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“It seems to be the case, but I cannot remember it clearly.

It is a very common family name.

I heard that a nephew of Duke Xing was beaten half to death by Duke Xing, who was extremely furious, because of this incident.

So was the eldest son Di of Duke Yongs Mansion! As for the young prostitute who brought on all this trouble, she was sold off to a very distant place!”

This event had become a joke in the palace.

Both were flogged several times, and then the affair just ended quietly.

However, because of this, Di Yan had become the representative of playboys in the capital city.

“Does Nanny Zheng know who is engaged to Lord Di” Looking down, Qin Wanru asked, as her hand which was holding the cup, gradually relaxed.

She gave a slightly scornful smile.

She did not expect that Madam Di had decided for to marry her off to the playboy in her last life.

How big the world was.

“I dont know much about this.

However, it seems that because of this, the family whose daughter was supposed to be engaged to Lord Di, opposed this decision initially, but later they said everything was fine.

I dont have all the details.” Nanny Zheng was in the palace at that time.

She knew about this event, as she heard a lot of talk about it.

Qin Wanru took a very deep breath.

She tried her best to suppress the tumbling coldness in her heart.

When she raised her head, she looked normal again.

If she could not avoid this now, then there was no need to hide any more!

“Yujie, has the embroidery room finished making those new clothes” Taking a deep breath, Qin Wanru turned to look at Yujie, and asked.


The supervisor of the embroidery room said that it was their first time to make clothes for you masters.

Therefore, they want to make sure they do it well.

You might have to wait for some time, but you will be satisfied with their work!” Yujie answered quickly when she heard Qin Wanrus question, as she had just returned from the embroidery room.

“Did you see Young Lady Qis servant there” Qin Wanru raised her beautiful eyebrows.

“Yes, I especially circled the room to check.

I saw Chun Yi, the servant girl of Young Lady Qi.

When she saw me, she was very cordial and asked me why I was there.

Then I answered her in the way that you taught me.

Chun Yi specifically asked for the kind of pattern you wanted in the clothes.

Then she left in a hurry!”

Thinking that Chun Yi had stopped her deliberately because she wanted to find out something from her, Yujie was speechless.

Young Lady Qis facial expression almost showed what she was thinking about.

She was a young Madam who was not married yet, and she had nothing to do with Lord Di.

Was it really appropriate for her to send a servant to ask me about news of Lord Di

However, it was what Yujie needed now.

Today her purpose was to let Qi Rongzhi go to the embroidery room.

She said that the skills of the workers in the embroidery room were beyond all praise.

Moreover, she claimed that the style of clothing in Jiangzhou was nothing special, and people in capital city liked having a beautiful pattern at the corners of their dresses.

This Young Lady Qi, who always wanted to be outstanding, would definitely be tempted to have a look.

Seeing that everything was in order, Qin Wanru did not say anything else.

She allowed the two servant girls to listen to Nanny Zheng, who was going to talk about the rules and things to pay attention to.

Everything seemed to be calm in the following days, except for Madam Di, who seemed to be very busy.

People sometimes saw Nanny Zhou commuting between Qins Mansion and Duke Yongs Mansion.

She even brought some old maids from Duke Yongs Mansion and claimed that they were servants of Old Madam of Duke Yong, and they were here to look after Madam Di.

But Qin Wanru had nothing to do with all these things.

Even though Madam Di was still causing trouble, Qin Wanru was not affected by it.

It was not only because of Qin Huaiyongs warning, but also because Madam Di was too busy to bother with Qin Wanru.

Di Yan and Miss Ning had known each other for a very long time, and there was a romantic alliance between them.

Nings Mansion had always believed that their daughter would marry into Duke Yongs Mansion.

Although Qin Yuru had turned up suddenly, she could not be the princess she wanted to be!

When Qi Rongzhi came, Qin Wanru did not feel surprised.

Qin Wanru invited her in, and had her servants make tea for her.

Qi Rongzhi came in with a big smile, seeming to be in a good mood now.

She wore a new dress, which was very fashionable, and was styled in the popular pattern favored by those in the capital city.

Her clothes were a gift from Qi Tianyu, when he arrived at Qins Mansion last time.

During these days, Qi Rongzhi wore her new clothes, and tried to “accidentally meet” Di Yan in the garden.

But no matter how many new clothes she had, she had worn each one at least once before now!

According to Qi Rongzhis character, she would definitely want more new clothes.

“Sister Wanru, about those clothes made by the embroidery room, did you design those embroidery patterns on your own” As soon as Qi Rongzhi came in, she asked Qin Wanru directly and impolitely, “Could you give me some patterns I want more new clothes, as I have no other clothes to wear when I go out.

You know, a flower appreciating banquet will be held in the capital city, soon.”

“You already have so many clothes, right” Qin Wanru answered unwillingly, and looked at Qi Ronzhis dress.

“I have worn each dress at least once.

When I wear one of them and go out, you would feel that it is inappropriate, not to mention my feelings.” Qi Rongzhi took it for granted, when she said this.

When she was in Jiangzhou, she liked having new clothes.

Every time she saw a piece of beautiful cloth or pretty dress, she would buy it at once.

Therefore, she always wore a different dress each time she went out.

When she was in Jiangzhou, she had lived in this way.

Now she wanted more new clothes because she wanted to look pretty in front of the man she liked.

“I, I like that pattern!” Qin Wanru hesitated.

