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“What is it Tell me,” Qin Huaiyong said.

“Your two concubines will be no more than de facto supervisors of the household affairs,” Qin Wanru said hesitantly, biting her lower lip.

“What should we do then” Qin Huaiyong didnt know what she meant.

Considering Madam Dis character, it was unsuitable to let her be a housekeeper.

If she could cause so much trouble without being a housekeeper, she might very well turn the mansion upside down if she became one.

“Father, your two concubines arent the only one unsuitable for the position.

Even for Mother, its a little… inappropriate.

Madam is your first wife, after all,” Qin Wanru said, blinking.

She imperceptibly switched the focus of the conversation to Shui Ruolan.

Even though the first wife and the second wife were both wives, the first wife would always hold a more official position.

It was unreasonable to have the second wife manage household affairs when the first wife was perfectly fine, much less leaving the job to two concubines.

If someone accused Qin Huaiyong of favoring his concubines over his wives, things would be quite a headache.

In her past life, after Qin Wanru married Wen Xichi, she would accompany him by his sickbed each day.

Whenever he felt better, he would often tell her about court affairs as well as what he had previously learned—things that Qin Wanru, who was trapped deep within the inner courtyard, never knew about.

Those things unveiled a whole new world for her.

Her curiosity would prompt her to question him down to the root of the matter.

Sometimes, Wen Xichi wouldnt even be able to answer her questions.

Once, he even laughed and said that she could be a court official if she was a man, and a better official than most because of her thirst for knowledge.

In her past life, she was far away from officialdom.

In this life, officialdom seemed a little closer within reach!

“Father, youre a general.

Your appointment will inevitably come.

Even delays wont last.

Grandmother said even though a general doesnt have as high a standing as a minister, a generals control over the army means hell basically never be relieved from duty if he makes no mistake.

Moreover, I heard you earned great merit by exterminating rebel bandits before.”

Qin Wanru pushed everything to Madam Dowager.

It sounded as if Madam Dowager was responsible for the meaning behind her words.

She knew very well that she was still a child.

If she was overly precocious or sharp-eyed, people might not necessarily find it to be a good thing.

Abnormality was unusual, and excessive abnormality would only be uncanny.

It would even draw all sorts of unfavorable speculations.

Being moderate was the most appropriate conduct in life!

Of course, the so-called moderation didnt mean she couldnt show off.

She would demonstrate and hide her intelligence when she had to.

She owed all this knowledge to Wen Xichi in her past life.

He had been both a master and a brother to her then.

Unfortunately, her reputation was ruined early in life and other noble young ladies ostracized her.

She didnt have the chance to develop her skills then.

“I know!” Qin Huaiyong didnt conceal things after seeing how much of a headache his youngest daughter was having.

He nodded and gave her a curious look.

To think that this neglected youngest daughter of his possessed extraordinary intellect.

Even though she received guidance from his mother, it was still enough to make one exclaim over how bright she was.

He didnt know when his youngest daughter shed off her childish temper and grew up into a noble young lady that startled him.

Recalling how Madam Di would look frustrated and helpless whenever she talked about Qin Wanru in the past, he realized that was just Madam Di being selfish.

He felt ashamed that he believed her and often treated Qin Wanru as an insensible girl who only knew how to make a scene.

“Father, since youre about to hold a post, you can rightfully request for the title of Honorary Lady,” Qin Wanru said.

Qin Huaiyong finally caught onto her point.

With a raised eyebrow, he asked, “Do you mean to request the title of Honorary Lady for your Mother”

“Yes!” Qin Wanru said frankly.

Madam Di had the title of Honorary Lady: five-rank Yiren.

It was conferred when Qin Huaiyong became the Ningyuan Army General.

“Grandmother said you have a high chance of getting a lateral transfer.

Since its a lateral transfer, a higher title cant be requested.”

That meant Madam Di couldnt get a higher title anymore.

“But I earned no merit.

How can I request for another title” Qin Huaiyong explained with a frown.

He thought she didnt quite understand how titles work.

“Outpost officials are given a chance to request for the title of Honorary Lady when theyre transferred to the capital, arent they” Qin Wanru tilted her head in confusion.

“Thats when they dont have a title in the first place.

Madam Di is already an Honorary Lady and I have no major merits.

Ill surely be rejected if I request another one.

The so-called request of the title of an Honorary Lady is just a show!” Qin Huaiyong said with a wry smile.

The establishment of this practice was, in fact, to raise the status of the officials first wives.

Still, it wouldnt be approved for a lateral transfer.

“Father, just give it a try.

Perhaps the Ministry of Rites will approve it!” Qin Wanru raised her long and shapely brows as she looked at Qin Huaiyong.

“If the Ministry of Rites approves of the Honorary Lady title for Mother, shell be able to officially manage the household.

Even if shes unwell and leave the duties to your other two concubines, its still acceptable.

Its been bestowed by the court, after all.”

If that were the case, it would really solve the issues in the inner courtyard.

Madam Di would no longer be able to find a chance to torment Shui Ruolan.

