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“The first account” Old Grandma asked as she couldnt remember what Qin Wanru was asking.

“Mother, what Wanru asked might be the list of dowry when sister married into Qins Mansion.” Shui Ruolan explained.

She had a very quick mind and understood Qin Wanrus words immediately.

“There should be one!” said Old Grandma.

She then turned and looked at Nanny Duan as she always let Nanny Duan keep those important things!

When a woman married into her husbands family, there would be a list of dowry sent to the family.

Then people of the family would check the list and recorded them when they received the dowry!

“Old Grandma, the list is still there.

I have always kept them carefully for you!” said Nanny Duan after she thought carefully for a while.

The list was very important which she dare not lose.

Thus, she paid particular attention to the list before coming here and then brought it to the capital city.

Madam Di had been talking about the capital of those shops in Jiangzhou, claiming that those capital shops belonged to her dowry.

Thus, it was hard to expect what Madam Di would claim in the capital city.

If they had this list, then they had evidence!

“If it is still there, that would be great! Grandma, you could give it to mother then! If Madam Di leads to troubles again because of this, then mother could prepare for it!” Qin Wanru suggested calmly.

Every time when Madam Di talked about her dowry, Shui Ruolan had no idea to reply as she wasnt clear about the details and she was unable to get to the point.

Moreover, Old Grandma couldnt always have the energy to toss about this with Madam Di.

Thus, the best way was to give Shui Ruolan this list and let her get clear about this.

“Thus, even if Madam Di wants to make a fuss, she has to think twice.

Moreover, I wanna use this list to unmask the Duke Yongs Mansion!”

Old Grandma thought for a moment and then she understood Qin Wanrus intention.

She smiled, nodded and said, “Great, I would let Nanny Duan send your mother this list soon!”

When the discussion was over, Old Grandma then asked Shui Ruolan to have a rest.

Shui Ruolan looked a little bit tired as she now was with child and she had to meet the guest.

Shui Ruolan herself did have no energy to continue the talk so she directly stood up and took leave of Old Grandma.

Seeing Shui Ruolan ready to leave, Qin Wanru also stood up and left with her.

“Grandma looks really bad.

It must be because Madam Di has made a fuss here for a long time.

Grandma now is old and weak.

She must take a good rest and keep herself away from Madam Dis stuff.”

Qin Yuru was irritated in her room.

Her pretty face was distorted by her fury.

She took a cup near her hand and threw it to the ground madly.

She shouted, “Mother, why would father so favor Qin Wanru I am his only natural daughter! How could he not help me but the b*stard Why”

Thinking of the scene in Old Grandmas room, Qin Yuru was totally unable to calm down her irritated mind.

“Why could a b*stard be invited to Ruian Great Elder Princess Mansions banquet Why would I, the true lady of Qins Mansion, have to follow people of the Duke Yongs Mansion to Princess Mansion I even had to return home because of Di Fenglan and Qin Wanru.

Why could Di Fenglan still stay there and only ask me to come back!”

“I am the better one!”

Her fury almost overwhelmed her.

Qin Yurus eyes became red and she took another cup and threw it away.

Now she not only hated Qin Wanru but also Di Fenglan.

If Di Fenglan had not made a mess, she wouldnt have had to be asked to leave without any explanation!

Madam Di sneered.

She knew something must go wrong when she said that words.

She said, “Yuru, your father only thinks that Qin Wanru could be good for him as Ruian Great Elder Princess favors her so he has to punish your servants.

How could he treat her like a treasure! Does he not know who his natural daughter is”

Gnashing her teeth, Qin Yuru answered, “Mother, I cannot bear this! How could she be favored by Ruian Great Elder Princess She must dirtily say something to the Princess.

Otherwise, the Princess would not like her!”

She was jealous of Qin Wanru for Ruian Great Elder Princess preferred her.

She then got mad and thought angrily that why the one Ruian Great Elder Princess liked wasnt her! She was better than Qin Wanru! Ruian Great Elder Princess was absolutely blind.

She definitely dare not say it out.

Even though she dare not say so, the jealousy in her eyes had explained it all.

She had always been the noblest lady in the mansion but now Qin Wanru was much better than her!

“What is your grandmas reply” Madam Di calmed down now and asked with her eyes flashing.

Although Madam Di didnt say it clearly, Qin Yuru understood at once.

Then her fury faded away and her face looked deep.

She said, “Grandma said that we still have to wait!”

“Wait Until when Or does she want to find another much nobler lady The engagement before went nowhere, didnt it The lady doesnt like Di Yan!”

Madam Di banged on the table and her voice sounded grimly angry.

If not Qins Mansion was not good enough, she wouldnt want to wait for others to choose her daughter even though the opposite side was her maiden home.

Madam Di knew that Countess Yong wanted a daughter-in-law who was much more suitable and much nobler.

However, she always thought that her daughter was the best.

Now Countess Yong didnt make a decision, which made Madam Di distracted.

Madam Di thought that if an engagement had been made between Duke Yongs Mansion and her daughter, todays thing wouldnt have happened and Qin Huaiyong wouldnt have treated his wife and daughter like this.

It seemed that she had to go to Duke Yongs Mansion!

“Yuru, dont worry.

I would go to Duke Yongs Mansion again and settle the engagement between Di Yan and you!” said Madam Di.

She looked calm but actually she was very anxious.

“I would listen to you! Mother, the b*stard made a hit today.

