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“Grandma, what are you talking about Why cant I understand” Qin Wanru looked at Madam Dowager in astonishment and then looked at Madam of Duke Xing.

Her blank expression became surprised, “Could it be possible that youve found my mother Where is she Is she alright Is she really in the capital No wonder Ruian Great Elder Princess…”

Speaking of this, Qin Wanru seemed to feel that she had slipped out and hurriedly stopped talking.

“What did Ruian Great Elder Princess say” With her face involuntarily changing, Madam of Duke Xing said hurriedly.

After finishing talking, she found that she was too hasty and then hurriedly said to Madam Dowager with a helpless smile, “Madam Dowager probably doesnt know about the relationship between our mansion and Ruian Great Elder Princess.

Ruian Great Elder Princess has always disliked our mansion because of my sister-in-law.

I am afraid that I happen to do something offensive to Ruian Great Elder Princess!”

On hearing her words, Madam Dowager also looked towards Qin Wanru with concern.

She didnt know about the resentment between Duke Xings Mansion and Ruian Great Elder Princess Mansion.

Nevertheless, based on Madam of Duke Xings behavior, she could tell there must be something wrong between them.

“This…” Qin Wanru hesitated.

“Second Miss Qin, please tell me what Ruian Great Elder Princess said.

I know that Im just a nobody in front of Ruian Great Elder Princess.

I dare not make any conjecture!” Madam of Duke Xing smiled bitterly.

“What… Ruian Great Elder Princess said before seems to be related to my mother!” Qin Wanru said hesitantly, seeming to not want to say it but have to, “But Ruian Great Elder Princess asked me to wait… I am not very sure of the details!”

Qin Wanru bowed her head and pinched the handkerchief in her hand.

“Have they really got the news of your mother” Madam Dowager was overjoyed and looked at Qin Wanru with excitement.

For a time, she forgot about the matter mentioned by Madam of Duke Xing.

“Ruian Great Elder Princess seemingly meant that.

But it is still being verified, and I dont know if it is true!” Qin Wanru took Ruian Great Elder Princess as the excuse.

Now she was basically clear about Madam of Duke Xings intention.

In the last life, Qin Yuru was raised in Duke Xings Mansion.

It was said that the Old Madam especially liked her and doted on her, and even kept her in Duke Xings Mansion for a few more years before she got married.

After that, with Duke Xings Mansions support, all the noble ladies in the capital did not dare to look down on her.

Now it seemed to happen to her, but she didnt like it.

Madam of Duke Xing seemingly intended to play tricks to persuade Madam Dowager to agree on this matter.

Moreover, she said she liked Qin Wanru and spoke of her daughter.

It seemed that she intended to adopt Qin Wanru as her daughter.

With the power of Duke Xings Mansion, if Qin Wanru was adopted as Madam of Duke Xings daughter, she could naturally intervene in Qin Wanrus marriage.

Madam Dowager and Shui Ruolan had regarded her as a nice person, and she was good at pretending to be kind.

At that time, it would be difficult for Qin Wanru to decide her marriage.

Now what she could do was certainly to make her drop the idea!

Or… She silently looked towards Qi Rongzhi, who was jealous and furious beside her, and slightly lifted the corners of her lips, showing a barely visible sarcastic smile!

“Ruian Great Elder Princess intends to help you look for your mother” Although Madam of Duke Xing was still laughing, her smile seemed to be a bit stiff and less intelligent.

“She should mean that!” Qin Wanru replied softly.

“Madam Dowager, who is Second Miss Qins birth mother” Madam of Duke Xing suddenly turned to Madam Dowager and asked.

Her words dumbfounded Madam Dowager.

Such things were basically secrets.

Although Madam of Duke Xing had expressed her affection for Qin Wanru and wanted to adopt Qin Wanru as her daughter, now Qin Wanru was not her daughter yet.

In fact, it was very rude of her to ask about this thing as a family member at this moment.

As the Madam of an aristocratic family, it was impossible that Madam of Duke Xing didnt know it.

However, she asked this question, and Madam Dowager didnt know how to answer her.

“Grandma, you havent told me about my birth mother, right You havent told me before.” Qin Wanru raised her watery eyes to stare at Old Madam Qin with sorrow and grief.

This made it more difficult for Old Madam Qin to make it clear.

At the sight of Madam Dowagers expression, Shui Ruolan also knew that she was embarrassed.

So she immediately saved Madam Dowager from embarrassment with a smile.

“Wanru, theres no need to rush.

Your grandma will tell you about your birth mother when she is free.”

Shui Ruolan certainly meant they should not talk about it here.

Anyway it was a secret and couldnt be heard by miscellaneous people.

“Thank you, grandma!” Qin Wanru bowed lightly, and then stood up with red eyes and stepped back to stand beside Qi Rongzhi.

At the moment, they were the only two unmarried girls in this room, so it was normal for them to stand together.

“Madam Dowager, have you met Second Miss Qins birth mother” Madam of Duke Xing said anxiously.

Despite the easy-going smile on her face, her words became increasingly rude.

Shui Ruolan had already indicated that they should first tell Qin Wanru about this kind of thing, but at the moment, Madam of Duke Xing showed a great interest.

It made Madam Dowager a little unhappy!

At this time, Madam of Duke Xing should not ask so detailedly.

What was more, she kept asking, which brought Madam Dowager a sudden inspiration.

