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Qi Rongzhi was overjoyed, while Qin Wanru was thoughtful.

“Just ask him to come over!” Qi Rongzhi said with great delight.

She didnt expect that it would be so simple and Qin Yuru didnt lie to her.

“Nanny Duan, ask the childe to come over a moment later!” Qin Wanru said.

They almost spoke at the same time.

“Yes, Second Miss!” Nanny Duan said, followed by the sound of leaving.

Qi Rongzhi was so angry that she wanted to smash the teacup on the table.

How dared an old maid ignore her

“Tidy up your Miss room!” Qin Wanru stood up and turned to hide herself behind the curtain, while telling Chun Yi and Chun Xi.

“You dont need to let down the curtain.

The doctor should look at my complexion later,” Qi Rongzhi said shyly.

Qin Wanru paused, and then walked inside without a word.

With her status, Qi Rongzhi really dared to dream of hooking up with him.

In the last life, the reason why he married Qin Wanru was that he had been seriously ill at that time and needed to marry her to counteract bad luck.

Thus, his family didnt care about her status at all.

But in this life, with his status and reputation for talent, Wen Xichi was definitely out of Qi Rongzhis reach!

Qin Wanru didnt know who gave her this illusion and motioned for her to turn to grandma and mother.

But there were not many people in the Qins Mansion, it was not difficult to detect it.

Yujie brought a stool inside for Qin Wanru, and Qin Wanru sat behind the curtain.

Outside the curtain, Chun Yi and Chun Xi worked together to make the bed and place the stools.

When they were in disorder, Qi Rongzhi was delighted to ask them to serve the new tea.

They could have got prepared soon, but Qi Rongzhi caused a lot of chaos.

Hearing Nanny Duans voice coming from outside, they finally calmed down a bit.

“Please come in!” Qi Rongzhi softly said and leaned inside, looking increasingly delicate.

As the door was pushed open, Wen Xichi came in.

A suit of light green clothes made him look extraordinarily cultured and elegant.

With an outstanding appearance, he was graceful and unrestrained at every movement.

His innate nobleness and elegance made him look very attractive, while his gentle face left a favorable impression on others.

“Childe Wen, please sit down!” Nanny Duan accompanied him to come here.

Wen Xichi sat on the stool in front of the bed without looking sideways.

Glancing at the white and tender hand stretched out, he slightly frowned and asked gently, “Do you have a handkerchief”

Since the patient was a strange young lady, he should certainly take her pulse with a handkerchief on her wrist.

It was improper for a man to touch a ladys hand.

But now the ladys maids seemed to have forgotten it!

“Yes, yes, Ill go to get it right away!” Chun Yi looked at Chun Xi, hurriedly took the blame, and then put a piece of snowy white handkerchief on Qi Rongzhis hand.

Wen Xichi closed his eyes and quietly felt the pulse.

With a red face, Qi Rongzhi, who was on the bed, fixedly stared at Wen Xichis handsome face and burst with joy.

He was so handsome, so gentle and elegant.

In particular, he was the childe of Deputy Prime Ministers Chambers.

If she could marry him, it would be much better than marrying the jerk Di Yan.

No, it was not much better than marrying Di Yan, but far beyond marrying Di Yan!

How could there be such a gentle and elegant man with such an extraordinarily handsome face in this world Qi Rongzhi felt that her heart almost jumped out, and burst with joy.

She glanced at her wrist held by the long and vigorous hand.

How she wished there was no handkerchief between their hands.

She silently pushed the sachet toward his hand.

The sachet was certainly not left on the bed because she forgot to clean up, but was left on the bed by her on purpose.

Behind the curtain, Qin Wanru watched them clearly and speechlessly.

“Can you please give me the other hand” Wen Xichi put down Qi Rongzhis hand and asked gently in a voice like a spring breeze stroking the face.

Qi Rongzhi dizzily stretched the other hand toward him.

However, Wen Xichi stepped back and told Chun Yi beside him, “Put the handkerchief on it!”

“Okay!” Chun Yi did not dare to disobey him.

She hurriedly came over, put the hand Qi Rongzhi had stretched out before into the quilt, and put a handkerchief on the hand Qi Rongzhi stretched out at this moment.

Wen Xichi reached out again, and the room became quiet.

“Childe, whats the problem with me Is it serious When visiting the elders, I felt dizzy and then fainted.

I still feel very uncomfortable now!”

Qi Rongzhi involuntarily asked in a voice which was much softer than her usual voice.

She felt that she had fallen in love with this Childe Wen in front of her at first sight, and had decided to marry him.

Wen Xichi slightly frowned.

He then calmly put down Qi Rongzhis wrist, glanced over the bright and beautiful sachet on the quilt and slowly looked up.

“Lady, can I see you face”

“Yes!” Qi Rongzhi said delicately.

Wen Xichi naturally looked at Qi Rongzhi, and then asked her to stick out her tongue.

He then stood up, seemingly going to give a prescription.

“Childe, is there anything serious with me” Qi Rongzhi asked anxiously.

“Lady, you are in good health.

Nothing serious.

You should take more rest and think less!” Wen Xichi looked back at Qi Rongzhis eager face and said gently with a smile.

Behind the curtain, Qin Wanru involuntarily blushed.

Wen Xichi was showing his displeasure and suggesting that Qi Rongzhi should give up her illusion.

