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Yujie lifted the curtain and looked out.

She saw Xiao Xuanzi running out of breath while calling at the corridor.

He was followed by a servant dressed as a regular cart driver.

Seeing the carriage stopped, Xiao Xuanzi ran to Qin Wanru after a few steps.

“Second Miss… Let… me go with you.

I\'ll take the carriage of our mansion… and then bring the cart driver back!”

He was talking about bringing the cart driver guarded by Qin\'s Mansion to Prince Chen\'s Mansion.

Qin Wanru had forgotten it in discomposure.

The carriage set off again, followed by the small carriage for the servants of Prince Chen\'s Mansion.

The two carriages went out of the gate of Prince Chen\'s Mansion one after the other.

The chief guard, who stood in front of Prince Chen\'s Mansion, wanted to go forward and have a check, but was pulled by a guard behind him.

After the guard whispered a few words in the ear of the chief guard, the chief guard stopped going forward.

The news that the two men of Prince Yue had been killed had come out of the mansion.

After that, Prince Yue left angrily with a sullen face, which was seen by the guards at the entrance.

Even Prince Yue suffered a loss, so they had better not do anything that might offend Prince Chen.

After all, if Prince Chen really got angry, it wouldn\'t just end up with decapitating one or two people.

The guards of Prince Chen\'s Mansion had changed one batch after another, and they almost died under Prince Chen\'s wrath.

For the sake of everyone\'s life, they had better be more cautious.

Especially when Prince Chen was angry, anyone who did something that might offend him would definitely die.

Although the chief guard wanted to check the people in the small carriage, after touching his head, he still considered that survival was the most important thing, no matter who his master was.

He had heard that when Prince Chen set off his killing spree in anger, even the emperor would not reprimand him.

It had been just a few days since this batch of guards took office.

Everyone wanted to stay alive.

Even though the chief guard had other thoughts, other guards couldn\'t let him do whatever he wanted for their own lives!

The two carriages smoothly went out of the gate of Prince Chen\'s Mansion.

After a long detour, they came to a small yard in a small alley.

Yujie stepped forward to knock on the door, and w.a.n.g Feng rushed to open the door after hearing someone knock on the door according to the rules.

At the sight of Yujie, w.a.n.g Feng was stunned.

Yujie and others avoided coming here as much as possible, lest Madam Di traced here.

“Miss is in the carriage and asks you to bring him the guy!” Yujie reached out to point at Xiao Xuanzi who got out of the carriage with her.

w.a.n.g Feng poked his head to look out.

Seeing Qin Wanru\'s looming figure on the window of the carriage of Qin\'s Mansion, he instantly nodded, entered the house and pulled out a person who was tightly tied up and gagged with his head covered.

Xiao Xuanzi did not talk.

He helped w.a.n.g Feng pull the person to the carriage of Prince Chen\'s Mansion.

The person pulled out was restless.

He struggled with desperation.

Xiao Xuanzi came over and beat his head hard, and the person instantly fell to the ground.

The cart driver of Prince Chen\'s Mansion came over, picked up the dizzy person and threw him into the carriage.

Xiao Xuanzi also got in the carriage, and then the carriage went out from the other gate.

After the carriage of Prince Chen\'s Mansion left, Qin Wanru\'s carriage retreated, as if it had accidentally taken the wrong way.

Qin Wanru\'s carriage then returned to the avenue and headed for Qin\'s mansion.

Upon arrival in Qin\'s mansion, before Qin Wanru went back to her yard, she saw the servant sent by Old Grandma to summon her.

Thus, she changed her direction and went to Old Grandma\'s Xinning Yard.

Xinning Yard had a nice atmosphere.

When Qin Wanru came in, Shui Ruolan was talking and laughing with Old Grandma, and both of them seemed to be joyful.

It was completely different from the last time she came here.

As Qin Wanru came in, she instantly made a salute to them.

But before she finished it, Old Grandma had already waved to motion for her to go there.

Qin Wanru walked over, sat on the stool beside Old Grandma and leaned against her.

“Grandma, is there any good news” Qin Wanru asked with a smile.

“There is a piece of good news!” Old Grandma beamed with joy.

“They said that they don\'t want to go.”

They naturally referred to Madam Di and her daughter.

Old Grandma was increasingly displeased with Madam Di\'s manner and even sounded less intimate with her and her daughter.

“Madam said that they are not going” Qin Wanru had already guessed it, but still showed a cheerful smile.

“Exactly, everyone is not going.

They said that it is Countess Yong\'s opinion.

We\'ve just arrived in the capital, and are not familiar with Marquises\' Mansion of Fengyang.

Even though Countess Yong could take them there, it\'s not a very good idea.

We should familiarize our family with the affairs of the capital first and had better go out and visit others after your father\'s affairs are settled.

In this way, others will not look down on us!”

The smile on Old Grandma\'s face faded, because they were obviously making excuses by saying that.

“Mother, it\'s good that they are not going.

We can talk about it later!” Shui Ruolan also smiled and felt like a survivor of a disaster.

The smile on her face also became much more relaxed.

“Later… It is not very good if we go out after too long.

What\'s more, if no one invites us, we have to follow Madam Di for the first visit!” Old Grandma thought about the situation and considered it still not very optimistic.

Without the invitation from others, they could only follow someone to attend this kind of banquets held by aristocratic families for the first time.

