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“So what do you think I should do to him” Chu Liuchen said lazily, with his gaze falling on Qin Wanrus face.

Qin Wanru closed her eyes to hide a trace of deepness in her eyes, and then opened her eyes, looked at Chu Liuchen deeply and said bluntly, “Your Highness, I dont know! I am just a weak girl, and dont know about many things!”

Chu Liuchen did not talk and slightly tilted his head, seemingly looking at her up and down.

Qin Wanru did not talk either, looking directly at this handsome and harmless face with a slightly unyielding smile on her face.

He looked so gentle and serene.

Who could tell that he was actually evil-minded and powerful!

“Qin Wanru, do you know what you said” Chu Liuchen suddenly laughed, and playfully touched his chin.

“I know!” Qin Wanru nodded without hesitation.

Perhaps she was clearly aware of it a long time ago.

This time Chu Liuchen looked at her and suddenly said meaningfully, “Okay, thats good!”

Qin Wanru blinked her watery eyes which reflected Chu Liuchens figure.

“Ill handle the matter of Abbess of Jingxin Monastery!” This was an affirmative promise Chu Liuchen gave to her.

She felt relieved.

Even if she had given the Fragrance of July to Chu Liuchen, It was unknown whether he would return this favor.

But at the moment, his words made Qin Wanru feel relieved.

The appearance of Xiao Xuanzi saved Qin Wanru from embarrassment.

After bowing to Chu Liuchen, Qin Wanru turned around to leave.

Seeing Qin Wanru leave hurriedly, Chu Liuchen withdrew his gaze and thought with his long eyelashes down like a weary butterfly which was beautiful and very relaxed.

“Master… Since Prince Yue has gone back, will the Empress Dowager consider you impersonal” Xiao Xuanzi reported.

It was rare that his master was in a good mood and relaxed.

He would like to see that.

Nevertheless, at the thought of it, he involuntarily looked towards the place where Qin Wanru has gone.

“Chu Liuyue thinks that no one can see through his mind, but there are plenty of wise people around the world!” Chu Liuchen said lightly.

The shadow of his extremely long eyelashes on his white and almost transparent face was almost treacherous, but it became gentle again when he raised his eyes.

The former and the latter seemed to be two completely different scenes.

The extremely handsome face seemingly knew when to show what kind of expression to control others minds.

He was smiling, but Xiao Xuanzi, who had been his intimate servant for a long time, could sense that his smile was not sincere and completely different from the relaxed smile before.

“Master, if, if Second Miss Qin didnt say that, will, will you…” Perhaps because of seeing Chu Liuchen look too relaxed before or seeing him suddenly set up his guard and smile insincerely, Xiao Xuanzi hesitated in speaking.

He had actually been here for a while.

He had passed by the places, where people could hide themselves, on this path with his master, so he had heard the conversation between Chu Liuchen and Qin Wanru.

“Since she has fallen into my hands, she is mine, and no one can take her away!” Chu Liuchen, whose skin was pale, extended a long hand, looked at his palm, slightly lifted the corners of his mouth and said with a faint smile.

The inexplicable chill made Xiao Xuanzi involuntarily shiver.

He almost blurted out, “If, If Second Miss Qin did not say that, wont, wont you do anything to her”

After finishing his words, Xiao Xuanzi immediately realized something and suddenly knelt down.

“Please forgive me for speaking without thinking!”

“Since she has shown up, she doesnt need to leave!” Chu Liuchen ignored Xiao Xuanzi, and his gaze falling on his palm became gentle.

“There is not so muchif in this world.

Anything belonging to me can never escape from me!”

Chu Liuchens voice was almost gentle.

After a long while, he raised his head and slightly raised his hand to motion for Xiao Xuanzi to stand up.

Xiao Xuanzi numbly stood up and looked at Chu Liuchen in a daze with excited tears in his eyes.

He should be happy for his master, but was it alright that his master was so obstinate

Perhaps this Second Miss Qin could be the sunshine in his masters heart and pull his master out of the eternal darkness…

After leaving Chu Liuchen, Qin Wanru went to find Shao Yuanhao.

Shao Yuanhao was practicing calligraphy in the study.

Seeing Qin Wanru come, he stopped practicing, pushed away the paper in his hand and ran out.

“Sister, sister, has Prince Chen left” Shao Yuanhao popped out his head to look over Qin Wanrus shoulder.

Without finding Chu Liuchen, he felt relieved.

Qin Wanru couldnt help but laugh.

This child feared nothing and no one but inexplicably feared Chu Liuchen so much.

There was always one thing to subdue another.

“Prince Chen is not here.

I come over to tell you that Im going back!”

“Sisters, dont leave.

You havent played with me!” Shao Yuanhao was reluctant, twisting his little body and pouting his little mouth.

“How many characters have you practiced writing” Qin Wanru blinked her eyes and smiled leisurely, “You have told me that you want to grow up into a person like your father and cover the screen wall with your calligraphy.

It is left by your father!”

“I…” Shao Yuanhao was speechless, bowing his head, stamping his feet on the ground to show his dissatisfaction.

“After you fill 100 papers with your calligraphy, I will come here to play with you.

At that time, even if Prince Chen is here, he will not say anything.” Qin Wanru patted his head and smiled.

