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Seeing her master running outside, Qi Rongzhi\'s servant girl who was also caught before got rid of the two servants and followed her master quickly.

Then came another silence all of sudden.

Qin Wanru\'s eyes flashed with a gleam of mercilessness.

Without Qi Rongzhi, Madam Di could not play her cards.

Even so, Qin Wanru would not take lightly.

“Wanru, look what you\'ve done! You beat off Qi Rongzhi.

If your father asks about it, you will have to explain to him!” said Madam Di angrily.

She immediately blamed Qin Wanru for what happened today.

“Madam, the cause is that sister had a fight with Lady Qi.

As you said, I should have helped Lady Qi but not my sister,” answered Qin Wanru innocently, with her beautiful eyes blinking.

“Then you should not slap her!” shouted Qin Yuru, helping her mother.

She now realized the bad result.

Being afraid, she tried to blame Qin Wanru for everything just like what her mother did.

Seeing Madam Di and her daughter claiming that it was Qin Wanru who beat off Qi Rongzhi, Shui Ruolan became angry.

She coughed lightly and said scornfully, “You are wrong, Yuru.

Wanru slapped her for you.

How would you blame her for what she did and without grat.i.tude! Did Wanru let you two fight”

“Aunt Shui, what do you mean” asked Qin Yuru.

She snorted and stared at Shui Ruolan.

She had always looked down upon Shui Ruolan and pretended to be polite with her in the past.

Now as finding out that Shui Ruolan dare scold her, she could not bear it any more.

Qin Wanru smiled coldly and said, “What \'Aunt Shui\'” She set her cold eyes on Qin Yuru and continued, “You mean my mother is still a concubine who has no place in this mansion You still do not admit my mother\'s position, do you”

“Qin Wanru! How dare you!” shouted Madam Di, banging on the table again.

She said angrily, “You know nothing! Shui Ruolan, you have to teach her how to be polite! If she still behaves in this way, n.o.body would marry her because she not only hit others and she is very impolite! Everyone would think that people in the General\'s Mansion are all with no courtesy!”

“With no courtesy Then just let them know.

Everyone knows it is a right and legal marriage between father and mother.

And father got married in order to find a good person to take good care of me.

But why do you still call my mother \'Aunt Shui\' Do you still not admit my mother\'s position Or do you think that father is not good enough for my mother”

Qin Wanru had long wanted to give Qin Yuru a lecture because Qin Yuru always called her mother Aunt Shui, which would make other people gossip about Shui Ruolan and misunderstand that she was only a concubine even though Shui Ruolan had married Qin Huaiyong.

Qin Wanru wanted to take this opportunity to knock Qin Yuru out.

The reason why Qin Huaiyong married Shui Ruolan was very complicated.

If they continued to pursue, many things would be brought to light again, especially what happened in Jiangzhou—the almost successful marriage between Qin Yuru and Qi Tianyu.

Qin Yuru did not have any good word to say during these events.

Qin Wanru\'s words were so swift and fierce that she seemed to be very powerful in the room though she looked small.

Hearing her words, Madam Di felt super bad and quickly calmed down.

She was so fl.u.s.tered and impatient that she lost her head before because her plan failed.

“Yuru, correct yourself!” said Madam Di slowly, trying to suppress her evil mind.

She shot Qin Yuru a warning glance.

“Mother!” shouted Qin Yuru.

She was not stupid and she quickly knew Madam Di\'s meaning.

Madam Di gave her a step to avoid embarra.s.sment and she stepped down.

She raised her head, bowed deeply to Shui Ruolan, and said in tear, “Madam Shui, please accept my apology…”

Before she finished, she started choking with sobs.

She had been so embarra.s.sed today.

Her hair and her clothes were in a mess because of the fight with Qi Rongzhi.

Now she seemed to be wronged by them.

Then she suddenly stepped back and fainted away.

Mei Xue who stood behind her caught her immediately and screamed, “My lady! My lady! Please wake up! You only took a bow and it doesn\'t matter…”

Yujie slapped her in the face heavily before she finished her words.

Then Yujie wiped her hand carefully just like Qin Wanru, seeming that her hands also got dirty.

“How, how dare you! You are only a mean girl!” shouted Madam Di.

She could not stand anymore and stood up immediately in anger.

She said to her two old servants, “Take her away! Punish her ten slaps!”

When the two strong old servants rushed up to Yujie, she pushed them away vigorously.

They fell down and even knocked some chairs over.

“Madam Di, I remember that father has allowed me to punish my servants.

Please don\'t meddle in my business!” said Qin Wanru sternly.

Madam Di had plotted against Qin Wanru again and again.

When Qin Huaiyong knew that, he was so angry and he did say so.

However, when Qin Wanru said this in front of many servants, Madam Di was in a weak position.

She froze, eyes blazing.

