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In the study, Madam Di was kneeling in front of Qin Huaiyongs desk, sobbing.

Hearing a sound, she raised her head, took a look at Qin Wanru, and began to wipe away her tears again with her handkerchief, ignoring her.

In the study, there were no other people because Yujue didnt follow her in.

First, Qin Wanru stepped forward to bow respectfully to Qin Huaiyong, who waved his hand to let her up, then lowered his head to continue reading the case records in his hands.

In the room, only Madam Dis sobbing could be heard.

The silence was eerie!

Qin Wanru backed off to the side and hesitated, seemingly wishing to say something.

Qin Huaiyong took the records to read, waited a long while, but didnt hear her voice, then raised his head again to look at her and asked, “Wanru, whats up”

“Grandma is not well!” Qin Wanru said.

“Didnt your grandma already wake up just now” Qin Huaiyong frowned.

“Yes, she did, but after she was angered like this… She has been unhealthy.

After todays trouble, I am afraid Grandma wont get out of bed for a short while,” Qin Wanru said softly.

“Then ask your grandma to have a good rest.” Qin Huaiyong nodded.

“Father, could Grandma go and stay in Huaguang Temple for a few days and enjoy its peace These days, I am afraid our mansion wont be peaceful.” Qin Wanru looked at Qin Huaiyong, a little hesitant.

Her words made Qin Huaiyong silent for a while, for he surely knew the matter was not over yet.

Duke Yongs Mansion would still send their people here.

It was hard to predict the chaos of the future, and also the ones that would follow.

No doubt, their mansion wouldnt be peaceful in the coming days.

“You, your grandma, and Ruolan may go to Huaguang Temple together and spend a few days there!” With a moment of thinking, Qin Huaiyong made his decision.

Not only Madam Dowager but also Shui Ruolan, who had no close relations with this matter, would be annoyed and wouldnt rest well if they stayed in the mansion.

“My mother can also go What about the mansions affairs” Qin Wanru said peacefully.

She came here for this aim: Take her grandmother and mother away, so they wouldnt have to get involved in the matter of Qin Yuru and Di Yan.

“Let these supervisors and my concubines manage it now.

Previously, when Ruolan was unhealthy, they were also given the right to do the job,” Qin Huaiyong thought about the possible time of solving this issue and said.

Solving the problem fast was good for everyone!

“Yes, father, when should we leave” Qin Wanru tried to be relaxed in her tone.

“In a while, go help your grandma and mother pack, and go to Huaguang Temple now!” Qin Huaiyong thought and said.

“Yes, Father!” With her aim achieved, Qin Wanru bowed low to Qin Huaiyong, and turned, walking to go outside without saying anything else, but she heard Madam Dis voice.

“General, why do you let them leave now Do you want to let others know our mansion is inharmonious”

“You know whether we are harmonious or not.

At this time, do you still want to build a marriage bond with Duke Yongs Mansion” Qin Huaiyongs voice was as cold as always.

“What if we dont Yurus reputation…” Madam Di cried again.

The following words were a little light, and Qin Wanru couldnt hear them from off in the far distance.

In the yard, Qin Yuru was still crying.

As Qin Wanru walked past, she didnt raise her head either, as if she didnt see her coming.

Mei Xue, who knelt alongside her, took a look at Qin Wanru timidly and lowered her head instantly to bow.

Qin Wanru walked past her slowly.

After she passed, she could perceive Qin Yurus solidified cold look at her back.

“Second Miss, why does the First Miss hate you so much This matter has nothing to do with you, and it was not you who asked Miss Ning to come and make trouble!” Yujie turned her head to look at Qin Yurus behavior, confused.

Qin Wanru smiled and, referring to something, said, “Some people are born to think that others should be trampled on!”

Being selfish and conceited, Qin Yuru sometimes didnt need too many reasons to generate hatred.

Even an impossible or funny reason in others eyes could become a great indication that others tried to hurt her.

In this respect, she was the same as Madam Di.

Fortunately, in this life, Qin Yuru could not destroy her as she did in her previous one.

The ones who would be destroyed slowly were only her and Madam Di.

Di Yan was a man without progress, but admiring his hereditary title, so many people appreciated him.

Ning Caixian failed, but there were still others out there.

From Ning Caixians case, some people would learn more lessons!

As the Chinese proverb goes: Beat the grass to startle the snake.

Sometimes it was a good thing to frighten the venomous snake early!

Since they would only stay for a few days, Madam Dowager and Shui Ruolan didnt pack many things, and Qin Wanru packed even less.

After packing roughly, several horse-drawn carriages pulled out of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion, heading for Huaguang Temple.

Qin Huaiyong had already appointed their supervisor to reserve guestrooms in Huaguang Temple.

When everyone arrived at Huaguang Temple, the guestrooms had already been prepared.

Madam Dowager and Shui Ruolan couldnt stand walking along Wenxi Road, and fortunately, their horse-drawn carriages could pull in straight through a side door on another slope.

The shortcut was mainly prepared for the sick and weak who visited Huaguang Temple.

Most who could walk themselves would take Wenxi Road.

It was said that the Buddha would only hear more of the hearts of those who took Wenxi Road, and they were also more heartfelt.

