huaiyong, who was originally sitting, stood up to slightly bow to her.

After that, they respectively sat in the master seat and the guest seat.

Qin Wanru took a few steps forward and stood behind Qin Huaiyong.

She glanced at Nanny Zheng who was standing beside her, and Nanny Zheng nodded at her silently with a faint smile.

“Ningyuan Army General, what do you mean by detaining my old maid here Could it be that my old maid has done something offensive to you” Madam of Duke Xing asked lightly after sitting down.

Qin Huaiyong glanced at Nanny Zheng, and Nanny Zheng nodded, stood out and narrated what had happened again with a serious face.

She saw Nanny Sheng actually went to Madam Dis yard after asking about the route to the guest yard where Miss Qi lived.

It caught her attention, so she followed Nanny Sheng.

Nanny Zhengs narration was very organized.

She had seen the whole process with a simple map and a letter as the evidence.

The evidence was now placed on Qin Huaiyongs desk, and Qin Huaiyong had already seen it.

The map was very detailed, and even some special places like corners were clearly marked.

In terms of the envelope, there were the names of several people and an address.

Qing Huaiyong failed to figure out what these were at the moment.

Madam of Duke Xing was very calm.

Although Nanny Zheng told everything in detail with evidence, she did not panic.

After Nanny Zheng finished talking, Madam of Duke Xing slightly lifted the corners of her mouth, revealing a sarcastic smile.

“Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion just confirms my servant has done something offensive based on the one-sided statement of a servant of your mansion Do you consider the servant of our Duke Xings Mansion interior to the servant of your Generals Mansion”

Qin Huaiyong was only an official at deputy third level, while Duke Xing was an official at first level from the Duke Mansion at first level.

From this point of view, Duke Xings Mansion naturally was incomparable to Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion.

Moreover, servants could also be divided into various levels, and the servants of Duke Xings Mansion were undoubtedly at the highest level.

Madam of Duke Xings words were penetrating, and she was sure Qin Huaiyong definitely didnt dare to reply.

“Madam, you are telling the truth.

Nanny Zheng is actually incomparable to the old maid of your mansion!” Qin Wanru replied with a smile.

She slightly bowed to Nanny Zheng with respect, and Nanny Zheng stood straight up and stepped aside after accepting half of Qin Wanrus bow.

Nanny Zheng then bowed to Qin Wanru.

Every act and gesture of hers was impeccable!

With such acts and gestures, she actually dared to accept half of her masters bow.

All of these indicated that she was not a general servant.

“Who is she” Madam of Duke Xings face changed slightly for the first time.

“She is a Nanny released from the palace, as well as my etiquette instructor.

She is originally incomparable to general servants.

She serves as a servant in our mansion in order to better instruct me.

Madam, do you think Im right” Qin Wanru said leisurely.

Qin Wanru deliberately took Nanny Zheng with her instead of Qingyue and Yujie because of Nanny Zhengs overwhelming identity.

The etiquette instructor released from the palace was originally incomparable to general servants, even if this servant served Madam of Duke Xing.

Madam of Duke Xings face darkened dramatically.

She certainly knew this Nanny Zheng, and had a plot behind what had happened at that time.

However, she didnt expect the situation to change later.

This Nanny Zheng was actually not just an etiquette instructor in the palace, and was also related to other things.

Thus, when Nanny Zheng was released from the palace, no one dared to hire her.

Nevertheless, it did not hinder those, who knew the inside story, from fearing her, because she had been a chief palace maid.

“Madam of Duke Xing, the words of a servant of your mansion are more convincing than me” With her gaze falling on Madam of Duke Xing, Nanny Zheng said slowly.

“Nanny Zheng, you are telling the truth, but there may be misunderstandings behind it!” Madam of Duke Xing immediately adjusted her thought and said with a smile.

“Can I ask my old maid what is going on here”

“Madam, go ahead!” Qin Huaiyong nodded and asked someone to bring Nanny Sheng.

As soon as Nanny Sheng entered the door, she freed herself from the hands of the two servants, rushed toward Madam of Duke Xing and cried out loudly, “Madam, its the mean servant who framed me up.

It is clear that everything was schemed out by her.

I dont know what I did offend her and made her start such a rumour!”

Since Madam of Duke Xing had come, Nanny Sheng wasnt afraid of anyone at the moment.

She reached out to point at Nanny Zheng and scolded in anger.

Suddenly, Nanny Sheng was slapped so hard that she sat on the ground.

She stared blankly at Madam of Duke Xing, who looked stern, and failed to recover for a while.


“This is the etiquette instructor Nanny Zheng from the palace.

Now She teaches Second Miss Qin in Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion.

You are just a servant.

How can you point at her at will”

Madam of Duke Xing said coldly and rebuked her in anger.

Nanny Sheng was dumbfounded, but immediately reacted.

After exchanging glances with Madam of Duke Xing, she loudly cried out about her grievances, “Madam, Im wronged.

I just went out in the direction for which I have asked.

Later, I found I took the wrong way after encountering a maid and asking her for directions.

Regarding the map, I just picked it up on the road.”

Seeing the interaction between Madam of Duke Xing and Nanny Sheng, Qin Wanru secretly sneered.

Nanny Sheng had been the henchman of Madam of Duke Xing for many years indeed.

At the sight of Madam of Duke Xings action, Nanny Sheng immediately realized what she meant.

Qin Wanru silently glanced at Nanny Shengs face and then looked down.

Sometimes it didnt need much evidence to tell whether someone was telling the truth.

“You got lost and then picked up a simple map of Generals Mansion” Madam of Duke Xing frowned and asked helplessly.

Qin Wanru raised her eyebrows and continued to listen silently without refutation!

“Yes, yes, it is the truth.

Madam, Im really wronged!” Nanny Sheng said in an increasingly loud voice and even made her eyes turn red by rubbing them, looking extremely aggrieved.

“You are such an old servant.

Why are you so incautious that you didnt come over and report it to me immediately!” Madam of Duke Xing beat Nanny Shengs shoulder hard and said exasperatedly.

“Madam, I thought I could report it after coming back, but didnt expect there will be such a misunderstanding!” Nanny Sheng cried out about her grievances again.

“Ningyuan Army General, what do you think of it” Madam of Duke Xing beat Nanny Shengs shoulder with hatred and sighed, “It was caused by my lax discipline for my servant indeed.

Im sorry that youve seen this embarrassing situation!”

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