Duke Yongs Mansion wouldnt be so free to criticize Shui Ruolan as well.

The bureaucrats at the Censorate wouldnt be able to say anything about it either if they had the approval of the Ministry of Rites.

This was an outcome that delighted Qin Huaiyong.

But upon second thought, he still found the matter unlikely.

He wasnt someone whose merits were greater than the sky itself.

How could both his wives be conferred the title of Honorary Lady

He looked into Qin Wanrus expectant and innocent eyes with such a thought.

In the end, he couldnt bear to reject her.

He nodded and said, “Very well.

Ill give it a try!”

Qin Wanru smiled, revealing dimples that resembled blossoming flowers.

With unwarranted confidence, she said with certainty, “Father, youll definitely succeed!”

“Thatd be for the best!” Qin Huaiyong felt helpless at his daughters utter confidence.

“Get some rest for now.

Make sure to put ointment on your wound.”

“Yes, Father!” Even though Qin Wanru looked pale, her expression was rather firm.

It truly made ones heart ache seeing how wan her delicate face looked.

She held onto Nanny Yus hand as she spoke, preparing to step out and see Qin Huaiyong off.

Qin Huaiyong immediately stopped her.

“Get some rest first.

I need to leave now.

You dont need to see me off!”

“Then, please remember your promise, Father,” Qin Wanru said, obediently pausing in her tracks.

“Very well, Ill keep it in mind.” Qin Huaiyong nodded perfunctorily and walked away with large strides.

Nanny Yu had been watching Qin Huaiyongs expression.

When he was gone, she said with unease, “Miss, I dont think the General is taking this seriously!” It seemed to her that Qin Huaiyong was just placating Qin Wanru.

It would be an immense blessing if they could get the title of Honorary Lady for Madam Shui.

That meant that Madam Di wouldnt be able to overdo her bullying when she and Madam Shui visit Duke Yongs Mansion.

How could something this great be possible

Worried that Qin Wanrus high hopes would lead to tremendous disappointment, Nanny Yu thought she should be straightforward and prepare her mistress in advance.

“I know.” Qin Wanru smiled as she entered the house with Nanny Yus help and sat on the bed.

Yujie took off the haphazardly-wrapped cloth around Qin Wanrus leg before taking a strip of white silk cloth laden with medicine and binding it around her wound.

The ointment was of Qin Wanrus own making, not the one that the physician sent over.

The physicians ointment was a little too ordinary and not as effective as hers.

“Miss, since thats the case, why do you still bring it up with the General” Nanny Yu asked as she helped Yujie.

“That way, hell know theres such an option and mention it at the right timing.

Sometimes, some things are forever impossible if you never mention it.

But if you bring it up, you give it a chance,” Qin Wanru said meaningfully with a smile.

“Miss, you mean youre making an initial report to the General, so hed mention it himself when an opportunity presents itself” Even though the clever Yujie couldnt quite understand Nanny Yus words, she could somewhat grasp the point.

The worried Nanny Yu burst into laughter when she saw Yujie acting as if she knew something when she didnt.

She gave Yujies head a gentle pat and said with a smile, “This girl!”

“Nanny, am I incorrect” Yujie raised her head in dissatisfaction.

Mingqiu Nun would often argue with her like this in the past, always telling her false things that sounded so much like the truth.

After listening to such nonsense for a long time, she would also spout logical-sounding things and participate in many discussions.

“Youre right! Youre absolutely right!” Looking at Yujies mischievous look, Nanny Yus frayed nerves began to ease and her laughter became increasingly uncontrollable.

Happiness soon filled the house, ushering the gloominess out the door.

Qin Wanru smiled as she looked at her calves that were buried under the quilt.

Suddenly, she thought they didnt hurt that much anymore.

She didnt intend for her father to immediately request the title of Honorary Lady from the Emperor, only to leave such an impression on him.

With the addition of several supporting incidents, everything would go according to plan when the time came.

What sounded impossible now might not be so impossible anymore!

Opportunities would come and she could find one as well.

The only thing she needed now was the right timing…

When Qin Huaiyong arrived at Madam Dis courtyard, she was still throwing a tantrum inside the house.

The young maid who had been half-kneeling to feed her earlier had been beaten into a pulp.

Blood covered every inch of her motionless body.

It was a mystery whether she was still breathing.

Qin Huaiyong stormed inside the house in a fit of rage.

When he saw Qin Yuru was here as well, he chided, “Go out!”

“Father!” Qin Yuru was tattling to Madam Di when she saw a furious Qin Huaiyong entering the house.

Little did she expect that he would ask her to leave without another word She couldnt help feeling stunned.

“Leave!” Qin Huaiying was emanating a frigid aura all over.

He looked at his eldest daughter with enough coldness to freeze her over.

“Fa-Father…” Qin Yuru was about to say something when an older female servant, sensing that it was a bad idea, hastily pulled her out of the house.

It was evident that Qin Huaiyong had something to tell Madam Di that wasnt meant for Qin Yurus ears.

If Qin Yuru was short-sighted and tried to butt in, she would surely infuriate Qin Huaiyong even more.


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