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“Madam, you still remember the Princess of Duke Yangqu, don\'t you You know it was the Princess of Duke Yangqu who sent father the cart driver who intended to kidnap Miss Luo, don\'t you” said Qin Wanru.

She looked up at Madam Di directly.

“The Princess of Duke Yangqu” Madam Di\'s hand on the table trembled and the look on her face hardened.

She had heard of the reputation of the Princess of Duke Yangqu when she was in the capital city.

In a cold sweat, she knew this princess was not a woman to be trifled with.

“Does it really concern me”

When in Jiangzhou, she only knew that the cart driver kidnapped the wrong person and it was a powerful Madam who sent the person to Qin Huaiyong.

However, she had never recognized it was the Princess of Duke Yangqu from beginning to end.

“When the Princess of Duke Yangqu saw me, she looked very unhappy, and asked about you especially.

She also said she was eagerly looking forward to a great meeting between you and herself at the banquet of the Marquises\' Mansion of Fengyang.”

Qin Wanru blinked, with a slight smile.

In Madam Di\'s eyes, however, the slight smile was not kind.

Then, her look turned surly.

“Mother, who is the Princess of Duke Yangqu What does she have to do with us” asked Qin Yuru accidentally.

She did not understand what they were talking about.

“Well, it is about what happened in the Jingxin Monastery.

A cart driver of our mansion almost kidnapped Miss Luo, the daughter of the Princess,” explained Qin Wanru.

Qin Yuru did not understand.

When she continued to ask, Nanny Zhou tugged at her sleeve.

She quickly stopped talking and looked at Qin Wanru suspiciously.

The room suddenly quieted down, only leaving Madam Di\'s slightly heavy breathing.

There was a standoff.

“Madam, may I not attend the banquet of the Marquises\' Mansion of Fengyang” asked Qin Wanru, with a slightly ironic smile.

She looked at Madam Di and knew that Madam Di was frightened and scared right now.

Madam Di thought she could do whatever she wanted in the capital and control Shui Ruolan.

She also believed that if she did not admit it, even if she went too far or even framed Shui Ruolan, Qin Huaiyong would not do anything to her because she came from Duke Yongkang\'s Mansion.

Madam Di suddenly leaned back, put her hand over her head, and said stiffly, “Yes, and just go back.

I have a headache!” She had no energy to deal with Qin Wanru so she directly showed Qin Wanru the door.

Qin Wanru stood up, bowed, and said, “Then I hope you say something nice in front of father for me!”

“Okay, I know,” answered Madam Di coldly.

She squeezed out a merciless smile and pinched her handkerchief firmly.

Seeing Qin Wanru leave, Qin Yuru, who watched every step just now, could not wait to ask, “Mother, what is going on” She found out that there were differences between this matter and the one discussed before.

“B*tch!” Madam Di swore.

Her look was so sullen and gloomy that it seemed to rain.

She glowered at Qin Wanru, her eyes overflowing with venom.

“Mother!” shouted Qin Yuru.

She found that Madam Di ignored her, and she stamped her feet in anger.

Madam Di did not want to answer her.

She frowned, making her beautiful eyes into inverted triangles while showing an agitated and ferocious look.

Nanny Zhou tugged at Qin Yuru\'s sleeve and said in a low voice, “Lady, please leave Madam alone and let me tell you!”

Then, Nanny Zhou told her everything in detail.

At that time, out of anger, Madam Di wanted to hit Qin Wanru to get revenge for Qin Yuru.

However, things went contrary to her wishes.

Qin Wanru was so lucky that she escaped and Madam Di riled another Madam who was said to come from the capital city.

Nanny Zhou also did not know who this strong Madam from the capital city was.

All she knew was that Madam Di crafted a trap in the Jingxin Monastery.

If the cart driver was found, Madam Di had a solution in case of failure, which was that if the cart driver was brought down from the mountain, she would ask people to take him away.

However, she did not expect that there were so many people around that Madam.

As a result, Madam Di\'s plan of kidnapping failed.

Madam Di thought she would never meet that Madam in the future again.

She certainly did not expect to meet the Madam so soon…

Hearing what Nanny Zhou said, Qin Yuru suddenly understood everything.

At that time, she had no idea about these things, and Madam Di had only told her a word or two.

Therefore, she did not pay attention to them but only felt that Qin Wanru was so lucky.

After learning what happened, Qin Yuru got frightened and asked, “Mother, what should we do now”

Her reputation in Jiangzhou was totally ruined.

If people in the capital city heard about her bad reputation, she could not marry any person from a relatively decent family, let alone Di Yan.

Madam Di frowned, saying nothing.

“Mother! Mother! Will the Princess of Duke Yangqu attend the banquet If she remembers all those things and tells everyone, what should we do Mother! How can you be so careless!” Qin Yuru complained.

She was very afraid of what had happened in Jiangzhou, which she would bury her entire life.

Madam Di gritted her teeth and said sternly, “We will not attend the banquet!”

Hearing what she said, Qin Yuru shouted with a mixture of emotions spreading over her face, “Why It… it is my first time to attend such a big banquet!”

Madam Di gritted her teeth again and said, “We will attend when we make everything clear with the Princess of Duke Yangqu in private!” Madam Di dared not meet the Princess of Duke Yangqu directly because Madam Di knew that she was not a woman who could be trifled with.

