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Duke Yong was shocked as if he confronted an enemy.

“Ive heard the problem has been solved, havent I”

“Elder Brother-in-law, many have seen that imperial plate, and many have also heard the previous reason.

Until now, you havent given me an explanation of why that plate appeared in our mansion.

It was a betrothal gift as your mansion said, but there is no it on the betrothal gift list.

Besides, on the plate, there is also crack which was made a long time ago.”

Qin Huaiyong spoke word by word, and his eyes were deep and sharp, giving off eerie, cold air.

Even if it was a misunderstanding, the plate with a crack was already a crime.

Since all the imperial objects had records, their owners were clear.

Let alone this also had relations with Duke Xings Mansion.

Duke Yong dare not wager and couldnt afford to wager.

“Then, what shall we do now” Speaking of this problem, Duke Yong felt not confident, had to soften his tone, and dare not mention breaking the betrothal!

“Madam Di should take all the blame for this and be locked.

As for other things, Madam Di is also the culprit,” Qin Huaiyong said slowly.

He was already clear about this matter when Madam Di was locked.

Only by letting Madam Di take all the blame could the loss be reduced to the least.

Suddenly, he thought of what Qin Wanru once said to him.

Now it should be the right time to ask for the title for Shui Ruolan.

The rumors were not good to Madam Di, but they were good to Shui Ruolan.

Also, it was Shui Ruolan who ran their mansion now.

Once, he also promised Qin Wanru that he would ask for the title for Shui Ruolan at the right time.

Now was the best opportunity, and this could also show that, apart from Madam Di, all others were good in the mansion!

“No, if so, my sister is ruined!” No matter how Duke Yong was threatened by Qin Huaiyong, he couldnt help roaring angrily at this moment.

“Madam Di is only locked up, whats the point of ruining or not We can restart the talk after the trouble is shot, and she wont lose her chance to get out!” Qin Huaiyong said lightly.

“How long for shooting the trouble” Duke Yong said unhappily.

“Naturally, after all the rumors are gone.

The sooner, the better!” Qin Huaiyong raised the corner of his mouth.

Certainly, he wouldnt be frank with Duke Yong because he didnt want to release Madam Di.

Not only so, but he also wanted to transfer Madam Dis title of Honorary Lady to Shui Ruolan.

Compared with Shui Ruolan, who was pregnant but still managed the house affairs, Madam Di was not the type he liked, for she caused trouble, which nearly hurt the entire Qins Mansion.

Although he wouldnt hurt Madam Di because of Qin Yuru, he didnt want to end this matter easily.

“When will the rumors be gone This matter has been known by the entire city, and the rumors wont be gone and will also possibly involve you.

Arent you anxious at all” Duke Yong looked sullen.

He was anxious, very anxious, but he didnt worry about Qin Huaiyong, but himself.

Madam Di was born in Duke Yongs Mansion after all.

“We two can work together to silence this matter secretly.

With our joint efforts, we shall see a quicker result!” Qin Huaiyong knew what Duke Yong worried about, but he didnt disclose it and also comforted him with such words.

Then, he added lightly, “Do we have any other choice”

These words made Duke Yong wordless.

In the current situation, what they could only do was silence the rumors, or other measures were all wrong.

“Fine, thats it, but dont forget she is my sister.

If she is in critical condition, my mother will do anything.” Duke Yong rose, gritted his teeth, and threatened Qin Huaiyong in a disguised angry manner, saying that if Qin Huaiyong did hurt Madam Di, he would fight him with his life.

“Dont worry, Yuru still needs to marry into your mansion!” Qin Huaiyong stood up to see him off.

To some extent, these words soothed Duke Yong, who gave a cold snort with a sullen face, and then turned and left.

Today, none of his aims of visiting Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion had been achieved.

When he thought of it, he felt gloomy.

Qin Huaiyong stood in the hall, did not see him off to the outside of the mansion, and only saw his back, with unclear meanings in his eyes…

The following matters turned more confusing.

First, imperial censors impeached Qin Huaiyong for poorly educating his wife, saying that such a woman didnt deserve the title of Honorary Lady.

The Ministry of Justice had received the cart drivers testimony, but it was a little hard to put Madam Di on trial.

So, the case was also handed over to the emperor.

No matter how wrong Madam Di was, she was an Honorary Lady.

So, she couldnt be put on trial randomly.

Therefore, the case then went to Madam Dis title of Honorary Lady.

Instantly, everyone thought she shouldnt be an Honorary Lady any longer.

At this time, Qin Huaiyong knelt at the palace gate, asking for the crime of poorly educating his wife.

He also said that Madam Di was not a good wife and her title of Honorary Lady should be removed, and Madam Shui, who had been protecting and brought up his second daughter, was a quiet, dignified woman, and she should have the title.

So, he begged the emperor to transfer Madam Dis title to Madam Shui.

No one had ever seen or heard of such things.

Qin Huaiyong knelt at the palace gate, but the emperor in the palace hadnt given him any messages after a long time.

So, he continued kneeling at the palace gate.

This matter went from the folk to the place, shocking the entire court.

Some thought even if Madam Dis title of Honorary Lady was removed, it shouldnt be transferred to Madam Shui, who was but a second wife.

How could she have a higher position than an official wife

But some thought it was reasonable.

The mistress of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion should have the title, or she could not run the mansion lawfully.

Since the official wife was unqualified, it was natural the second wife should have it.

A second wife was also a wife!

Outside the palace gate, Qin Huaiyong continued kneeling.

It had been two hours since he knelt at the gate.

