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When Qin Wanru reached the study, she was led by a servant from the side door.

She saw a screen, and Qin Yuru sat there, frustrated.

The servant pointed to another chair and gestured for her to sit there.

Qin Wanru nodded silently and sat down.

Qin Yuru glanced at her angrily and continued to listen to the movement behind the screen.

“You said that this is cousins hair clasp, what is the evidence” Qin Wanru strained her ears and heard Di Yans voice first.

Her eyes darkened as Di Yan seemed to be more dissatisfied with Qin Yuru.

Otherwise, he would not have intervened in the matter.

At this time, even if Di Yan was full of doubts, he should avoid it.

Going directly to the study and intervene in the matter showed his impoliteness.

In other words, he could no longer control his dissatisfaction with Qin Yuru.

“Well, the First Miss and I fell in love at first sight.

When we met, we exchanged hair clasps.

If you dont believe me, you can ask the First Miss.

I gave her an inherited hair clasp from my ancestors.

Although I am broke now, my inherited hair clasp is of excellent quality!”

A thin man kneeled in the study.

Although he was young, when he rolled his eyes, he looked obscene.

Though he had been beaten by Qin Huaiyong and his face was swollen, it did not stop him from insisting on his words.

“Nonsense!” Qin Yuru could no longer bear it and she stood up.

Her face turned gloomy as she approached the man and kicked him hard.

When he saw Qin Yuru, the man immediately shouted, “First Miss, you, you took my token of love, and gave me an ordinary hair clasp as a gift, then disappeared.

If I had not come to find you today, were you going to deny it That hair clasp was passed down in my family.

My ancestors were officers once, and that clasp was the most valuable thing left by them.”

“Asshole!” As the man went past the limit, Qin Huaiyong became furious and threw a cup at him.

It hit the man in his head, and he cried.

“Cousin, do you have that hair clasp If you do, return it to him, hes not worth it!” Di Yan frowned.

“Cousin, what do you mean Are you saying that I have that hair clasp .

I took his hair clasp and had an affair with him” Qin Yuru cried uncontrollably.

She questioned while wiping her tears away.

“I am not saying that you have the hair clasp.

Its just that this man was a jerk, and if the matter continues, it would be bad!” Di Yan lowered his voice.

“Why he is sure it was me I have never seen this person.

The hair clasp is from Qins Mansion, but I am not the only one who has a hair clasp.

Second Sister can have one too, and I can also give it to others!” Although Qin Yuru hated Di Yan for what he said, she still tried to push the blame onto Qin Wanru under Madam Dis suggestion.

“Who are you How dare you try to frame a noble lady, dont you want to live!” Madam Di threatened him at the side.

She hated herself now.

If she had known earlier, she would not have used that woman to try and frame Qin Wanru.

She did not expect it to be her daughter who would be framed.

When she saw that hair clasp, she understood everything.

That hair clasp was from Dong Xiuer, and it was meant to spoil Qin Wanrus reputation.

The hair clasp was from Dong Xiuer, and for her own sake, she would push all the blame onto Qin Wanru.

Dong Xiuer hardly went out of Zhifang Pavilion, and with her character, most people would believe what she said.

And along with the evidence that she prepared, the trap would succeed.

However, now everything happened to Qin Yuru instead.

Madam Di wanted to tear Ning Caixian apart, as she was the culprit.

“That bitch, how dare she!”

She looked at Di Yan suspiciously.

At first, she favored this nephew, but now she hated him in all ways.

Not only was he a playboy, but he also kept a relationship with Ning Caixian, the bitch.

Of course, Countess Yong had a role inside as well.

They were all jerks.

If given the chance, she would make that womans reputation even worse.

Madam Di was full of hatred and grievances.

She knew the truth but couldnt say it.

She could only hint that it was related to Qin Wanru, and thus, Qin Huaiyong called Qin Wanru over.

“Madam, I am in love with the First Miss, do not separate us!” The man was stubborn and insisted on his words.

When he heard Qin Yurus and Madam Dis words, he denied them.