If the Princess of Duke Yangqu confronted her with this matter, she would be done.

It would not only affect herself, but also her daughter.

Therefore, she dared not to take the risk.

When arriving in the capital city, she knew Qin Huaiyong would not restrain her, but she dared not draw a rash conclusion of what the Princess of Duke Yangqu thought.

If it happened to Qin Wanru and Shui Ruolan, she could plead innocence and Qin Huaiyong would dare not say anything to her.

However, things would be totally different when it happened to the Princess of Duke Yangqu!

Before she dealt with the matter, it would be best for her to not meet the Princess of Duke Yangqu.

“Mother, it is such a great opportunity… how… how can I miss it” Qin Yuru did not accept the idea of Madam Di.

She tugged at Madam Di\'s sleeve and said with coquetry, “I told Qi Rongzhi that I would take her to the banquet but now even I cannot attend the banquet.

What will she think of me She will look down on me! Or even worse, she will say something bad about me in front of Qi Tianyu!”

Qin Yuru became angry.

Actually, she not only wanted to show off in front of Qi Rongzhi, but more importantly, Qi Rongzhi threatened and promised that if she could take her to this banquet, she would say something good about Qin Yuru in front of Qi Tianyu, and have her brother hide these things in Jiangzhou.

She would also say that Qin Yuru was forced to do it and that she had never tried to betray Qi Tianyu.

In order to attend the banquet with Qin Yuru, Qi Rongzhi promised again and again that she would try her best to blame Qin Wanru for all these things.

Qin Wanru would be blamed for everything.

Although Qin Yuru had done the same thing to make Qi Tianyu believe her, she did not know if Qi Tianyu still believed her.

At the very beginning, she wanted to deal with Qi Tianyu in case this scandal got out.

Now if Qi Rongzhi could help her, it would be better for her.

She promised to take Qi Rongzhi to the banquet.

However, Madam Di would not allow her to attend the banquet, making her flurried.

If she told Qi Rongzhi that they could not attend the banquet when Qi Rongzhi was ready for the banquet happily, Qi Rongzhi would surely get mad.

She knew Qi Rongzhi was not a woman who could be trifled with.

“Yuru, it would be better to not attend the banquet before I figure out the next step!” said Madam Di.

She was also very fl.u.s.tered and in no mood to comfort Qin Yuru.

She waved her hand to have Qin Yuru go back.

“No! Mother! I will go! I must go!” said Qin Yuru.

She stood up and shouted, “How could you do these things! There are so many people in the Jingxin Monastery.

Anyone could fail at everything! How could you just do that!”

“I… I just wanted to get revenge for you!” pleaded Madam Di.

“Mother, I had left at that time! I don\'t care about why you didn\'t help me pave the way of my future in the capital city.

However, you just messed up everything, and what you did even irritated people in the capital city.

How stupid you are!”

Qin Yuru interrupted Madam Di\'s words and shouted at her very angrily without thinking.

Hearing her daughter\'s words, Madam Di got angry with her face turning red and shouted, “How dare you speak to me in such an impolite way!”

“Mother, am I wrong You tried to hit Qin Wanru when you did not figure out the situation clearly.

Now what you did just made me unable to attend the banquet! What did you think at that time Are you not my mother”

Qin Yuru got really angry and now shouted at her mother without thinking.

“Lady!” Nanny Zhou tugged at her sleeve and tried to stop her.

However, Qin Yuru would not listen to anyone, she just wanted to get her anger off her chest.

“Mother, am I also not your daughter Just look at what you did.

Everything seemed to be done for me.

But actually You just made me unable to stay in Jiangzhou Prefecture.

Though I escaped to the capital, I still need to hide.

When will these days end”

Madam Di trembled with rage.

She could not stand her daughter taunting her.

She suddenly stood up and flicked her a blow on the face, which almost tumbled Qin Yuru to the ground.

Fortunately, Nanny Zhou just stood behind her and gave her a hand.

“Mother, you hit me… You… you are not my mother!” cried Qin Yuru.

With tears falling down, she covered her face and left quickly.

“Follow her! Quick!” shouted Madam Di when seeing Qin Yuru running away in tears.

She never thought she would do this.

Qin Yuru\'s servant girl chased after her in a hurry.

When not hearing Qin Yuru crying any longer, Madam Di sat down heavily.

She put her hand on top of her head, feeling that her head was going to be torn apart and something was burning in her chest, which made her really uncomfortable.

She could not get rid of any of these feelings and it was making her sick.

“Madam, what… what should we do now” Nanny Zhou asked with her hands trembling when watching this scene.

“Find out if the cart driver was there that day!” said Madam Di.

She put her hand on her chest in order to calm down her anger.

She wanted to kill the man so there would be no evidence left even if the Princess of Duke Yangqu confronted her.

“The man was sent to Duke Yong\'s Mansion,” Nanny Zhou was confounded for a moment.

She remembered that the general sent all the witnesses and evidence to Duke Yong\'s Mansion, and Duke Yongkang forced to leave some people behind.

“The cart driver was not there!” shouted Madam Di ferociously.

She gritted her teeth and finally knew why she felt strange at that time.

It was because there were only evidence and testimony but no person!


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