“Really Prince Chen will leave me alone” On hearing that Chu Liuchen would leave him alone, Shao Yuanhao said with sparkle in his eyes.

He looked up at Qin Wanru, seemingly wanting to get a positive answer from her.

“Yeah, Since you study hard, Prince Chen would certainly not say anything.

Even if he sees you play with me, its no big deal.” Qin Wanru coaxed him.

“Okay!” Shao Yuanhao said helplessly after hesitation.

Thinking of Prince Chens face, he involuntarily shivered.

He was really scared at the sight of Chu Liuchen.

Last time he cried and complaint to his maternal grandma after being hung up, but his maternal grandma just ignored him.

Later, when he returned to Duke Xings Mansion, he also took the opportunity to complain to his paternal grandma.

However, both his paternal grandma, who had always cared for him, and his second aunt said that it was out of their reach and asked him not to piss off Prince Chen.

With his complaint ignored by everyone, Shao Yuanhao immediately became obedient and dared not show up in front of Chu Liuchen.

If there was someone that he was most afraid of now, it was Chu Liuchen.

No others, it was just him!

After talking with Shao Yuanhao for a while, Qin Wanru took Yujie to make her farewells to Ruian Great Elder Princess.

Ruian Great Elder Princess gave her some cloth which was not only for her, and asked her to give part of it to others of the Qins Mansion.

After thanking Ruian Great Elder Princess, Qin Wanru went out with Yujie and got into the carriage of the Qins Mansion.

The carriage turned to go out of the gate of the Mansion of Great Elder Princess and went to the Qins Mansion.

Upon arrival at the mansion, the carriage stopped, and Qin Wanru went to see the Madam Dowager first after calling two maids to hold the gifts.

It was coincidental that Qin Yuru and Di Yan were also there.

After their hasty engagement, almost every time they went to the inner court together.

They looked extremely harmonious, seeming to have forgotten the affairs between them and Ning Caixian before!

After stepping forward to bow to the Madam Dowager, Qin Wanru asked the maids to put the gifts on the table.

Bolts of brocade were so resplendent that it dazzled everyone.

“Grandma, these are the gifts that Ruian Great Elder Princess asked me to send you,” Qin Wanru said with a smile.

Qin Yuru first stepped forward, reached out to pick up a piece of brocade and gently touched the brocade with a flowery pattern.

At the first glance, she knew that it was good stuff.

It was such gorgeous cloth that she had seldom seen even in Duke Yongs Mansion.

However, there were several bolts piled here.

“It must be the gifts Ruian Great Elder Princess gave you.

Since they have been given to you, you should take them.

They are mostly for young girls.

It is inappropriate for me, such an old lady, to use such fancy cloth!”

Madam Dowager seemingly did not see the greed in Qin Yurus eyes, smiling slightly.

“Grandma, they are really the gifts given by Ruian Great Elder Princess, but part of them are for you.

You should accept them!” Qin Wanru said with a smile.

“Okay, you should pick as much as you want first.

Anyway they are thank-you gifts given to you by Ruian Great Elder Princess.” The Madam Dowager clearly knew the matter behind this, so she certainly knew the reason why Ruian Great Elder Princess expressed her gratitude.

She instantly said to Qin Wanru with a smile.

“Grandma, since Ruian Great Elder Princess kindly gave us the gifts, how can you refuse them If Great Elder Princess knows, she may think that you dont like her gifts.

It will be terrible if we annoy her! Let me help you pick a few appropriate pieces first!”

Qin Yuru rolled her eyes and said, while picking a few bolts she liked and pulling them to her side, “Grandma, do you like these bolts I pick”

Many of these gorgeous cloth sent by Ruian Great Elder Princess should be tributes.

She couldnt buy them even if she had plenty of money.

Why should Qin Wanru have all of them She was the elder sister! Moreover, her current status was also unusual.

So she could certainly pick anything she liked from grandmas possession.

Di Yan frowned.

Although he was a jerk, he was clearheaded in this matter.

He walked to Qin Yurus side and whispered to her, “Ruian Great Elder Princess gave these gifts to cousin Wan to express her gratitude!”

However, Qin Yuru did not listen to him at all and looked up at the Madam Dowager, seemingly waiting for her reply.

“Yuru, let Zhuozhuo pick first! They represent the gratitude of Ruian Great Elder Princess!” the Madam Dowager said lightly with her face darkening.

With her face changing, Qin Yuru gave Qin Wanru a hard look in anger.

The pieces of cloth at her hand were ferociously pushed out by her and she returned to her original place angrily.

Because she pushed them too hard, two pieces of cloth fell to the ground and made a heavy sound.

Everyone could not help but look at the cloth and then looked towards Qin Yurus face.

“Oh, I pushed a little too hard.

I didnt mean to do that!” With a hypocritical smile on her face, Qin Yuru patted her sleeves, barely hiding the hatred and jealousy in her eyes!

Qin Wanru walked over to pick up the two pieces of cloth on the ground and placed them on the table.

She then took out a few pieces of cloth and turned to said to the Madam Dowager with a smile, “Grandma, I want these pieces!”

Qin Yuru looked towards her, and the smile on her face immediately became stiff…


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