Qi Rongzhi did not understand.

She still said delicately and reached out to touch her head, “But I still feel a headache, and seem to be a little feverish.

Can you touch my forehead”

Her words were extremely shameless.

Qin Wanru did not know what to say.

Even if Wen Xichi was a real doctor, it was inappropriate for Qi Rongzhi to pull a young mans hand in an attempt to make him touch her forehead, not to mention that Wen Xichi was just a strange young noble childe.

“Do you have a writing brush and some ink” Wen Xichi said gently, but was asking Chun Yi, as if he did not hear Qi Rongzhis words.

Chun Yi hurriedly replied and went to get these things.

After a while, the writing brush and ink were prepared.

Wen Xichi picked up the prescription and read it, and then said to Chun Yi beside him, “Please ask the person in charge to come out.

There is something I have to explain about this prescription!”

The person in charge Chun Yi was dumbfounded and looked toward Qi Rongzhi, who was reclining on the bed.

She was wondering if he was talking about her master.

But with so many maids around, it was inappropriate to ask a sick lady to read the prescription by herself.

Qin Wanru reluctantly came out from behind the curtain.

Could it be possible that Wen Xichi had discovered that there was someone behind the curtain

“Childe Wen!” Qin Wanru bowed sideways to Wen Xichi after coming out.

Wen Xichi turned around, with his gaze falling on Qin Wanru.

In fact, they hadnt met each other for a period.

At that time, she still looked like a child.

Now she had grown up a lot, which dumbfounded him for a while.

He then became natural again and handed the prescription to Qin Wanru.

“Boil the medicine according to this prescription, and this lady will be fine after taking the medicine for a period!” He looked down gently and politely, avoiding looking at Qin Wanru.

“How long should she take the medicine” Qin Wanru asked, in puzzlement.

She had taken Qi Rongzhis pulse and knew that she was not sick at all.

Why should she take medicine

“About a month,” Wen Xichi said lightly.

Qin Wanru glanced over several kinds of medicinal materials on the prescription and suddenly became speechless.

She had actually known that Wen Xichi had remarkable strategy, but had never seen him trick a girl in such a scheming way.

It seemed that Qi Rongzhi really offended him.

The medicinal materials on the prescription were not for curing illness, but for tranquilizing the mind.

Moreover, every medicinal material was extremely bitter.

If Qi Rongzhi really took this medicine, she might be unable to get rid of the bitterness in her mouth for several months!

“Thank you, childe.

I have to bother you next time I change the prescription.

Its detrimental to my condition if I change a doctor during the treatment.

Im wondering what your name is and where you live now.

Next time I can ask my maid to invite you to my mansion to give me medical advice!” On hearing Wen Xichis words, Qi Rongzhi burst into joy, with longing in her eyes.

She thought that Wen Xichi must also have feeling for her, otherwise he would not ask her to take medicine for about a month.

Others generally took medicine for seven days.

He asked her to take so many medicines in order to meet her more often.

Hearing Qi Rongzhis increasingly explicit words, Qin Wanru really did not know what to say.

Qi Rongzhi really dared to say that and treat Wen Xichi like a doctor.

Who did she think she was by saying inviting Wen Xichi to her mansion to give her medical advice Qin Wanru picked up the prescription and gave it to Chun Xi, “Send someone to go down the mountain to fill the prescription for your Miss!”

“Yes, Miss!” Chun Xi took it.

“Childe Wen, let me send you out!” Qin Wanru said and stretched her hand to show the way out.

She originally intended to meet Wen Xichi.

Since he had come, she naturally would not miss such an opportunity.

She thought that he would go up the mountain tomorrow.

Unexpectedly, he had come today, which was a surprise.

Wen Xichi nodded and turned to stride away.

Qin Wanru went out of the house after him.

No one cared about Qi Rongzhis extremely indiscreet words.

Seeing them successively went out of her house and seem to be familiar with each other, Qi Rongzhi was so angry that her face turned livid.

The hatred in her eyes almost burnt Qin Wanrus back.

As Qin Yuru said, Qin Wanru would definitely stop her.

As long as she fancied an outstanding man, Qin Wanru would definitely steal him from her.

She was reluctant.

She fancied him first.

If Qin Wanru dared to steal him from her, she would kill her!

Qin Wanru took Wen Xichi to make his farewells to Old Madam Qin, and Old Madam Qin expressed her great gratitude towards him.

Knowing that he was the son of Deputy Prime Minister, Old Madam Qin increasingly thought that the childe in front of her had both excellent character and a good family background.

She suddenly looked back at Qin Wanru beside her and inexplicably had a new idea.

After a small talk, Wen Xichi stood up to politely make his farewells, Madam Dowager smiled and nodded, and then said to Qin Wanru, “Zhuozhuo, our mansion owes Childe Wen a debt of gratitude.

You should send him out!”

Qin Wanru was dumbfounded for a moment.

She did not understand what Madam Dowager meant, but still did as Madam Dowager asked.

She did have something to talk with Wen Xichi.

So she did not refuse, stood up and said to Madam Dowager, “Okay, grandma!”

Glancing at Qin Wanru, Wen Xichi actually did not refuse.

He just answered Madam Dowager politely and then turned to leave after Qin Wanru.

They left the courtyard one after the other and walked outside.

Behind the window of a house behind them, Qi Rongzhi stared at them with her sullen and cold eyes…


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