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Wen Xichi nodded and looked up at the direction where Qin Wanru disappeared, feeling inexplicably agitated.

Part of the reason why he came to Huaguang temple in advance this time was that he wanted to meet Qin Wanru earlier and make inquiries about the information.

But he had found nothing up to now!

It felt like the light smoke he couldnt grasp, making Wen Xichi uncomfortable.

Yes, he felt very uncomfortable.

Or we can say that he felt very terrible!

He must find it out.

As he thought, he turned around and strode away.

Just as Qin Wanru walked into the yard with Yujie, she was stopped by Chun Yi with timidity.

Qin Wanru originally intended to ignore Qi Rongzhi, but she still turned a corner and went to Qi Rongzhis house after taking two steps.

She thought that it must be a plot.

Someone had passed the message to Qi Rongzhi, and there were even some plans, that she didnt know, behind this!

After entering the room, she did not sit down, but stared at the face of Qi Rongzhi who had got up.

“Whats the matter”

“Qin Wanru, you are so mean!” Qi Rongzhi gnashed her teeth, stood up, and reached out to slap Qin Wanru, but was stopped by Yujie instantly.

“Qi Rongzhi, now you live in our Qins Mansion and rely on our Qins Mansion.

We are not in Jiangzhou.

Im wondering what makes you so confident and believe that I will tolerate you again and again!”

Qin Wanru said coldly and raised her bright and stern eyes to stare at Qi Rongzhis face.

“He, he is the person I fancy.

Why do you steal him from me again Qin Wanru, what do I owe you so that you spoil my affairs again and again!” Qi Rongzhi looked at Qin Wanru with hatred in her almost burning eyes.

“The person you fancy Qi Rongzhi, is this the rule of your Qis mansion” Qin Wanru raised her eyebrows and quietly asked.

She had an intuition there must be a plot behind this.

Qi Rongzhi couldnt be so ignorant!

“Of course he is the person I fancy.

Or it can be said that your father and grandma promised my father to arrange a blind date for me, and he is the person they picked,” Qi Rongzhi said with hatred.

Panic-stricken, Qin Wanru looked at Qi Rongzhi with slight surprise and repeated her words, “The person my father and grandma picked for you”

“Yes, he is the person your father and grandma picked for me.

Qin Wanru, dont you know your family has ruined my marriage This is what your family owes me,” Qi Rongzhi stared at Qin Wanru and said in anger.

The Qins Mansion and the Qis Mansion were intertwined with each other and restrained by each other.

But tracing to the source, it originated from Madam Di and Qin Yuru breaking the promise of marriage.

“So, my father and grandma will pick a good match for you to compensate your Qis Mansion, and this time my father picked the third childe of Deputy Prime Ministers Chambers”

Qin Wanru sat on the stool beside her and asked lightly.

“Yes, Third Young Master Wen has both an outstanding appearance and brilliant talents.

I heard that he is going to attend the imperial examination this time.

With his talents, there should be no big problem for him!” Qi Rongzhi said proudly, as if Wen Xichi had a relationship with her now.

“This time you come to Huaguang temple for this Did father tell you this” Qin Wanru meticulously organized Qi Rongzhis words, while casually asking.

“Sort, sort of!” Qi Rongzhi raised her head and said directly.

“What do you mean Did my father tell you in person or did someone else pass his words to you If someone else passed his words to you, why did my father make someone else do the work” Looking at Qi Rongzhis face, Qin Wanru knew there was a plot behind this so-called “arrangement”.

As for her father, Qin Yurus affairs had already made him utterly exhausted.

At this time, he should barely have any energy to arrange a blind date for Qi Rongzhi and pick Wen Xichi for her.

But thinking of Wen Xichis words, she inexplicably thought there was something she didnt know behind this, otherwise Wen Xichi wouldnt say these to her.

Could it be possible that her father really had contact with Deputy Prime Ministers Chambers, and this contact was an important factor directly causing Wen Xichis misunderstanding of her

Although Qin Wanru was very reluctant to admit it, she thought it was a little possible!

“Even if your father didnt tell me personally, its almost the same.

Its picking a match anyway, and its better that I can do it myself.

Third Young Master Wen has a good impression on me.

But why do you get so close to him and hang out with him Arent you afraid that your reputation will be damaged by your behavior of hanging out with a man”

Qi Rongzhi said reluctantly with a sneer, and then put on a sad expression, “Qin Wanru, you are still young and good-looking, and your father is the newly appointed official in the capital.

You can marry anyone you want.

Why do you have to steal someone I like from me” “What happened in Jiangzhou was just a conflict between us when we were young and ignorant.

Its not a life-and-death feud.

Do you hate me so much that you have to ruin my marriage”

Not a life-and-death feud Qin Wanru stared at Qi Rongzhis hypocritical face, with a slight sneer on her face.

If she really died, how could she take revenge on Qi Rongzhi

She wouldnt forget Qi Rongzhi wanted to either disfigure her or kill her.

Qi Rongzhi said that it was not a life-and-death feud, because Qi Rongzhi didnt kill her at that time!

