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The room was quiet, almost soundlessly.

Qin Wanru sat behind the screen, carefully and calmly, with the paper she just wrote in her hand.

Before she gave it to Chu Liuchen, footsteps outside suddenly approached.

With Xiao Xuanzi\'s help, she took cover in the inner room quickly.

When she got into the room, she suddenly realized that she should left early but not hid here.

Well now, she could go nowhere in the inner room.

“Someone is coming, but why there is n.o.body talking outside”

“What Nothing to say when coming to my Southern Palace If so, why did you just pretend to be friendly with me in front of uncle” said Chu Liuchen.

His slight cough broke the silence in the room, making his long white eyelashes shake.

Covering with his heavy fur coat, he leaned back in his wide chair, with a kind smile in his face.

His smile was extremely beautiful, but also very pale, making him seem weak.

He leaned on the wall, weakly but elegantly, just like an Adonis walking out from a painting.

“Chu Liuchen, why did you do that” asked Chu Liuyue.

Gnas.h.i. ng his teeth in anger, he sat opposite to Chu Liuchen.

Chu Liuyue was always calm and arrogant but once he was with Chu Liuchen, he just could not get a hold of himself.

He clenched his fists, and was nearly ready to punch in Chu Liuchen\'s smarmy face.

Outside the window, a scream broke out suddenly during the talk.

The scream, shrill and sharp, came to all ears in the room with dying despair.

Hearing the scream, Qin Wanru bit her lip to repress her tension.

Chu Liuyue suddenly stood up.

When he tried to say something, another scream burst out outside the window.

“D*mn you Chu Liuchen! You b*stard! You destine to die like a dog…”

Then there came the final dying screech.

It was so clear that everyone knew that this shrill cry belonged to the man who just cursed Chu Liuchen.

After the shrill screech, there left a deathly stillness.

Chu Liuyue trembled with rage because he knew that both two men outside were his servants who also worked in Prince Chen Mansion before.

He found an excuse to take them to his mansion.

Today the reason he brought them here was to embarra.s.s Chu Liuchen.

He wanted Chu Liuchen to understand that he was nothing but a sick dead dog.

However, he did not expect that before he met Chu Liuchen, his men were caught, and even killed.

Chu Liuyue was extremely angry, not because he cherished them but because Chu Liuchen took the wind out of his sails.

Chu Liuyue even had introduced these two men to his servants and deliberately spilled the beans that they worked for Chu Liuchen before.

As a result, it seemed that all he did was a goose chase.

“Chu Liuchen, what do you mean” asked Chu Liuyue.

Gritting his teeth, he lumped down and glared at Chu Liuchen\'s pale face.

He could not wait to strangle the d*mn sick junk right now.

“Well, nothing.

They were my men before but now they not only betrayed me but also cursed me.

I just wonder who made them dare do these,” said Chu Liuchen, staring at Chu Liuyue calmly with a casual smile.

It seemed that he was not talking about two men but two birds.

Chu Liuyue thought angrily, “D*mn it! How dare the stupid junk curse Chu Liuchen before he died!” He knew that if Chu Liuchen had been innocent, the stupid junk would not have cursed him before his death.

Chu Liuchen must be deliberate.

However, he did not have any evidence and witness for they died.

“Brother, do you know who instigated them to do these things” asked Chu Liuchen unconcernedly.

Chu Liuchen ranked third in the imperial household.

The king gave his sons and Chu Liuchen legitimate successions in order to show he had given equal rights to Chu Liuchen, his nephew, showing that he was the third Prince in the imperial household.

“Why he asked who instigated them” thought Chu Liuyue.

He understood the meaning of Chu Liuchen\'s words that it was he that incited them to insult Chu Liuchen, which made Chu Liuyue angry and hatred.

Even so, he had no evidence, which indicated that father would not believe him.

Moreover, he could not understand why his father was so especially patient with Chu Liuchen.

“Chu Liuchen! Don\'t go that far!” shouted Chu Liuyue, becoming black in his face.

“Brother, just let me know your purpose today and please don\'t waste my time on your nonsense.

I cannot stand excessive sitting because, you know, I am in poor health,” answered Chu Liuchen, with another slight cough.

He raised his beautiful face to Chu Liuyue impatiently and wrinkled his n.o.ble nose, showing his disgust against his brother straightforward.

Chu Liuchen continued, “Everyone is so annoying! I am in bad health and don\'t know how long I will live.

I suppose they just want to irritate me to death.

Well, well, tomorrow I will ask grandmother and uncle to help me find out who want my life.

G.o.d, do these people think that I do not deserve a good rest”

His words were very irritating.

However, Chu Liuyue just could not vent his anger because his original purpose was to embarra.s.s Chu Liuchen, which could not let him know.

Everyone could see that father showed special preference for Chu Liuyue, not to mention grandmother.