If something bad is spread from Jiangzhou, others would know that it is I who did that.

What should I do then”

Although Qin Yuru also worried about her marriage to some extent, she didnt feel very anxious as her cousin kept promising her that he would marry her.

They even pledged their eternal love.

It was her aunt who didnt agree with this marriage.

However, her cousin told her that no matter how his mother would prevent the marriage, he would marry her.

She only needed to wait.

Now she cared much about Qin Wanrus words which exposed her lie that she spread before.

Because of this, many ladies looked at her strangely.

She knew that they suspected her.

Therefore, she felt very wronged and furious!

And Qin Wanru destroyed the perfect trap with her words again!


People in Jiangzhou would not focus on you as the place is far from here.

Moreover, if something bad was spread here, nobody would know what the story is before.

One fake story means that there must be many fake stories.

They would only consider these as a joke.

And they would turn to Qin Wanru for I asked people to spread a gossip about her when I left Jiangzhou!”

Madam Di sneered.

“Really Mother” Qin Yuru looked happy and surprised.

Madam Di comforted her and said, “It is true.

Yuru, you only need to wait.

I am not sure the gossip whether would be spread here.

Even so, you have nothing to do with this.”

Qin Yuru felt satisfied and nodded.

She said proudly, “Mother, when Qi Tianyu comes, I would go and meet him.

I believe that he would definitely listen to me!”

Qi Tianyu played the key role in the gossip.

If he said the same words as she told him, she could have a chance to explain.

Thus it would not matter if those gossips spread here.

And, of course, she didnt think that Qi Tianyu would be a problem for her!

“How clever Yuru is!” Madam Di said with satisfaction.

When they all agreed on the plan, Madam Di then walked out Qin Yurus room.

When she walked, she asked Nanny Zhou, “How do you think of sister-in-laws meaning”

Unlike Qin Yuru, she was much lack of confidence in Countess Yong.

“Madam, I think that Countess Yong must have other ideal candidates.

Otherwise, she wouldnt let you keep waiting and waiting!” answered Nanny Zhou.

She had been working in Duke Yongs Mansion for years before so she knew much about Countess Yong.

“Well, how dare she look down upon my Yuru If not…” Madam Di sneered and stopped.

She then asked, “Do you find out the seal”

“Madam, no.

It might drop somewhere when packing the belongings in the capital city!” answered Nanny Zhou in a low voice.

She knew what her madam was asking.

“I need it now!” Madam Di clenched her fist and then relaxed it slowly.

She said, “I suppose that the seal wasnt only a simple seal.

We might use it now!”

“I understand you!” Nanny Zhous face turned white and asked, “I just dont know whether it is true”

“No matter whether it is true, we have to try.

Perhaps it is true.

If so, sister-in-law would keep asking me to make the engagement between her son and Yuru!” Madam Di sneered.

“If not because Qins Mansion is so weak, I would not let Yuru marry Di Yan who looks like a loser.”

Anyway she had to try.

If this worked, Yuru could be much nobler than now and become one of the few noblest ladies in the capital city.

“Old Grandmas cup also disappears” Nanny Zhou asked carefully and looked around.

Those servant girls and old maidservants behind who knew she was Madam Dis trusted follower supposed that Madam Di and Nanny Zhou must talk about some secrets when the two got so close to each other, and then they backed away ten more steps on their own.

“She said that she left the cup in the Jingxin Monastery! However, I dont believe that she would give such an important thing to others so casually!” said Madam Di with a cold smile.

“Then what should we do” Nanny Zhou asked.

She also didnt believe Old Grandmas words but Old Grandma did say so and she could not search Old Grandmas house.

“Then we now look for it here and then write to Madam Li of Magistrate.

Let her find an excuse to confiscate the property of Jingxin Monastery! I dont believe that we couldnt find out the thing when the property of Jingxin Monastery is all confiscated! As we have promised Madam Li to make a good engagement for Qi Rongzhi, Madam Li would definitely help us!” A grim smile was on Madam Dis face.

She then changed the topic and asked, “Have servants sent by sister-in-law arrived here yet”

“To confiscate the property of Jingxin Monastery only for a glass cup” Nanny Zhou was shocked but she dare not say anything else when seeing Madam Dis face which showed her determination.

“They have all arrived.

I have also checked them and I am sure that they are loyal to you.

Madam, you could ask them to do anything trustingly!” Nanny Zhou answered carefully, knowing that Madam Di was asking about those servant girls and old maids sent by servant trader.

“Divide them into different groups.

Dont arrange them all in my house and Yurus!” Madam Di said, “When Qi Tianyu comes here, send someone to watch him in case thing would go wrong!”

Madam Di was not Qin Yuru.

She didnt believe that Qi Tianyu would always listen to Qin Yuru!

“Yes, I got it!”

“And those things… You could lead to some troubles for them to make them have a quarrel!” Madam Di sneered as her eyes were grim and her smile was cold.

Her mother taught her to cut flesh with a blunt knife.

If she got wronged, general wouldnt always suspect her.

Nobody could be sure that the child could be born safely in the end!

If this time she failed, then she would continue to try until she won Shui Ruolan!

“I would tell them clearly and let them choose the best chance to cause troubles! And nobody would find out!” Nanny Zhou understood Madam Dis meaning and answered with a very proud smile in her face!

“How perfect Madam Dis method is!”


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