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Qin Huaiyong felt very surprised and said, “Come in!” He was dubious at first and didn\'t expect that the invitation card would be sent to them because he feared that the Rui\'an Great Elder Princess just promised absentmindedly.

Qin Wanru kept smiling and she felt quite relieved because she told Qin Huaiyong about this before receiving the invitation card.

If Rui\'an Great Elder Princess forgot about it, then things would get complicated.

Fortunately, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess kept her word and sent the invitation card just like what she did in Qin Wanru\'s previous life.

This time it was not sent to Madam Di and Qin Yuru did not take it halfway.

“Yes, general!” answered Nanny Yu.

She walked in deferentially and gave it to Qin Huaiyong with her both hands.

Qin Huaiyong took it and looked at the gold stamping texts in the card carefully.

He recognized that it did belong to Rui\'an Great Elder Princess.

He felt extremely happy.

As smile in his face disappeared, he then calmed down, put the card on the table, and said, “It says the banquet will be on the day after tomorrow.

You will go with your mother if Rui\'an Great Elder Princess wants.

However, you must listen to your mother there.

You must pay attention to your words and your behavior according to your mother\'s words.

Don\'t let others think that people from our Qin\'s Mansion have a bad manner!”

Qin Huaiyong said.

“Yes, father!” Qin Wanru answered and nodded her head docilely.

“About your clothes.

Let your mother buy some new and good clothes tomorrow.

There will be many high-ranking people at the banquet.

If you are poorly dressed, you will be looked down upon.”

Qin Huaiyong continued to say.

It was also a good thing for him.

Those who wanted to wait and see would definitely think that people from Rui\'an Great Elder Princess\'s Mansion valued him.

Thus he would be appointed to a post soon.

Thinking about that, he looked very happy.

After saying that, he decided not to stay in Qin Wanru\'s room and thought that he\'d better tell Shui Ruolan.

Qin Wanru was a child who did not know many things so it would be better to tell Shui Ruolan.

Qin Huaiyong left very happily and strode to Shui Ruolan\'s Liufeng Pavilion with his servants.

Seeing Qin Huaiyong off, her sweet smile vanished and then she looked calm.

She took the invitation card which Qin Huaiyong put on the table and looked at it carefully.

In her last life, she saw this after the event.

She didn\'t know it at all until Qin Yuru showed off in front of her.

Now it seemed that her life had been totally different when she received this card.

Therefore, she would avoid the tragedy in her last life and have a good ending this time.

“Second Lady, why would general so care about this” Nanny Yu had worked in this mansion for a very long time so she could tell that Qin Huaiyong was happy.

“He is happy about it.

He has a tough life in the capital city because Duke Yong\'s Mansion put him in an awkward situation deliberately!” answered Qin Wanru.

Her eyes were calm.

Then she looked over the card again.

Madam Di had to let Shui Ruolan come here and let her take charge of the business in the mansion.

Not only Madam Di was unwilling but also Duke Yong\'s Mansion.

It was sure that she would do something to hang up and bewilder Qin Huaiyong.

“Madam Di treats you so bad! However, because of Duke Yong\'s Mansion, the general does not divorce her!” said Nanny Yu angrily.

“Father would not divorce Madam Di!” said Qin Wanru.

She shook her head and knew it was impossible.

She could tell that Qin Huaiyong was very tolerable from her last life to this.

However, from now on Madam Di and people from Duke Yong\'s Mansion could not decide what would happen next.

At least, she felt doubtful about only one thing.

If it was true, Qin Huaiyong would definitely divorce Madam Di no matter what would happen.

As for her, this was her only Achilles\'s heel.

But before that, it was impossible for Qin Huaiyong to divorce her.

“Then you must be more careful!” said Nanny Yu worriedly with a heavy heart.

It seemed that she was ready to say something else but she didn\'t at last.

“Nanny Yu” asked Qin Wanru, smiling.

She knew Nanny Yu had something in mind.

Nanny Yu looked around and found there was no unwanted person in the room.

“Not a big deal.

I just heard from my son and didn\'t know whether things about that people changed.

I am afraid that something just happened!” said Nanny Yu in a low voice.

“Don\'t worry about it! Nothing would happen and the man was asked to leave!” answered Qin Wanru.

She smiled and knew Nanny Yu was worried that something would happen to w.a.n.g Feng.

“You then leave with Qing Yue.

And I also need to ask w.a.n.g Feng to help me deal with something,” said Qin Wanru.

A weak figure just jumped into her mind.

According to the timeline, the man had not been pushed into the river and got sick yet.

She wanted to ask w.a.n.g Feng to inquire about it but he was so busy before so she could only leave it aside.

“Okay, I got it!” answered Nanny Yu happily, smiling.

Knowing that nothing happened to w.a.n.g Feng, she felt quite relieved.

Then Qin Wanru told Qing Yue how to do and let her meet w.a.n.g Feng with Nanny Yu.

Qin Wanru also let Yujie ask Second Steward to come here.

The Second Steward was the one who was sent to the capital city by Qin\'s Mansion earlier.

He was in charge of the decoration and furniture in Qin\'s mansion.

“I am still under strength.

Qin Huaiyong is the best choice to protect Shui Ruolan.