“Madam, I have met her naturally, and everyone in our mansion knows her!” Madam Dowager said lightly.

“Madam Dowager, can you tell me about Second Miss Qins birth mother As the woman who gave birth to a smart and beautiful girl like Second Miss Qin, how outstanding should she be!”

As Madam of Duke Xing seemed to have an increasingly great interest, her words became increasingly rude.

After finishing speaking, she also felt embarrassed.

She looked at Qin Wanru with guilt and said, “I really like this child.”

“This thing… Its really a long story.

Its not convenient to talk with you about it here!” Madam Dowager said and coughed in a low voice to conceal the displeasure in her eyes.

She did have a good impression of Madam of Duke Xing, but Madam of Duke Xing repeatedly asked about Qin Wanrus birth mother, which slightly annoyed her.

If she could talk about this kind of thing, it was unnecessary for her to keep it a secret up to now.

Even if Madam of Duke Xing expressed more affection for Zhuozhuo, Madam Dowager considered her an outsider now.

“Madam of Duke Xing comes here today to adopt a daughter” Qin Wanru stood beside Qi Rongzhi and lowered her voice to ask curiously.

Qi Rongzhi came earlier than her and had heard more, so she guessed Qi Rongzhi should know about it!

“Yes!” Qi Rongzhi gave Qin Wanru a hard look and also lowered her voice to answer.

Why was Qin Wanru so lucky that she was chosen by Madam of Duke Xing

“What a pity!” Qin Wanru sighed in a low voice.

“What do you mean” Qi Rongzhi almost strained her ears.

“Madam of Duke Xing means that she wants a well-behaved and obedient daughter who will be raised in the name of the Old Madam of Duke Xing.

But I am afraid I cant accept it.

Ruian Great Elder Princess…” Qin Wanru said hesitantly in a low voice and looked towards the boxes held in the two maids hands, seemingly coveting them.

Who could refuse such beautiful pearl head-ornaments and the pair of bracelets

“Unfortunately, Big Sister is not here, otherwise she can volunteer!” Qin Wanru sighed with remorse.

With her eyes suddenly lighting up, Qi Rongzhi involuntarily breathed rapidly.

She looked at Madam of Duke Xing and the boxes held in the two maids hands and tightly grasped the handkerchief in her hand.

Qin Yuru could volunteer, why couldnt she She could also be a well-behaved and obedient daughter.

Thinking of the meaning behind it, Qi Rongzhi was involuntarily moved.

This was a good opportunity…

“Madam Dowager, what about the matter we discussed before I really want such a well-behaved and obedient daughter!” Madam of Duke Xing also knew that she acted too eagerly, so she hurriedly concealed the anxiety in her eyes and picked up the subject again.

“This…” With such an interruption, Madam Dowager hesitated and looked towards Qin Wanru.

Seeing Qin Wanru shake her head quietly, she became increasingly indecisive.

She had seen Qin Wanrus performance during this period.

Although this granddaughter was young, she had a good head on her shoulders.

Since she expressed her disapproval, she naturally had her reason.

Madam Dowager still considered Madam of Duke Xing a good person and it was greatly helpful for Qin Wanru to recognize Madam of Duke Xing as her mother.

However, Qin Wanru was not willing to do that, so she couldnt decide it at the moment.

“Madam, can I answer you after Huai and I think about it”

“Okay… fine!” Madam of Duke Xing said helplessly.

She knew that she was so eager that she lost her composure and aroused Madam Dowagers doubt, but she changed very quickly and instantly said with a gentle smile, “Even if I dont have the pleasure to adopt Second Miss Qin as my daughter, I still need to express my gratitude!”

She said and waved.

The two maids holding the gift boxes understood, immediately came up to Qin Wanru and respectfully presented the gift boxes, which meant regardless of the outcome, she still had to give Qin Wanru the gifts!

“Madam, I would like to recognize you as my adoptive mother and show my filial respect for you in future.” Seeing the two boxes of gifts presented in front of her, Qi Rongzhi breathed rapidly with greedy eyes.

Thinking about it, she finally failed to suppress her urge.

She took two steps forward to kneel in front of Madam of Duke Xing and say respectfully.

She acted so abruptly that everyone in the room didnt expect it and looked at her blankly.

Although Qi Rongzhi was flushed, she respectfully kowtowed to Madam of Duke Xing.

“Madam, rest assured.

Even if your biological daughter is not around, I will consider myself your biological daughter and show my filial respect for you.”

Qi Rongzhi was ready to risk everything this time for wealth and rank.

With both her face and neck turning red, she still looked at Madam of Duke Xing eagerly, hoping that Madam of Duke Xing could adopt her as her daughter and she could stand out among others after that.

Since Madam of Duke Xing had specially prepared gifts for her, she must have a good impression of her.

She firmly believed that she could do better than Qin Wanru and show more filial respect for Madam of Duke Xing.

It happened suddenly.

Madam of Duke Xing was still preparing to say something to settle the matter of adopting Qin Wanru as her daughter, but it was spoiled by Qi Rongzhi.

Seeing Qi Rongzhis expectant and greedy eyes, Madam of Duke Xing shook her hands in anger.

She was thinking about how to trick Qin Wanru to join Duke Xings Mansion, but did not expect that she was also the target of someone else!

It inevitably enraged Madam of Duke Xing who had always considered the overall situation was under her control!

At this moment, it was a stalemate.

Should she accept it or not

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