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“General says that he has refused the offer!” Qing Yue answered.

“Great!” Qin Wanru smiled.

She put down the little shower and picked up a handkerchief to wipe her hands.

Until all things were clear, she wasnt willing to be close to Duke Xings Mansion.

The invitation card would definitely be sent to Qin Huaiyong while Duke Yong came to Qins Mansion just in time.

On the one hand, Qin Huaiyong could take advantage of Duke Xings power by using this card.

On the other hand, she could let Qin Huaiyong refuse this offer.

“It is much better and more reasonable to let Qin Huaiyong reject this offer than to let me do this.”

Qin Wanru had a suspicion and she tried to deduce it with this invitation card.

Now she seemed to be able to see part of the truth…

To take care of Madam Di No! Absolutely not!

She set her dewy eyes on her handkerchief and watched herself wiping her lily-handed fingers, one by one.

Her long and jet-black eyelashes fluttered, which perfectly covered all her emotion in her eyes.

“Lady, have you, have you really decided to go to Madam Dis court and take care of her” Nanny Yu worried about Qin Wanru very much.

Looking at Qin Wanru who still behaved very leisurely, she couldnt wait to ask.


Of course! If this is Duke Yongs Mansions demand, then how could I refuse!” Qin Wanru smiled slightly.

She turned around, sat steadily in the chair and said to Nanny Yu as she raised her eyes to see her, “Would you please ask Lady Qi whether she wants to come with me when I am going to take care of Madam Di tomorrow”

“You want to go with Lady Qi I suppose she would be unwilling, right” Nanny Yu didnt understand her meaning.

“No, she would be willing to do that.

I hear that the heir of Duke Yong would stay in our mansion to take care of Madam Di!” Qin Wanru raised her head and said with her bland eyes.

“Lady Qi, she, she favors the heir of Duke Yong He, he, he is the First Lady Qins fiance who is chosen by Madam!” Nanny Yu was so shocked that her eyes opened very wide!

“So what” Qin Wanru said leisurely.

Qin Wanru had known Qi Rongzhis thought on the first day that Qi Rongzhi came to Qins Mansion.

Qi Rongzhi would absolutely not let this perfect chance slip through her fingers!

“Madam Di would vent her anger on you!” Frowning, Nanny Yu said worriedly.

“She has vented her anger on me because of what I have done, hasnt she” Blinking her eyes, she said very wittily.

Hearing her words, Nanny Yu was lost for words.

Looking at her pretty and graceful lady, she could say nothing now as she felt heartbroken about her lady.

She didnt know why Madam Di would be so malicious and why she would try to plot against the Second Lady Qin.

Even though her lady was not her natural daughter, the Second Lady Qin was a very lovely and well-behaved girl.

Why would Madam Di always insist on harming her Second Lady Qin for the First Lady Qins life!

“I think if something happened, our lady would have nothing to do with that.

Madam Di always wants our lady to be the scapegoat for the First Lady Qins faults and wants her to become the First Ladys stepping-stone.

If so, then why should our lady care about her This time they made a big deal of it just in order to drive our lady mad! It is hard to know what they would do when asking our lady to take care of Madam Di!”

Yujie said.

She was totally on the side of Qin Wanru.

Recalling the scene, she sneered.

She saw Madam Dis eyes and her expression which showed that Madam Di wanted to kill her lady right now.

She remembered very clearly.

“Nanny Yu, I also agree.

If Madam Di or the First Lady Qin does want to do harm to our lady, they couldnt be free to implement their plan for at least Lady Qi would be there!” Qing Yue agreed with Yujie and said.

Qin Wanru smiled brightly.

Of course this was one of her reasons.

However, her main purpose was to let Qi Rongzhi distract Madam Di and her daughter, which would make them unable to keep a close watch on her!

If Qi Rongzhi who had evil intentions was there, it would be extremely difficult to keep order!

“Then I go to ask Lady Qi!” Seeing these two girls protecting Qin Wanru wholeheartedly, Nanny Yu smiled spontaneously and kept nodding in agreement.

However, she was moved to tears.

Then she turned back and wiped her tear.

A firm look appeared in her eyes when she thought that the two little servant girls were on the side of her lady wholeheartedly, she should definitely protect her lady.

“Nanny Yu, wait! Let Qing Yue do that! I have something to ask you!” Qin Wanru suddenly called her and let Qing Yue pass the message to Qi Rongzhi.

Qing Yue nodded and left hurriedly.

“Nanny Yu, what has Qing Xue been doing during these days” asked Qin Wanru.

She asked Nanny Yu to look after all businesses of the inner court.

which was the reason that even if there was something, she didnt let Nanny Yu leave the court.

“Compared with Qing Xues character in Jiangzhou, she now has changed a lot.

It seemed that she now is much more passionate.

Especially Nanny Dong and Dong Xiuer, when Nanny Dong isnt there, she would be with Dong Xiuer.

They now have a really good relationship.

They could be considered as a bosom friend to each other!” Thinking for a while, Nanny Yu answered.

Qing Xue was under her supervision.

Thus she knew Qing Xue very clear.

“Dong Xiuer is her bosom friend” Qin Wanru frowned.

Qing Xue was a servant girl who had a bad intention.

Madam Di once deliberately plotted against Qu Le just in order to deal with Qing Xues problem.

Of course Qu Le had her own problems in that event.

However, Qing Xue was absolutely one of the most important reasons.

Madam Di and Qin Yuru sent this servant girl here, which seemed that their purpose was more than that.

She also had implied Nanny Dong that Qing Xue was not a good person before.

