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Among of the rooms close to her, the end room was suddenly opened.

A beautiful man in a snow-white underpants appeared at the door.

He was stunned when she saw Qin Yuru, who was sitting on a stone bench and lifting her skirt.

Then he actually let out a shrill scream of terror and hid in the room.

Qin Yuru was also stunned.

She looked at the scene in dismay and did not know how to react for a moment.

She had wanted to scream, but the man screamed first, so that she did not know what she should do.

The opposite room was quiet again, as if nobody had ever been there before.

Qin Yuru suddenly realized that there was a man here! Then she stood up, turned around, and was about to run away.

Suddenly, she could see nothing and fell on the stone table.

After that, a guard appeared behind her.

After stunning her, the guard went to the room whose door was opened before, softly knocked on the door, and whispered, “Master!”

“Whats the matter” A cold voice rang out.

“Duke called me in for something just now.” The guards forehead began to sweat.

He did not expect that a woman would come into the courtyard just after he left for a while, and would sit there with a mess dress and drink his masters tea.

Qin Yurus skirt was lifted just now, but the guard did not see it clearly, so he thought that she dressed improperly and specially came here to seduce his master.

The man inside coldly asked, “Do you know who she is”

“I dont know.

I havent seen her before!” The guard shook his head.

“Throw her at the back door!” The voice behind the door paused for a second and rang out again.

Because they did not know the identity of Qin Yuru, the master inside the room dared not act rashly.

Some of the Madams and Misses who came to the banquet today were not simple.

If something serious happened, it would not be good for both Duke Xings Mansion and him.

If she really was a noble and extraordinary Miss, he could do nothing to her.

Anyway, the woman did not see him just now.

Nevertheless, he did not intend to let her go as she had destroyed his plan!

“Yes, Ill do it later!” The guard knew what to do next and nodded now.

The door was opened again, and the beautiful man came out with a pale face.

Behind him was a man in a cape and cloak, whose face could not be seen clearly.

The man in the cloak walked to Qin Yuru and looked at her face, but did not recognize who she was.

He snorted coldly and kicked over the stone bench over.

The guard bowed his head more in fright.

He knew that his master was angry now.

The mysterious man remembered her face in his mind.

This time he could do nothing to her, which did not mean that he also could do nothing next time.

After looking at her face, the man turned back and walked towards the back of the courtyard, where there was a small door, which led to the back door of Duke Xings Mansion.

When he left the Duke Xings Mansion quietly with the beautiful man, the guard came to pick up Qin Yuru, who had fainted, and took her to the back door of the Duke Xings Mansion.

After half-opening the door, he threw Qin Yuru into the door, then turned quickly and left.

When Qin Wanru followed the old maid back, she saw in distance that Mei Xue and Yujie were going back and walked to them with the old maid.

Yujie twinkled and cleverly asked, “Miss, how did you get out”

Qin Wanru said, “My earring is missing.

I cant find it anywhere!”

“How can it disappear Ill find it with you!” Yujie looked panicked, but she was relieved in her mind.

She had been worrying about Qin Wanru just now, so she ran back in a hurry after fetching her clothes.

She clearly remembered that Miss earring was still there before leaving.

“Second Miss, where is our Miss” Mei Xue also ran very fast behind Yujie.

She had to run fast.

If Qin Wanrus clothes arrived first and Qin Yuru had not got her clothes, she would certainly suffer a lot after returning.

Qin Wanru said while pointing to the courtyard at will, “Your Miss entered the courtyard alone and is drinking and waiting for you!”

Mei Xue gave a look at the direction and hurried to leave them and ran to the courtyard.

Qin Wanru continued to look for her earring with the old maid and Yujie.

It was dry in the autumn.

Between now and then, Qin Wanrus dress almost had been dry.

When they returned to the banquet, Mei Xue rushed back with a pale face.

At the banquet, people enjoyed flowers and feasts, happy and busy.

Suddenly, they saw a girl servant rushing in.

They all realized that something had happened and began to ask each other who the girl servant was.

Mei Xues face was pale.

How could she take her actions into account when she was in a panic She ran behind Qin Wanru and shouted, “Second Miss, the First Miss is missing!”

People close to them clearly heard what Mei Xue said, and some people stood up in surprise!

Something happened.

Unexpectedly, a Miss suddenly disappeared.

This time, the noise here was so loud that Madam of Duke Xing also heard the news even though she was quite far away from them.

Immediately, she stood up, and rushed over with a few girl servants and old maids.

Seeing that Madam of Duke Xing stood up, some other Madams and Misses also stood up, and came to Qin Wanru.

When Countess Yong, outside the crowd, saw that Qin Wanru was there, but Qin Yuru was not there, her face darkened suddenly.