“It doesnt matter to you! We could wear dresses which are of similar designs! It would be better!” Qi Rongzhi looked Qin Wanrus childlike body up and down, and said scornfully.

“When two girls wear similar dresses, people could tell clearly that which one is pretty and which is ugly.

Compared to my body, Qin Wanrus little body is just a joke.

At that time, people would think that Qin Wanru copied my pattern and made a similar dress.

She is just a copy cat.

People would all laugh at her.”

Qi Rongzhi was quite confident about this, and that was why she wanted Qin Wanru to give her some patterns.

As for whether Qin Wanru would be mocked, there was no need for her to care about it.

Moreover, she would be pleased to see Qin Wanru being laughed at.

Compared to Qin Wanru, a little girl who looked like a sprout, people would think that Qi Rongzhi was very outstanding and beautiful.

“We are not sisters and there is no need to dress alike.” Glancing at Qi Rongzhi, Qin Wanru answered soberly, seeming unwilling to do this.

“Now I am staying in your Qins Mansion.

So if I dress like you, then it would show that you are really taking good and sincere care of me.

If my parents know, they will appreciate what you have done.

Others would also think of people of Qins Mansion as kind and warm people!” Qi Rongzhi was now was in a good mood, so she decided not to fuss about Qin Wanru.

She also had decided to behave like a graceful and elegant woman, in front of Lord Di.

She also had to learn how to control her anger.

“Dont let them look exactly the same!” answered Qin Wanru impatiently.

“Fine, fine, fine.

I will change a little bit.

Then I will tell the embroidery room to stitch the pattern on my dress now!” Qi Rongzhi said, smiling.

She thought that if someone had any questions about the patterns on their dresses, she would claim that Qin Wanru had seen her pattern, and then copied her design.

After she had achieved her goal, she felt that there was nothing more for her to talk to Qin Wanru about.

Then she stood up and prepared to leave.

However, after hearing Qin Wanrus following words, she sat down again.

“Yujie, has Lord Di been to our mansion these days”

She did not see Di Yan these days and did not know what he was busy about.

She tried to “accidentally meet” him, but failed.

Although she was very confused, she knew that it was inappropriate to ask others for news of Di Yan.

If Madam Di and Qin Yuru knew this, they would definitely create big problems.

It would be the best way for her to ask Qin Wanru for news of Di Yan!

When she sat down again, she took up the cup on the table and sipped, as she focused intently on the conversation between Qin Wanru and Yujie.

“Lady, I heard that something happened at Duke Yongs Mansion.

Not only Lord Di, but First Young Lady kept commuting to Duke Yongs Mansion these days!” answered Yujie.

“What happened” Qin Wanru asked casually.

Qi Rongzhi blinked and listened to the conversation more carefully.

She lowered her head slightly, as she focused intently on what Qin Wanru and her servant were talking about.

“I dont know much, but on that day, I, I overheard the conversation between Nanny Zhou and Meixue, First Young Ladys servant.

Nanny Zhou told her that…” When Yujie stopped here, she looked at Qi Rongzhi, seeming to be a bit unwilling to let her hear this.

Then she brought her head close to Qin Wanru, and said in a low voice near her ear.

She said it very softly.

Even though Qi Rongzhi paid close attention and pricked up her ears, she could only hear a few words.

However, she could make out the word, “woman”!

“Just leave it.

It is about my elder sister and Madam Di.

Just let it be!” Qin Wanru waved her hands and said casually.

She then turned around, looked at Qi Rongzhi and asked, “Is there anything else, Lady Qi”

It was a direct order for Qi Rongzhi to leave!

Knowing Qin Wanru would not tell her much, Qi Rongzhi sneered, stood up, looked at Qin Wanru in a condescending manner, and decided to leave.

When she walked out, she met Nanny Yu.

Seeing the red invitation card in her hand, Qi Rongzhi thought that it was okay to take a seat again, and have a look.

So she turned around sat down, and said directly, “Check the invitation card and to see which mansion sent this.

Are they inviting us to a banquet It seems that I have to chase the embroidery room to make my clothes quickly!”

Qin Wanru took no notice of her self-talk.

When she picked up the invitation card, she was surprised.

It was from Duke Xings Mansion.

The Mansion had allowed Ruian Great Elder Princess to send an invitation card to Qin Wanru.

She gave it to Qin Huaiyong, and her father had refused the invitation.

“Where is this from” Qin Wanru frowned and asked.

“Nanny Duan brought it here, with her people.

They are still here!” Nanny Yu pointed out and answered in a low voice.

“Duke Xings Mansion has sent their people here” Qin Wanru frowned again and did not understand why Duke Xings Mansion was so insistent.

“Duke Xings Mansions people are here Well, thats great! Sister Wanru, let them come in quickly! It would be impolite to make our distinguished guests feel unwelcome! Chun Yi, you go and invite them to come in on behalf of Sister Wanru! Now!” When Qi Rongzhi heard Nanny Yus answer, she was so excited that she even stood up.

She felt very happy and made the decision for Qin Wanru.

“Yes, I will go now!” Hearing her ladys words, Chun Yi quickly walked outside, but Yujie stopped her at the door.

“Lady Qi, you are in Qins Mansion now, not your mansion.

If there is nothing else, please leave now!” Qin Wanru raised her head and said coldly.

Her eyes were so fierce that Qi Rongzhi spontaneously avoided her gaze!


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