Madam Di could make use of the connections of Duke Yong\'s Mansion to attend a banquet.

However, at the thought that they could only attend a banquet with Madam Di\'s help, Old Grandma didn\'t consider it a good thing.

With her malice against Qin Wanru and Shui Ruolan, Madam Di would never let them behave themselves in any banquet.

However, without the help of Madam Di, they couldn\'t enter the circle of aristocratic families smoothly!

Now they had been stuck in a strange loop.

“Grandma, I may get an invitation!” Seeing Old Grandma and Shui Ruolan in a bad mood, Qin Wanru smiled slightly and said confidently.

“You” Old Grandma looked surprised.

“Mother, do you still remember the old lady we met on Wenxin Road of Huaguang Temple that day” Qin Wanru turned to Shui Ruolan.

Shui Ruolan thought about it and nodded.

“I went up first.

At that time, I slightly twisted my ankle.

The old lady helped me.

Then I sat there waiting for you, and she stayed with me.

After that, her servant said that she is Rui\'an great elder princess.

Her servant also said that she is going to hold a banquet soon and will send us an invitation!”

Qin Wanru said with a smile.

Her word made Old Grandma so excited that Old Grandma involuntarily said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Re-really”

“It\'s true.

Rui\'an great elder princess also said that she considers me agreeable!” Qin Wanru raised her bright little face which showed a trace of childish pride.

“Good, good… That\'s good, that\'s good.

No matter what Duke Yong\'s Mansion is up to, at least they don\'t dare to go too far at Rui\'an great elder princess\'s mansion.

Besides, we don\'t go there with their help.

Even if they want to humiliate you, they will not overdo it.

The great elder princess is also there.

That would be great!”

Old Grandma smiled and nodded repeatedly, while Shui Ruolan could not help but feel relieved, and her gaze at Qin Wanru became increasingly gentle.

She was not stupid.

Of course, she knew that she was the first enemy of Madam Di.

If they went out with Madam Di, Qin Wanru would not necessarily have an accident but something must happen to her.

The final result was hard to predict.

Now it was good.

With the confidence of being invited by Rui\'an great elder princess, it was hard for Madam Di to mess with her.

After taking a deep breath, she became increasingly grateful to Qin Wanru.

“If you had a child, it would be great!” Old Grandma suddenly sighed deeply and changed the topic.

She fixed her eyes on Shui Ruolan, which made Shui Ruolan blush and shyly bow her head.

There was a smile on Qin Wanru\'s face.

She knew that grandma was anxious, but grandma had consideration for Shui Ruolan\'s situation.

After all, Shui Ruolan had no family background and no one outside to rely on.

However, if Shui Ruolan had a child, even if father cared much about Duke Yong\'s Mansion behind Madam Di, he would not let her be wronged and even compromise with Madam Di repeatedly.

She inexplicably became more displeased with Qin Huaiyong.

In the case of knowing Madam Di\'s malicious intention, he still let Shui Ruolan go there.

What he meant by doing that really made her feel uncomfortable!

However, in the last life, Shui Ruolan didn\'t get pregnant at this time.

It was a little early to talk about this.

She smiled and reached for the teacup, but stopped when her hand touched the teacup.

Suddenly something came to her mind, and her face changed greatly.

She pushed the teacup hard with her hand, and the teacup was pushed down and fell to the ground heavily.

It was broken!

“Zhuozhuo, what happened” Hearing the sound behind, Old Grandma turned her head hurriedly.

She told a servant to come and clean up, while saying with concern, “Have you hurt your hand”

“Grandma, my hand suddenly trembled.

It seems to be very sore, but I did not hurt my hand.

Nevertheless, I\'ve broken grandma\'s favorite blue-and-white porcelain!” Qin Wanru frowned, then moved her wrist and shook it towards Old Grandma with a smile.

“Grandma, I\'m fine now!”

Her childish look amused Old Grandma.

She helplessly said, “You are really childis.h.!. Thank goodness, you are fine.

I can buy new blue and white porcelains!”

“Wanru, let\'s me have a look at your hand!” Shui Ruolan was in no mood for being shy.

She came over to take Qin Wanru\'s hand and look at it, and felt relieved after finding no injury.

Shui Ruolan returned to her chair.

They talked for another while.

Seeing a bit of fatigue on Old Grandma\'s face, Shui Ruolan and Qin Wanru knew that Old Grandma should rest and both retreated.

After getting out of the door of Old Grandma\'s courtyard, Shui Ruolan invited Qin Wanru gently.

“Wanru, can you walk with me”

She had something that was inconvenient to talk with Qin Wanru in Old Grandma\'s place.

Qin Wanru knew that Shui Ruolan had something to talk with her.

She also wanted to tell her an important thing.

The reason why she broke the teacup was that she recalled that thing.

She was so shocked that she failed to hold the teacup, but pushed it out instead and broke it accidentally!

A scene suddenly came across her mind, which reminded her of a possibility with a trace of rage across her eyes.

In the last life, she was not sensible at all at this time.

Grandma and Shui Ruolan cared about her, but there were many things that they couldn\'t tell such a little girl as her.

Unlike in this life, she had shown her early wisdom and sensibility different from those of a child.

Grandma and mother sometimes treated her as an adult and didn\'t avoid talking something in front of her!

That thing was a big deal for Shui Ruolan or even for the entire Qin\'s mansion!

“Mother, let\'s have a walk together!”


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