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She was Madam of Duke Xing!

It seemed that Qin Wanru had nothing to do with this woman in her last life but this woman just seemed to be everywhere.

Qin Wanru even thought that when she met this Madam of Duke Xing in her last life, her life had been doomed!

The vague feeling that her life was controlled and pushed step by step into the abyss made her helpless and desperate.

However, she couldnt find out finally who was the ringleader.

She didnt expect that she would meet the Madam of Duke Xing again here, much earlier than in her last life.

In her last life, she had no chance to attend Great Elder Princess banquet so she didnt meet Madam of Duke Xing.

Something incomprehensible in her last life suddenly became clear, telling her that this woman was very dangerous! This was the conclusion of her two lives.

Madam of Duke Xing didnt look well.

However, she was not angry but worried.

Her worried face even seemed to be a little rattled.

Madam of Duke Xing was very beautiful.

Her worried look made her seem to be calm like a Madam of an aristocratic family and kind.

Feeling that someone was looking at them, she raised her head and looked into Qin Wanrus eyes.

Although she didnt recognize Qin Wanru, she knew Yan Xulan besides Qin Wanru.

Even though she looked very worried, she slightly smiled at them in a very polite way, then she removed her eyes and left hurriedly.

Yan Xulan stopped talking at once and bowed sideways while Madam of Duke Xing was looking at her.

She felt relaxed until Madam of Duke Xing left with her servants and said, “Do you think that Madam of Duke Xing is very powerful”

“It seems so!” Qin Wanru said quietly.

“I heard that she manages the whole Mansion of Duke Xing and arranges everything in her mansion in perfect order.

She is very capable.

Young Lady of Duke Xing is also a gentle and graceful lady.

I must introduce her to you when we meet her sometime.

She is very nice and totally different from Di Fenglan!”

Yan Xulan said.

So it meant that Shao Yanru, the eldest daughter of Duke Xing had a very good reputation.

Her lips curved in a cold smile.

She looked forward to meeting Shao Yanru again very much!

When they arrived at the banquet, Qin Wanru then looked for Shui Ruolan before the banquet began.

Seeing Qionghua shaking her hands far, Qin Wanru then left Yan Xulan and went to Shui Ruolan.

When she went closer, she suddenly found that the table she would sit at was very close to the main table, even close at hand.

When she just sat down beside Shui Ruolan and before she talked to her, a boy who kept wriggling in his seat at the main table suddenly left his seat, rushed up to her and said, “Sister!”

After calling her affectionately, he jumped and hugged her suddenly!

Qin Wanru quickly reached out and held him with her body going backward.

If Yujie had not caught her, they would have fallen down together.

A young woman ran anxiously and said, “Childe Hao, please wait for me! Be careful!” Qin Wanru turned and looked at her, finding out that the woman was not the nanny who tried to plot against Haoer before.

Haoer climbed onto the chair beside Qin Wanru, kept patting the womans outstretched hand, and said, “I want to sit with this sister!”

“Then let him sit there!” said Ruian Great Elder Princess at the main table.

She laughed and thought that it was quite delightful to see these two pretty children sitting together.

Hearing Ruian Great Elder Princess words, the young woman dared not say anything else and just stood behind Haoer.

Seeing Qin Wanru, Haoer was quite happy and kept talking with her.

The little boy was angry and irritated just now and then became wronged and sad now.

Seeing this, Qin Wanru could not help laughing, thinking that why this little boy would be so emotional.

However, Qin Wanru learned from his words that Ruian Great Elder Princess was irritated.

It seemed that she scolded people from the Mansion of Duke Xing and asked them to leave Haoer in the mansion strongly.

Thinking that Madam of Duke Xing just came back in a hurry, she supposed that Madam of Duke Xing was to report to Old Madam in the mansion because of this.

She left so hurriedly that she didnt care about the courtesy, seeming that she didnt want to leave Haoer here at all.

It also seemed that Mansion of Duke Xing did care about this boy and was unwilling to let him get wronged outside.

Thus, even if she left her courtesy behind, others would consider her as a kind madam.

A hint of suspect flashed in her eyes.

She didnt believe that the Madam of Duke Xing would be so nice!

She reached out, patted Haoers hand, and asked, “Haoer, could you tell me your name”

Throwing his chest out, Shao Yuanhao answered proudly, “My name is Shao Yuanhao!”

Qin Wanru frowned because she had no memory about this boy.

Logically, Qin Yuru then built relationships with the Mansion of Duke Xing, which made all servants proud of this.

They also talked about the Mansion of Duke Xing from time to time.

However, Qin Wanru couldnt remember that there was a boy in the Mansion of Duke Xing.

“Why would I know nothing about this noble boy, the grandchild of Ruian Great Elder Princess”

Thinking about what happened today, she was suddenly in a cold sweat.