Although Nanny Dong felt okay with that, she didnt expect that Qing Xue would have such a good relationship with Dong Xiuer! Or didnt Nanny Dong tell Dong Xiuer

“Except this news, is there anything else”

“Nothing else.

I seldom allow her to leave this court.

I only let her manage those coarse servant girls.

Although she is still in the name of your private servant girl, she now doesnt have too many tasks.

Do I snub her too much” said Nanny Yu.

According to Qin Wanrus order, Qing Xue was not allowed to get into Qin Wanrus room even though she was the first servant girl.

“If there is a task that cleaning the outhouse, take her!” she said with her mouth curled into a slight smile.

If she now was the first servant girl, then she should finish some private tasks.

Now it was her “internship”.

Then Qin Wanru would gradually allow her to get into her house, of course, the outhouse, under supervision.

“Lady, got it!” Yujie said, smiling.

Qi Rongzhis answer was that she was willing to come with her.

She even especially said that she would come and wait for Qin Wanru earlier in the morning before they went to Madam Dis court.

Qin Wanru had guessed Qi Rongzhis response right.

“Now Qi Rongzhi has a bad relationship with Qin Yuru.

If she goes to see Madam Di, she could only stay in her court for a while.

Moreover, Madam Di doesnt like Qi Rongzhi and she wouldnt let her stay longer.

Not to mention, it is impossible for her to see Di Yan.”

“If she comes with me, she could have the excuse that she is with me.

Although it is unceremonious, she has a reason.

If she keeps following me, Madam Di and Qin Yuru could not get her out of their court directly.”

The next morning, Qi Rongzhi had arrived very early.

Because Qin Wanru had to take care of Madam Di, she also got up very early.

Then they went to Madam Dis Yulan Pavilion together.

They had arrived at Yulan Pavilion too early and Qin Yuru hadnt come yet.

They waited in the lobby.

Qin Wanru stood very straightly and didnt talk to Qi Rongzhi.

Qi Rongzhi moved from one foot to the other impatiently.

She had never done this kind of job taking care of others before.

Now her feet were aching for standing so long.

If she had not had her own purpose, she would not have been willing to suffer this with Qin Wanru early in the morning.

It was so early in the morning and it was very cold for there was a wind gap here!

She glanced at the room disdainfully.

Not to mention, Madam Di was torturing Qin Wanru deliberately.

What a malicious woman! She didnt know when the heir Di would come.

If he saw she waiting in the lobby, would he take pity on her

Qi Rongzhi had absolute confidence in her appearance.

When she was in Jiangzhou, Qin Yuru and she were two well-known beautiful women who were endowed with both beauty and talent.

Before she fought against Qin Yuru, there were so many pursuers that the threshold of their mansion was almost broken.

It was Qin Yuru! Otherwise, she would have married that man she chose favorably now.

That man had a lot to do with the capital city and, moreover, his family background was perfect.

He had not planned to marry someone in Jiangzhou but he came because of Qi Rongzhis name.

However, her engagement was destroyed by Qin Yuru in the end.

Every time she thought of that, Qi Rongzhi felt that she did hate Qin Yuru to death!

She would not let Qin Yuru marry into an aristocratic family favorably after Qin Yuru discarded her brother and ruined her reputation!

Now that Qin Yuru had ruined her engagement, then she would rob Qin Yurus fiance!

She definitely would not act so rudely as before.

Although her brother didnt tell her directly, she knew his meaning clear that she could not act as she behaved in Jiangzhou! If she acted well, Madam Di and Qin Yuru would not dare offend her openly!

Now Qin Yuru finally came late.

When seeing Qi Rongzhi standing in the lobby, she paused because she didnt expect to see Qi Rongzhi here.

After they bowed to each other, Qin Yuru said, “Why would Rongzhi be here”

“I come here to take care of Madam Di with Sister Wanru.

Your mansion has taken very good care of me after I arrived in the capital city.

Now Madam Di is sick and I feel really sorry,” Qi Rongzhi tried her best to soften her voice and said.

“You want to take care of my mother” Qin Yuru was shocked and her eyes opened very wide.

Although Qi Family and Qin Family had a very long and deep relationship, they were not related to each other.

It was too surprising!

“Well, Id love to and it is my heart!” answered Qi Rongzhi, smiling.

Her gentle and kind smile made Qin Yuru step backwards spontaneously.

A vigilant look gradually came up in her eyes.

“What does Qi Rongzhi want to do”

“How, how could I let you do this You are the guest!” Qin Yuru quickly calmed down and blamed her slightly.

“However, I am living in Qins Mansion now.

My parents asked Madam Shui and the General to take care of me.

I also remember well the love and care Madam and the General have given me.

Thus, how could I not take care of Madam Di when she needs help Otherwise, my elder brother would be the first one who would not let go of me easily.”

Qi Rongzhi said more and more gently.

It seemed that she did appreciate Qins Mansion and she seemed to be really willing to take care of Madam Di.

Her words almost put Qin Yurus nose out of joint.

When did Qi Rongzhi become so polite and educated She even seemed that she felt very thankful and grateful.

Or did she plan something Qin Yuru didnt want to cause some troubles as she had caused one in the Ruian Great Elder Princess Mansion.

“My mother would appreciate your kindness but please go back!” Qin Yuru rejected.

“Why dont you allow me to take care of Madam Di I truly consider Madam Di as my mother and I do want to thank her!” Qi Rongzhis eyes turned red.

She reached out, took Qin Yurus hand and shook her hand powerfully, seeming that she was really wronged.

Her behavior gradually annoyed Qin Yuru.

Qin Yuru put Qi Rongzhis hand down impatiently, lowered her voice and asked, “What do you want You…”

“What is going on here What happened” A sudden gentle voice came behind her and also interrupted her.


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