As soon as Madam Di knows that Shui Ruolan is pregnant, she must get mad.

At that time Qin Huaiyong would know how to protect Shui Ruolan in a better way if I tell him what to do in due course.”

When Nanny Yu and Qing Yue just left, all people in the mansion knew that Madam Shui was pregnant.

Qin Huaiyong and Old Grandma felt greatly happy and every servant in this mansion got a monthly pay rise.

The whole Qin\'s Mansion was immersed in a happy atmosphere.

Qin Huaiyong was old now.

He had only two daughters.

Not only Madam Di, but also the other two concubines did not give birth.

Shui Ruolan just married him and was pregnant quickly.

It was a great thing for him.

Then servants in Shui Ruolan\'s court got another two-month pay rise.

The whole Qin\'s mansion was immersed in a festival atmosphere, except Madam Di\'s Yulan Pavilion.

Madam Di was so mad that she broke all porcelains in her room into pieces.

Her plan was not used yet and now Shui Ruolan was pregnant.

How could she not get mad!

“Madam, Madam, calm down.

We still have other plans! We do have!” said Nanny Zhou.

Fearing that Madam Di would rush up to Shui Ruolan, Nanny Zhou quickly reached out and stopped her.

Madam Di\'s face was so pale and she looked very ferocious.

She bit her lip tightly, whitening her lips.

“Nanny Zhou, I definitely would not let this b*tch do what she wants!”

“Madam, I understand.

I do understand.

However, you could not act rashly.

Otherwise, if Madam Shui encounters an accident, the general would consider you as the first suspect.

Therefore, what you should do now is to congratulate her,” said Nanny Zhou.

She took Madam Di to the chair, sat her down, and served a cup of tea to her.

She continued to say, “Madam, take a good rest.

You have to act just like what others do!”

“I am not reconciled at all!” shouted Madam Di.

Gnas.h.i. ng her teeth and clenching her fists, she sat in the room in which broken porcelains were everywhere and looked malicious.

“Madam, you could not act like this.

Remember, they would only feel happy for a while.

You just implied that Young Lady could take them to the banquet, didn\'t you So if something just happen at the banquet, you would have nothing to do with it! Just tolerate it! Then you will get rid of being suspected!”

Nanny Zhou advised her in earnest again.

Her words finally pacified Madam Di\'s mind.

The plan they made before was to be implemented in Marquises\' Mansion of Fengyang, but not Duke Yong\'s Mansion.

And she would not attend that day.

So if she told her sister-in-law, n.o.body would doubt her when things happened.

“Fine!” said Madam Di gloomily.

She could be tolerable during these days.

She said, “Then you choose some valuable pieces of jewelry and give them to her as my gift.

But not too valuable! ”


You have to act like this.

I will do it soon,” answered Nanny Zhou.

When she found out that Madam Di calmed down, she smiled.

“Do you find out the cart driver” asked Madam Di.

She suddenly remembered that she just asked Nanny Zhou to look for him.

“Well, I think it has something to do with Nanny Yu\'s son.

And I also saw her son staying in a yard and he didn\'t go out.

But I don\'t know whether he was just pa.s.sing by or he had something to do with this.

I always want to find a chance to get into that yard.”

Nanny Zhou answered.

She had checked completely in the mansion but found nothing.

She thought w.a.n.g Feng, Nanny Yu\'s son was the most possible person to do that.

He came to the capital city with Nanny Yu.

But she seldom saw him in the mansion and didn\'t know what he was doing outside.

She asked somebody to follow him and saw him walking into a yard and he didn\'t walk out.

The man who Nanny Zhou sent didn\'t know whether there was only one entrance in this yard, or w.a.n.g Feng might just pa.s.s by, walking in and then walking out from another entrance.

So the man didn\'t rush into the yard and wait for Nanny Zhou\'s order.

Nanny Zhou was also unclear about that so she dare not act rashly.

She let him watch w.a.n.g Feng and then she would find a good chance.

“Let my mother find some reasons and ask them to rush into it!” commanded Madam Di.

“Bravo!” said Nanny Zhou.

She kept nodding her head, clapped her hand and agreed.

Thus, Madam Di would have nothing to do with it even if they made a mistake.

“Ask them to bring some new porcelains!” said Madam Di, glancing at those broken pieces.

“Madam, what should I say” asked Nanny Zhou hesitantly.

Everyone was congratulating Shui Ruolan\'s pregnancy, hoping there would be a new young master in the mansion.

But if they knew that Madam Di broke everything in her room, it would be totally different with her pretended kindness.

So she had to be kind and nice, even much happier and much more concerned than Shui Ruolan!

“Just say that when I heard that good news, I wanted to visit her and I was so excited that I knocked the antique shelf over and broke all things into pieces!” answered Madam Di coldly.

It was only a weak excuse.

Nanny Zhou hesitated but finally nodded in agreement.

It was not a big deal so any reason could cover it up.

n.o.body would take it seriously and keep talking about it!

Nanny Zhou had worked for a very long time for Madam Di and she knew her master very well.

She also was the most cunning one.

But this time, she made a mistake!

When she was sending Madam Di\'s gift to Madam Shui, something just happened…


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