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“Is this the garment that Miss Qin sent to Second Miss Qin” Qi Rongzhi shook it with her hands and stood up, and her two maids Chunyi and Chunxi hurriedly came over to measure the garment with her height.

Obviously, it was short than for her.

“Yes, it is Miss Qin and Madam who sent it to Second Miss Qin!” Yujie said courteously as if she had not yet noticed that the garment was short, looking calm and natural.

“Is this dress prepared for Qin Wanru She is so small and I am afraid she would be bagged into it!” Qi Rongzhi laughed, took the dress, and casually threw it on the table.

“Go tell your Second Miss Qin, I cannot wear the garment, either.”

“Okay, I can take it back!” Yujie did not persuade her, either, and came over to take away the garment as she was told.

“Wait!” Qi Rongzhi coldly said to stop her, “Since your Second Miss Qin doesn\'t like it, you can leave it here as a reference for me, so that I will know the dressing style of the ladies in the capital!”

She was planning to buy a few clothes like this, but it was inconvenient for her to go out and come in.

Now she had this sample to use, and this was good.

As for the fact that Qin Wanru didn\'t accept the dress, Qi Rongzhi thought that was normal because too many unfriendly things had happened between the two sisters.

If Qin Wanru were idiotic, she would try to be close to her sister like other sisters, and she would like the presents her sister gave her.

But Madam Di was also the giver of the dress.

No matter how she disliked Madam Di, she still respected her ostensibly.

Therefore, she didn\'t throw it into the garbage dump.

Giving the dress to Miss Qi meant that n.o.body would lose face.

“Since Miss Qi wants to use it as a sample, I can leave it here.

You don\'t have to return it to our Second Miss Qin anymore.

Miss Qi, do you like these handkerchiefs” Yujie said as she pointed the handkerchiefs partially covered by the garment.

“Also leave them here!” Qi Rongzhi simply said and took a handkerchief to examine.

She liked these handkerchiefs very much.

She would not need to worry about her height or the size of each handkerchief when she used them.

They felt comfortable.

Obviously, Mrs.

Qin had paid a high price to buy them.

Embroidering a few flowery patterns on them would make them look chic and decent.

They were good stuff!

But what was the point of paying so much money to cater to Qin Wanru You know, Miss Qi got the benefit at last.

She sarcastically sneered, speaking to Chunyi, “Send this dress to my brother in a while, ask him to look for a few clothes like this according to my size, and also tell him the clothes tailored for me in Jiangzhou are not suitable to wear at all in the capital.”

It was not convenient for her to go out, but her maids were not subject to the restriction.

“Yes, I understand, but what if First Young Master asks things about Miss Qin” Chunyi gingerly asked.

Previously, every time after Qi Rongzhi visited Qin\'s mansion and returned, Qi Tianyu would summon her maids to his courtyard to privately ask things about the Qin sisters.

Sometimes, Qi Rongzhi even thought his brother treated the Qin sisters better than he treated her.

“Let him ask.

Tell him Qin Yuru is about to marry the son of Duke Yong.

Let him give up and keep studying hard to get a good result after the examination, and also let Qin Yuru sadly regret,” Qi Rongzhi sulkily said.

She had clearly learned the secret by using the opportunity to get near Di Yan.

In fact, Qin Yuru and Di Yan had secretly made contacts many times, but the wife of Duke Yong didn\'t approve of it.

Therefore, their marriage was still pending.

“First Yong Master will be angry if I say so!” Chunyi said anxiously.

“What\'s the matter if he is angry He made a wrong judgment to love her at that time, but he didn\'t know she was a s.l.u.t.

Now, she leaves him for another one who has a better social position.

What else does he wish to do”

Now, Qi Rongzhi envied and hated Qin Yuru when she thought of her brother\'s tamed att.i.tude toward Qin in the past and also Qin\'s haughty att.i.tude toward her because she proclaimed that she would marry a son of Duke Yong\'s Mansion.

“Yes, I understand.

So, I will visit First Young Master tomorrow!” Chunyi didn\'t dare to speak anything else and gingerly answered at once.

Then, she turned with the dress in her hands, walking to the outside.

“Wait, ask my brother to think of an idea and try to help me get the invitation of the Marquises\' Mansion of Fengyang.” Thinking of that banquet, Qi Rongzhi didn\'t think she should miss it.

She was also a newcomer in the capital.

If she had the chance to attend the banquet, she would be much admired by others for sure.

Or perhaps, she could find a better husband than the man Qin Yuru was about to marry.

Thinking of Di Yan\'s family background, she became envious.

If she had also been the cousin of the son of the Di Family, she would have earned more favor of the son of the Di Family, and the s.l.u.tty woman Qin Yuru would have had no chance at all.

“Yes, I understand!” Chunyi nodded repet.i.tively.

Qi Rongzhi waved her hands to ask Chunyi to leave.

Chunxi was now sorting out the clothes scattered all over the room, and there were no others in the room.

It was quiet and Qi Rongzhi could only hear the step sound of Chunxi as the maid walked around to sort out the clothes.

“Chunxi, what do you think of the son of the Di Family” Qi Rongzhi didn\'t go to sleep right now; the more she thought about it, the less she thought she should miss the opportunity; then, an idea flashed across her mind, and she asked.

After hesitating for a moment and seeing the expression of Qi Rongzhi, she gingerly said, “I think he is a good man with good family background, and he also has a mild character.”