She thought, “Does this boy come to a bad end at last Is that the reason that nobody in the Mansion of Duke Xing mentions it”

Biting her lips and trying to calm down, she suddenly remembered that there was a big event happened in her last life, a very big event which caused a great flutter in the capital city—Ruian Great Elder Princess decided to become a nun.

Ruian Great Elder Princess was the Emperors natural aunt and very noble.

However, she made this decision all of a sudden.

Some people even heard that not only the Emperor tried to persuade her but also the Empress Dowager.

However, no matter who came and persuaded, Ruian Great Elder Princess decided to do this persistently.

The Queen and Empress Dowager didnt agree her so they transformed the place behind the backyard of the Mansion of Ruian Great Elder Princess into a Buddhist nunnery and made it open to the public.

So Ruian Great Elder Princess could be a nun in her own mansion.

In her last life, she couldnt figure out that why Ruian Great Elder Princess would make such a decision suddenly and why she would take things too hard while she was in such a position and was very noble and rich.

If Shao Yuanhao, the only natural grandchild of Ruian Great Elder Princess came to a bad end, given how Ruian Great Elder Princess loved him, she definitely couldnt bear this.

In light of what happened today, there must be someone who tried to hurt Shao Yuanhao.

Shao Yuanhao actually was the successor of the Mansion of Duke Xing, who was a little bit like Chu Liuchen.

In terms of his position, if Ruian Great Elder Princess helped him become the Dukes successor, it would be much easier to succeed.

Thus, his appearance now hindered Duke Xing and his Madams work.

Qin Wanru almost clarified her thought instantly.

If there was someone who didnt want to see this child, there was nobody except Duke Xing and his wife.

Qin Wanru almost got her idea into shape without hesitation because she had doubted the Mansion of Duke Xing in her last life.

However, she also found that there was no direct evidence related to the Mansion of Duke Xing.

Otherwise, Madam of Duke Xing would not come back in a hurry and worry but not in a panic!

Qin Wanru smiled and asked, “So are you living in the Mansion of Princess”

“Yes! Here! I live with my granny!” answered Shao Yuanhao, blinking his big eyes and keeping eating fruits.

His bulging mouth once opened and then closed, which made him very cute.

“Would your paternal granny be willing to leave you here” asked Qin Wanru, using her handkerchief to wipe his mouth.

“Granny…” He rolled his eyes and hesitated, seeming that he was reluctant to leave her when mentioning his granny.

So it should be an important reason that Shao Yuanhao was raised in the Mansion of Duke Xing for these years.

Qin Wanru also rolled her eyes and asked gently, “Are you unwilling to live with Ruian Great Elder Princess”

“But I am also unwilling to leave my granny, my aunt, my elder sister and brother!” Haoer lowered his head, seeming that he was sad.

It seemed that all people in the Mansion of Duke Xing were good, very good people in his mind.

Otherwise, a child would not obsess with them like this.

“How hypocritical this family is!”

Qin Wanru sneered in her heart.

Although she couldnt consider all people of the Mansion of Duke Xing as villains, some of them must be bad.

It was really dangerous for Shao Yuanhao to stay in the Mansion of Duke Xing.

The reason why they didnt implement the plan in the Mansion of Duke Xing but in front of Ruian Great Elder Princess definitely was that they were afraid that the Elder Princess would blame it on the Mansion of Duke Xing while she would blame herself for this if this happened in her own mansion.

There must be a very special chance that Haoer encountered something really bad in the Mansion of Princess in the last life, which made her so self-condemned and desperate that she decided to become a nun.

“How merciless they are!”

Qin Wanru said in surprise, “There are so many people in your mansion!”

Shao Yuanhao nodded his head proudly.

He raised his head and smiled so brightly that others even could not see his eyes.

“But there would be your maternal granny alone.

She is so pitiful!” said Qin Wanru, smiling.

Glancing at Ruian Great Elder Princess who sat at the main table, Qin Wanru suddenly became sad and worried.

“Your maternal granny only has you.

If you leave her, how pitiful she would be!”

Shao Yuanhao twitched his mouth and his smile has all gone.

Like Qin Wanru, he also shot a glance at Ruian Great Elder Princess and then asked, “Only me”

He always thought that his maternal granny wasnt as good as his grandpa because he was raised in the Mansion of Duke Xing and seldom came to the Mansion of Princess.

Sometimes his maternal granny even scolded him, which made him unhappy while his granny, aunt, elder brother and sister would never scold him.

But now he realized that his maternal granny was so pitiful because there was only herself in such a big mansion.

Shao Yuanhao suddenly felt that he was bad and twisted his chubby hands.

“Granny just invited me to stay here but I just twisted my body and refused her.

Is she sad now”


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