“Qi Rongzhi, regarding what you said, did someone deliberately disclose it to you Im sure grandma doesnt know about it! Otherwise, she would have asked Third Young Master Wen to stay for longer and mentioned more about you!” Qin Wanru said calmly.

“Even if your grandma doesnt know about it… your father must know about it.

It, it is mainly arranged by him.” Qi Rongzhi felt diffident, but still said loudly.

“He has met Third Young Master Wen” Qin Wanru said with a sparkle in her eyes.

She really didnt know there was a connection between Qin Huaiyong and Wen Xichi.

There was a large disparity on age between them.

They were even unlikely to encounter each other.

So they should meet with a purpose.

But what could they talk about

Something slipped through her mind, but she failed to catch it at the moment!

“The reason why you went up the mountain and pretended to be ill today is that you know Third Young Master Wen is proficient in medical skill and he is in Huaguang Temple” Qin Wanru asked for details.

“Yes, I just know that! I heard that your father will come to meet him too.

Anyway, he does that for me.

I can meet him first,” Qi Rongzhi said arrogantly.

“You probably heard it from some maids or old maids, right I guess my father wont tell you about this.

It hasnt been a long time since our family moved to the capital, and we have just settled down.

Even if he has picked someone for you, he will certainly discuss the matter formally after communicating with your parents by letter.”

Qin Wanru stared at Qi Rongzhi with her cold eyes, as if she could see through her mind.

Her gaze made Qi Rongzhi involuntarily turn around.

But she instantly came to her senses, stared mercilessly at her and said in anger, “So what Does it have anything to do with you”

“Of course nothing to do with me.

Well, you should stop bothering me!” Qin Wanru turned around coldly and seemed to be leaving.

Seeing her really about to leave, Qi Rongzhi was anxious and said at the top of her voice, “Qin Wanru, what do you mean Why should I bother you Third Young Master Wen is mine.

if you dare to steal him from me, I will fight with you!”

“Fight with me” Qin Wanru slightly turned her head and squinted at Qi Rongzhi.

Qi Rongzhi only felt that Qin Wanru had a kind of unspeakable majesty and vigor.

At the moment, she became diffident with hatred, gnashed her teeth hard and secretly cursed herself for her weakness.

Why should she be afraid of Qin Wanru who was just a nobody

She instantly boosted her courage and said in a sharp voice, “Yes, I will even rededicate my life to prevent you from achieving what you wish!”

“Qi Rongzhi, do you know where this is” Qin Wanru said with a sweet and elegant smile as brilliant as blooming flowers.

Even Qi Rongzhi, who was familiar with Qin Wanrus face, was amazed at this moment.

But she then looked at Qin Wanru with hostility.

“Qin Wanru, what do you mean”

“Here is Huaguang Temple, a royal temple.

You should take the mountain roads when going up and down the mountain.

There are countless people going back and forth here every day.

Among the countless people, if one or two people are missing, do you think that they can trace them down” Qin Wanru said with a slight smile.

Qi Rongzhi felt a quiver in her heart and felt her feet went weak.

The momentum she tried hard to stir up collapsed at once.

After taking a few steps backward, she pointed at Qin Wanru and said in a loud voice, “What, what do you want to do”

“I dont want to do anything.

I just want to tell you if something really happens to you in Huaguang Temple, the situation has been settled even though my father will be blamed for his ineffective supervision.

Your father will probably not fight against my father because of you.

I heard that your father also wants to move to the capital.

I think there should be an agreement between them.”

Qin Wanru said slowly, glancing coldly at Qi Rongzhi with her calm eyes.

“You, you…” Qi Rongzhi really panicked and shivered all over.

“In fact, you are already half dead when after coming up the mountain today.

You made an excuse at will to go up the mountain after overhearing others words.

My grandma and I are on the mountain and dont know anything about it.

You come up the mountain on your own.

If anything happens to you later, it has nothing to do with the person behind it, but can be an excuse to trap my grandma and me.

Qi Rongzhi, If my father really picked him for you, do you really think that it will be known by servants before it is settled”

Qin Wanru stared at Qi Rongzhi with a trace of sarcasm.

Nevertheless, this obvious sarcasm made Qi Rongzhi tremble terribly.

“Qi Rongzhi, are you ready to be knocked down by a carriage and fall down the mountain or taken away by unknown criminals This kind of thing is not very likely to happen in the capital.

However, you are such a weak girl.

Your reputation will be ruined if you are kidnapped, even if they send you back!”

Qin Wanru said leisurely.

She knew Qi Rongzhi had begun to doubt it and be scared!

“It, its impossible.

Ill go with you!” With her face changing, Qi Rongzhi gnashed her teeth and said after a while.

“Since they managed to send you to Huaguang Temple, they are not going to let you leave safely.

Qi Rongzhi, in fact, you should be happy for becoming an abandoned chess piece for trapping my grandma and me.

After all, you messed with me a lot.

Now you have an accident, and I can take the blame perfectly!”

“Qin Wanru, stop talking.

I will tell you everything!” Crushed by the last straw added by Qin Wanru, Qi Rongzhi shouted loudly with red eyes.


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