Her maid\'s reply made Qi Rongzhi silent for a while.

She tried to calm herself down but couldn\'t, indignantly complaining, “Why is Qin Yuru so lucky Previously, my brother treated her with his heart and soul, and now it is the son of the Di Family.

Why does a man want to marry such a woman but I have lost my opportunity because of her Why”

She was not asking anyone, and so Chunxi didn\'t dare to answer.

Holding the clothes in her hands, Chunxi gingerly looked at Qi Rongzhi, but her heart crazily beat in her chest.

She stood stiffly and didn\'t dare to move at all, afraid that Qi Rongzhi might notice her anxiety.

“Chunxi, do you think my brother will help me get the invitation” Qi Rongzhi asked again after speaking a few words to herself.

“I, I don\'t know, either!” Chunxi lowered her head to cover up the panic in her eyes, and she knew Qi Rongzhi didn\'t mean to get the answer from her.

“No, only a few days left, I can\'t miss this opportunity.” Qi Rongzhi frowned.

If she didn\'t go but Qin Yuru and Qin Wanru had the opportunity to go, how could she expect others to think of her In the future, even though she had the opportunity to attend parties, others would think she was not comparable to the Qin sisters.

Back to the days in Jiangzhou Prefecture, Qi Rongzhi had never felt so wronged.

“Has the son of the Di Family come back since the day he went home”

“I don\'t know, either,” Chunxi answered.

“Can\'t you go ask about it! Tomorrow, go get the accurate information about his time of visiting the mansion!” Qi Rongzhi shouted angrily.

“Yes, I understand!”

The following day, at the Chuihua Gate, Qing Yue saw Chunxi, who tried to avoid being seen.

She had been speaking something with the biddy guarding the gate, but hurriedly left and hid somewhere when she saw Qing Yue coming over.

“What did the maid ask you about just now” Qing Yue stopped to ask the biddy guarding the gate.

The family picked her from the capital, and so she didn\'t know the new maids of the family, but she knew the maids with some authority who served those mistresses.

Knowing she was Qing Yue, the biddy honestly said, “Just now, the maid of Miss Qin came over to ask things about the son of the Di Family!”

“What things about him”

“She asked whether the son of the Di Family has come over or not, and when he will come,” the biddy said.

All the people in the mansion knew the son of Duke Yong\'s Mansion and Miss Qin were cousins, and the two mansions also had the wish to build a marriage bond.

It was not surprising for Qin Yuru to ask about Di Yan.

“Will the son of the Di Family come to our mansion” Qing Yue blinked and asked.

“I have no idea about it, for he has not mentioned it yet.” The biddy forced a smile and shook her head, thinking, “I am but an old woman who guards the Chuihua Gate, and how could I have the ability to know when the son of Duke Yong visits the family What is wrong with the two mistresses to send a maid each to ask about the son of Duke Yong”

Qing Yue turned and left after getting no useful information, but when she left, she purposefully gave the biddy a reminder.

“The maid who came to you just now is not the maid of Miss Qin, and she is the personal maid of Miss Qi who came into the mansion with Old Grandma!”

These words shocked the biddy, who doubted it somewhat.

After Qing Yue left, Chunxi came out from behind a tree, ready to ask the details about Di Yan, but the biddy did not answer her clearly.

She merely said that she was but a gate guard and knew nothing, and the maid should ask Madam Di if she wished to get the detailed information about the son of the Di Family.

These words were meaningless.

Chunxi knew she couldn\'t get any information from the biddy anymore and left to report the situation to Qi Rongzhi.

Qi Rongzhi turned pale because of anger after learning that even a gate guard biddy was not willing to tell her anything, but she also knew this was not Jiangzhou Prefecture.

Before she left home, her mother had told her that she should not quarrel with the Qin sisters again and she must choose a good partner by using the relations of Qin\'s Mansion, and her mother also said that she had asked Old Grandma and Qin Huaiyong to help her get a good partner if they found anyone suitable.

The last marriage opportunity of Qi Rongzhi was lost because of what Qin Yuru did.

Qi Rongzhi had also been secretly harmed by Madam Di, and this was also the consequence of the reached compromise between Qin\'s Mansion and Qi\'s Mansion.

Bringing Qi Rongzhi to the capital and choosing a good husband for her was one condition that Qi\'s Mansion promised not to make trouble anymore.

Since she couldn\'t make trouble now, she became anxious and restless at once.

After a long time of waiting, she saw Chunyi again, who returned with the news that her brother firmly refused the request of getting the invitation for her.

Hearing this news, she was furious and nearly smashed the porcelain in the room.

Fortunately, her two maids stopped her with dear life and also reminded her that this was Qin\'s Mansion, and then she calmed down again.

“Ask my brother to see me when he comes to send clothes.

Did you speak of this to him” Qi Rongzhi gritted her teeth and said as she calmed down.

“I said it, but First Young Master, First Young Master said he would come if he had time,” Chunyi answered.

“If Qin Yuru asked him, I am afraid he would come no matter if he had time!” Qi Rongzhi felt her chest was bulging because of anger, uncomfortably saying.

In the past, she respected her brother the most, but she thought that her brother had become stupid after the incident of Qin Yuru.

How come he had fallen in love with Qin Yuru

Thinking of Qin Yuru, she came up with a new idea instantly and smiled.

How could she have forgotten Qin Yuru!


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