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Qin Yuru came over with Countess Yong and met several Young Mesdames\' besties and their brothers on the way, so there were more people coming with her.

Meanwhile, Qin Wanru looked around carefully while walking.

In addition to female guests, she saw several handsome childes.

The banquet hadn\'t formally begun, and there were many people talking in twos and threes.

With her long eyelashes fluttered, seeing the scene in front of her, she immediately understood that both female and male guests had been invited to this banquet.

Nevertheless, the male guests were all teenagers and young childes.

She was wondering who received the male guests in Rui\'an Great Elder Princess\' Mansion.

She heard that Rui\'an Great Elder Princess was the only master in her mansion.

There were no men outside taking care of the male guests.

“Young Lady of Qin\'s Mansion, I heard that your sister also comes.

Is it true” someone asked Qin Yuru.

Qin Yuru had known several Young Mesdames when she was in the capital.

Now they gathered here, and everyone became curious.

“Of course it is true.

It doesn\'t work… to leave her in Jiangzhou.

After all… we must settle in the capital!” Qin Yuru said vaguely and looked awkward.

She seemed to want to explain for Qin Wanru, but did not know where to start.

“It\'s so kind of you to speak for her, since she has done something like that.” Someone sneered.


She comes to the capital, because she can\'t stay in Jiangzhou any longer.

Could it be possible that she can marry into any family in the capital She really thinks that the n.o.ble childes from the aristocratic families in the capital will marry her!”

Someone else said scornfully with her face full of disdain.

Qin Wanru stopped moving forward with her watery eyes blinking twice.

Shui Ruolan also heard these words.

As her face darkened, she lifted her leg in an attempt to go there, but was held by Qin Wanru.

Seeing both of them stop, the old maid of Rui\'an Great Elder Princess also stopped, stood aside and waited for them.

The supervisor had repeatedly told her that Great Elder Princess liked the Second Miss of Qin\'s Mansion very much and she shouldn\'t look down upon her because of her young age and humble background.

She had certainly heard what they were talking.

Curiously glancing at the Young Mesdames and the young childes beside talking ardently, she decided to stand quietly.

“Any childe from the aristocratic families of the capital will marry her Wanting to marry this person now and marry someone else then, she considers it a game” It was a young childe who was talking.

He raised his eyebrows and said scornfully.

After that, he pushed Di Yan beside him.

“Highness Di, do you agree with me”

Di Yan blinked, but didn\'t say anything and just smiled.

“Hey, Di Yan, when did you become so reserved Even if she is related to you, you can\'t take side with such a woman! In the capital, this kind of woman should be drowned in a pig cage.”

Others thought that Di Yan didn\'t say anything offensive because of the relations.h.i. p between his family and the Qin family, so someone else ridiculed him.

“Stop teasing my cousin.

He doesn\'t know anything, and I don\'t know either.

It\'s just, just some bad rumors.

My mother told me not to talk about it! My second sister is actually nice.” Qin Yuru explained for Qin Wanru with a gentle face, as if she was sincerely helping Qin Wanru.

As she said, she looked a bit anxious and looked around.

“What\'s wrong You\'re afraid that your sister will hear our words” A Young Madam of Duke Yong\'s Mansion pulled her sleeves and said with dissatisfaction, “What are you afraid of Even if your grandma is very fond of your sister, so what You are the eldest daughter of the legal wife.

What\'s more, your sister is such a shameless b*tch!”

“No… my second sister is not such a person!” Qin Yuru seemed to be touched on the raw and said reluctantly.

However, her explanation caused a general outbreak of laughter.

Everyone greatly despised her second sister.

Although it was just a simple rumor, they could tell that the Second Miss was a b*tch.

“Big Sister is talking about me” On hearing this, Qin Wanru loosened Shui Ruolan\'s hand, stepped forward to Qin Yuru\'s back, and said with a faint smile.

Some people had seen her come over, guessing which family such a delicate girl came from and thinking why they had never seen such a beautiful Young Madam.

Now seeing her standing behind Qin Yuru and say such a word, everyone, who had partic.i.p.ated in the gossip, was stunned immediately.

Everyone fixed their eyes on the girl in front of them in shock.

Their first impression of her was that she was young, very young.

She seemed to be less than ten years old and completely different from the coquettish b*tch they imagined.

What was more, she was as beautiful as a coloured glaze doll and livelier than that.

A pair of black eyes seemed to be soaked in clear water.

She slightly blinked, and people almost could see their figures in her eyes.

Her cherry lips were small and crimson with the glamour different from other girls.

As her long eyelashes fluttered, people found her increasingly delicate.

But even so, everyone was still very clear that it was just a child who stood in front of them.

She was up to Qin Yuru\'s shoulder.

Her small face looked a little childish.

She swayed her earrings, looking dignified and elegant.

But it still made everyone clearly aware that she was just a child who had not grown up.

A child

Actually she was just a child.

Was, was she really the dissolute Second Miss who was said to have captured her sister\'s marriage and then gone back on her words

Why hadn\'t they been told that Second Miss of Qin\'s Mansion was actually a child She was naive.

