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Qi Rongzhi dogged Qin Wanru out.

She had heard that Qin Wanru went to the famous purple bamboo forest in Huaguang Temple.

Coming out from a farther place, she didnt see Qin Wanru all the way, but after turning at a corner, she saw Qin Wanru standing on the road in front of her.

With an immediate excitement, she retreated herself behind a tree beside her.

Chun Yi followed her and also hid in a hurry.

“Qin Wanru is together with a man!” thought Qi Rongzhi.

How could such a new discovery not make Qi Rongzhi excited It was exactly caught on her own.

She would hold this secret in her hand and squeeze Qin Wanru.

From her angle, she could only have a view of Chu Liuchens back.

Although his face was not in view, such a tall and straight figure had already made people feel that this man must have a handsome and gentle appearance.

Then looking at his dressing, a purple robe with brocade which somehow had a sense of flamboyant, Qi Rongzhi frowned.

This mans momentum seemed not little.

Perhaps he was an influential official whom Qin Wanru had got acquaintance with The whole manner was not the one that common people could own.

Despite the long distance away from her, Qi Rongzhi could still feel his uncommonness.

This man seemed to have nobler status than Third Young Master Wen.

Qi Rongzhi couldnt help feeling her heart hot, biting her lips with another consideration in her heart, and stretched out her hands to smooth her clothes.

She wanted to go over and meet this man.

“With my skills and appearance, it is certain that I will be more appealing to men than Qin Wanru, whose small body was just like a bean sprout!” thought Qi Rongzhi.

She made up her mind with a satisfied look on her face.

The moment she wanted to turn out from behind the tree, she suddenly felt that her mind went black and her body was to faint.

Qin Wanru was stunned to see all these things in front of her eyes.

The moment she wanted to say something, she suddenly felt as if she leaped on the cloud and mist and was almost frightened to scream.

After standing still, her feet were faint to shake and her face was ghostly pale.

Turning to look at Chu Liuchen and finding that his face became paler, she was frightened to hold his waist tightly and cried with low voice, “Prince, lets go down!”

She didnt think it was a good idea to climb up the tree in order to enjoy scenery!

Branches were swaying, so the whole body was just like stepping on the cloud, or even not the cloud since there was no place for her heart to land.

Qin Wanru had never experienced such a thing.

With her watery beautiful eyes full of scare and worry, she was just like a frightened animal and held Chu Liuchen tightly by instinct.

Qin Wanru had much more courage than common young girls, but it didnt include enjoying scenery at such place which was able to reach neither the sky nor the earth!

Especially the one who held her was Prince Chen, a man who was too sick to stand still.

“Wont he accidentally drop me down because he couldnt hold me” thought Qin Wanru.

Grasping Chu Liuchens clothes tightly, Qin Wanru didnt know that her face looked paler than Chu Liuchen at this time, because she was really in panic.

With his eyes falling on Qin Wanrus face, Chu Liuchen looked at her and felt that she panicked as a child and was less calm than before, which made her more real.

He smiled at that time and his pleasure was obvious to anyone despite no sound coming out.

Chu Liuchen loosened his hand which had tightly held Qin Wanru before, and said in a lazy tone, “My arms are aching.

Hold tightly.

If you drop down, it will be at your own risk!”

Qin Wanru felt that if eyes could kill people she had already killed Chu Liuchen one hundred times.

However, at this time, she dared not to reply defiantly and this was not a place to talk back.

“What if this naughty Prince indeed drops me down and I die with no reason I will not be reconciled at all!” thought Qin Wanru.

Was this Prince really Prince Chen, the one who was scheming and ruthless Why would he look like a naughty boy, who was wilder than Shao Yuanhao

Tightly hugging Chu Liuchens waist, Qin Wanru almost stuck her whole body to him.

The delicate fragrance of a maiden overflowed in his nose, which made his heart beat a little faster.

With his brows frowning, he suddenly became unhappy and stretched out his hands without patience to hold Qin Wanru and let her lean against the trunk on the side.

“Dont move! Im not feeling well!”

“Prince, Prince, whats the matter with you Lets go down!” Qin Wanru said in a fluster, with one hand holding his arm and another holding the branch.

“No nonsense.

Just enjoy the show!” Chu Liuchen said with displeasure and looked at Qin Wanru suspiciously.

Just now Qin Wanru was so closed to him that he experienced a little bit shortness of breath.

This kind of feeling made Chu Liuchen uncomfortable, who was used to controlling everything in his hands.

It seemed that something was out of his control, so his eyes glumly fell on Qin Wanru at this moment and he wanted to find out some differences on her.

“Why just now she could disorder my mind That delicate fragrance of a maiden” thought Chu Liuchen.

Qin Wanru gritted her teeth, trying to calm herself down, and looked downwards with her eyes turning down.

Where Xiao Xuanzi and Yujie were hiding was unknown.

Not far from the place in which Qin Wanru and Chu Liuchen had stood lay Qi Rongzhi and Chun Yi.

Farther afield, a figure was approaching slowly.

When discerning this figure, Qin Wanru was stunned to look at Chu Liuchen and only to find that his beautiful and fierce eyes were staring at herself in this extremely close distance.

There were dark mists flashing in his eyes.

It was easy to see that there was nothing good to happen!