Qin Wanru still brought Yujie to the mountain, and also Qu Le, who helped deal with trifles.

Compared with Qing Xue, Qu Le looked more valued in Zhifang Pavilion, although she was a second-level servant girl.

What happened in the past also made Qin Wanru trust Qu Le gradually.

As for Qing Xue, Qin Wanru felt that she had better transfer her to another place in a period of time.

Although Qing Xue had to stand on her side now, it was hard to tell whether or not Qing Xue would be forced if Madam Di took action.

Regarding such a person, she thought that Madam Di would not give up.

What on earth would happen Nanny Yu persuaded Qin Wanru to give Qing Xue more time, saying that she felt Qing Xue was also a poor girl.

As a servant, she had no choice.

Qin Wanru thought about it, postponed the matter, and still asked her to stay at Zhifang Pavilion.

The following days were peaceful, but Nanny Yu still sent her messages each day.

It was said that Duke Yongs mother visited Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion herself soon after Qin Wanru and Madam Dowager left.

Initially, she wanted to see Old Madam Qin, but since Old Madam Qin was absent, she went straight to Qin Huaiyong.

No one knew what they said in the study, but then Qin Huaiyong went to their mansions gate and asked Di Yan to come in.

Later, he specially invited a doctor to treat Di Yans injuries.

Duke Yongs kick had injured his leg indeed.

Even until now, he was still recuperating in Qins Mansion.

As for Ning Caixians case, it was dealt with more directly.

The yamen had an open trial right away.

All the concrete evidence proved that Ning Caixian had evil wishes and smeared Qin Yurus reputation silently.

Qin Yuru and Di Yan were absent, but a supervisor of Qins Mansion appeared, and Duke Yongs Mansion sent some of Di Yans evidence: the letters that Ning Caixian wrote to Di Yan in the past.

It was said that these letters wording was extremely shameful and didnt look like what an aristocratic familys miss would use at all.

Nings Mansion was also an aristocratic family.

Although it was a ruined one, not all the family branches were ruined.

Yet, all its females were affected by this case, and people in the capital city were all spreading the rumors that its females were quite disgraceful, and their talks with men were even filthier than those of whores.

These things came in pieces to Qin Wanrus ears gradually.

Although she was not in Qins Mansion, she had been observing this matter, which sounded simple, but Qin Wanru could still get its clear meaning.

Fortunately, her grandmother and mother had long been taken out, or they would have been annoyed.

For this matter, neither her grandmother nor her mother could make the decision.

Her father dealt with the whole thing himself.

It was his duty.

At least by doing so, the matter would not be spread to her grandmother or mother.

Sometimes, the aftermath would also kill people.

One had better not stand too close while watching dogs bite one another as an outsider…

In the dark cell, a woman was sitting in one corner, unkempt.

Dressed in thin and pale clothes, she looked bloodless, with only a trace of red in her eyes, looking solitarily cold and miserable.

A sound came from the tightly closed door of the cell.

The female jailer shook the keys in her hand, brought down two people, opened the lock on the door, and shouted, “Ning Caixian, you have visitors!”

Ning Caixian raised up her glazed eyes, turned them, and called out excitedly, “Cousin!”

“No cousin, but your younger sister who has been hurt terribly by you!” Ning Xueqing walked in, looked down at Ning Caixian, and said dismissively, “At this time, your cousin is with a beauty and will never think of you, and you are but a woman he abandoned!”

The servant girl behind her gave a purse to the female jailer, who raised the corner of her mouth to ridicule Ning Caixian.

“You two had better be quick.

This is not your mansion, and you cannot talk freely.”

What Ning Caixian did made every woman feel sick, and the female jailer had been unhappy with her for a long time.

Ning Caixian pretended to be vulnerable as if a gust of wind could make her fall, but she looked as normal as ever even after being thrown into prison.

It was heard that she was a beauty who would fall if a wind blew her.

That was but acting.

Most of the women the jailer had seen were like this!

“Yes, yes, yes, we will be very quick.” The servant girl flattered her with a smile.

The female jailer gave a cold snort, and turned and left.

The servant girl backed to the side and lowered her eyes, motionless, as if she did not exist.

“Ning Xueqing, is that you” When Ning Caixian saw Ning Xueqing, who had been unfriendly with her, before her, the expectation on her face ebbed, and she lowered her head.

“Ning Caixian, are you sincere” Ning Xueqing squatted, looked sideways at Ning Caixians face, and ridiculed her, “Di Yan has been treating you like a toy.

Dont you know that The letters you wrote have become known to the entire capital.

It is said that they have also become the samples of the brothels in the capital!”

Ning Caixian raised her eyes with a slight trace of blood and, staring at Ning Xueqing sullenly, said, “Shut up!”

“Whats the use of getting angry with me If you have the ability, go to Di Yan and Qin Yuru! Look at you now! Not only I but also the members of our Ning Family want to sink you to the river in a pigs cage.

Ning Caixian, you are poor indeed!” Ning Xueqing ridiculed Ning Caixian mercilessly.

“Take me away!” Ning Caixian suddenly looked at Ning Xueqing and said insidiously, with blood-shot eyes!


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