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“Our Miss is the Second Miss of the Qin\'s Mansion!” Yujie answered and helped Qin Wanru get down from the carriage.

With the help of the cart driver of the other carriage, their horse finally got back on the road and was stepping back carefully.

They hadn\'t been in the alley for a long time, so they would be able to retreat quickly.

Qin Wanru was in front of her own carriage, and it had retreated to the entrance of the lane.

After she got in, Qin Wanru did not dare to let the cart driver go down the lane again.

So she went forward to take a look.

Just now, she saw that the lane was deep.

It went on a long way and could make a carriage coming the other way crash.

It was better to go a little farther.

The cart driver obeyed and rushed forward.

Then the blocked carriage was able to get out of the lane.

The carriage stopped at the entrance of the lane and the curtain was lifted slightly.

The old woman leaned out and looked outside.

She found that Qin Wanru\'s carriage had left and she frowned for a moment.

The servant girl\'s answer had been too vague.

She didn\'t know what this so-called Qin\'s Mansion was.

There were many families with the surname Qin.

However, the lady should not be someone from an average family according to her clothes and appearance.

But she didn\'t know which family exactly she was from.

However, the lady was so gorgeous, so she would recognize her the next time she saw her.

With such a thought, the old woman was relieved, and she put down the curtain and continued to take care of the old Madam inside.

Qin Wanru\'s carriage went forward and found a road in the same direction.

It was not long before she saw the sign of Prince Chen\'s Mansion.

Eight guards stood at the door looking majestic.

The sword sheaths on their waists were s.h.i. ning in silver.

At a glance, it was obvious they were not something ordinary.

This could show the magnificence of Prince Chen\'s Mansion.

When the carriage stopped, Yujie got out of the carriage, went over to the strict guards, and looked carefully at several of them.

“Stop, what\'s the matter” a guard stepped forward and asked in a cold voice as his scabbard clanked.

“I… am looking for Xiao Xuanzi.

I… I am his countryman!” Yujie replied according to what Qin Wanru told her.

The guard looked at her up and down and then at the carriage behind her.

He asked suspiciously, “Is this your carriage”

“It… is our mansion\'s… I… am a servant girl!” Yujie tucked in her neck and looked quite timid.

Finding nothing wrong, the guard nodded coldly.


Then he waved to a gatekeeper servant.

“Go to find Xiao Xuanzi, and say that someone from his hometown has come to see him!”

As a personal eunuch of Chu Liuchen, of course, all the people in Prince Chen\'s Mansion certainly knew him.

After the servant responded to his orders, he rushed in and soon led Xiao Xuanzi out.

In the past, Xiao Xuanzi had dressed up as a servant in front of others.

But this time, he was dressed in bright clothes.

He looked like a deputy general manager in charge of affairs.

He looked powerful as he swayed.

Of course, although he was not very tall, Yujie felt that he was still very powerful.

Seeing Yujie, Xiao Xuanzi was a little stunned at first, but immediately came to his senses, then ran a few steps full of joy.

“Yujie, is it you really Are you also in the capital city”

With a sincere smile on his face, he must have been in a good mood.

The head guard looked at his performance and his eyes calmly turned to the door.

“Come in, come in!” Xiao Xuanzi reached out to greet her and spoke as he walked toward the side door.

“This… this is the carriage of our master\'s mansion.

She asked me to buy something, so shall we go in together” Yujie hesitated and pointed to the carriage behind her.

“It\'s rare for you to come.

Come in.

Come in.

I happen to have something to give you later.

Is there room in your carriage” Xiao Xuanzi said in an enthusiastic way while stretching out his hand, which was indeed as if he had not seen her in many years.

The carriage was then brought to the side door and into the parking lot.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Xiao Xuanzi walked to the front of the carriage and respectfully said to Qin Wanru inside, “Second Miss Qin, please get out!”

“Is it okay here” Qin Wanru asked, raising the curtain.

“It\'s fine.

Second Miss can get out!” Xiao Xuanzi said smilingly and restored his normal appearance as a servant.

Yujie helped Qin Wanru get out of the carriage and looked at the parking lot.

She also thought about the time it took to get around.

She could not help sighing.

It looked strict outside, but in fact, it was not the same thing in the mansion.

No wonder the Chu Liuchen of the last life finally regained the crown prince\'s position, but also depressed the emperor\'s own son.

The situation had been changed.

When the lofty emperor thought that everything was under his control, the sick Prince Chen was no longer who he thought he was!

Qin Wanru got down from the carriage and asked, “Is it convenient for your prince to see me”

“Yes, it is.

It is very convenient!” Xiao Xuanzi smiled like a blossom, full of joy.

He reached out to lead the way.

Looking at the pa.s.sionate Xiao Xuanzi, Qin Wanru was somewhat embarra.s.sed.

It seemed that he had been enthusiastically waiting for her earlier.

However, since she was already in this situation, she had better take it easy.

She followed behind Xiao Xuanzi.

