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In the flower hall, Di Yan, the eldest son of Duke Yong, arrived with Qin Yuru.

At that moment, looking at Qi Rongzhi in front of him with great interest, he wore a smile with a gentle and delicate look while c.o.c.king his head.

He looked very gentle and good-looking, with the air of a son of a n.o.ble family.

However, the corners of his eyes were highly raised, making him look a little frivolous and pompous.

Full of attention and interest, he was watching Qi Rongzhi talking about something.

With a smile on his face, he looked very attractive.

Suddenly, the voice of a female servant came from the door.

He looked up and saw a girl standing at the doorway!

She looked much smaller than Qi Rongzhi and Qin Yuru, but somehow, this girl inexplicably caught his eyes!

The girl charmingly standing at the door stopped as if she had no intention to come over.

Her jade-like face was as clear as crystal, with her long black lashes fluttering several times.

When she looked up, her beautiful eyes looked attractive and charming, and then she slightly pressed her delicate pink lip.

Young as she was, her dark hair set off by the bright pink was amazing.

Pretty, very pretty!

Even though she was just a little girl who had not yet grown-up, she amazed Di Yan at first sight.

The wind at the door blew her dress, so she bent over to press it down.

There was a flicker of coldness in her beautiful eyes, but it didn\'t stop her from being the center point in a stunning painting.

Di Yan was stunned and amazed.

“Cousin, what\'s wrong with you” Qin Yuru\'s face was pale with anger, but she still suppressed the hatred in her heart and took Di Yan\'s hands intimately.

“Is this my little cousin, Wanru” Di Yan looked at Qin Wanru intently.

He had seen Qin Wanru before, but she had been so young, just a child, at that time—quite different from what she was at present.

“She is my second sister.

Sister, come here and greet my cousin!” Qin Yuru raised her head and waved to Qin Wanru, without a trace of envy on her face.

She had been living in Duke Yong\'s mansion.

At the moment, all the people of Qin mansion had gone to the capital city, so she came here with Di Yan.

However, Qin Wanru did not go up to them, simply giving a nod from a distance before entering the door.

But she didn\'t intend to come over when she was at the doorway.

Di Yan, how could she not know him

A year ago, she had almost died in Di Yan\'s hands!

In her previous life, Di Yan and Qin Yuru had framed her many times.

Then he repeatedly flirted with her whenever he saw her in private.

On one occasion when he accompanied Qin Yuru to the Qin mansion, driven by alcohol, he had broken into her room planning to do something impolite to her.

Fortunately, she and Qing Yue were able to push him aside, after which he fell unconscious to the floor.

When Madam Di and Qin Yuru learned of this, instead of blaming Di Yan, they had asked Qin Wanru to kneel in Qin Yuru\'s yard and apologize to him.

While she knelt in the yard, Qin Yuru was so jealous that she even slapped her until she was knocked out.

No one but Qin Yuru would regard such a playboy as a sweetheart in order to pursue riches and honor.

“She is really cousin Wanru Isn\'t she eleven years old She looks like she hasn\'t grown up yet!” Having recovered from his amazement, Di Yan was astonished again.

He curiously asked Qin Yuru while looking at Qi Rongzhi on one side and then back at Qin Wanru.

She was really eleven years old, almost twelve in nominal age.

Most girls who were twelve years old have already grown up, but she still looked younger than a ten-year-old peer!

When Di Yan came to Jiangzhou the year before last, he had met Qin Wanru once.

Instigated by Qin Yuru, he had pushed Qin Wanru into the river and she had nearly drowned.

From then on, Old Grandma had kept him from meeting Qin Wanru, who was such little girl at that time.

“She\'s already eleven, I don\'t know why she hasn\'t grown.

Maybe she was born a short girl!” Qin Yuru pursed her lips and gave him a fake smile.

“A few years would be enough.

A few years from now, sister Yuru will be great beauty!” Qi Rongzhi covered her lips with a hanky and explained in good faith.

With that explanation, Qi Rongzhi sounded much softer than Qin Yuru.

Di Yan could not help but set his eyes on Qi Rongzhi again.

Comely as Qin Wanru was, she was still a girl who hadn\'t grown up, and she looked much younger than most people her age.

Therefore, she was not so attractive to Di Yan.

The daughter of the magistrate of Jiangzhou in front of him was very much to his liking.

Although he heard that she was only thirteen years old, she had begun to show her charm and attraction to people and was even as beautiful as Qin Yuru, who was fifteen years old.

She even looked more like a grown girl, slender and enchanting, with great affection in her eyes.

No one believed that she was only thirteen when it came to her plump figure.

“Miss Qi and my cousin, Yuru, both can be called great beauties, and cousin Wanru is also a pretty girl.

Jiangzhou seems to be the home of beauties, having produced countless beautiful women.

Before, cousin Yuru thrilled descendants of the rich families in the capital city with her beauty, but Miss Qi seems to look prettier!”

With a genial smile, Di Yan moved his eyes from Qi Rongzhi\'s face to her chest, and then he slowly left with a gracious smile.

Qi Rongzhi started to blush.

With her head slightly down, she said shyly, “Sir, you\'re so kind.

I can\'t compare with sister Yuru!”

Qin Yuru looked pale at first, but when she heard what Qi Rongzhi had said, she chilled out with a snort.

Qin\'s mansion wasn\'t Jiangzhou Prefecture, so there was no such thing that the magistrate of Jiangzhou and her father treated each other with courtesy.