Madam Di bellowed, trembling with fury, “My daughter is going to marry my nephew and will be the future Duke Yongkang Princess.

Which part of you is worthy of my daughter How dare you say that you are in love with her!”

Madam Di pointed at him bellowed, trembling with fury.

“Although my family is not as good as the heir of a duke, my ancestors were also famous people.

Moreover, I treated Miss Qin well.

When we were together, we already made out.

Otherwise, I would not give her such a precious hair clasp.

Miss Qin said she liked my type, so what can I do!”

A rogue is a rogue.

He could say anything at this time.

Qin Yurus face blushed, nearly losing her breath.

She held onto Mei Xue and was about to kick the man again.

However, the man was prepared.

When he saw Qin Yuru lifting her leg, he hugged it and pulled her.

Qin Yuru lost her balance and fell onto him.

The man quickly released her leg and hugged her, excited.

“Yuru, I knew you loved me.

When we met privately, you said that we would have a baby together, and you might be pregnant.

You have to be careful now!”

Everything happened in a flash, and before Madam Di and Di Yan could react, Qin Yuru was in the arms of the man.

Madam Di reacted fast.

She pulled Qin Yuru and slapped the man in the face.

Nanny Zhou, who was beside her, helped to pull Qin Yuru up and then kicked the man hard.

When beaten, the man let go of Qin Yuru.

Di Yans face turned gloomy.

His fingers trembled and he wanted to say something.

However, at the sight of Qin Huaiyongs icy expression, he dared not utter a word.

In such a situation, even if whatever happened earlier was fake, Qin Yurus reputation was considered spoilt.

Di Yan felt as if she had cheated on him!

“If you dont believe it, go to Miss Qins house and check it out.

You will find that hair clasp with a small word on it,butterfly.

None of the ladies in your mansion has that word in their name.

Of course, it would be mine!”

The man covered his chest and stood up.

“Find it!” Qin Huaiyong demanded angrily.

He had been a general for a long time and was at the top in Jiangzhou.

He had never encountered such a thing before.

A servant turned and left.

Qin Yurus expression changed and she ignored the man.

She held Madam Dis hand and panicked.


Madam Di patted Qin Yurus hand and hinted at Nanny Zhou, who then followed after the servant.

Although Madam Di felt this was a stupid affair, Qin Yuru seemed to be guilty.

She let Nanny Zhou follow up in case something went wrong.

Di Yan saw Qin Yurus panic and her interaction with Madam Di.

He was glum and hinted at his servant as well.

The servant than sneaked out and chased after the people in front!

“How dare you accuse my daughter! There is more than one lady in the mansion, you better check!” Even now, Madam Di tried to push everything onto Qin Wanru.

Qin Huaiyong banged the table angrily.

With the deafening noise, everyone quieted down.

“Father, send him to the government!” Qin Wanru walked out from behind the screen and calmly suggested.

Upon hearing that, the man panicked for the first time and then he regained his composure.

“No matter where I go, Miss Qin belongs to me.

We are not just engaged, we probably have a child already and will be a family in the future.

If you sent me to the government, the child would be born without a father!”

“Father, since he is so stubborn, investigate his identity first.

Then ask him who was he close to recently so we can know who is trying to frame us.” Qin Wanru did not panic and approached Qin Huaiyong.

However, she did not stop beside him and went past him instead.

“Nonsense, we should interrogate him first!” Madam Di panicked, for fear of more things being exposed.

Seeing Madam Dis guiltiness, the man stopped panicking and got rampant, then shouted, “I am in love with the young lady.

Even if you sent me to the government, I would say the same thing.

If you dont spoil her reputation, I dont mind either.

Anyway, I love speaking about our love stories!”

That man told him previously he would not be in trouble.

No lady would do that to spoil her reputation.

After all, the evidence was firm.

The man looked at Qin Yuru arrogantly.

His eyes were obscene.

Such a beautiful Miss from an aristocratic family was becoming his wife, how wonderful was that!

The next moment, as the man looked ahead, he became rigid…

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