“Prince, whats wrong with you” Qin Wanru dared not to move, as if stared by poisonous snakes, for fear that she had accidentally annoyed Prince Chen.

The situation now was not the one in the past.

If Prince Chen were in a bad mood, she really didnt know what would happen.

“Hum!” Chu Liuchen snorted coldly and gave her an arrogant stare, which made her at a loss.

She just now… should… impossibly… not annoy him!

Seeing Chu Liuchens eyes falling downwards, Qin Wanru also temporarily restrained her full panic and looked downwards.

The coming figure was obviously Wen Xichi.

“What did Chu Liuchen want to do” thought Qin Wanru.

Wen Xichi brought a servant and enjoyed the scenery all the way.

He should also come here because of the reputation of the purple bamboo forest.

But it was unexpected that he found the fainted Qi Rongzhi and her servant behind the tree.

After being startled for a moment, Wen Xichi and his servant went to wake them up.

This place was a little farther from where Qi Rongzhi had fainted, so Qin Wanru couldnt clearly hear what they were saying.

She only saw that Qi Rongzhi saluted Wen Xichi softly after waking up.

Then, the two people seemed to talk about some topics and chatted congenially.

Later on, the two people walked together in the direction of the purple bamboo forest.

When the two people passed by the tree on which they were hiding, Qin Wanru heard what Qi Rongzhi was saying to Wen Xichi in that extremely charming and soft voice, which appeared to be very enthusiastic.

In comparison, Wen Xichis voice was a bit chilly and indifferent.

Then, the two people walked past and their figures slowly disappeared into Qin Wanrus eyes.

Looking back and moving her stiff figure, Qin Wanru looked at Chu Liuchen and suggested cautiously, “Prince, can we… go down”

Although she was in good health and had climbed up walls and trees before, she hadnt been in such a panic.

“You want to go down” Chu Liuchen asked in a cold face.


Since Third Young Master Wen has saved the beauty, can we go down” Qin Wanru asked with a smiling face, her long eyelashes flashing twice like a small fan.

Her mind, which had fragmented to some degree because of panic, now finally connected to what Chu Liuchen had said before.

“Do you want to see Third Young Master Wen asking this beauty to marry him” Chu Liuchen suddenly smiled evilly.

Let Wen Xichi marry Qi Rongzhi Qin Wanru felt that it would be better to let Wen Xichi not marry Qi Rongzhis disposition was not a woman who could live harmoniously at home.

Of course, this couldnt be said bluntly.

Not knowing whether it was her intuition, Qin Wanru felt that Prince Chen was somehow hostile to Wen Xichi.

“What… does this have to do with us It should be a matter for eldership in Third Young Master Wens mansion to worry about!” Qin Wanru looked at Chu Liuchen with her clear watery eyes and felt at a loss.

Her expression somehow pleased Chu Liuchen and he stretched out his hand to give Qin Wanru a hint.

“Come here! Hold on!”

Qin Wanru dared not to refuse and urgently stretched out her hands to hold Chu Liuchens waist.

Her whole body was stiff without a move.

She only raised a pair of watery eyes and looked at Chu Liuchen with full expectations.

That pair of big eyes, as if they could speak, clearly reflected Chu Liuchens face.

Chu Liuchen reached out to hold Qin Wanru in his arms with great satisfaction.

The fragrance between his nose was like plum blossom or orchid, which was very pleasant.

“What perfume do you wear”

Qin Wanru reacted a bit slowly this time, staring at Chu Liuchen and not understanding the meaning of his words for the moment, but she shook her head very frankly.

“No perfume!”

“Applied nothing” Chu Liuchen got closer and sniffed again on Qin Wanrus pink and tender cheeks.

The fragrance was even more refreshing.

The two people were getting closer now.

Qin Wanru was eager to hide her head backward.

She didnt understand what Chu Liuchen was smelling, because she really hadnt worn any perfume.

Nanny Zheng had said that girls at her age didnt need to wear any perfume at all.

“Zhuozhuo, you are too weak!” Chu Liuchen suddenly laughed evilly, and then loosened his hands.

Qin Wanru was frightened to stretch out her hand and hug him tightly.

Her head which had hidden backward also tightly leaned over.

Two people fell from the tree.

The moment they stood still, Chu Liuchen held the trunk and coughed severely.

Qin Wanru had no choice but to pat him on his back, in order to help him breathe smoothly.

“This man is obviously not in good condition.

He still goes to learn martial arts, without thinking about whether his poor health could bear it,” thought Qin Wanru.

After Chu Liuchen finally recovered, Xiao Xuanzi reached out to hand him a handkerchief out of nowhere, but Chu Liuchen didnt take it.

He raised his handsome face, which had flushed because of coughing, and looked at Qin Wanru.

“Where is the handkerchief”

Qin Wanru was stunned to look at him, and saw that Xiao Xuanzi immediately took his hand back.

She had no choice but to hand over the handkerchief tightly clutched in her hand.

Chu Liuchen took it and casually wiped it on his lip corner twice.

Then, in Qin Wanrus startled look, he naturally put the handkerchief into his cuff.

“Lets go and have a look at the stone tablets in the purple bamboo forest!”

“Just now Third Young Master Wen and Qi Rongzhi also went there.

If we go there at this time, will we run into them” Qin Wanru thought and asked.


Lets go to have a look!” Chu Liuchen said with certain meaning!


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