If Qi Rongzhi dared to treat her as she had done in Jiangzhou Prefecture, she would come to no good end.

“Cousin Yuru is beautiful.

We haven\'t seen each other for just one year, and she looks so beautiful!” Di Yan spoke lovely words.

“When I first saw her, I couldn\'t believe that such a beautiful girl was my cousin.

Later, I\'ll take cousin Yuru out to visit my friends so they will envy me.”

“Cousin!” full of happiness, Qin Yuru grumbled in a flirty manner, satisfied with his performance.

“Cousin, I\'m serious.

There will be a party at my grandparents\' house in a few days.

I\'ll take you there, okay” Di Yan and Qin Yuru had feelings for each other.

Looking at her bashful face, he could not help but show great interest and tease her.

“Just me Will you take my second sister and Miss Qi” Happy as Qin Yuru was, she was showing that she was considerate of others.

“I… Just forget it.

I have a scar on my forehead and it hasn\'t healed yet.” Qi Rongzhi lowered her head, her long bangs falling.

When she looked up, the scar was not apparent for she had parted her hair slightly, but when she lowered her head, however, her bangs fell, looking a little bit greasy and heavy.

The scratch on her forehead had actually healed, but what couldn\'t heal easily was the long pit caused by the scratch.

Fortunately, as long as she covered it with her bangs, the scar on one side of her forehead was completely invisible.

When she recalled why she had a scar on her forehead, she twisted the hanky in her hands.

“Miss Qi is hurt What happened Who did you quarrel with this time” Qin Yuru smiled and asked curiously, with her eyes wide open.

Although she asked as if she was concerned about Qi Rongzhi, she was actually giving the impression that the Young Lady of the Qis was not a good person in Jiangzhou, and that she would quarrel with people over nothing.

It was a shame for the Young Madam of a n.o.ble family to behave like a shrew and even get scratched on the face by someone.

Qi Rongzhi was so embarra.s.sed that she wanted to rip Qin Yuru\'s face off.

A sense of heavy gloom flickered in her eyes.

If it wasn\'t for Madam Di, would her face get hurt If it wasn\'t for Qin Yuru, would her reputation be ruined It was exactly Madam Di and her daughter who had ruined her marriage and her future.

They had hurt her and were now trying to be at peace with her.

Forget it!

Moreover, they not only hurt her but also her eldest brother, who was always mature and calm in front of her.

She could never forget her eldest brother\'s embarra.s.sment as he cried on the ground drunk that day.

“I… I didn\'t fight with anyone.

I was set up!” Qi Rongzhi\'s eyes clouded with tears and turned red! The aggrieved look she showed made her look extremely pitiful.

“Who is so vicious as to hurt Miss Qi” Di Yan asked as if he had shared the experience with her.

Just as the old saying goes, beauties are like jade.

He hadn\'t been enlightened until he came to Jiangzhou.

This time, he finally understood, feeling exceedingly angry at the sight of her femininity and sentiment.

Qin Yuru grew sullen again, squinting at Qi Rongzhi coldly and pulling Di Yan\'s clothes impatiently.

“Cousin, let\'s go to see why my mother hasn\'t arrived yet, okay It\'s been so long.

Hasn\'t mother had a rest yet”

“Hum, okay!” Although Di Yan still wanted to make a good impression on the beauty, and he was aware that he had to be patient.

Thus, he smiled at Qi Rongzhi and said something to comfort her.

“Miss Qi is a strikingly beautiful girl, and the wound on your forehead is not visible at the moment.

As long as you take good care of it, you\'ll be even more beautiful!”

Qi Rongzhi gazed at Di Yan full of tender affection, but when Qin Yuru turned around, she hurriedly lowered her head to hide it.

“Let\'s go, cousin!” Qin Yuru was relieved to see nothing unusual with Qi Rongzhi.

She tugged on Di Yan\'s sleeve to drag him out again.

“What\'s wrong” Qin Huaiyong strode in.

His face clouded over when he saw that Qin Yuru had unscrupulously pulled on Di Yan\'s sleeves.

“Where are you going How can you do this”

Upon seeing Qin Huaiyong, Qin Yuru looked pale and hurriedly let go.

Then, she said in a low voice.


Di Yan felt distressed again as soon as he saw his cousin\'s pitiful look, thus he rushed forward to come to her rescue.

“Uncle, I was going to see you with my cousin, but I didn\'t know where you live.

So, I asked my cousin to take me over!”

He took all the responsibility!

Qin Yuru smiled with satisfaction.

“Sit down first.

They\'ll come soon!”

Qin Huaiyong walked in with a swagger.

Catching sight of Qin Wanru, who was standing on the side, he waved her over.

“Wanru, why are you alone Come over to us.”

Qin Wanru nodded.

Staring blankly ahead, she came up behind Qin Huaiyong with Qing Yue.

She then sat down on a chair on the side.

Later, Old Grandma, Shui Ruolan and Madam Di also came in one after the other.

When everyone was present, the dishes were served.

With both Qi Rongzhi and Di Yan around at such a time, the whole family had a pleasant talk together and looked so harmonious.

They finally had a reunion dinner.

Qin Wanru sat quietly and replied to nothing, setting her eyes on Qi Rongzhi as if deep in thought.

Noticing that Qi Rongzhi had made eye contact with Di Yan several times, she took it all in with her observant eyes.

With Qi Rongzhi\'s personality, what she saw was just the beginning.

She lowered her head slightly, and there was a small lump on her neck…


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