The scenery inside Prince Chen\'s Mansion was excellent.

It could be said that there was one scene every five steps, and one building every 10 steps.

There was rockery everywhere.

It was winter, but sometimes she could see some blooming flowers and trees.

They grew very well, and the fragrance of flowers still wafted through the air.

It clearly used to be a good place for the n.o.bles in the Imperial Palace to relax in the summer!

After going all the way around, she arrived at a loft.

Outside the loft, there were two guards.

They didn\'t seem to be majestic like the guards at the entrance, and they were all sad.

Seeing Xiao Xuanzi, who had come from far away, the two guards immediately smiled and one of them even rushed forward several steps to greet him.

“Xiao Xuanzi, you\'ve finally come!” But his voice was a little low.

Qin Wanru took a strange look at the guard.

“What\'s the matter” Xiao Xuanzi asked in a low voice with a curious look on his face.

The guard shook his head in distress.

Qin Wanru suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Second Miss, please.

Our master is upstairs!” Xiao Xuanzi was sad at first, but then he turned his eyes and laughed like a flower when he saw Qin Wanru.

He stretched out his hand to make a gesture, whispering.

“Upstairs” Qin Wanru looked at the crafty guards, and at Xiao Xuanzi, who was also furtive, so she wanted to turn back.

“Yes, yes.

He is upstairs.

Second Miss, please!” Xiao Xuanzi reached out to lead her with his face full of a sincere smile.

Qin Wanru had to go upstairs.

Although she had a bad feeling in her heart, she strode to go upstairs.

Yujie also wanted to go up, but was stopped by Xiao Xuanzi.

“Our master is upstairs… He is unwilling to see anyone right now!” Xiao Xuanzi winked and made a sign to Yujie.

“What about our Miss” Yujie was also anxious.

She reached out to push Xiao Xuanzi, but was stopped by the guard on the side.

There was no doubt that Yujie\'s strength was not weak, but the strength of the guard was ma.s.sive.

He tried hard to stop her from stepping in.

Yujie could not push the guards, and said eagerly while looking up, “Miss…”

Qin Wanru turned helplessly and said, “Yujie, wait for me here!”

She already had a bad feeling that it would not be good for her to go upstairs.

Yujie had better not go up with her for fear that he was angry with her.

Listening to Qin Wanru\'s command, Yujie could only stand helplessly downstairs and stare at Xiao Xuanzi fiercely.

Xiao Xuanzi gave a laugh in a low voice and looked embarra.s.sed.

He had no choice.

Qin Wanru\'s footsteps were very light as she walked up the stairs step by step.

The sound of her slight footsteps inexplicably made one\'s heart feel a little tight.

When she went upstairs and looked at the half-open door, she took a deep breath and slowly pushed to open the heavy door.

There was no one at the door.

There were some files on the huge desk in front of the window, which were a little messy.

There was also a half-written note with a pen and sprinkled ink.

There was a tent hanging in the corner of the wall, which must have been used for dust prevention.

The silk tent had its own elegance.

The original plain inkstone had fallen, and there was even dripping ink on the ground.

The study looked chaotic as if it were a scene where fighting had occurred.

Qin Wanru walked carefully into the room, but she was unable to see clearly.

There was a big screen with 12 panels inside, which enclosed everything inside.

There seemed to be no sound in the quiet room.

Turning around the screen, she found that there were only a few bookcases behind it.

But there were so many books from top to bottom, which seemed to be very meaningful.

She could see that there were a lot of books collected.

However, there was still no one there.

The place where the screen was attached to the tent was also connected to the same-colored tent, which should be linked to the outside tent.

Qin Wanru stood there without finding any human figures.

Then, she turned back to the bookshelf.

Finally, in front of the last bookcase, she saw a couch placed by the window.

Leaning against the couch was a person, who was holding his head in one hand, with his back facing her.

He was in a dark-white robe, had a high-combed jade crown on his head, and he behaved in a lazy manner, which all indicated that the person in front of her was Chu Liuchen.

But when he heard the footsteps behind him, he did not turn his head back, but still stayed with his back facing her.

Qin Wanru coughed in a low voice, trying to get his attention.

However, the man seemed to have heard nothing and remained motionless.

Qin Wanru waited for a while, and she knew that he did not intend to turn around, so she helplessly said, “Childe”

Hearing the sound of a figure behind him, Chu Liuchen slowly opened his eyes, which were dark, like a ghost in h.e.l.l.

They were cold and b.l.o.o.d.y.

Everything in front of him seemed to be a little cold and dead because of these dark eyes.

It was a pair of cold-blooded and heartless eyes, as if they could not be moved by anything! It was quiet without a trace of anger, which made his beautiful face cold like a ghost.

Qin Wanru couldn\'t wait for the voice of Chu Liuchen, and asked in a louder voice, “Childe, are you awake”

The disgust and weirdness in those eyes slowly retreated, and he lay down lazily.

Then Qin Wanru seemed to hear a lazy voice.

“Do you have something to beg of me”


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