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Old grandma had indeed sent a number of maids to come to hurry you.

This last maid warned that old grandma would personally come to give you a scolding if you don\'t get up soon! Qing Yue reported.

The night before, Qin Wanru had instructed that before she woke up this morning, Qing Yue should just give a perfunctory reply if old grandma sent someone to wake her up.

In her previous life, she was not aware that Qi Tianyu had already found about the swap and thought that Qin Wanru was the culprit for ruining his marriage with Qin Yuru.

Enraged, he harbored an evil plan.

He pretended to be unaware of the swap at first, had his men carry the sedan back to the Qi\'s mansion.

When they arrived at the gates of the mansion, he openly lifted Qin Wanru\'s veil, pushed her to the ground and humiliated her publicly, accusing her of being vicious and having wishful thinking.

As a result, she lost her honor at a young age and became a laughing stock for all in Jiangzhou.

At present, however, the eyes covered by her long lashes were filled with bloodthirstiness and hostility.

They were no longer the eyes of an eleven-year-old girl.

She flipped over on the bed and sat up and she dangled her legs over the side of the bed and said, Is the sedan almost here

Almost, I heard earlier on that the hour had arrived! said Qing Yue, who squatted beside Qin Wanru to help her put on her shoes.

I supposed the preparation was all done! Qin Wanru asked as she stood up.

Rest assured, Miss.

Brother Fengzi had sent someone just now to tell me secretly that he had everything prepared.

He is awaiting the arrival of the sedan! Qing Yue said, standing up.

She was looking at Qin Wanru with sparkling eyes as she was almost overcome by her emotions.

She had sensed something different about Qin Wanru since yesterday, but Qing Yue was glad for this change in her.

Her young mistress was becoming more sharp-witted.

Not only did she rescue Nanny Yu to be from the laundry room, but she had also seen through the evil plan of the misses and her elder daughter, which they devised.

Wang Feng was Nanny Yu\'s son.

The critical point which was going to ignite today\'s entire series of events, as planned by Qin Wanru, was to destroy the sedan.

Qin Wanru wanted to uproot the plans of Qin Yuru and Qi Tianyu to humiliate her right at the start before it grew into something bigger.

She also wanted the whole world to know the fact that it was Qin Yuru who did not want to marry Qi Tianyu and had pushed this responsibility and commitment to Qin Wanru, and that she was not willing to marry Qi Tianyu either.

Please send word to the old grandma again, said Qin Wanru, since it was almost time to proceed.

If she did not begin to prepare herself by this time, Qin Yuru would know about it and send someone to hurry her.


Would you like me to help you change into the gown Qing Yue reminded Qin Wanru, blinking her eyes.

It\'s alright, first send word to grandma for her to come over! Qin Wanru said, shaking her head.

Again, her eyes beneath those long curly lashes were filled with chilling coldness.

Clad in a white robe, which gave the idea that she had just gotten out of bed.

She had wanted the convince the people that she had just woken up from her sleep and did not have time to get ready.

Qing Yue responded immediately, hurrying off to grandma.

Qin Wanru walked up to the dresser.

The reflection of her in the mirror was an innocent, weak-looking child.

Her face was pale like snow and her lips were red.

Although she was still a child, one could see that she would definitely grow into an exceptional beauty.

However, she looked a little too gaudy...

The marriage between the son of Jiangzhou\'s magistrate and the daughter of Ninyuan\'s army commander was a grand and merry affair, so much so that the entire Jiangzhou was filled with excitement over this event.

It was especially crowded outside the gates of the commander as a multitude of people had gathered to watch the grand event where the bridegroom would pick up the bride from the army commander\'s mansion.

The empty sedan had followed behind Qi Tianyu all the way to the commander\'s mansion and the entire procession was accompanied by loud and lively music and drumming, the sound of merry-making.

When they finally arrived, Qi Tianyu leaped down from his horse and lifted up the drape of his long robe, he walked into the mansion in big steps.

All of a sudden, a few men carrying broomsticks and poles dashed out from the surrounding crowd and began hacking the sedan.

All the people were stunned, frozen in place and did not know how to react.

Some of the people even thought that it part of the custom in this family to do so when the groom came to pick up the bride, but they soon realized something had gone very wrong when those men completely destroyed the sedan and finally trampled it.

Stop! Someone restrain these men! Qin Tianyu finally reacted by shouting angry orders after being taken aback for a moment.


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