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When Qin Wanru arrived at Shui Ruolan\'s Liufeng Pavilion, Qin Huaiyong was still there.

When seeing Qin Wanru come and congratulate her mother, he, with a big smile waved his hand and let Qin Wanru come in.

When Qin Wanru walked in, she congratulated Qin Huaiyong and Shui Ruolan first and then sat in a chair beside.

“Wanru, you buy some new clothes tomorrow yourself.

Your mother needs to have a rest!” said Qin Huaiyong.

He looked very radiant and happy.

“Cousin, it is okay.

I can go with Wanru to buy some clothes and jewelry.

She is only a child and she doesn\'t know about that!” answered Shui Ruolan softly with a gentle smile.

“You always worry about her! She has grown up!” said Qin Huaiyong.

His always determined face softened.

When he saw Shui Ruolan\'s abdomen, tenderness filled his eyes.

His tender look was totally different from his usual look.

He seemed to be so excited!

“Cousin, I am really okay,” said Shui Ruolan with a smile, using her handkerchief to cover her mouth.

“Madam Shui, Madam Di let Nanny Zhou give her present to you!” said Qionghua happily.

Shui Ruolan\'s pregnancy made the whole Liufeng Pavilion immersed in a good atmosphere.

Shui Ruolan turned and looked at Qin Huaiyong, hesitated and said nothing.

“Let her in!” said Qin Huaiyong, smiling.

Turning and looking at Shui Ruolan, he reached his hands to touch her hand on the table, lowered his voice and said, “If she wants to be friendly with you, then you don\'t need to care about the things happened in the past.

If without her, you and I… ”

Shui Ruolan blushed and lowered her head, looking tender and docile.

Thinking that his wives were in a good relations.h.i. p, Qin Huaiyong seemed to be much happier.

He just worried that Madam Di would make some troubles before but now he thought that Madam Di was a lady from a n.o.ble family, and it seemed that she had learned Woman Precepts and Daughter\'s warns well.

Sitting beside Shui Ruolan, Qin Wanru shot a glance at her.

She looked at her blushed face and also discovered her anger in her eyes which she tried to cover up by lowering her head.

She knew that Shui Ruolan was angry!

At that time, she just wanted to stay in the backyard, served the Old Grandma and lived a tranquil life, without any other ideas.

However, Qin Huaiyong\'s words seemingly implied that she had been trying to seduce him at that time and it was because of Madam Di that she could marry him.

For Shui Ruolan, his words was a humiliation!

Qin Wanru frowned lightly and glanced at Qin Huaiyong.

“It is quite inappropriate for father to say so! But from his words, it seems that Madam Di has a very important place in his heart!”

A servant girl led Nanny Zhou to come in.

When seeing Qin Huaiyong, she gradually thought that it was a good move for Madam Di because the general might favor her again.

She stepped forward deferentially, bowed to Qin Huaiyong and Shui Ruolan respectively, handed over the jewelry box to them and said, “Madam Shui, when our Madam Di heard about your good news, she immediately became excited and wanted to see you.

However, she didn\'t expect that she would knock the antique shelf at corner and break the porcelains into pieces when she walked so fast.

She also got hurt and it was not convenient for her to see you!”

Shui Ruolan didn\'t believe her words but she had to pretend to be concerned about her.

She raised her head and asked, “Does my sister get hurt”

She would rather believe that Madam Di broke things into pieces madly when she knew Shui Ruolan was pregnant.

“She is okay, not a big deal.

She only felt so sorry that she could not come to see you.

So she kept asking me to send her present to you.

This is the best among her belongings.

She hopes you will like it!” answered Nanny Zhou craftily.

A big smile appeared in her face, seeming that she also felt happy for her.

Qin Huaiyong was quite satisfied with this and decided to forgive Madam Di\'s mistakes.

Qin Huaiyong said directly, “Ask the steward to bring some new porcelains to your Madam\'s room.

How careless she is!”

“Yes, I get it; I would ask him to do that later,” answered Nanny Zhou.

After hearing Qin Huaiyong\'s words, she kept bowing to him.

“I have seen the shelf before.

It is huge with many antique porcelains, seeming very expensive and n.o.ble.

When such a huge shelf fell down, it must be very dangerous! Except mother, did other servant girls get hurt”

Qin Wanru asked concernedly.

Smile suddenly froze on Nanny Zhou\'s face but she calmed down and explained quickly, “They didn\'t get hurt… Luckily, those girls were not there.

So except Madam Di, no one got hurt!”

It was definitely impossible that no one got hurt when such a huge shelf fell down.

She could not say that someone also got hurt so she could only say Madam Di got hurt vaguely.

“Does, does Madam Di need a doctor” Qin Wanru asked and said to Qin Huaiyong, “Father, Madam Di got hurt and she did need a doctor.

Otherwise, it would be too bad if something happens!”

The antique shelf in Madam Di\'s room was very huge.

There were always servants serving Madam Di.

It was impossible that only Madam Di got hurt while the huge shelf fell down!

Her words reminded Qin Huaiyong.

His eyes became gloomy and he stared at Nanny Zhou doubtfully, making her heart jump fast.

She feared that he would find out the truth!

“Then let her see a doctor!” said Qin Huaiyong in a low voice.

