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“Say it!” Qin Wanru sat down again and said with her peaceful eyes.

Qi Rongzhi rolled her eyes and said, “Qin Wanru, does it have anything to do with you You think that you are always childe Shaos savior after saving him once, dont you”

“You dont want to say it” Ignoring her ridicule, Qin Wanru only raised her eyebrows and said lazily with obvious threat in her eyes.

“Fine, fine.

Ill tell you.

This matter has nothing to do with me anyway!” Qi Rongzhi was not willing to spoil her affair because of Qin Yurus business.

“I walked with Qin Yuru that day.

An old maid suddenly came out, saying that she was the maid of the Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion and asking Qin Yuru to go aside to have a talk.

So Qin Yuru went aside with her maids to have a talk with the old maid.

I wanted to listen to their conversation, but I failed to do that, because I was a bit far away from them.

After the old maid left, Qin Yuru said that she wanted to enjoy the scenery and turned to another path.

She happened to meet the little childe, and then they just bumped into each other!!”

After recalling what had happened that day, Qi Rongzhi said.

“Did Qin Yuru do that on purpose” Qin Wanru asked again with certainty.

“Of course she did that on purpose.

Otherwise, as someone with the most basic etiquette, how could she bump into such a child” Qi Rongzhi curled her lip and said dismissively.

“Did you see the old maid again later” Qin Wanru thought for a while and asked.

“I neither saw her nor knew what she had talked with Qin Yuru.

The Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion did not come out that day, so it was impossible to see her maid!” Qi Rongzhi got impatient and rolled her eyes.

“Qin Wanru, why havent you gone to seek a doctor for me I have told you everything!”

“I will go to ask other people now, but Im not quite sure whether I can find one!” Qin Wanru stood up and said.

“Fine, fine.

Just go and ask quickly.

I feel dizzy again!” Qi Rongzhi leaned back and said feebly.

Qin Wanru stood up and came out from Qi Rongzhis room, and then went directly to the principal room to meet Madam Dowager.

Shui Ruolan was also there, talking with Madam Dowager in the room.

“How is First Miss Qi” After Qin Wanru bowed, Madam Dowager hurriedly asked.

“Nothing serious.

But she didnt trust me and told me to ask the monks in the temple to seek someone with brilliant medical skills to give her medical advice!” Qin Wanru sat on the spring stool next to Madam Dowager and said with a smile.

“What is she up to” Shui Ruolan frowned.

Almost everyone in the Qins Mansion didnt like this Young Lady Qi.

“I dont know either.

Mother, maybe we should call a monk here and ask him about that!” Qin Wanru shook her head and suggested.

“Will anything go wrong We are on the mountain, and only your grandma and I are in charge.” Shui Ruolan didnt trust Qi Rongzhi either.

“Mother, it doesnt matter.

We can send more people to keep an eye on her.

If we dont send anyone to treat her, she will say that our Qins Mansion didnt take good care of her and didnt seek a doctor for her even when she is ill,” Qin Wanru said softly.

On hearing her words, Shui Ruolan fell silent.

Qi Rongzhi was likely to do so indeed!

“Go and ask a reception monk!” Madam Dowager also considered Qin Wanrus words reasonable.

She told Nanny Duan beside her after thinking.

Nanny Duan replied and stepped backward.

“Grandma, let me take your pulse.

You look much better!” Qin Wanru reached out and said to Madam Dowager with a smile.

“Well, these days I did feel more relaxed.

I occasionally walked with your mother, which made me less depressed!”

Madam Dowager reached out with a smile.

Qi Rongzhi did not trust Qin Wanrus medical skills, but she did.

When they were in Jiangzhou, the Abbess of Jingxin Monastery nursed Madam Dowagers body as the doctor Madam Dowager trusted most.

After they left Jiangzhou, Qin Wanru took over this responsibility.

The appreciation of Qin Wanru by the Abbess of Jingxin Monastery made Madam Dowager honored and greatly confident.

Qin Wanru put her fingers on Madam Dowagers wrist, and nodded secretly after taking Madam Dowagers pulse.

Her grandma got a little better than before.

Illness came on horseback, but went away on foot.

Grandma could increasingly regain her health only if she took more rest.

Of course, being free from worry was also an active key.

This was why she took Madam Dowager to the mountain to worship the Buddha, deliberately avoiding the mess between Duke Yongs Mansion and their mansion.

“Grandma has got much better indeed, but still cant afford to get tired.

If anything happens later, Grandma had better leave it aside!” Qin Wanru let go of Madam Dowagers wrist and said meaningfully.

“Cunning girl!” Madam Dowager understood.

She reached out to touch her forehead and said reproachfully with a smile.

Having experienced a lot of things, she could certainly understand what Qin Wanru meant by saying that!

“I was telling the truth!” Qin Wanru said coyly, smiling like a blooming flower with a girls unique sweetness.

“Wanru, take my pulse now!” Shui Ruolan also came over with a smile to join them.

