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“Your Highness, this way please!”

Qin Wanru blinked her eyes and looked towards Chu Liuchen beside her.

It turned out to be Xiao Xuanzis voice.

“Where is he” At the intersection from which Qin Wanru and Chu Liuchen came, three people appeared.

One was Xiao Xuanzi, the others turned out to be Prince Chu Liuyue and a little eunuch, who should be Chu Liuyues intimate eunuch!

“Gee, my master was here a moment ago.

Where is he now” Xiao Xuanzi said in astonishment.

Looking around only to find no one, he was so anxious that his face turned pale.

“Where will third brother go” Chu Liuyue did not panic, but only asked slowly after looking around with his cold eyes and finding nothing.

“Uh… I really dont know.

Hearing that Your Highness have come, my master asked me to pick you up.

Uh… I really dont know where has he gone after that.

Please wait a moment, Your Highness.

Ill go to ask the servants of the mansion of Ruian Great Elder Princess!” Xiao Xuanzi said hurriedly.

Chu Liuyue waved his hand, and Xiao Xuanzi hurriedly stepped backward.

Chu Liuyue walked into the pavilion, leisurely walked around in the pavilion with his hands on his back, and then stood casually and began to admire the plum blossoms in front of him.

For a long while, there was no sound in the pavilion.

“Your Highness, Prince Chen is probably not here.

Do you want to visit other places” The little eunuch who followed Chu Liuyue said involuntarily.

“It doesnt matter.

I can wait for a moment!” Chu Liuyue said leisurely.

“Your Highness, did Prince Chen leave you here alone like he did last time” The little eunuch felt indignant for his master.

“He did this last time.

He promised to wait for you here, but finally left early, leaving you waiting here with an empty stomach!”

The little eunuch said discontentedly.

As the prince which was the most likely to inherit the throne in the future, why his master was so kind to Prince Chen who was seriously ill and at the pits brink.

Prince Chen was just a dethroned crown prince with no more chance to win the position.

Even if he could recover, he could not make a big difference, not to mention the fact that he was so sick now and would probably die at any time.

“Do you think that he does not deserve my kindness” Chu Liuyue suddenly smiled.

“Yes, I feel sorry for Your Highness.” The little eunuch hurriedly expressed his loyalty.

“Others will also think so!” Chu Liuyue stopped talking, but the smile remaining on his face indicated that he was very satisfied.

This situation was very rare based on the fact that he had always been a poker-faced Prince.

It was obvious that he was really happy, and did not feel sad because Chu Liuchen deliberately avoided meeting him.

Qin Wanrus gaze fell on Chu Liuchens face.

These trees were very close to each other.

Basically no one would find that two of them and a wheelchair were behind the trees.

Chu Liuchen slightly closed his eyes, leaning against the wide wheelchair behind him.

The sun shone through the shadow of the trees, making mottled patterns on his face.

His face was white like the jade, as if it was transparent.

His curling up long eyelashes well matched his handsome and delicate facial features, making him look like an elegant master coming out of the painting.

Even the pale lips did no harm to his appearance.

Such a person should actually live in a picturesque environment!

Qin Wanru inexplicably bit her lips, with a trace of inexplicable feelings.

Chu Liuyue had made it very clear by saying that.

The reason why he accommodated himself so much to Chu Liuchen was that he did that on purpose and wanted others to see that.

The more Chu Liuchen embarrassed him, the better his impression on others would be.

Chu Liuchen was just a tool for his seeking reputation.

Perhaps he did that not only for seeking reputation, but also for ingratiating himself with Empress Dowager.

It was said that Empress Dowager liked Chu Liuchen, who was sick, a lot.

No one had ever thought that he would inherit the throne in the end.

No one would regard him as a strong opponent based on his current identity, not to mention his former identity as a crown prince.

But even so, the emperor would never let him go.

Someone could still stir up big trouble by making use of his identity.

The emperor could neither arrest him or let him go.

He did not expect that Chu Liuyue dared to make use of him!

“Your Highness, you can befriend several other princes, but in terms of Prince Chen… The emperor may not like it!” As Chu Liuyues henchman, the little eunuch dared to say something.

In particular, there were no people around now, and his master was obviously in a good mood.

“Father does not like it” Chu Liuyue looked calm and said.

Seeing his peaceful face, the little eunuch became more daring and instantly nerved himself to say, “Your Highness, with Prince Chens identity, the emperor will certainly not like him.

If you are close to Prince Chen, the emperor may, may…”

The little eunuch did not finish his words, because he did not dare to say too much.

Nevertheless, he had expressed his view.

Chu Liuyue smiled in a low voice and said in an extremely good mood, “Father will not really do anything to him.

Anyway, as a dying person, it will be fortunate for him to live for another one or two years.

He could not live for long.

He is in such poor health that he will definitely die even if father does not do anything to him!”