“Qin Wanru! How dare you! How dare you speak to mother in such a way! Don\'t you remember who brought you up Don\'t you know who you should be grateful to” Qin Yuru shouted angrily, with her hand pointing at Qin Wanru.

She did not pretend to faint away and stood up by holding Mei Xue\'s hand when she saw her mother at a disadvantage.

“So do I have to sacrifice my life and reputation for you only because I grew up here” asked Qin Wanru scornfully, tilting her head and glancing at Qin Yuru.

Her words were harsh.

Obviously, she was provoking her.

An ironic smile appeared in her face.

“Qin Wanru, you b*stard! How, how dare you say so!” Qin Yuru screamed in extreme anger, seeming that she had lost her head.

Jiangzhou was her Achilles\' heel.

Now Qin Wanru kept reminding her of that, which made her unable to bear any more.

“B*stard So is Qin Huaiyong not my natural father Or is my birth a secret” asked Qin Wanru.

She had been waiting for this so long.

She kept provoking them in order to let them say that Qin Huaiyong was not her father.

Although the Old Grandma and Shui Ruolan did not want to tell her, she would not force them to say.

Everything was different when being with Madam Di and her daughter because, for Qin Wanru, they were the opposite party.

“I…” Qin Yuru could not answer her because she didn\'t expect Qin Wanru would use this.

Thinking about her mother\'s warning, she looked a little fl.u.s.tered and raised her head to look at Madam Di subconsciously.

“Madam Di, elder sister, do you mean that Qin Huaiyong is not my natural father Is my birth a skeleton in the closet Please let me know.

If Qin Huaiyong is not my father, then who are my parents Why did Qin Huaiyong adopt me Why did he keep secret from me”

Qin Wanru slowly dropped the words one by one, in a tight and tenacious way.

Shui Ruolan bit her lips, seeming that she tried to say something but she didn\'t in the end.

She only heard very little about Qin Wanru\'s family background from the Old Grandma.

Thus she didn\'t know it very clear.

Otherwise, Qin Wanru\'s natural father once helped Shui Ruolan\'s cousin but Old Grandma didn\'t tell her the truth and told her not to ask Qin Huaiyong.

So it would be better to keep this secret from Wanru.

People in Qin\'s mansion would treat her well and the Old Grandma would also treat her as her natural granddaughter.

It would be better for her than telling her that her parents had pa.s.sed away, which would make her heartbroken.

When seeing things getting worse, Madam Di quickly explained, half smiling.

“Wanru, of course no! You are Qin Huaiyong\'s natural daughter! The reason that your elder sister said so just now is only because she could not bear that Yujie slapped Mei Xue in her face.

When we go back, I will give her a lecture.”

Anyway, no matter according to Qin Huaiyong or her, Madam Di would definitely not let Qin Wanru know that she was not Qin Huaiyong\'s natural daughter.

Qin Wanru continued to ask coldly, “Then, Madam, do you know who is my natural mother” She had decided to force Madam Di and Qin Yuru to tell her the truth.

Thus, she would not let them go easily.

Smile froze on Madam Di\'s face.

She didn\'t expect that Qin Wanru was so insistent.

“Madam, who is my natural mother Do you know why I have never seen her before” cried Qin Wanru with red eyes.

She became totally furious because she did not figure out who were her parents and she was even framed and murdered by someone in her previous life.

This time, she would not allow herself to be trampled upon.

“She, she died because of illness.

She, she did not belong to our mansion and it was not good for Qin Huaiyong to marry her.

And he didn\'t know your mother had been pregnant at that time.

When he found you, your mother had been dying.

So he brought you here and let me to bring you up.

Finally he promoted you as a lady.”

Madam Di explained hem and haw at the very beginning, and then she was on a roll.

Qin Wanru didn\'t believe Madam Di.

If it were true, they would have hammered her with her background and kept telling her that she did not belong to Qin\'s Mansion in her previous life.

However, she knew nothing but that Qin Huaiyong was not her natural father at that time.

“Madam, I don\'t believe it!” answered Qin Wanru with her fists clenching.

“If you don\'t believe me, then ask your father.

It, it can\'t be said good.

If you didn\'t keep asking, I would not tell you too much.

Okay, Wanru, just go back and take a rest.

Let\'s forget it.

Your elder sister has been so embarra.s.sed today and just let her calm down!”

Madam Di pretended to be feeling very tired and clutched her forehead with her hand, seeming that she didn\'t want to talk about it anymore.

“Sister, sorry… I just felt so wronged today that I, I spoke to you without thinking.

Please accept my apology!”

Qin Yuru covered her face with a handkerchief, came toward Qin Wanru and bowed deeply to her in tears.

She seemed so regretful.

She was punched by Qi Rongzhi and was provoked by Qin Wanru.

It seemed to be reasonable that she lost her head and said something improper.

“Mother, let\'s go.”


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