Sometimes Chu Liuyue even doubted whether Chu Liuchen was father\'s natural son, or why father favored him so much, even treated him better than Chu Liuyue himself, the king\'s natural son

“I come here to see you!” said Chu Liuyue very slowly through his gritted teeth.

He tried his best to hold back his anger and told himself that he must tolerate this.

He thought, “Don\'t mind! Chu Liuchen is only a sick junk and he might die at any time.

Don\'t mind! Several Palace physicians cannot conclude that how long Chu Liuchen will live.”

“What a d*mn sick junk! You b*stard!”

“I sure appreciate your visit but you can go home now.

I am getting very tired and I am afraid that there is no time for us to have a chat!” said Chu Liuchen, waving his hands.

Then he shot a glance at Chu Liuyue scornfully, which nearly let normally calm Chu Liuyue spit the dummy.

Chu Liuyue gnashed his teeth so hard to control his temper.

With face turning black, Chu Liuyue repeated the emperor\'s words, “Father let me come to see you and ask what you need.

If you need anything, just let me know.

By the way, father found another highly skilled doctor and asked when you could come and see the doctor.”

“I don\'t want any doctor!” answered Chu Liuchen.

He waved his hand again and wrapped himself with his white fur coat, which made his face look paler.

“They are all quacks! I don\'t need them!”

When seeing Chu Liuchen in such pain, Chu Liuyue felt happy again.

Even though Chu Liuchen\'s smile in his face was still very irritating, he liked Chu Liuchen\'s spiritless eyes, making his livid face relax.

He continued to say, “According to father, it might be useful this time, don\'t you think so”

Chu Liuyue smiled to himself with an evil pleasure of revenge rus.h.i. ng over him.

He thought gladly, “Chu Liuchen is only a willful invalid.

I don\'t need to care about him.

He even might not make it through tonight.”

“I just said no!” answered Chu Liuchen.

He tilted his head and threw an ink stone near at hand willfully.

Coincidentally, the ink stone fell near Chu Liuyue\'s shoes, spilling ink dots over his long gown.

Chu Liuyue\'s face turned livid again.

He frowned.

Actually, he did not want to waste his time on Chu Liuchen and just wanted to go home while he also wanted to pretend to be friendly with Chu Liuchen in front of his father.

Chu Liuyue went further and further.

“My dear brother, you know father is good to you.

So does grandmother.

Just think about it…” said Chu Liuyue, calming down and pretending to be very sincere and kind.

He smiled and sat down again.

Chu Liuchen interrupted him and said, “If you really want to be good to me, just leave me alone and let me have a rest.

I could not have a good rest these days just because you always come here with stupid purposes! Or you just want me to get worse and die earlier”

Chu Liuchen narrowed his eyes and tilted his head, just like a handsome ruffian, making people itch to hit him.

“Third Brother! How dare you say so,” said Chu Liuyue angrily, “father and grandmother try to be good to you.

How can you say these words”

Chu Liuchen did not want to hear him and said, “Fine.

Just leave here.

I am tired.” He waved his hand, just like whisking disgusting flies off.

“Chu Liuchen, you…”

“Oh, by the way, my dear elder brother, please do not bring those people who betrayed me here or I will tell uncle that I will die if my servants are all your spies, don\'t you think so”

What Chu Liuchen said seemed to be quite casual but for Chu Liuyue, it was much more than that.

His face turned pale.

Chu Liuchen continued, “Just don\'t waste these spies on me.

It is unnecessary.

If something bad happens to me, it will be quite easy to find out who are spies.

At that time, things will be complicated.

In addition, you don\'t need to say that sending spies here is to care about my health.

We both know that our so-called brotherhood is only a performance in front of uncle and grandmother.

n.o.body will care about that!”

A coquettish smile appeared on his face.

He said, “Those spies are so annoying! I am so angry that I have no energy to take medicine, not to mention to see the doctor! It seems that it will be very necessary for me to meet uncle.”

These words uncovered the so-called brotherhood straightforward and unceremoniously, unmasking the nearly rotten darkness between them.

In addition, it was quite difficult for people to deduce that in his words, which part was true and which was false.

“I should have known that he is not a duck soup,” thought Chu Liuyue, clenching his fists.

“They are not spies! It was them that went to me for shelter!” Chu Liuyue explained angrily.

“Not spies Then they must be undercover agents.

They just betrayed me and then they dared to insult me,” said Chu Liuchen, “they not only called me a d*mn sick junk but also cursed me in h.e.l.l! Elder brother, I think we must tell uncle about this.

Let him judge!”

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized that he was led into Chu Liuchen\'s trap and was suppressed by him.

He realized that he should not have provoked this sick junk.

Gnas.h.i. ng his teeth, he released his fists and said in low voice, “What do you want”


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