He said with great certainty.

The little eunuch suddenly raised his head and his face became pale at the moment.

Although he was Chu Liuyues henchman, he did not want to know something.

Those who knew too much would die soon.

This was the fact that many people in the palace knew.

Perhaps the eunuchs horror disturbed Chu Liuyue.

He finally looked back, calmly glanced at the little eunuch and said with a smile, “Rest assured.

I wont hurt you! You are my henchman.

Do you think I trust any other servant more than you”

“Thank you, Your Highness!” The little eunuch knelt down instantly and heavily kowtowed three times.

After that, his face looked slightly better.

Chu Liuyue raised his hand to motion for him to get up, and then turned around to walk outside the pavilion.

The little eunuch hurriedly got up and followed, while asking hesitantly, “Your Highness, are we going to stop waiting for Prince Chen”


It is enough that Ive come here to look for him.

It doesnt matter whether I find him or not.

I just want grandma and father to know that!” Chu Liuyue casually said.

The little eunuch did not dare to answer, so he hurriedly followed his master.

They came out of this plum blossom forest one behind the other.

The pavilion became quiet again.

Qin Wanru looked at Chu Liuchens handsome face.

He still had his eyes closed, looking completely harmless.

He just quietly leaned against the wheelchair without moving.

His innate elegance and nobleness made him look a little nobler than the figures in general Chinese ink paintings.

“Your Highness!” Seeing him remain silent, Qin Wanru said in a low voice.

“Whats the matter” Chu Liuchen asked without opening his eyes.

“Uh… Prince Yue has gone!” Although Qin Wanru didnt think Chu Liuchen didnt hear it, she still said.

“I dont care whether he has come or gone!” He said leisurely with a touch of coldness and dignity.

Qin Wanru could not help but feel creepy.

She didnt know what others think of him, but at least in her view, Chu Liuchen was definitely not innocent.

He was such a person who was capable of doing as he pleased despite his illness.

How could he be really innocent and harmless If numerous people thought so, they could only be deceived by Chu Liuchens expressions.

Qin Wanru found that he knew when he should show what kind of expression.

He was far beyond a temperamental person.

How many people in this world could control their moodiness and make others think that he was truly temperamental and only capricious

He pretended to be a capricious, temperamental and sick person who occasionally showed his innocence.

Who would consider him a strong opponent

It seemed that in addition to his sickness, everything was secretly under his control.

Inexplicably thinking of something, she could not help but be stunned and unconsciously moved her hand on the wheelchair.

“Whats wrong Do you think that Im pitiful” Chu Liuchen had opened his eyes and coldly stared at Qin Wanru like a sharp and thin sword slashing this empty place.

His gaze exuded a trace of gloom which made her tremble with fear.

Qin Wanru looked down and encountered Chu Liuchens gaze.

She did not dodge it and said, “Your Highness is not pitiful.

Prince Yue is pitiful!”

After finishing her words, she even felt more horrified.

She must feel the same way as the little eunuch.

She didnt want to say that, but she had to.

It would inevitably push her to be Chu Liuchens henchman.

If not, death was the only thing in front of her!

She actually didnt want to go this route, but after hearing Chu Liuyues words, she knew that she couldnt escape, because Chu Liuchen would not let her go.

She was just like the little eunuch who could only be killed if he did not become Chu Liuyues most trusted henchman.

Something else horrible would happen to those who knew too many secrets, even if they were not killed!

But what puzzled her was that since she was different from the little eunuch in status, why Chu Liuchen wanted her to be his henchman and what he wanted her to do.

She felt cold hands and feet, but maintained a calm face and peaceful and firm eyes.

As a person who had died once, she would not be stuck by this inevitable move.

Anyway she had to go down this route step by step!

“Oh, what do you mean by saying that” Chu Liuchen said with a smile, slightly lifted the corners of his mouth.

He liked to see Qin Wanru tell the truth.

Honesty was the minimum requirement, wasnt it

Especially for someone like her!

“Prince Yue thinks that he could make use of Your Highness, but in fact you are also making use of him!” Qin Wanru said so lightly that she could barely hear herself clearly.

She bit her lips and the corners of her lips turned red.

She actually felt so calm that she was even surprised by her calmness.

How could she feel that this was normal

Perhaps when she met Chu Liuchen at the beginning, she had already thought of this possibility, and what was happening at the moment was just a matter of course.

Chu Liuchen was definitely not easy to get along with.

When they were in Jiangzhou, he seemed to have been helping her without asking for much.

At the moment, he probably really needed her help.

Even if Qin Wanru was determined or subconsciously had this thought for long, she still felt that her palms were cold, extremely cold, as if the coldness was eroding her bones.

She was waiting, waiting for Chu Liuchens next word.

But in any case, after today, the relationship between them must be different…


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