“Well… General, you don\'t have to do that.

Not a big deal! Madam just has some bruises and she has applied medicine to her bruises.

I hear that the medicine with secret cuisine, which the Old Grandma of Duke Yong\'s Mansion gave Young Lady comes from the royal palace!”

As hearing that they would ask Madam Di to see a doctor, Nanny Zhou was nervous with her hands shaking quickly.

There was no bruise! If a doctor came and checked, then their lie would be exposed!

Although Nanny Zhou told them that Madam Di was okay, Qin Wanru looked anxious and she seemed worried about Madam Di.

She stood up.

“No! How could she not see a doctor when getting hurt Nanny Zhou, how careless you are! Let\'s go and visit Madam Di!” said Qin Wanru.

“I…” Suddenly, Nanny Zhou felt what Madam Di said was right that the Second Lady became more and more intelligent.

Otherwise how she could know much about this!

“General! The Second Steward asks for meeting! It is about things happening in Madam Di\'s Yulan Pavilion!” Not until they made a decision, Qin Huaiyong\'s servant who guarded the entrance had come in hurriedly and said.

His words silenced the room suddenly.

Looking here and there, Nanny Zhou suddenly had a bad feeling and stepped back spontaneously.

A servant girl\'s low voice came out, “Watch out! Nanny Zhou!” Nanny Zhou turned around and got angry.

She couldn\'t wait to slap the person with a big smile in her face!

When did Yujie stand behind her Now it was impossible for her to step to the back with n.o.body noticing her.

“Let him in!” Qin Huaiyong frowned and answered.

There was no outsider here so he didn\'t have to avoid them.

Shui Ruolan was in charge of the inner court and she would meet him in the future.

As for Qin Wanru, he thought that she was too small to worry about.

“Yes!” answered the servant.

Then he took a man in his fifties and sixties in.

The man was the Second Steward in the mansion.

He looked angry, and it was obvious that he had something to tell Qin Huaiyong.

After the Second Steward bowed to him, Qin Huaiyong asked, “What happened”

“General, Madam Di broke all porcelains in the room into pieces! She told me that she broke them carelessly.

But how could she break every porcelain into pieces Although there were many porcelains on the shelf, some of them were not there! How did she break them”

Second Steward said angrily.

The reason why he got so mad was that Madam Di made him extremely angry there and now he had to complain about it in front of Qin Huaiyong.

Qin Huaiyong frowned because he didn\'t understand the steward\'s meaning at once.

He asked, “What doesbreaking all porcelains\' mean”

The steward answered angrily, “General, when I designed Madam Di\'s Yulan Pavilion, I was afraid that it was not good enough so I tried my best to decorate it.

But I didn\'t expect that all the porcelains were broken into pieces.

And I don\'t know why Madam asked me to bring some new and good porcelains to her after she broke all things.

When I brought her new porcelains, she wasn\'t satisfied and broke them into pieces again! There was no so delicate porcelain left now!”

His mustache even stood up because of his anger.

“Madam Di herself did this” asked Qin Huaiyong with his face turning livid.

“No, general.

Madam didn\'t break them into pieces deliberately.

He must have said something wrong and made Madam mad.

Then things happened.

Just let me go back and ask Madam Di.

I would give you an answer!” When seeing Qin Huaiyong\'s livid face, Nanny Zhou had to explain with a smiling face.

She groaned inwardly.

She didn\'t expect that Madam Di would lead to troubles again and let Qin Huaiyong know.

Then her efforts just had gone.

Qin Wanru set her eyes on Nanny Zhou in silence.

She looked at Nanny Zhou with her deep eyes.

Qin Wanru once let someone warn and promote Second Steward on behalf of Shui Ruolan, which could not be said that she helped her too much.

Now Shui Ruolan was in charge of the inner court and she was pregnant now.

Thus the General would favor her.

In addition, it was reasonable for Qin Wanru, her daughter to help her manage her business!

More importantly, Madam Di\'s pavilion was the most beautiful one in the mansion and it was much better than Shui Ruolan\'s.

When Qin Wanru asked Second Steward to design a pavilion much more beautiful than Madam Di\'s, he was stunned immediately.

He had decided to please Madam Di when he just arrived here.

The last straw was that some porcelains in Madam Di\'s room belonged to Old Grandma at first, which she wanted to decorate her room with them.

But the Second Steward took them to please Madam Di.

If these porcelains disappeared without any reason, Second Steward would not take this responsibility so he told Qin Huaiyong about this.

“General, those porcelains are the best in our mansion, in which some belong to the Old Grandma.

Now I have no decoration of the same value to decorate Madam Di\'s room so she got angry.

She even slandered me that I stole some.

I dare say nothing and just check her room.

I told you the truth!”

He said angrily.

He had been working in Qin\'s Mansion for a long time.

He also knew Qin Huaiyong well.

He knew when it was the best time to say proper words.

“Some even belong to Old Grandma” Thinking about that, Qin Huaiyong snorted.

His mood became colder and colder, seeming that a storm was at the corner.

He said, “Madam Di broke them herself”

“I have checked them.

Yes, she broke them.

If she was careless, she would not have broken all porcelains in the room,” Second Steward answered certainly.

“Let\'s go and see!”


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