Until now, no one had come out to ask him to enter the palace.

So, he lowered his head and kept kneeling respectfully.

“Who is this Why kneel here Did anything happen” A gentle voice suddenly came from the silent earshot, and then came the turning sounds of wheels.

Qin Huaiyong raised his head, eyeing the handsome young man in the wheelchair excitedly.

Chu Liuchen sat against sunlight, looking elegant.

It was not wrong to think he was a graceful immortal, but the wheelchair seemed to drag him from the immortal status back to the mortal world.

“Your Highness, this is Ningyuan Army General, and he comes to ask for the title of Honorary Lady for his second wife!” the little eunuch who was asked lowered his head and answered respectfully.

“Ask for the title of Honorary Lady for his second wife He is a man with love and faith! If he does this for the person whom he cares about sincerely, he is worth our compliment!” Chu Liuchen eyed Qin Huaiyongs face, praising lightly.

“Prince!” Qin Huaiyong calmed down now and kowtowed respectfully to Chu Liuchen once on the ground as a solemn ritual.

“Up!” Chu Liuchen waved his hand casually.

“My emperor uncle has no time to see you”

“The emperor is busy! As a subject, my matter is small!” Qin Huaiyong lowered his head and said.

“Small Is it only a matter of a woman My emperor uncle is busy with something eventful indeed!” As he finished talking, Chu Liuchen gave a small, gentle smile and said.

Xiao Xuanzi turned the direction of his wheelchair and took Chu Liuchen to other places to wander, as if this was but a meeting by chance.

But this meeting was reported by someone to the emperor at once.

In a short while, a eunuch ordered someone to ask Qin Huaiyong to enter the palace.

That Qin Huaiyong went to kneel at the palace gate was within Qin Wanrus guess.

By the routine time, he should have come back, but Madam Dowager and Shui Ruolan didnt see him and became anxious, asking their servants to watch at the Chuihua Gate, and so did Qin Wanru.

But they had been waiting until the afternoon.

Since Qin Huaiyong was not back, the whole mansions masters didnt have the mood to eat and felt quite anxious.

Later, Shui Ruolan went to Madam Dowagers place.

After getting the information, Qin Wanru also went to Madam Dowagers Xinning Pavilion to chat with them.

But the previous jokes only made Madam Dowager smile reluctantly, and Shui Ruolan was in lower spirit.

Finally, an old maid rushed in to report Qin Huaiyongs return.

Immediately, the entire room became lively and joyful.

As Qin Huaiyong strode in, Madam Dowager looked at him quite excitedly.

When she found he had no serious problems other than a little pale face, she was relieved and sat down again.

Shui Ruolan asked a servant hurriedly to pour the tea Qin Huaiyong loved.

Despite her bulging belly, she wanted to go over to support Qin Huaiyong, but he stopped her with his hand, escorted her to the chair on the side, let her sit down, and then kowtowed to Madam Dowager.

“Sit down; everything is right” Madam Dowager let Qin Huaiyong sit down and asked anxiously.

She was really worried, for there were only women in the mansion, and Qin Huaiyong was their only backbone.

If something bad happened to him, the entire Qins Mansion was over.

Qin Huaiyong sat in the chair, took up the teacup a servant girl gave him, sipped it, rested for a while, and said smilingly to Madam Dowager, “Mother, I am fine!”

“Why were you so bold I told you this matter was not urgent.

If something bad happened to you, what should I, Ruolan, and Zhuozhuo do” Madam Dowagers expression returned to normal, and she blamed.

“Mother, our Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion also needs a madam who can engage in social activities!” Qin Huaiyong looked calm and said.

He could not rely on Madam Di anymore, and so if he didnt ask for the title for Shui Ruolan, she would probably have no chance for a long time.

After all, asking for a title should depend on the courts orders issued to Qin Huaiyong.

Without orders, he would have no opportunity to render meritorious services, and Shui Ruolans title would be too far to reach.

When the women of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion attended parties, they would be scorned by others, and this would even affect Qin Wanrus marriage.

It was not important whether Madam Dis title of Honorary Lady was removed or not, but the important thing was Shui Ruolan must have one!

In many families, parents were already looking for a match for their eleven-year-old girls!

Madam Dowager knew it, heaved a deep sigh, but shook her head helplessly.

“So, what is the result”

“After the Ministry of Rites approves of it!” Qin Huaiyong smiled.

In his view, since the emperor agreed, other departments would not stop the matter.

It would be successful sooner or later!

As for Madam Dis title of Honorary Lady, the emperor meant to put the matter aside for now.

Anyway, she was an official wife and also Duke Yongs sister.

Besides, it seemed someone had said a good word about her.

The emperor meant to deal with this matter after all the details were cleared, but he didnt speak of interrogating the cart driver again.

Qin Huaiyong knew what this meant, and so he didnt mention Madam Dis matter anymore.

Hearing his words, Madam Dowager felt relieved, but she thought a moment and hesitated again.

“Duke Yongs Mansion wont agree.

If they try to make trouble, what about Yurus marriage”

“The trouble has become so sensational, but it is all Madam Dis fault.

Duke Yongs Mansion also knows that when the trouble has become so terrible, we dont have solutions, either.

For Yurus good, we must do this.

On Yurus wedding, there should be a mother guarding everything!” Qin Huaiyong said calmly.

Qin Wanru had been standing quietly on the side and turned her eyes away from Qin Huaiyongs face, but the look in her eyes shook invisibly, leaving a ripple.

“Mother, I met Madam of Duke Xing on my way home just now, and she said she wants to see you!”

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