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The crowd was parted to both sides by Di Yan, who rushed in hurriedly.

Seeing that Ning Caixian exhaled more than she inhaled, he nearly pounced on her in a hurry.

Di Yan instantly took her in his arms and asked anxiously, “Cousin Xian, Cousin Xian, are you okay”

Puffing and blowing, Ning Caixian seemed to be nearly out of breath.

Seeing that Ning Caixians situation was awful, all those people around them quickly stepped aside to make more space for her to breathe.

“Cousin!” Qin Yuru was so angry that her face turned white because Di Yan came in and hugged Ning Caixian without even asking her.

“You shut up!” Watching the delicate Ning Caixian in his arms, Di Yan roared.

“Cousin, you… Did you yell at me only because of this b*tch” As Qin Yuru saw the sarcasm on the faces of the people around her, her face turned ghastly pale, her lips quivered a few times, and her eyes rims went red.

“Have you finished giving vent to your anger If you have done, go back.

I will not spare you if anything bad happens to Cousin Xian!” Di Yan was worried about Ning Caixian, so he shouted angrily.

He really worried about Ning Caixian, who was in poor health.

Any slight disturbance would make her delicate body sick.

“You, you, you actually…” Qin Yurus tears fell.

After taking two steps back, she covered her face with the handkerchief and ran back.

Mei Xue found that the situation was getting worse now.

While calling Qin Yuru, she went to chase her in a hurry.

When Di Yan saw that Qin Yuru ran away even without her carriage, he also got into a flap and immediately turned around to catch her.

But Ning Caixian grabbed his hands now.

With a dreadfully pale face, she looked at Di Yan.

“Cousin, you… Go to pursue First Miss Qin quickly.

She… It is only because she envies us!”

Although she told Di Yan to chase Qin Yuru, her hands still held onto him tightly.

She looked as if something bad would happen to her once Di Yan left her alone.

“I, I should go to see her first…” Now, Qin Yuru had already walked out of his sight.

Di Yan also panicked.

He felt worried about both Ning Caixian and Qin Yuru.

If something bad happened to Qin Yuru, he really did not know how to explain it to his grandmother.

However, he did not dare to go because Ning Caixian was so weak that her body could not withstand any more suffering.

What could he do if something happened to her

Di Yan was now caught in a dilemma, sweat streaming down his forehead.

“The doctor is coming.

The doctor is coming!” It didnt know who shouted loud outside the crowd.

These people around Ning Caixian hurriedly made way for the doctor.

In a hurry, a middle-aged doctor ran up to her with a medical kit, sweat dripping from his face.

Everyone could tell that he was very anxious.

“This… I do not know this doctor.

I do not… want him!” Ning Caixian said, gasping.

“Come on.

Go to get the old doctor who has been treating your Young Lady here!” Di Yan hastily ordered the girl servant of Ning Caixian.

“At this time of crisis, she still wants to choose the doctor.

Is she truly sick or not” Yujie yelled out in the crowd.

Qin Wanru had already got down from the carriage when Qin Yuru was making a scene.

It was she who asked the cart driver to invite the doctor whom she had picked early here.


Any doctor is capable of treating illness.

She still has the strength to choose the doctor at this time.

Does she really pretend to be sick”

“Is she playing the trick of pretending to die”

“Even until now, I havent understood what is going on.

But this First Miss indeed has exchanged love tokens secretly with someone.

But I do not know if she changed the token with the childe here or some other men”…

The crowd began to discuss animatedly.

The matter was a mess now.

No one knew whose words were right and whose were not.

But judging by the conversation, the people who had witnessed the whole thing was sure that First Miss Ning, who looked delicately pretty, had done some bad conducts.

It seemed that she was involved with men.

“Young Madams of Nings mansion are not women of fine character.

Last time, I saw Second Miss of Nings mansion pulling and pushing with a man like a prostitute in front of the gate.” Someone who witnessed that Second Miss Ning pulled and pushed with the nephew of Duke Xing said.

Although the thing like that did not always happen, it would occasionally happen one or two times.

“In this case, last time I saw this childe send the extremely delicate First Miss Ning back.

And it seemed that he carried her in the arms when he walked into the mansion!” someone in the shop around said.

This person had seen the things that happened between Ning Caixian and Di Yan.

Hearing the words in her ears, Ning Caixian became anxious and panic.

The color on her face repeatedly changed between green and white.

Moreover, she felt that it became increasingly difficult for her to breathe.

She clutched at Di Yans hands and would not let him go.

But she still stretched out the other hand to let the middle-aged doctor feel the pulse and dared not to give more advice.

After feeling her pulse, the middle-aged doctor landed his eyes on Ning Caixians face.

In confusion, he frowned.

“This Young Madam, please give me the other hand!”

Di Yan took her other hand to the doctor, who then placed his hand on her pulse.

After feeling the pulse on this hand, the doctor cast a look at her ghastly pale face once again.

“Doctor, how is she What first-aid measures should be taken” As soon as he saw the doctor put down her hand, Di Yan asked eagerly.

“She does not need any first-aid measure.

Isnt she all right” The doctor wiped his hands with a handkerchief and said without looking up.

“What” Di Yan thought he had misheard him, so he asked again in astonishment, “Doctor, could you tell me how to afford the first-aid to her”

“I said that she does not need any first-aid measure.

She is just a little short of the vital energy and the blood.

There is nothing really wrong with her.” The doctor stood up and picked up his medical kit.

It seemed that he was going to leave.

He said while shaking his head.