“Big sister, what were you saying about me” Qin Wanru looked at Qin Yuru with a smile.

She tilted her head slightly, which made her look a little innocent and made those who had spoken ill of her feel a little embarra.s.sed.

How could such a little child do something like that

“I… was talking with other Young Mesdames about you!” Qin Yuru was shocked by Qin Wanru\'s sudden appearance, but she also knew that she would meet Qin Wanru here, so she instantly calmed herself down and said.

“Am… I famous I\'ve just arrived in the capital!” Qin Wanru fluttered her long eyelashes and said after a hesitation.

Under her long eyelashes, it was the snowy white skin.

As she said this, several Young Mesdames around her immediately looked towards Qin Yuru.

Everyone was smart.

They were so unfriendly to Qin Wanru, mostly because some rumors about Qin Wanru had been quietly pa.s.sed to them and then spread again by them.

Some of the rumors about Qin Wanru were accidentally disclosed by Qin Yuru, and some of them were learned by some curious Young Mesdames from inquiring of the girl servants and old maids of Qin Yuru.

If Qin Wanru was a grown-up girl now, they would believe that these words were true.

After all, these words were not be told by Qin Yuru, but deliberately “inquired” from Qin Yuru.

But the problem was that Qin Wanru was still only a child, a child who looked innocent and ignorant.

Could such a child really understand the affection between a man and a woman Moreover, she was only a child.

Why did they learn from Qin Yuru\'s servants that she was so intolerable It was really unbelievable.

Thinking about it carefully, everyone actually understood the tricks, but didn\'t think of them at first.

Some people began to look at Qin Yuru scornfully.

Seeing everyone\'s look, Qin Yuru was so angry that she almost tore apart her handkerchief and failed to maintain the gentle smile on her face.

She realized that she should have thought of a way to stop Qin Wanru from coming here.

Qin Wanru was about to grow up into a maiden at this age.

If she let Qin Wanru show up after Qin Wanru grew up a little, others would believe that the words secretly spread by her were true.

“Big sister, I\'ve just arrived in the capital and don\'t know anyone.

Why were you talking about me They seem to know me” Qin Wanru blinked her pretty eyes and smiled at Qin Yuru, as if she didn\'t know that she had successfully caused many Young Mesdames\' doubts about Qin Yuru.

Noticing the scorn in Qin Wanru\'s eyes, Qin Yuru became angrier and angrier.

Her hands rubbing the handkerchief became stiff, but she had to show a hint of a hypocritical smile.

She said with a forced smile, “We happened to talk about second sister just arriving in the capital.

Many Young Mesdames were curious about what the Young Mesdames who grew up in Jiangzhou look like!”

“Is big sister talking about sister Rongzhi” Qin Wanru continued asking with puzzlement, as if she did not see Qin Yuru\'s gloomy and angry eyes.

“Who is sister Rongzhi” Someone couldn\'t help but ask curiously.

“She is Big Sister\'s bestie Miss Qi, who is originally the daughter of the magistrate of Jiangzhou.

She came to the capital with us and now lives in our mansion.” Qin Wanru smiled and explained.

Although she was good-looking, the Young Mesdames present almost looked older than her, so they were not hostile to her.

After all, she looked too young.

A maiden who hadn\'t grown up just looked like a child! She couldn\'t excite the jealousy among girls.

In particular, her little face with a bright smile was quite likable.

Not only the Young Mesdames, but even the childes from aristocratic families considered that the previous words were nonsense.

“Is Young Lady Qi the sister of First Young Master of the Qi Family mentioned by Miss Qin” a Young Madam said after thinking.

“That is to say, she\'s related to the marriage”

“Second Miss of Qin\'s Mansion, do you know First Young Master of the Qi Family” A Young Madam couldn\'t stand it anymore, approached and asked in a low voice.

“Yeah, there are not only brother Tianyu, but also brother Baiyu and sister Rongzhi.

My sister and I grew up with them, and…” Speaking of this, Qin Wanru seemed to have thought of something.

She hurriedly stopped and intimately reached out to hold Qin Yuru\'s hand.

“Big sister, let\'s go!”

It seemed that there was no grudge between her and Qin Yuru and she sincerely treated Qin Yuru as her sister.

But it made the words deliberately spread by Qin Yuru increasingly doubtful.

Qin Yuru blushed in anger, subconsciously swung her arm and shook off Qin Wanru\'s hand.

Everyone was stunned and then understood.

Qin Yuru had always pretended to dearly love her terrible sister in front of others, but now it seemed that what she said was not true and she did that deliberately.

This Young Lady of Qin\'s Mansion from Jiangzhou did not look as kind as she acted.

This vague rumor about Jiangzhou should not be true, or it was related to this Young Lady of Qin\'s Mansion.

Someone responsive had considered inquiring about this matter when the daughter of Magistrate Qi showed up some day…

“Ah! Step aside quickly!” There suddenly came a horrified voice, and Qin Wanru\'s little figure was pushed hard by someone and she fell heavily on the guardrail beside her…


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