“Big Sister was with me just now.

How could she not be there” Qin Wanru narrowed her eyes, turned to look at the old maid of the Duke Xings Mansion, and said, “When we left just now, was my Big Sister sitting under a tree and drinking tea”

“Yes, yes.

I saw it clearly.

She was sitting and drinking under the tree!” the old maid spoke in a continuous voice.

“How could she disappear!” Mei Xue cried out in panic.

“Lets go and see!” Qin Wanru decidedly said, and turned around, ready to leave.

“What happened” The voice of Madam of Duke Xing came from behind the crowd, who then made way for her.

“Madam of Duke Xing, just now a girl servant of your mansion did not hold the fruit tray steady, and all the fruits and water fell on my Big Sister and me, so that our clothes were wet.

Then the girl servant found this old maid and said she would help us change clothes.

But when we came to the courtyard, I found that one of my earrings was missing.

So we came back to look for it, and my Big Sister stayed alone in the yard and drank tea.

But now, her girl servant said she was missing!”

After hearing the question, Qin Wanru said the whole story in a very orderly way.

But the meaning of her words was also clear.

If something really happened, the cause was the people from the Duke Xings Mansion and they could not get rid of it.

“Which girl servant overturned the fruit tray” The face of Madam of Duke Xing darkened.

The old maid hurried to answer, “I dont know her.

Just now, a girl servant came to ask me to take the two Misses to change clothes.

There were so many people at that time, so I did not recognize who she was.

I just wanted to take the two Misses to change as soon as possible!”

“Doesnt she know the girl servant If I had gone in by myself, the old maid would have disappeared.

Then there would be no evidence for what my words!”

Qin Wanru slightly raised her eyes and looked at the old maid quietly.

She saw that although the old maid was in a panic, her looks and manners were somewhat orderly.

For a moment, Qin Wanru darkened her eyes.

Realizing that she could not get any more information, Madam of Duke Xing could only say, “Lets go and look for her over there.

Maybe the girl servant did not carefully find her master!”

A large group of people followed her to the remote courtyard.

After entering the courtyard, everyone began to find Qin Yuru.

How could a person be missing for no reason

Qin Wanrus eyes landed on the stone bench where Qin Yuru sat before.

The stone bench did not look different, but Qin Wanru clearly remembered that just now the pattern of plum on the stone bench was facing her, and now it was on the other side.

Of course, Qin Yuru would not do such a thing, and she was unable to move it even if she wanted to.

Then Qin Wanru looked at those quiet rooms, which seemed to be the same as before.

“Miss, that room is unlocked!” Yujie stood beside Qin Wanru and said in a low voice.

She had cheated others with Mingqiu Nun like that.

The lock was on the door, which did not mean that the door was locked.

The lock was just hung on the door, so that it looked like that the door was locked.

Qin Wanru was sure that there must be something wrong with that room!

But it had nothing to do with her, so she just glanced at it and turned away.

She gently pinched Yujies hand, then Yujie understood her meaning and also turned her eyes away, as if she had not noticed anything unusual about the room.

“We found her.

She is at the back door!” Someone shouted behind the house.

The crowd turned quickly and saw that the back door of the courtyard was not far from the back door of the Duke Xings Mansion.

Qin Yuru, whose clothes were turned up in disorder, was lying on the ground, motionless.

Mei Xue rushed to Qin Yuru and screamed, “First Miss, whats wrong with you”

She stretched out her one hand to feel her breath, and breathed a sigh of relief after knowing that her master was alive.

Qin Yuru was awakened by a sharp cry.

She opened her eyes and saw there were many faces in front of her, then she closed her eyes again.

She had a headache and felt that she had been hit by something.

“First Miss, First Miss, wake up!” Seeing her wake up, Mei Xue was ecstatic.

Qin Yuru opened her eyes again.

This time, she clearly saw the people in front of her.

For a moment, she stared at them in astonishment, turned left and right, lips shivering.

Suddenly, she remembered the screaming man in white underpants she saw.

“Where, where is the person”

Qin Yuru murmured in confuse.

“Miss, who else is here No one else is here.

Did you faint” On hearing what Qin Yuru said, Mei Xue immediately warned her loudly.

How could there be people in such a secret place If Qin Yuru really wanted to see anyone here, the person would not be a good person since he or she chose such a place.

It would be misunderstood easily if they met in such a remote place.

“Where is that man” Qin Yuru was still confused, and did not understand the meaning of Mei Xue.

She was stunned for a moment, and asked in a panic.

She still did not understand what had happened.

Someone suddenly pushed open the back door and said in surprise, “Huh The door is open.

Did someone run away from here” Outside the door was a small alley with courtyard walls on both sides.


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