“She has sufficient medical resources, so she can let a doctor run all this way in vain! Dont make such a row.

When she is only in a bad mood because of the quarrel, she is going to faint.

What the h*ll did she act like that for”

“You… What did you say” asked Di Yan, scarcely believing his ears.

“I said that this Young Madam is short of breath because she kicked up a row.

Also, she is a little anemic but has no other illnesses.

She does not need any first aid treatment.

At first, I thought it was a big deal.

I have had enough of wasting so much time!” the middle-aged doctor said grumpily.

He was initially giving treatment to someone, but a girl servant anxiously pulled him out.

He hurriedly ran here because she told him that someone was going to die here.

“Is she… all right” Di Yan asked in disbelief.

He was a little dumbfounded because Ning Caixian was always very fragile in his mind.

“Usually, if there is any sign of disturbance, she will immediately make a big thing out of it.

The thing that happened today looked like a big deal.

So how can she be alright”

“I, I am weak since childhood… Doctor, is it possible that you have misdiagnosed me” Ning Caixian argued anxiously.

Holding Di Yans hand, she stood up and questioned at the doctors back.

“I did not misdiagnose.

If you do not believe me, you can go to ask an imperial doctor to check on you.

My grandfather works in the imperial hospital.” When the doctor heard that Ning Caixian questioned his medical skills, he turned his head unpleasantly and looked her up and down.

“This Young Madam, I dont care what you are up to, but you should never play this kind of trick to fool others.

Any case involving human life is to be treated with the utmost care.

You can never afford the price.”

After that, he turned around and walked away.

He took no notice of Ning Caixian.

“Cousin Di, where is my Big Sister” Just when the doctor left, Qin Wanru cropped up.

She still looked dusty, but she had removed those butterfly-like hairpins on her head.

There left only one simply butterfly knot.

Though inconspicuous, it was not an eyesore.

Under her thick fringe, Di Yan could see her angry face.

“I…” Di Yan was really dumbfounded at this time.

Things came one after another, and they were all to his surprise.

“This time, Qin Wanru came out of nowhere.

Didnt she go back to her mansion early”

“Cousin Di, the marriage between you and my Big Sister will be settled soon.

Who is she Why are you so intimate with her Is she the one that you are going to marry instead of my Big Sister” Qin Wanru landed her ice-cold eyes on Ning Caixian, glancing her up and down.

Then, she sneered and said, “She looks so sick and weak.

Is she putting it on to deliberately make you stay”

If Qin Wanru said these words before, Di Yan would not believe her.

However, even the previous doctor, who seemed to have excellent medical skills, said that Ning Caixian had no other serious illnesses.

At this moment, Di Yan was in a state of utter stupefaction.

Hearing Qin Wanrus words, he suddenly remembered that Qin Yuru left everything behind and walked away just now.

Then, he was obviously rattled.

Di Yan immediately got rid of Ning Caixians hand, which pulled him tight and pushed Ning Caixian into her girl servants arms.

After that, he said to Qin Wanru in a hurry, “I am going to look for Cousin Yu!”

“Cousin, cousin!” Ning Caixian cried subconsciously.

“First Miss Ning, why are you pulling Cousin Di” “Is Cousin Di your fiance or my Big Sisters Have you and Cousin Di ignored my Big Sister and already changed your love tokens secretly” Standing naturally and gracefully before Ning Caixian, Qin Wanru asked in a little cold voice.

“Though I am young, I have heard the means of pretending sickness and ignorance.

But are these means usually done by those cheap little concubines Are you trying to destroy the marriage between Cousin Di and my Big Sister”

“I, I…” Ning Caixian really did not know how things went so badly wrong and who this humble girl before her was.

In great confusion, her whole person was shaking.

“First Miss Ning, stop making more trouble after Im gone.

I have to look for my Big Sister.

If anything happens to her, people from Qins Mansion will definitely get justice for her.” After casting a few glances at Ning Caixian, Qin Wanru turned around and left with Yujie.

Although Qin Wanru came and left in haste, she made the final judgment.

“Sure enough, she is so cheap that she tried to ruin others marriage!”

“She also pretended to be sick and made a fuss as if she was going to die soon.”

“This kind of thing could only be done by concubines.

The two Young Madams in Nings Mansion are not some decent girls.” These people around understood the whole thing and immediately burst into an uproarious sneer.

In these peoples eyes, Ning Caixian was a cheap woman who wanted to destroy the marriage between others.

Hence, none of them would be nice to her.

In particular, they had seen her delicate appearance when she pulled Di Yan and did not want to let him go.

It did not know who first threw the rotten leaves in the hands out and smashed them right on Ning Caixians face.

After that, some people began to throw eggs, rotten fruits, and some other useless things.

The gatekeeper of Nings Mansion and the servant saw that the situation was going bad, so they hurriedly protected Ning Caixian and retreated.

But even so, several rotten eggs still landed on Ning Caixian.

Then in a fluster, she got back behind the gate.

Leaning against the gate, Ning Caixian gasped violently.

She felt that she was out of breath and dizzy.

In the past days, she used to be delicate and had never suffered like this.

In previous, everyone treated her with great care because they feared that the scene would become ugly and hard to explain if she fainted!

“First Miss, I will take you to change clothes first.

This, this is really stinking!” Pinching her nose, the girl servant grabbed Ning Caixians hand and ran inside.

Ning Caixian could only try desperately to keep up with her.

For a time, she could not even breathe because of gasping.

But just when she took a few steps, someone gave her a hard push.

She stumbled and fell heavily onto the ground!


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