“Im certainly going to take Mothers pulse!” Qin Wanru reached out with a smile to put her fingers on Shui Ruolans wrist.

Shui Ruolan nourished the fetus very well.

She had done everything Qin Wanru told her, so she was very healthy.

Although she didnt have a large baby bump, her condition looked quite stable.

Even her skin became white and tender.

Compared with herself who had been so thin before, she became much better.

After letting go of Shui Ruolans hand, Qin Wanru told her about matters needing attention.

They talked and laughed in the house, without feeling the fleeting time.

After a while, Nanny Duan came back with a message.

“A monk in the temple said that there is such a guest who is proficient in medical skills, but he is a noble and male guest.

It is really inconvenient for him to treat a young lady.”

Nanny Duan reported.

“Who, who is this” With the smile fading on her face, Madam Dowager frowned and asked.

Qin Wanru did not speak, only raising her eyes to glance at Nanny Duan.

She was also very curious about who the man arousing Qi Rongzhis interest was.

Was Qi Rongzhi going to abandon Di Yan and go after a better man

She didnt know how she, who had always stayed in her mansion, knew about this As she thought, her gaze became increasingly deep at an angle where no one noticed.

“It is said that it is a young childe from a high officials mansion, and he happened to just reach Huaguang Temple today,” Nanny Duan said.

“As a young childe from an officials family, its really inappropriate for him to do that!” Madam Dowager said hesitantly.

Besides the prudent reserve between men and women, the childe was not a doctor.

They could ask him to give medical advice only if he was willing to do that.

However, they could not leave Qi Rongzhi alone!

“I told the monk that there is a young lady who is sick here.

The monk said that he could ask the childe for us, but he couldnt guarantee that the childe would agree.”

Nanny Duan hesitated and smiled bitterly.

She could only say that at that time.

Regarding the result, it depended on whether this young childe agreed.

A young childe, who was from a high officials family with brilliant medical skills, had just reached Huaguang Temple.

A thought inexplicably came to Qin Wanrus mind.

Could it be him If it was him indeed, she really should help Qi Rongzhi today.

“Grandma, let me go and talk to Qi Rongzhi.

If the childe really comes over, we can ask him to give medical advice.

If he doesnt come, we can only think of another way!”

Qin Wanru proposed a suggestion to Madam Dowager after thinking.

Madam Dowager nodded helplessly.

This was their only solution.

Even if they thought it inappropriate for a young childe to treat a young lady, it seemed to be the only expedient measure at the moment.

Qin Wanru got up and went to the house of Qi Rongzhi.

In the house, Qi Rongzhi was still lying on the bed feebly.

Seeing Qin Wanru come in, she was happy at the beginning, and then involuntarily looked past her.

Seeing Qin Wanru enter and sit down with no one coming after her, she said unkindly, “Qin Wanru, where is the person you ask to come”

“I cant ask him to come here.

He is a noble childe and wont do as anyone asks!” Qin Wanru said with nonchalant eyes, “What I can do is to wait here for this childes decision!”

Qi Rongzhi was overjoyed.

“He is a noble childe”

“Nanny Duan said that he is a noble childe who is from a high officials family with brilliant medical skills, but he does not necessarily give others medical advice.

You should be mentally prepared.

It is not that grandma didnt ask him, but he may be unwilling to come here with a high status!” Qin Wanru said, seemingly indicating something.

“If he is unwilling to come here, why dont you say that you are from Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion” Qi Rongzhi was discontented and glared at Qin Wanru.

“Qi Rongzhi, you should know that we are in the capital, not Jiangzhou.

My father is just a petty official, and you are even nothing!”

Qin Wanru rebuked rudely with a cold smile.

Qi Rongzhi blushed with rage.

She secretly gnashed her teeth hard and glared viciously at Qin Wanru, with her hands tightly grasping the corner of the quilt.

She had decided to trample the mean girl Qin Wanru underfoot after marrying into a rich and powerful family.

How dared the mean girl to humiliate her again and again

She would not let off the mean sisters of the Qins family!

They both contributed to her current situation!

Seeing Qi Rongzhi glaring maliciously at her without speaking, Qin Wanru ignored her and calmly picked up a sachet at the bedside.

It seemed to be exquisite at first glance.

Did the maids ignore it and left it on the bed

Finding the sachet in her hand was taken away by force, Qin Wanru looked up at Qi Rongzhis cruel face, “Take your dirty hands off my stuff.

Qin Wanru, Im telling you, if you fail to find a doctor for me and something terrible happens to me in Huaguang Temple today, all of you are to be blamed!”

She did not believe that they couldnt ask the childe to come here.

As the family of a newly appointed official who was not very high-ranking, they should be at least capable of doing that!

Anyway, she must meet this person today.

“Second Miss, the noble childe has agreed to come over.

Madam Dowager asked you if he can come over to give First Miss Qi medical advice.” Nanny Duans voice was suddenly heard upon the door.

The two people in the room were both dumbfounded.

After a look at each other, they showed completely different expressions.


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